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Jedi and Sith a shit.
Free the Galaxy from the Force!


Star Wars Rebels Magazine #21: Puffer Problems

Storytime here:

Guys, I think Grandma Kreia is off her meds again.

Walking snails are the true path to the Force

Didn't see the new thread.
Forgot to mention that Grevious also wanted to emulate the Jedi out of admiration of their fighting techniques at first but grew to hate them. This actually made me think of some tragic origin story for Grevious that would make for a cool comic or something.
>Grevious is a Kaleesh warlord trying to liberate his planet. He's a pretty good person for the most part but gets a little too 'Che Guavara' at times when he brutally kills people out of revenge.
>The Jedi are sent to resolve the matter and Grevious spends a few weeks with a Knight and his padawan.
>They become friends and Grevious is amazed at their fighting style.
>Sidious needs something on the planet for his plans so he frames Grevious for some horrible war crime.
>The Jedi are forced to attack Grevious because they think they're defending innocents from him.
>Grevious is now half dead from the attack and thinks that the Republic sent the Jedi to assassinate him.
>Sidious is impressed by Grevious' tactics so he decides to bring him along with the promise that he'll be saved and receive training in a lightsaber from a former Jedi.
It says specifically 'Scientists implanted his brain and eyes into a duranium alloy body, and his remaining vital organs are protected by a synthskin gut-sack.' This implies that it was one operation moving his vitals into one already complete body instead of him slowly replacing biological body parts on his original body with cybernetics.

To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art.

>To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, pornography, art.

>Scientists implanted his brain and eyes into a duranium alloy body, and his remaining vital organs are protected by a synthskin gut-sack.
That doesn't necessarily mean anything. Grievous is shown initially replacing limbs, and he then likely decided to replace the rest of his body so he had his vital organs moved.

>Grievous is shown initially replacing limbs
wait when?

>This implies that it was one operation moving his vitals into one already complete body instead of him slowly replacing biological body parts on his original body with cybernetics.
It only implies that this eventually happened, not that he never replaced his limbs before- which we know he did from actual canon. I think you're trying too hard to make this one line justify bringing back his EU story.

Maybe look at the attached picture?

I'm actually pretty pleased he didn't say one fucking thing about art in this episode. I'm hoping they make that little ability of his just a small aspect of his tactical ability.

I always thought being able to look at Calamari Picasso and instantly divine Ackbar's tactics (or whoever else) was stupid.

"Ahh yes, the enemy commander is a Shsstavanian, as we all know they prefer vivid colors in their due to their poor color perception, others consider their art hopelessly gaudy. This means he'll concentrate his forces on the left flank and will leave the right more vulnerable."

Also Trench > Thrawn

those are statues, so?

>Thrawn studies artwork of himself
>include rule 34

Come, Kallus

let us make art together.

>Baskin Robins is the galaxy's premier ice cream shop

I like how you treat one sentence in Ultimate Star Wars (a book that even Pablo has admitted isn't really a great guide to canon due to a number of errors) as implying that Grievous's old backstory is somewhat intact but completely ignore what the statues in TCW imply.

You can't seriously be this dense.

Thanks, I've added it!

Whoops forgot about those statues. They did word that weirdly though as if it were one procedure but I guess they messed up that part. Sorry about starting a huge argument.

I'm not that other guy, so I don't know what the fuck you're on about.
it's two statues in his little lair after he's fully cyberized, they're not proof of of him replacing himself bit by bit, or getting all his bio-goo scooped out at once.

>it's two statues in his little lair after he's fully cyberized, they're not proof of of him replacing himself bit by bit, or getting all his bio-goo scooped out at once.
Now you're just baiting

>I'm not that other guy, so I don't know what the fuck you're on about.
So you're aware that there's another guy and aware that you've been mistaken for the other guy but also confused as to why you're being responded to? How retarded are you?

describing what is shown is baiting



Rex take's his daily fruit in take seriously.

Well he is a senior, he needs to really watch his nutritional needs


>that organ attached to Thrawn's presence

the new episode was pretty underwhelming. You'd think you'd want to introduce your new character with a bang instead of him doing fuck nothing.

They're building him up

You're one of the people that's only watching for Thrawn, aren't you?

the show is relying on EU people to already know who Thrawn is and how he works. If you introduce a new character you should show how he works and how he's a real threat very quickly. Vader, for instance, the first action we see with him is him lifting a man by a neck and killing him with one hand. We immediately know this guy is strong and ruthless.

Thrawn we're told he did bad stuff, we're not shown shit. It's bad visual story telling.

>haven't visited in forever
>check out swco
>new episode is out

Thrawn doing fuck-nothing and succeeding at it while being menacing was great
Even Takin seemed to like him

>doing fuck-nothing and succeeding at it
So what, he sat down, and didn't fall out of his chair?

Fuck off EU Thrawn fags. Jesus christ, just stick to Legends. You'll be happier and we wont have to put up with your miserable existence.

So Owl's are going to be the symbol of season three. Sabine has an owl on her armor and gets the Dark Saber.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? She gets the Dark Saber too. Sabine confirmed for force user? Next Mando God?

Thrawn's a very different kind of villain than Vader, though.

oops forgot pic

He certainly faired better than the other imperial officers

Did you expect Thrawn to take over for every single Imperial we've seen so far in the show?

doesn't matter, you still want to introduce what your character is about, and you want to show it, not have characters talk them up.

Good to know you didn't watch the episode, please come back after you have.

As we've seen already in canon, you don't need to be a force user to hold, turn on, or use a lightsaber of any kind in battle. You just need to know how to swing weapons accurately to not send the blade right into your arms, legs or neck.

Did you? the episode isn't change at all by cutting Thrawn out of it. He does nothing.

I don't remember anyone talking him up? He set up a plan and executed it.

When he first shows up they talk about him killing civilians, user.

But the Owl man, what about the Owl.

>What is character development
>I have a short attention span
>Why aren't these characters dead yet

It's literally the first episode out of 20. He was introduced, and will return. Not everything and everyone needs some explosive entrance.

It still blows my mind that people ever theorized that you had to be a force user to turn on a lightsaber. Han Solo does it in the second fucking movie of the entire saga. Keep in mind ESB came out before the EU existed and the EU still theorized about it at times.
The Owl is the symbol of Ahsoka. It's probably actually her living force or something. Something to do with her being saved by the living force of the Sister during TCW or something.

That sets him up as an asshole but i wouldn't count that as talking him up. The closest you get is at the very end when Cantdonothing whines about letting Rebels go and Milf says he's an idiot.

I'm not saying the Dark Saber alone is the reason to think Sabine could wield the force, but getting a kind of lightsaber and having a direct connection to mystical force animal is at least eyebrow raising. Could be nothing could be something.

