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So who's hype for this?

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I enjoyed the 0 issue. I had the scanlations downloaded for the longest time, but I've decided to not read those (yet) and support the series by buying the floppies.

I do wish they'd release them at least monthly, or even better, as TPBs. At this rate, it's gonna take years to finish PKNA, let alone the sequels/spin-offs, if they plan on doing those.

>still no rips

IDW doesn't do any digital releases of their Disney stuff. You'll have to wait for GreenManGroup, Jojo, or someone else to scan a copy. Or, just buy one.
Support the series, it's almost a miracle that we're even getting it in the first place.

>Not Howard
>Not even marvel

Since I'm not an amerifat I read this 16 years ago so I think it's physically impossible for me to be hyped.

If you like something, it´s your moral duty to share it to the rest of the world.

I tried at some point but americans just don't seem to grasp european disney comics except for paperinik new adventures which is just a grittier american capeshit style 90's version of regular paperinik adventures with great art and continuity.

Also since it never has had an official english translation it's been hard to get any attention. Hope it does well, but considering the original run was 1996-2000 it really doesn't matter how well it does other than if americans want to see the entire run translated.

It would be nice to have some proper translation and quality color tough.

>Ameriburgers are too dumb to undertand Donald Duck as a hero.

>>I do wish they'd release them at least monthly,
to be fair, the original publication wasn't monthly until... #2, I believe? Which was the 5th issue.

well, it only took 20 years for PKNA to be published in the USA.

Op, next time start with this image.

It's still ongoing?

>It will never be this hype
One of the few benefits of living in pizzapastaland is having been a teenager when this shit was around.

With the third series:
Original series(PKNA - Paperinik New Adventures) was 56 issues long
Second series(PK2) was 19 issues long
Current series(PKNE - PK New Era) is ongoing with an average of 2 long(150+ pages) stories\year, published first on "Topolino"(Disney Italy's flagship magazine) split in parts then reprinted in volumes

Also, it came out DoubleDuck is set in the same continuity(as well the same of the Donald Duck MIA agent 00-NO stories)

Legacy bump

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