Bendis: Oy vey, My GotG run will be my last! I'll never be able to write Kitty again!...

>Bendis: Oy vey, My GotG run will be my last! I'll never be able to write Kitty again! ...Unless I cause tension between her and Peter thus leading the way for me to have them divorce! Then I can put her in my books! Oy, I'm a genius

Let's just hope Bendis doens't have Jean Grey brainwash Starlord into beinb gay.

Fuck the jews.

with my dick?

Didn't they already break up though?

McNiven? When did he go back?

Why does Carol's haircut change all the time? Why just make her bald if it's too hard?

That's Marquez not McNiven.

Alright boys, which book will Bendis toss her into now?

>Jessica Jones
>Doom Iron Man
>Riri Iron Man
>some unannounced book

What's their current status now? Ex that are friends/co-workers?

>Peter and Kitty now finally over
>Peter going pro-Carol now just beginning

We've been bamboozled boys! Tricked! Rused! They got us again!

I think she's appearing in Jessica Jones.

I didn't even know they were married
That sounds like shit

Isn't Kitty the only mutant that hasn't been affected by the Inhuman cloud?

Shouldn't she get the fuck off Earth as soon as possible to remain unaffected?

Exes that are friends/co-workers and still sleep together.

What's happening there? Is Peter getting with Carol? Is that why Kitty is looking like that? WTF Bendis?! Her boyfriend died not too long ago.

What do you mean, Carol's girlfriend is still alive and well.

I hope both of them die, just to spite you.

Fuckers on Cred Forums telling me, always in Marvel threads
"Bendis ain’t bout this, Bendis ain’t bout that"
My boy a scripter on fucking Iron Man and them
He, he they say that nigga don’t be putting in no work


Y'all niggas ain’t know shit
All ya motherfuckers talk about "Bendis ain’t no writer, Bendis ain’t this, Bendis a fake" SHUT THE FUCK UP

Y'all don’t live with that nigga!
Y'all know that nigga wrote Alias and Powers
First good comic adaptations
Nigga been on best-sellers since fuckin, I don’t know when!
Motherfuckers stop fuckin' playin' him like that
Them niggas savages out there
If I catch another motherfucker talking sweet about Bendis I’m fucking beating they ass!
I’m not fucking playing no more
You know those niggas roll with Brevoort and them

Remember when Bendis ended his shitty X-Men run with a tease to a live triangle between Young Jean, Young Cyclops and Young Hank only to have it handwaved away in a panel in the first issue the new writer does? I fucking hope that happens again. Seriously, eat shit Bendis.

Quads of death confirm.

We've been smeckledorfed!

Honestly, I will be even more disgusted with marvel if they allow that non-talented hack to continue writing her. It's hard to believe that the editors don't find it creepy that he's only shifting her to the books that he's writing! #freeshittykitty

That's not even a word and I agree with you!

That said, McNiven is going to be on Monsters Unleashed so he's still working for Marvel.

He's still writing Guardians of the Galaxy until the Guardians of Earth arc is over, and considering the average Bendis arc is 6 issues and he's describing this as a "mega-arc" I'd assume he's still going to be writing GotG for another year with her still on it.

By the time that's over, I would expect he'd weasel his way onto a Defenders book with the netflix cast and that seems like where he'd shoe-horn her in.

Alternatively, I could see him writing a Fantastic Four book starring her, Thing, Doom and johnny.

>Let's just hope Bendis doens't have Jean Grey brainwash Starlord into beinb gay.
>Dick Rider is coming back
Ruh roh

He said he was going to have a mutant in Jessica Jones sooo....

Bendis, just because you adopted black kids doesn't mean you're black. You're a fat jewish man, and your obsession with black guys is getting weird.

Maybe it's Goldballs? He seems to really like Goldballs

Come on, user. His name is already Dick Rider. It'd be pottery.

All right but just the tip, he can't handle the whole thing.

It turns out she was an Inhuman ALL ALONG

Not, it turns out she was pic related

It's spiderman for /ss/