>people completely being unable to read

No one said anything about an "explosive entrance" you moron. You want to show your audience how your character works. How he deals with problems. In the case of this episode you want to have Thrawn showing his exceptional insight to the situation. How allowing the rebels to escape will lead them to the larger rebellion. Or being there at the plant already to harass the rebels in their operation. You want your new villain to have an active role in their debut.

Hell, the easiest change would just have been having Thrawn be on the Star Destroyer instead of Horse Face.

>having a direct connection to mystical force animal is at least eyebrow raising.
she painted a picture on her armor.
she painted Ezra before, does that count as a "direct connection to a mystical force animal" ?

If anything Rebels and Star Wars needs less Force users.

>No one said anything about an "explosive entrance" you moron
Literally the beginning of this conversation is someone bitching that Thrawn wasn't introduced "with a bang."

>Star Wars needs less Force users
Shut up JJ.

>implying there's any other reason to watch this show

poorly thought out and acted characters, boring storylines, and generally sub-par writing certainly isn't going to pull in viewers.

I bet Disney is kicking themselves to already paying for more of this slop.

Sabine's owl is probably tied to her Deathwatch roots. Bo-Katan's unit was called the Nite Owls, remember?


JJ wouldn't say that though.

Kreia was right

Pray to a different god

>To date, Star Wars Rebels ranks as Disney XD’s #2 series in Total Viewers (1.3 million), Kids 6-11, Boys 6-11 and Boys 2-11. It’s the channel’s #1 program among Adults 18-49 and Men 18-49. In the most recent quarter tabulated (3Q15), Star Wars Rebels reached over 48 million unique Total Viewers in 157 countries/territories and in 30 languages. Star Wars Rebels has also generated nearly 4 million video starts on WATCH Disney XD.


She is good friends with Ezra so it's understandable why should would paint a picture of him. She has no reason to paint an Owl as it's tie to Ahsoka isn't only a recent thing that Sabine would have no knowledge of.

That could be but from what we have seen she doesn't much care for Deathwatch.

This is what you think

Then in a SoL episode, bam there's Thrawn killing all your waifu's in one TACTICOOL GENIUS moment

Ha, this isn't even good bait.

And yet he removed Jedi, again...

Kreia on the other hand would remove Force.


Lucas should have done the whole canon wipe thing a lot sooner, then we wouldn't have dumb shits like this walking around.

>the show is relying on EU people to already know who Thrawn is and how he works
Certainly not. People who don't know him might think like you, that he did nothing, contributed nothing, and was pointless and worthless. A tiger without teeth. But as pointed out he's being built up for a future payoff. People who don't know him and will think we've gotten Aresko 2.0 (Same great flavor, now twice as useless!) will no doubt learn better when he's ready to strike.

And if you want to know what he contributed, which does humorously undermine his initial appearance, that "paltry prize" of Y-Wings are going to General Dodonna. You may know him as the bearded leader of Yavin Base in A New Hope. Those Y-Wings he let the Rebels escape with will one day help destroy the Death Star leading to Tarkin's death and a stunning victory that helped fuel the rise of the greater Rebel Alliance as more systems were inspired to join them.

>undermine his initial appearance

Acting like that wasn't the plan all along.

Thrawn is Snoke!

Anyone been watching the week long premiere of Star Wars on TNT? Revenge of the sith is currently on

As much as I love that idea, all but one were destroyed at Yavin without doing much damage. Not for lack of trying of course.

Are we still pushing for Sabine to be raped and mind slaved by Darth Ezra?

True, but barely anyone came back from Yavin. They still all contributed. Even Porkins. His fat carcass smacking into the Death Star actually knocked it back, then provided an enormous gravity drag that kept the Death Star from reaching targeting position on Yavin Base much sooner.

After watching the first episode, no. Ezra is still his old self, only with a Dark Side twist into it.

West coast fag here. Still on AotC

Been trying to watch the Rebels premier, but RL shit keeps getting in my way.

You're posting here when you can be watching it on the stream.

He was the hero we deserved

RL shit fucks things up again. Started watching it on my on demand service, then I'm bombarded with people needing my help with various physical shit, so I can't sit for long. At this rate, I'll be airing on the west coast by the time I finally get enough time for myself to watch it.

That Governor chick had a bitchin chest.

>>bitchin chest.
What's that supposed to mean?

I'm the user you replied to, I can link you to the episode if you want

It means her tits are pretty wizard.

her tits complain and yell all the fuckin' time.

I appreciate the offer, but it's okay.

I have a means of watching it whenever; it's just simply a matter of finding the time to watch it.

Ah, ok

I hate it when that happens

He has a steady diet of Muja fruit, nerf steak, blue milk, and Jugan fruit.


I've caught some of the movies (AotC, RotS). Will watch TESB and RotJ tomorrow. Shit looks great on the OLED TV I bought this past winter.


>mfw Zeb said "It was Pretty Wizard"


Worth noting is this Tuesday (27 Sept) the TFA novelization comes out in paperback. It will contain "Bait" (the first time one of the Insider short stories will be printed outside of the magazine) and "The Perfect Weapon" (previously released only on e-book, this is the first print release). These stories are about pic related.

Did anyone else think it was kind of fucked up how they shoved Chop into the Y-Wing droid slot despite him resisting? Poor guy is probably flashing back to the last time he was in a clone wars era Y-Wing when he got shot down and nearly died.

Of course they might not have known about his past but I doubt they'd have cared otherwise.


I couldn't be more happier.

No, he's a fucking appliance.

Not like they kept Chop's war buddy droid with them on the ship that might have explained to them why they're traumatising their astromech.

>that look
What did she mean by this?

Keep up that attitude, meatbag, see where it gets you.

she's a whore, just like all Twi'leks

"guess who's space legal?"

Who can (and will) (and probably has) lock down someone's quarters and vent the atmosphere from the room.

Suck a dick

That's her nut-shot look she gives to maximize pain and discomfort in the crotch.

And Rax

See? He deserves it!

From his point of view so do you

I swear Wendig tried to write about Thrawn, then the LSG said, "No, we're using him somewhere else," so he kept the prose as is, sans any reference to blue skin, and called him Gallius Rax instead.

What about the Twilight Company Insider-story? Didn't that get put in the TC paperback?

Oh, I would almost guarantee that's what happened. Probably got a text in the middle of the night from Hidalgo

"I got your bitch, find someone else sukka

So did any one else find Thrawn's voice to be very alluring. Not that I'm straight or anything, I'm just saying his voice was nice

Did it?

That would imply that Sheev found Thrawn on Jakku as a boy, after he stowed away on one of his advisors' ships, since that's Rax's backstory.


I did, user

>since that's Rax's backstory
NOW it is.

This made me grin ear to ear desu, thanks for the leak, Thrawn

Good job.

>"You can write my husbando. Tell his origin story. Maybe even kill him off. But at the end of the night, if I'm referencing him in a book, who really wins?"

Yeah, Thrawn's voice is smooth as butter, it's perfect. He just sounds so calm and collected.

