Dylan is dead

Dylan is dead.

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Check her rectal temperature just to be sure.

Fox never appreciated her
or any of her AHDH brethren
too bad Major Lazer won't get a second season

I sure loved me sum of dat Leo and Satan

Dylan's butt isn't for probing.

She'll have to fight for its integrity.

a dead Dylan is a happy Dylan.

Anyone have a mega of the episodes? I neglected getting them the first time around.


>show is called "Golan the Insatiable"
>Golan proves to be reasonably satiable

why is this allowed?

Because you touch yourself. It's all your fault.

No,that's why dinosaurs are dead. Silly.

I wish they made a comic continuation
Dylan is for causing chaos


the fuck happened to good oldfashioned vaginal temperature?

did the comic (such as it is) ever end? i'm not a goon but I often feel I should be since so much good creative shit comes out of it

Well the articles on SA (if that's what you're referring to) haven't updated since 2012.

What did she see in him?

she just wants to punch him in the face and make him stop talking

Time for lewds?

if you wanna get banned, get the thread closed, and make it even harder for us to have threads about shows we like, then yeah.

anyway nice pic

Dylan is a kitty

He was a convenient outlet for her bottled up rage.



Boobs are gross anyway.

sauce pls

I used to fap furiously to dylan. Wish there was more porn of her desu.

i've seen a lot of lydia and wednesday hanging out kinda shit lately, someone needs to toss dylan in there

I would settle for more cute/non lewds.

The artist is Polyle. Loli artist and tumblr refugee who's chill as fuck.

No. The dinosaurs died because they didn't know the meaning of respect.

i want some innocent nudity


man the (korean?) artists really loved mini golan

it's amazing how perfectly this captures the intended feeling

Bumping for this, even though the old MEGA folder is most likely gone forever since the show has been dead for over a year.

I think he just like drawing cute things.

Dead show is dead, but we did get a lot of cute fanart.

The thermometer industry is run by perverts with lewd agendas.

One of my fav scenes is from the ADHD original series, when Golan and Dylan are sitting on a couch and she's explaining why his show didn't get recorded. It felt like a dad/dau moment.

Good. Now, I can fuck her mom in peace.

And she pees in the bed.

Perhaps Golan the Insatiable could come back as a comic. It needs to have the cutest horror art style though.

And this is why you should always filter out tripfags

he was not intimidated by her, while also not being a jerk

>pulls gun out of shoulder

Underrated post

does not!
where do you keep YOUR gun?

There's a mega with season1 in the archive.

>he doesn't have a hammerspace shoulder

fuck, i need more shit to watch. ima rewatch all of this again

first episode and i'm seeing everything we didn't like about the second iteration of the show.. just.. done better.

Wetting the bed is nothing to be ashamed of.

Holy shit, source.


Look at the giant fucking letters you autist.


who the fuck cares? i stopped being interested after they changed the voice actors

the voices being changed is the least of the problem. Fuck, adding john dimaggio was definitely an improvement
the problematic changes were the writing

That's something we can all get behind

not if you sleep in the bathtub. you can just wash right off.