Name one Cred Forums character that could beat this patriotic bot

Name one Cred Forums character that could beat this patriotic bot.

Power Man

Why would the KKK have black people as part of its machine?

>The Klan is bad.
>So are blacks.


It's not a representation of the KKK, it's a Nazi representation of American culture.

Yeah, that part I don't get.

Nazis are weird.

No-one could beat it in a beautiful leg contest.

You're saying Nazis believe black people are part of the KKK?

Yeah but they're kinda implying lynching is bad, the KKK is bad, AND black people are bad.

I'm getting a lot of mixed messages from this Nazi propaganda. Wouldn't they be either pro-lynching and KKK or pro-blacks? Trying to do both is just stupid.

It's not a representation of the KKK, it's a Nazi representation of American culture.

IIRC, this propaganda piece is supposed to be a harsh critique of how America's cultural identity is a self-conflicting mess and it mocks the idea of them saving Europe and it's culture.

Remove the vinyl and the boxing glove, change the Jitterbug to "Freedom", and have the noose around his neck. That's all you need to make it perfect.

>The Klan is effectively a mob.
>Made up of rednecks = Lower Class membership
>Lynching = Violence
>Violent Mob of lower class people = Communists

Pretty easy to see why the Nazi's didnt like them.

The klan are low-class bottom-feeders. an average klansman wouldn't be fit to be a member of even the social underclass in the third reich.

> Removing any part of the melting bot

If you can't respect it's parts, then you don't deserve the whole, patriot.


You can implement them better, at the very least.

You're all idiots.

The same can be said of blacks.


>Not knowing the context behind a piece makes you dumb.

Traditionally, they wouldn't want to. The Klan thought of themselves as American patriots, even if they were racist, and overall, didn't like Nazis.

You can be against all three. The Nazis didn't like blacks, but they also didn't like white trash (the klan) or scofflaw behavior (lynching)

I didn't know America was a Shin Megami Tensei boss.

This. By being somewhat multicultural the United States is, by nazi interpretation, a hypocritical incongruous mess with bombs for legs that wants to "save" Europe.

But to answer OP's question... I bet Bugs Bunny could kill that thing.

There was an American nazi party. The Nazis in Germany didn't think very highly of them either.

But nobody's asking why the Nazis didn't like blacks. People are wondering as to why they didn't like the KKK. The reason is because the KKK was trash.

but the Klan hated commies almost as much as they hated jews

the fuck are you on about?

Just because two groups of people hate the same thing doesn't mean they like each other.

They would quickly resort to communist-like revolution once they find out that there's no seat at the table for them but there's plenty of room in the oven after the Nazis have taken care of the Jews and brown people.

That's a really cool final boss design

the guy who made the bot made other stuff as well.


Could someone post captain america ?

>why don't the nazi's like the KKK?
>because the KKK are bottom feeding scum that wouldn't be fit for the lowest station in nazi society
>what are you on about?

The Big Knights.


>Cred Forums character


What does the sign in the bot pic say?

IIRC, It says: "The U.S.A. To save our culture from destruction." The text next to the sign says "With what right?"

Is the red-haired child, like, Kelly's avatar?

the KKK likes blacks because they're really good to lynch

I'm not sure, he might be, the ear guy though, appears to be a recurring character named Victor. The guy who made it was some Norwegian artist called Harald Damsleth

the fuck are you on about?

because you made shit up that makes no sense, you see

KKK were protestant and they hated Catholics.

Nazis were Catholic and they hated protestants.

>Nazis were low class trash like the KKK

Hitler was just some Austrian hilbilly.

Wouldn't having an explosive leg be a really huge weak point? It's like he's a half step away from defeating himself.

Did you not notice the fact that they are in a cage as well?

>Referencing Suomi as Suomi, not finland
Thanks, Norwegian cartoonist of past

I believe the point was to show America's melting pot as a mess of impure destructive cultures.
Klans are degenerate same as jitter bugging negros and the fact that America is a place that's so backwards that they'd celebrate both at the same time.

nazis had both catholic, protestant, and nonreligious members though

thats the point

Obviously the gangster pilots can.

The Nazis were overwhelmingly Catholic. In their early years, they were explicitly anti-protestant. They'd beat protestants in the streets. Shut down protestant churches. As time dragged on, they moderated their views against Catholics. The Jews and Gypsies were good enough scapegoats.