I think he means before Life Debt, since at the end of Aftermath we just know he's a mysterious admiral and everyone immediately thought he'd turn out to be Thrawn. I think the theory is that he WAS meant to be Thrawn, but they told him no and he ended up going with the Gallius Rax thing.

Reminder that he killed at least 15 people in this episode alone.

Reminder that he risked the lives of everyone, friend and enemy alike, and nearly got himself killed. But the big bad Imperial Brom Titus actually sent out an evacuation order trying to save his people instead of just Grievous running to the nearest escape pod.

Post yfw
>She's carrying twins

where to watch stream

Reminder the Empire only killed one person this episode.

Actually I think Ezra in that Episode killed more people on screen than the Empire has in the whole series.

>"it's gonna be a Disney show, they'll never show death!"
>death is shown
>"it's a Disney show, the main characters will never be allowed to kill!"
>main characters kill
>"w-well yeah but they'll never let Ezra kill!"
>Ezra kills

Reminder the stream will play the newest Rebels Episode again at airtime 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT, along with the newest Recon.

There's a difference between Titus being responsible for living human Imperials and Grievous' ship having 99% mechanical droids that can be rebuilt. All the Nemoidians we saw on the bridge fucked off during the fight, so I assume they got off safely.

I just finished the comic adaptation of Heir to the Empire. I don't see why anyone would like this story. It's bland, the new, to me, characters are unlikable, and Thrawn did absolutely nothing. I'm going to finish the series, but I'm not impressed so far.

did i miss the new episode????

I know it's really stupid but the Dash Rendar meme is still funny to me

no. it'll be on in 30mins (at least on the east coast)

Next step up is

>It's a Disney show, they'll never kill one of the main characters!
>[main character] dies

It airs on TV in half an hour, but it's been online since this morning because the DisneyXD app put it up early, and it got ripped.

>Only thing the Twi'lek's are known for is sexy females
Being a Twi'lek is suffering.


How early does it get pop up?

See the pic related in

>laser slingshot? ughhhh this is gay baby shit they just made that slingshot to sell toys
>Ugh, this guy is literally Kyle Katarn, fuck Disney for making this Gaynan douche and not putting BASED KYLE on the show!

2014 was a magical time

You fail time

Don't assume it'll happen every week, first of all. Last season we got most episodes within the hour after they aired, and only towards the last few episodes did we get them 12+ hours early.
Always assume you won't get to pirate the episode until after it airs, so you won't be one of those entitled fuck heads that expect it early, and you can be surprised if it is early.

The difference you claim relies on believing Grievous would care if there were organics on his ship. And while you may just assume the Nemoidians in ep III escaped Grievous didn't care either way. He only bothered to get his own ass to an escape pod.

this show is actually made in 1080p

please try to upload mkv 1080p next time.

Nothings playing and no one is in it chating

What kind of day are we living in where owning a paperback is nicer than owning a hardcover?!

He also starting launching all of the escape pods just to make sure the heroes couldn't escape.

That's on your end then

1080p isn't available until it gets released on iTunes.

Grievous is a lot of things but caring one iota about anyone but himself is not one of them,

20 minutes, user

What did they say about the Wook?

I'd go hang out with you guys but I'm at work

I am not user, I am a happy mind slave

So why did Ezra cut his hair? Is he going through Teen Angst with a side of Sith transformation?

More or less. There's even a bit of
>Son I found your stash, why are you smoking pot?
>Son, I am disappoint, I'm confiscating this


I'm not sure if this is clickbait or just plain stupid.

It is a bit silly but its not as simple as that. He studies the art and philosophy of a species intensely and thoroughly. From there he divines psychological traits inherent to them and uses that knowledge in his calculations when anticipating enemy moves.

It isnt a completely perfect trick,He's often wrong in the novels, but its just uncanny enough that it builds into the hype around his ability, scaring his enemies into constantly second guessing themselves and hesitating.

Anytime you ask yourself that question, the answer is always "both"

Clickbait and real. It even mentions that in Bloodline that it's confirmed to be their son

So incest is still cannon?

>tfw no good twi'lek porn
Makes no sense at all.

>space legal image is on the same page as a bunch of ezra porn on our booru



You don't even need Bloodline. Between Snoke talking about Kylo Ren's father and Han saying, "The face of my son," the whole premise that TFA never explicitly says Kylo Ren is Han and Leia's child is shot in the ass.

I didnt actually like it that much, it sounded droning and monotonous, it lacked the imposing presence i've come to assosciate with him. Might just be because Marc Thompsons Thrawn was my first experience with the character though.

I wish Rebels would do stuff like TCW did and just have episodes focused less on the main cast.

I'd kill for a Hatndo episode where he crash lands on Tatooine

>Rebels season 3
>On Saturday nights

Who's bright idea was this?

>What is a primetime slot
This is a good thing.

Anyone have a link to the new episode?

>yfw Sabine gets captured and raped by troopers

okay, that pic hits a whole other level of incest

he's gonna fuck his maybe sister in his mom's clothes

try reading the post you quoted


Post YFW Rex started going off about "Clankers" again


>It's a Hondo episode

Is Ezra using a DL-44?

make him look more mature. He looks almost like an adult now and is going around murdering storm troopers. His old look wouldnt have you taking him so seriously in his new role which is to say he has lost his childish innocence.

>It's a Hondo Episode

cant wait for ezra to die

Yes, Ezra, give into your anger. Let the hate flow through you.

are you honestly complaining about a primetime slot?

what you want it to be 1am on a monday like they use to do to Tron Uprising?

Ezra is going full Dark Side already.

With who? Rey is not related to Luke according to Bloodline timeline.

It's a primetime slot, which is good. Not that it really matters, Disney XD isn't carried enough to bring anything on that channel amazing ratings, plus the show's been picked up for good rather than having to be renewed on a season-by-season basis.

not any more, Status Quo restored.

Really nigga?

Not really.

>Anthology movie


lol comics

>Video game
KOTOR3 or a Battlefront that's actually good.

Why are Jedi so week-willed? They can't use any emotion at all without going overboard?


Because Jedi a shit

Arihnda Pryce has the same Grand Moff rank plate that Tarkin has, though Tarkin has twice as many code cylinders as she does.

What the fuck is this grocery collectible game?

Because the force is overpowering and only emotionally numb individuals can even come close to it without going crazy

>They can't use any emotion at all without going overboard?
>any emotion
Blood lust isn't just any old emotion

I almost feel bad that Titus got demoted so hard.

This is a pretty good episode so far. I've only watched the Maul episode.

Why is Sabine a tumbrlite? It looks so weird in this setting.

Next stop: The Sheev Museum at Theed

Star Wars wants the tumblr audience.

This word lost meaning ages ago

For all they brag about being disciplined, any slightly aggressive attack turns them into murder machines.

