Alternate costumes thread?

Alternate costumes thread?

Wait. I don't remember Aquaman in the Justice Lords episode.

>A Better World
Best Hawkgirl

Neither was Flash.

This gets me fired up like no tomorrow.


I really hate Batman's

The entire premise was that Flash had been killed sending everyone over the edge.

It's fan art. The Flash and Arthur designs are OC. If you close you can tell the others are a bit off and definitely not Timm drawings.

this cheek thing is fucking horribl


literally who

shit thread

>literally who
Just look at the cowboy's belt
That's supposed to be Batman or something

lmao aside from the logo on the belt it could be anyone.
artist fucked up hard

Most of these are serviceable, but I always loved Lord Superman's look. The contrasting white and black broadcasts his absolutist, authoritarian worldview perfectly, even as he tries to tell everyone it's all "for their own good".

Shorthaired Wondy is cute, and the completely different costume feels symbolic of how she's abandoned her old ideals of love for the sake of dominion.

fuck off

Says you.

Roman Republic/Empire style storytelling Justice Lords would be amazing.


It's Batman and Robin, you ass. How casual can one be?

I love everything about this iteration of Batman. The armored costume that evolved from a previous iteration that looked similar to his arkham design. That fact that he tricked out the Bat symbol with a red solar lamp to allow him to go toe to toe with kryptonians.
The black greasepaint that covers the bottom of his face.
The altered black and rugged speech bubbles that indicate he's growling in a manner similar to batman begins (not dark knight). All in all I like it.

I really dig manhunter's look; more traditionally superhero-y, still gives off a cosmic space alien vibe, red circle for mars, doesn't awkwardly leave his chest bare

>doesn't awkwardly leave his chest bare

but the lewdness is the best part of J'onn's normal costume

I mean, any "clothing" he wears is just shapeshifted. Even covered up, he's still naked in a sense.

>literally who
It is so obvious that it's Martian Manhunter and Martian Boyhunter in The Old West that you make me sick.

I've got mixed feelings towards omniverse, but Mad Ben was 10/10


Does concept art count as an alt costume?