Thrawn is going to be responsible for one of the recurring characters' death, isn't he?

>Kanen not around

Guess he went to Rahm Kota to git gud at being a blind fighter :^)

Fuck off back there then

Pryce also has big tits.

Sexy Ryu

Blame Kathleen Kennedy's raging feminist agenda. Dumb cunt is destroying Star Wars.

It's not shutting off all emotion, it's not becoming attached to that emotion. So you can have a Jedi friend and be good buddies, but if he gets murdered, ideally you should be able to rejoice in them becoming one with the force, but realistically just not let that sorrow consume you and not give in to anger against the perpetrator.

Tumblr didn't invent hair dye.

No, he just hung out around the base.
It makes it easier for them to negate any kind of storyline that might have come up from the Jedi not being together.

Ezra is shit tier at hiding his spiritual corruption.

Just kill this kid now wtf

>It's a trap

Forgive me for crossing franchises here, but I remember Albus Dumbledore saying, “I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being--forgive me--rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger.”

Increased ability means amplified effects when that ability is used incorrectly.

>Ezra is shit tier
got that right

It's a shame, cause they could have added Rahm Kota into the official Canon that way.

>dyed hair = a raging feminist agenda
Are you 12?

It's a shame they have to revert to the status quo so quickly after anything interesting might happen.

IOt really shows how the series is for children.

>pretty wizard, eh?

>Why is Sabine a tumbrlite?

What the hell is that? She's a Mandalorian.


Alderaan, user. Alderaan.

Is feminism even an issue in the Star Wars universe? The Empire's pretty chill with women in high-ranking positions. More so than in the EU when it was just Daala.

Ezra hasn't full on turned to the Dark Side yet, he's just embarking on the path. Why does him still having one foot in the Light have you convinced his dark arc is over?

Is that Snoke?

Did you miss the many times she spoke of 'muh stronk womyn Leia and Rey and Jyn'?

Back to Cred Forums with you

>Not leaving any witnesses

Damn Ezra.

My god, two darts at once? Nerf technology has advanced lightyears since I was a kid. When's the hyperdrive coming?

Also did they really think girls need their own brand? If they want a nerf gun, it isn't like the things have a boy sensor built in.

Star Wars has always had strong women. Leia and Padme never minded shooting people in the face and Mon Mothma ran the Rebellion.

Ahsoka, Leia, and Panda bear are the only women I like in Star Wars

Its almost like he's fallen to the dark side or something.

For some reason I read Panda bear as Pablo. I kek'd.

What does cycle and rotation in SW, mean for us? Is it month or year or day?

This...... guy? seems outta place in the Star Wars universe.

rotation is rotate, and generally means a day.

cycle can also mean a day

don't worry about it, it doesn't fucking matter

Rotation is day. I'm less sure about cycle, but I think it's either an hour or a week.

The Bendu?

The Bendu is a pretty great Jedi, despite his assertion he isn't aligned with one.

He did a great job at that, bro. He was sexy and enigmatic and kept his cool excellently.


>Grand Admiral Thrawn now Canon
>Kyle Katarn sill not Canon

some day.

is the stream gonna play the episode again for the people who are shitheads?

Bendu tricking Kanan into letting him assfuck him when?

Thanks user

>Don't worry about it, it doesn't fucking matter

>Eyes left in the fade out

That's cheesy as fuck. I love it.

Paperbacks are cheaper and smaller.

>Prey I don't change the objective again.

whys that little jew so mean all the sudden

>Anthology movie
Obi-Wan shenanigans on Tatooine
Collection of short stories showing Plagueis and Sidious
Some new guy going vigilante on Nar Shadaa
Podracer niggas

I'm beginning to think his "in the middle" thing is that he uses the Force on a more spiritual and philosophical level, but doesn't give two shits about helping the galaxy at large the way the Jedi do. Goodness without the altruism? Though he's certainly helpful enough to Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight.

The Jedi are a faction. You're looking for the term force wielder.

Kyle got replaced by Finn

Who's being a shithead?

In any case, we always replay the new episode more than once.

Reminder that the Imperial walker guy pinpoint shot an Ugnaught to death on a flat platform with space to move but suddenly couldn't hit four larger people bunched together in the doorway.

Getting real sick of your chickenshit, Rebels.

I think you mean Kanan

This pleases me. Reminder that nufaggots won't ever allow anything like the slave girl bikini to make a comeback.

>Titus calls for an evacuation
>Goes to make his escape
>Runs into the hanger as Hondo absconds with his ship

Why does Sabine actually dye her hair? How long is the time jump between this season and last?

Could Ezra have controlled the hero trooper from Season 1?

The Imperial was in control of his own actions when he shot the Ugnaught. Ezra was in control when he was firing at the Stormtroopers. It's literally Ezra's fault.

six months

I know he's someone's husbando. I'm sorry for their loss.

>Why does Sabine actually dye her hair?

She dyes her hair and paints her armor because she's an artist, and one who is constantly changing in her moods and preferences.

Its also why she mentions in her little journal thing that while she's experimented with skin painting she'd never get actual tattoos, because she'd immediately get a different/better idea and tattoos are too "permanent".

Honestly I couldn't understand some of the shit he was saying.

The lighting on Kanan's close-up when he tells Ezra to Let It Go™ was pretty damned good.

So in ESB does R2 remember Yoda and going to Dagobah during TCW?

>Ezra will hates that.

So would that giant goat dude use a lightsaber


I look forward to the episode where they rediscover a base full of separatist resources. I've always wanted to see B1s in the Imperial era.

Yes. He's a little tit.

So 15 minutes until Rebels Recon?

That makes sense actually

Dindu reminds me more of a lion turtle from Avatar

>Thrawn has a much larger _____

>The rocket is too loud
>I want you to do something that will make you scream




His wubs are quieter than his rocket, so yeah it still makes sense.

Final murder count: 19

Long live Darth Ezra

Holy shit, Ezra. Apparently the dark side also means you make decisions like a character in a tabletop RPG.

>lol, I cut the power

...ass than those pantaloons let on.

No, he'd use a sonic screwsaber

>No hyperdrives

Whomp Whooooomp


It's much less emphatic sounding in droidspeak.

A shame.

I was looking forward to seeing him demoted to Death Star janitor.


Does anyone actually understand droid other than MaRey Sue?

The only thing I like about Rey is her relationship with Han and Chewie otherwise fuck her.

I love that Chewie rampage scene in 7.

>Does anyone actually understand droid other than MaRey Sue?
Was TFA your first Star Wars, kid?

Anakin does.

Anakin. I think Ahsoka. Hera, Kanan, Sabine. Ezra didn't at first, but he learned.


Did you just ignore the rest of Star Wars media where multiple people converse with droids?

No. R2 AND C3PO got memory wipes at the end of episode 3.

Pretty much every Jedi understands droids. Or mechanic. This isn't even trivia it's just in the series and movies, goddamn.

I forget minute droid shit.

Anakin was strangely smart as fuck for a slave.

Implying anybody actually gives a fuck about droids.

Time out I thought they only side "While the protocol droid's memory"?

No, only C3PO.

Sato promotes him to Lieutenant Commander and everyone's like, Hey Lieutenant!

Only 3-PO got a memory wipe because he's way too talkative to hold the secret of Luke and Leia being hidden away. R2 never got a memory wipe.

>droid shit
And you call yourself a Star Wars fan? Faggot.

What does that have to do with anything?

They did, I rewatched RoTS earlier.

>Implying anybody gives a fuck about droids
Fucking delet this

That just means he's a Lieutenant in charge of all the other Lieutenants.


>Thrawn has a much larger blue dick than Dr. Manhattan

Same, I'm the user that made the post about the marathon on TNT

Only C3PO

>7 movies
>100+ episodes of TV shows
Not remembering more than one person talking to a droid.

Only cool droids are IG-88, R2, HK-47
and 3po is faggot.

>Following Luke's disappearance, Artoo set himself into a self-imposed low power mode as newer droid models started to out-compute the aging astromech. Despite this, his celebrated role in the Rebellion protected him from the usual recycling procedure of many old droids, allowing him a peaceful semi-retirement in the Resistance as he pored over several decades of uninterrupted data, causing him to 'dream' of many of his greatest adventures.

Yogarclone 12-252 why are you shitposting on holochan? Get back to work!


That's what you get for being a fucking dark side shit head Ezra.


Everybody forgets to mind wipe their astromechs. Everybody.

That's why the little shits are the most prone to becoming heroic murderers.

next week is looking good


You're old news Seventh Slut

Was anyone else weirded out to see the governor?

I was wholly convinced that she was made an unperson

homage to Han Solo. he gives someone that look several times in the original movies

Shit! I've been compromised!

>69 KB

shitty fanbase

I have no idea why I watched it when I have it on DVD. I only watched the last hour while cooking.

It's common enough shorthand, right? Lieutenant Colonels are often shortened to Colonel. It's why there is a distinction for Full Bird Colonels.

It's unofficial, of course, and you still officially address them by their full rank. But informally, yes, people shorten long titles. Hell, this episode Grand Moff Tarkin was referred to as just a Moff by Governor Pryce. May have been why he was scowling after she left his office.

>when you start to understand chopper
I've gone too far

And Lieutenant Commanders are called Commander, not Lieutenant.

I'm gonna miss the phantom

I liked that little toyetic box

I mean it was already on, no point in popping in the dvd


Dude her rack was huge

Is there lewd of Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Lyste?

What if I told you they get a new, shiny, CIS Phantom?

Don't bully her, boi.

I don't know how I feel about it

the phantom just fits ya know

I honestly thought that second spoiler was gunna say "Danny"

I figured he was the reason the Y-Wings were being scrapped so fast. Hondo and piglet were in prison for presumably some time, why the sudden rush to burn up the rest of the fighters? Given Thrawn figured out where they were headed and we know Titus was warned by Pryce, it makes sense that they rushed destruction as a consequence even though the episode doesn't outright state it. It's that or they were coincidentally just about done with their stock anyway. And sure someone might say that they wouldn't rush destruction if they hoped to lure in the rebels, but if they were actually wanting the ships to lure them in why would Titus not stop production before the last 15 or so were destroyed? They apparently preferred the ships destroyed even if they still hoped the rebels would show up.

Don't worry. They'll MAKE that CIS shuttle fit.

why is it every season i dislike Ezra more and more

She is the space cougar we deserve

I might rewatch it until One Punch Meme comes on Toonami.

I really like RoTS but that might because I played the shot out of the Xbox demo of Battlefront 2.


Poor taste.

I really like RoTS too, and yeah, they're still going to play all the movies again tomorrow

I didn't watch season 1&2 except the Maul episode and Ezra ain't half bad as a fng.

really? he is coming off like prequel Anakin to me


>everyone ignoring the Recon except this user
Burn the thread.

>B-but I'm not done with the Padawan yet!

Only one I don't really care for is TPM because that retard and are you an angel? Otherwise I think TPM is pretty good, I love Star Wars period and something about Tattoine is comfy as fuck.

Was there a slave school or is Watto just a good mastuh?

Getting right back into Maul already? That's fast

>No coffee connoisseur Pablo this week
Why live?

>giving a shit about it

Shh, user, we're busy talking about Thrawns' big blue tipped brush

he is Filoni's waifu

But not the one we need right now

I think ani taught himself, and TPM was eh ok to me

recon is gay like you

To be fair, he had coffee when Andi was talking about the episode

Filoni has bigger things to worry about. Didn't you hear he's been replaced as supervising director for Rebels? All the theories people have come up with and so far none of them hit the obvious.

That's right, Filoni is dealing with real marital problems after Tom Baker stole his wife from him. Tom's still got it!

Even ironic jokes are meant to be funny.

I think we need to take a look at everyone who was murdered there in the last 6 months

I'm the only bucket head am I? I can't stand the whole rebels except Chewie,Leia, and Han. I wish there was a series following the Storm Troops.

I really like the armor of The Empire.

Hey now, the rest of us got over Seventh Sister's death last season. You guys need to stop dragging that corpse around. Just let her go already. She's really not smelling too fresh.

How did you know I was into cock?

it's not a joke, you are gay

Who the fuck is Tom Baker?


I was referencing Dark Knight...



He's the one in the middle.

I always liked the Troopers more than the heroes. Pretty much everything in the Empire was better than the rebel shits.
All the rebels ever end up doing is killing people just trying to do their jobs and blowing up infrastructure that will just fuck with even more innocent people.

SS is cute, CUTE! And very, very dead ;-;

>confirmed for not reading the 3-PO comic

>Upend the light and the dark
God damn it Filoni, not you too.

I'm not that user, I'm right here

Hey Kojima! Also fuck 3PO he's just annoying overall.

>thinks there's a dash between 3 and P
I want plebs to leave

You're missing something good, your loss.

I've read it but I still don't care for 3PO

If Liberace was running around Star Wars in just a thong and covered in glitter, C-3P0 would still be gayer than him.

There is only one Star Wars character who is gayer than him.

And that is Kyle Katarn

Uncensored link now

>Ezra's VA
When did he become hot?

We better actually see blue faced Andi for the next Star Wars Show or I'm just done with Star Wars forever.

He never did.

Dammit, SS-user, pull back now while you still have time.

That's racist, user.

Hey now, Eights, she promised. Okay? I consider what is said during Rebels Recon to be sacred and an oral contract. She owes us now.

When the fuck are they going to upload the galleries? I want to see all the trivia.


Mondays now

Fucking seriously? REEEEEEEEEEEE

I wonder if any of Chopper's wah wahs were actually him going "I CAN HEAR YOU ASSHOLE"?

Fucking perfect, thanks user.

>Who the fuck
Yes, exactly.

Who indeed?

>thrawn checking out governor's pryce's tits

i'm not the only one who saw that, i know it.

>thrawn aiming to dismantle the entire rebellion

I wonder how he'll be thwarted... they also make mention of him causing a ton of civilian casualties.

>Cell 6609
Oh thank god they didn't go with another goddamn THX 1138 reference.

I wonder what Hondo will do with those ugnauts. Partners? Seems unlikely. New gang? Well at least their technical skills are pretty dope and they don't exactly care either way for whatever morally corrupt views their asshole bosses have.

Who am I kidding. He's selling them to Lando for profit. Classic Hondo.

In Star Wars?

Didn't watch the new episode
how hard does Ezra hit it ?

>I know you can, you little metal faggot.

Can't find the new ep anywhere pls help

Maybe Kallus does. Thrawn's biggest weakness is his own side.

Based Hondo.

exactly zero times because he's a useless fuck

Pick your poison user.

So basically you cannot wait until someone draws a picture of a naked Pryce lounging in front of Thrawn and telling him to paint her like one of his Chiss girls?

what is wrong with you, faggot?


Speaking of Ugnauts Ultimate Star Wars actually gives an interesting backstory to Cloud City. Apparently some guy named Lord Ecclessis Figg of Corellia moved to the Anoat sector with 3 Ugnaut tribes. After the Ugnauts built the city he allowed them to live there with him and share in the profits gained by mining. Also the city is mainly used for gambling, spas, and nightlife when Lando takes over.

Do you think we will ever get qt Luke in a Rebels-like cartoon?

he doesn't do anything interesting until ANH user.

We need post ANH episodes yesterday.

He kills womp rats.

"Womp rats" is what they call homosexuals on Tatooine.

Well, Rebels will go all the way to the battle of Jakku, so he's certainly around and kicking.

Star Wars and Star Wars threads really needs to get rid of all the faggots.

>that spoiler
user pls, Luke is too pure to do such a thing


Felt like Hera was pretty rough on Ezra. I mean she's lead some pretty shaky missions on less intel and they would have made the call to try for whatever bombers remained. Granted some of their shakiest stuff was in season 1 and now that they're part of Phoenix Squadron more is riding on them getting their shit right the first time.

Still she's team mom and she wants her son Ezra to do right by the Rebels and not half-ass his missions like his dad Kanan. She's just using some tough love hoping he'll learn a valuable lesson from all this. And of course she's ultimately right. Ezra should have risked contacting Hera before going off-mission because as we saw they wound up needing that carrier to show up in order to save the bombers and themselves. He especially should have told her the truth when she called in the middle of his revised mission thus negating any worry of the Empire being alerted to the call, which was already a moot point once the Empire was clearly aware of them anyway.

This is just the beginning!

>posting of Cred Forums
>not a faggot

Another interesting fact from Ultimate Star Wars is apparently citizens of the Empire still get to take part in elections. The elections are rigged though but the Empire in concept works very similarly to the Republic where people still vote for senators and whatnot. This was probably one of the ways Palpatine eased people into the idea of the Empire.

I think you mean his sexually is too open to interpretation by the viewer. Hamill said so!

Hamill is too pure for this world.

I'm still waiting for the Ghost crew to realize that Hera cares more about her shitty rebellion than about them.

Where do you think you are?

in a thread full of shit packers apparently

He sold them the Empire as making the galaxy more secure, not outright striping all their freedoms. Still took him twenty years to dump the Senate, and by that point he was relying on the Death Star to keep the local systems in line and obedient to the regional governors.

One of the reasons losing the Death Star was such a blow to the Empire. They didn't just lose their terror weapon they lost it at a time they could ill-afford the loss. They'd just fucked up the Senate, blown up Alderaan, and embarrassingly saw their own station kerploded. The Rebellion probably saw it's largest surge after that, only overshadowed by the outpouring of support after ROTJ. Of course by ESB it sounds like the Empire was back on top. The Alliance was never even a quarter as powerful or as public as the CIS. They just couldn't afford to be that bit a target.

Nice of you to join us

Time for my story.
I was at fan expo and so was Hamill. Normal convention except for one thing, there was a chick chatting up Hamill wearing nothing but body paint. I saw everything. Cooch fluttering in the breeze.
At the end of the day Hamill left with her. 90% sure they fucked.


Their is more than enough room in her lekkued heart for both. After all, when Kanan was too busy moping around she wasn't upset that he was letting the Rebellion down, she was pushing him to reconcile with Ezra and reconnect with him.


Hera is still a shit-tier waifu

I can't delete the truth, user.

And when push comes to shove and it's better for the rebellion for her to leave them behind to die, she'll leave them. Because she's just like her father.

Hamill could rape ten babies in broad daylight and I'd still call him pure

what if he raped your waifu ten times in broad daylight?

This user gets it.

Most cons have a dress code that wouldn't allow that.

>Thank you sir, it's been an honor

He is my waifu user.

it only makes it hotter

What if he shot and killed your waifu?

This con had that! It just makes no sense.

I would join my waifu


Jan 24, 2016 - "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I'd still be pure" Hamill said.

That better not be the end of Ezra dark side shenanigans. Setting up this change in personality and running it back in the same episode would be lame as fuck.

Shut up, Yoda. She still saved Kanan in the end rather than just honoring what he fought for.

Why would you expect him to be in dark side mode 100% of the time just as he's dipping his toe into it?

He literally asks Kanan about the holocron seconds after 'apologizing' for using it.
He's gonna steal it from the Bendu, and/or lead Maul to it, calling it now.

That was 5 months ago?
Ugh, I remember screen capping it.

The Bendu would probably just give it to him, he seems to put more stock in personal choice than supposed corruption. Anyway, I agree that they'll probably keep it going, but that ending gave me weird vibes.

I can't draw, but I'm fairly good at photoshopping.
I need to find something to pass the time, any requests?

>Ezra, the villagers?
>Kill them all.


More lewd /ss/ edits. Preferably with Ezra in it. Please




Ok but that'll take time
Any pic you want me to transform?

I have a few pictures, but if you are gonna make one, you should pick a picture you like for yourself.

>Ezra will kill all the waifus

My favorite part of the episode is despite Ezra living out his Anakin Skywalker dream of being a badass hero, the moment reality strikes back and things go to shit he starts crying for his daddy Kanan to save him.

I make it sound worse than it was, but it was still a nice touch capped off by them reuniting as a team in the end. Of course soon enough it'll all go to shit again. Thanks, Maul.

Can you make these Maul pics with transparent backgrounds?

This one

And this one

Pick your favorite one bud
I aim to please

Next episode to be exact

I used to scoff at the Ezra is Snoke theory but now it's starting to look more likely.

Now that he's back to sucking off Kanan's dick he'll be a good little Jedi.
Kiddy shows aren't allowed to have complex characters or plotlines.

It was never likely because they've said since day 1 that Snoke saw the fall of the Republic and Ezra was born the day the Empire was founded.

To be fair, by the time he really broke down he was well and truly fucked. He had no way off a station HE was destroying.

You'll need stronger bait than that

Maul will constantly be trying to seduce Ezra back to him.

Ezra will continue his descent into darkness.

They've also confirmed Snoke isn't human

Maybe he was born hours before the Empire was formed in the Senate, and Ezra's parents had it up on some holo-feed screens. He would have technically "seen" the fall of the Republic that way.


Try to edit out a few trees in the background and add the twin moons of lothal. Change her skin color, add facial markings and so on...please

Also this is just as cute as it is lewd

don't be a fucking idiot, user.


Anakin would have done the same thing and still found a way off, or even if he needed Kenobi (sometimes Ahsoka) to save him he still would have faced zero repercussions for his brash actions.

And then he STILL goes into bitch mode when he doesn't get a promotion to Master.

You're opinion is quite odd, user Ymous, Cred Forums Poster. Why would a single episode indicate that a young man with a passion for freedom may grow into a world shattering tyrant?

I'll get on it. Not sure how long it'll take but I'll get it done.

the prequels were the worst thing to ever happen to Vader's character.

Before he was a bad ass Jedi that became an even more bad ass Sith Lord.

Now he's just a whiny child. spoiler]Like most Star Wars fans, HEY OH![/spoiler]

That surprised me, though I don't know why. After all, for all the action packed into the first trailer for season 2 that aired at Celebration, and the stuff after, was still largely limited to the first five or so episodes. The Return of the Clones, the new Inquisitors, etc. And then they'll hit us with later trailers that still blow us away. I love it.

Sweet! Thanks user.

Thanks for these user.

Lost Stars really highlights what you're saying.


Uh, no? Just because Ezra pedalled back a bit at the end doesn't mean he's not going to felve further into the Dark Side. It's you who has no idea of character development - people don't just immediately dive straight into things, they test the waters before taking the first step. When it's too cold, they flinch back, but as time goes on, they eventually make the plunge. People are at first afraid of things they don't understand or things that end up being scary to them.

This will be a gradual change and damning shift of his character. They can't just go full force right out the window.

Dude, just use ctrl-s so you don't fuck up your spoilers like a bitch.

As for Anakin, it actually is better considering it shows the worst of Sheev's influence. Anakin had a devil and angel on each shoulder. Obi-Wan was the angel preaching patience, tolerance, and humility. Sheev was the devil whispering that Anakin deserved more, that more was his due, and that others were jealous, fearful, and holding him back from what he was owed. Ever since he was a kid and he and Poppa Palpatine used to go clubbing together.

There was always a darkness in Anakin since he was a kid (most evident in the cut material where he beat the shit out of Greedo as a kid) but Sheev fed it, helped it grow despite the Jedi indoctrination.

and it's just too bad that Lucas decided he should be a whiny faggot.

Whiny faggots happen all the time. I mean look at you.

Too cool for season 3

Don't worry, we'll get a new inquisitor! A super cute grill, too! And then she'll die in her introductory episode

That's a good gag right there. Using someone's words against them is brilliant.
Except when you execute it like an eight grader poorly trying to impress the girl sitting across from him.

I used to be just as mad, but TCW helped there.

the problem with TCW is that Anakin is a completely different character there than in the movies.

I'm sure Kanan will send Ezra out to meet the Bendu for himself and the lionturtle will give him the holocron back

The sad thing is, this statement is quite accurate ;-; rip unintroduced feminky, you will be loved and missed once Filoni consumes your soul

I really want Hondo to show up somewhere else, maybe even live-action. I could see him in the Han Solo movie.

It's okay, user. She'll notice you one day. Actually I guarantee she already has but sadly she doesn't like what she sees.

You're looking at it wrong. He's the same person. It's the quality of the acting that is the bigger difference. Lanter could have sold Episode III Anakin.

>We'll never get a cute loli Inquisitor

What are you, some kinda pedder ass?

I think Ezra and Sabine interacted more in this episode than they have in basically the whole series, and most of it was negative. What do the writers have against giving Sabine a personality and inter-character relationships besides Hera?

It's almost like she seemed to actively hate Ezra. It felt really weird to me.

It's almost like Ezra was being a dumb faggot the whole episode and she was calling him out on his stupid choices or something.

You guys think Ashley and Pablo fuck?

It's somewhat jarring to me because she's never given a fuck about him before this, so it seems weird that her comments are so actively venomous.

No. This is real life not a fanfic.

it's not like he was making the teams life harder, making the mission more difficult, and putting them all in danger or anything.

Is there any information of what happened to Hondo between TCW and Rebels?

It's sad seeing him going from a succesful pirate warlord to a lonely conman.

>bratty little brother with scary powers and a sudden thirst for blood gets promoted and put in charge of multiple missions you're subordinated to

I think anyone would be more than mildly annoyed by this turn of events.

>implying he'd want to fuck the cunt who constantly interrupts his coffee time

kill yourselves

There's always a bit of truth in fanfics.

Ahsoka Tano said so, and she should know better than any of us!

he wasn't a whiny faggot, you on the other hand are and deserve to die chocking on JJ's cock

Does all of Cred Forums speak in a congested sleep-deprived drawl?

only cock sucking faggots

Hera's getting too caught up in the Cham Effect, where being part of the 'bigger picture' is starting to take precedence over 'the good of the team' in priority. Her biggest gripe with her dad was his putting his cause before his family, and now she's starting to show signs of that same behavior in herself, bitching out her crew in public over mission protocol. Sato'd better stop giving her so much command responsibility or else she's going to reduce the Ghost crew into being just assets for the Rebellion's use and not even think twice about whether or not they're going to even want to be part of that kind of hierarchial institution.

I I just think it's shitty that the first time we've seen her give a shit about Ezra, it's incredibly negative. I don't understand why they've been written them this way for the entirety of the show.

because she's not his girlfriend, was not intended to be his girlfriend, and you're a retarded shipper.

I don't ship Ezra and Zeb, but they have a normal relationship. Nobody on the Ghost has as little to say to each other as Ezra and Sabine, it's almost like they're taking care to make sure nobody ships them.

She knows Ezra only had one waifu

Don't you ever fucking sleep you autistic shit?

They ARE part of something bigger and Hera always knew this more than the others. However she certainly doesn't spend the lives of her friends or allies cheaply. There is an old hatred against her that used to crop up about how she was throwing people recklessly at Kallus' blockade in season 2, costing them a cruiser and the (then current) Phoenix Leader, and all to stop a few dirty miners from starving to death. Nevermind that despite their losses Sato and the rest of Pheonix were committed to sending in the rest of their ships, and Kanan was even going to lead the next run personally. This wasn't something unique to Hera at all, since all of Phoenix (who were still alive) were behind their course of actions. And then there is the time a member of Phoenix was shot from behind and some very vocal people were pissed because Hera didn't apparently maneuver the Ghost to shield her, nevermind that this was more a matter of the rear gunners lapse than Hera's own.

Go away, this is Season 3, you're no longer relevant.

If Hera was indeed as all-in as you suggest she'd have been proud of Ezra for risking everything, including his own life, for a few ships needed for the larger fight. Instead she was pissed and relieved him of his present command.

Scanon here. Just ordered the first 3 Adventures in Wild Space books. I should get them in around a week. I get paid again on October 3rd so I'll probably order the 4th Wild Space book, all the journals (Rey/Sabine/Ezra), and maybe a Rebels Visual Guide or two then.

Uh, no

The point to Anakin's character is that he was always stuck between a rock and a hard place. Rather than break through the rock lime Luke did, Anakin always took the hard place and ended up worse off for it.

If all you see to his character is whining, then you have no understanding of character at all.

Plus, the badass hero type you wanted from Obi-Wan's descriptions to Luke would have been utterly boring and unrelatable. Not to mention whenever Luke's complaints or bursts of anger were brought up, he was directly compared to Anakin, if in passing, but still. I much prefer what we got because it gave us more to work with compared to Luke who seems to look like he'll end up with relatively bland characterization again.

If the Rebels were a nation, they'd be the austro-hungarian empire at the start of WWI.

Just because there was a point doesn't mean it was well executed.

The funny thing is Anakin WAS badass, and yet flawed. He HAD to be flawed because that's what lead to his fall to the Dark Side. Although there are people who indeed are pissed that Anakin believes in the lies that the Jedi were evil and he was really doing the right and true thing all along. That he didn't just accept the coolness and awesome edginess of being Vader and I guess burned himself in lava just so he'd be assured his future samurai gimp suit. I'm mostly guessing on that last part, though. It's mostly that some people are pissed that Vader isn't sincere, he's a dupe. And yet he's both. He's a sincere dupe, and he has to be duped which his how Luke reverses his fall and saves Anakin.

Lords of the Sith is pretty good with Vader's psychology, especially in the opening chapters and his musing on how Yoda was so wrong about the Dark Side. He HAS drunk Sheev's Kool-Aid and become the Emperor's top bitch but he's nevertheless committed to it, fully, and so still powerful and yes badass and "kewl".

Why the hell are there no torrents for this episode yet?

It was a pretty bad episode, so why bother

Because you haven't bothered to check earlier threads?

>Lords of the Sith is pretty good with Vader's psychology, especially in the opening chapters and his musing on how Yoda was so wrong about the Dark Side. He HAS drunk Sheev's Kool-Aid and become the Emperor's top bitch but he's nevertheless committed to it, fully, and so still powerful and yes badass and "kewl".
And it was amazing, much better balanced that post-ROTS EU Vader.

It was pretty underwhelming.
Hope it picks up next week.

Only from a certain point of view i.e. nostalgia

All I'm seeing are people saying there's no torrent.

Ah, the nostalgia card. Classy.

Why the fuck do you need a torrent when we gave you a mega link in HD? People really need to stop ignoring the Links in OP

Does Star Wars really need a general?


It needs, no, demands a Grand Moff

Nostalgia is a recognized force within the universe, similar to how quarks make you greedy for acquisition and loathe clothed females.

You, meanwhile, offer no concrete rebuttal. I hate to break it to you but the EU was all over the place in terms of both canon and quality. Forget the old ways, embrace the new paradigm.

There comes a point where you need to stop expecting to be spoonfed, and actually glean the details for yourself. It's quite literally in the narrative. Anakin is made to choose between hard lives throughout all three movies. The only difference is upon choosing, he believes it to be the better choice, only to come to doubtful conclusions later which end up guiding whatever choice he makes next.

Well there's two tv shows and several ongoing comic series, so if you think we should make a general for each of those, go right ahead.

>Well there's two tv shows
Rebels and...what?
>several ongoing comic series
then you can talk about those when they come out.

These threads, even when you have the show on, have so little to talk about all you do is post censored porn and shitpost. Other generals are more productive and stay on topic better than you all when their stuff has been on hiatus for Goddamn years.

so the shuttle that Hondo stole is the one Han/Luke use in ROTJ right?

This is like the twelfth Imperial shuttle they've stolen in this series alone, so odds are...no. Not really. Hell, last season Kanan even called attention to the fact that the Empire keeps losing their shuttles to the rebels, and this is pre-Alliance. I'm pretty sure the Tydirium wouldn't have been on the registry if it was lost in a known rebel incursion on a decommissioning facility and then used by a notorious pirate.

How would it have the access codes to land on Endor?

The first Death Star hasn't even blown up yet.

>Rebels and...what?
the lego show too

wrong model

No. That shuttle is stolen in the book Moving Target.

make way for crappy oc memes, I'm going to see if this gets reposted in other threads

>the lego show too
Is that even getting a second season or was it a total one-off?

I'd love to get some more as long as they can keep up with the quality of crap like the Sheev museum. Some good shit.

Don't wait for others to do it for you, do it yourself, like a True Meme Ninja™! Believe in your meme or it will never get strong! BELIEVE IT!

>I hate to break it to you but the EU was all over the place in terms of both canon and quality. Forget the old ways, embrace the new paradigm
But that's exactly what I was doing? For someone wanting to impress with big words, you surely lack reading comprehension.

its not a true meme unless another person saves it and posts it

Jesus, user, for as long as it took you to craft that reply you really got that backwards.

If you aren't willing to grasp your anonymous nature and repost it yourself, your meme does not deserve to live.

Dumb question but is the MEGA download link legit

Which mega? The episode mega or any of the other megas? I mean they're all legit if you like gungan porn

No. It's just tons of dolphin porn.

In all the years I've been coming to this site I've never seen a link to actual dolphin porn.
I'm disappointed.

Jokes on them that's my fetish

>he doesn't fap to his sweet 500GB dolphin pussy stash every night

There's two different posts and points in play, but I don't think you two were on the same page in terms of the EU. Just because the old EU varied doesn't make it all garbage, just as a story being canon or not doesn't make it better or worse. The old ways, as I see them, are to follow extremist paths, accepting all or nothing. But only a Sith thinks in absolutes. If more people were willing to look past the labels of Legends and Nu Canon and just express what they like, these threads would be a lot happier.

Ironically the Story Group, for as hated as they are by EU Purists for betraying the One True Canon, are the ones pushing for the introduction of old canon into the new. They're doing it right. We aren't, and that goes for Not Canonists and EU Purists alike.

Clankers not welcome


>not posting the Ratts Tyerell version

Seriously, he IS best pod racer. His fiery death brought shame to the game.