Why aren't there any right wing superheroes?

Why aren't there any right wing superheroes?

It seems to be just pure moralfags in the hero proffesion. Right wingers have some extreme views but they want justice in the end too.

Why isn't there anyone to represent their views in the hero community?

(Pls no political shitposting thread)

Hawkman, USAgent.


Comedian says hello.

Not american, could you define right wing?

Rorschach is best.

That aren't portrayed as evil racist rapist villains maybe?

I mean, is it so fucking mind bogginlgy insane to think MAYBE some right leaning people are genuine hard working people that also want peace and justice and everyone to be safe and happy?

Or should we just gas all the Republicans right now?

>Why aren't there any right wing superheroes?
There are, but like right wing creators they're just a lot rarer.

Because an intrinsically right wing hero that doesn't come across like a Conservative tract seems hard to do. A right wing hero who just so happens to be one seems simpler but it would seem difficult to make their politics apparent in their heroism without making it awkward.
I mean it's pretty awkward when they do it with Left Wing heroes too but I'm more used to it.
This too.

Pro gun.
Anti immigration.
Securing constitutional rights.
Pro life etc


Would Nick Fury be right wing?

What do you mean by right wing? Pro or anti foreign intervention? Pro or anti civil liberties?

God I hate American political discourse.

>Pro Gun
Seems easy enough
That'd be pretty awkward to fit in
>Securing Constitutional Rights
Yeah okay
>Pro Life
Akward again especially with the pro gun bit.

The superhero genre has some pretty heavy right wing undertones in general. It's all about a small group of "great men" stepping up and taking charge when the government and society have failed at every turn.

It's fairly easy to turn a superhero story into a right wing wankfest if you get it wrong.

>I mean, is it so fucking mind bogginlgy insane to think MAYBE some right leaning people are genuine hard working people that also want peace and justice and everyone to be safe and happy?
Republicans are split up into two groups. You've got the billionaires who are doing their damnedest to keep as much money as they possibly can in their pockets. And the useful idiots they surround themselves with for votes.

How does any of this shit require a superhero?

being anti-immigration has nothing to do with conservatism

the conservative position on immigration should logically be laissez-faire, pro-amnesty. it makes no sense for an actual conservative to believe someone should be kicked out because they ignored a government regulation 30 years ago. the only reason conservatives are anti-immigration is because of the GOP leadership's deliberate attempt to court the racist vote.

pretty much all heroes were right wing during the golden age and silver age.

Recently appearing in the incredibly left-leaning Sam Wilson Captain America, which portrays him as a genuine, honest hero and doesn't dismiss his borderline Trumpian political ideology.
I don't think Hawkman really counts because he's a warmonger from space who's basically shown to be wrong every time that his politics come up.
The entire point of Icon being right wing was that he was supposed to be wrong, too, and the only way McDuffie could justify him being a black right winger was having him from a time where the Dems were the racist party.

There is literally nothing wrong racism or wanting to gas every last Jew

Batman is clearly a conservative hero. A rich American who ignores the state and it's laws in order to defend people's rights.

Eh...Punisher, Judge Dredd?

>right wingers aren't moralfags
I don't get it.

Would I be right in saying that a republican superhero would very likely understand that often killing villains is necessary in certain circumstances and thus would make it bad for a comic hero?

>Conservatism is classical liberalism

No fuck you, conservatism means you don't want change, and having millions of immigrants pour into your country is massive change. There is nothing wrong with wanting the population of your country to have a shared heritage.

And gets all his power from daddy's money

Bruce gives away too much to charity to be conservative.

Right wing sucks shit

President Bush sucks shit

Jesus Christ sucks shit

guns sucks shit

Super heroes as an idea are right wing. An exceptional person using their personal talents to for the greater good more efficiently than the government sounds like something Rand would masturbate to.

As for personal politics, I would say Iron Man.

But he isn't pro-guns

Superman was originally a social justice crusader

Psychopath and fascist antihero.(judges have SS highlights in their visors to symbolise fucking Nazis)

Not exactly what I meant. I mean heroes that are viewed in a good light.

hey retard, not believing the government has a right to steal from someone to give to someone else has nothing to do with someone willingly giving their money away

Clark "slap a Jap" Kent is no SJW

There are comic heroes who understand that though.

>anti gun
>death is not an option

Nope. He's one blunt away from being a hippy.

Because cape shit is mostly written by leftist hacks who can't think outside their box.

>want peace and justice and everyone to be safe and happy

Sure, plenty want the first two, but the last one? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA

But seriously, right-wing groups in every country focus on some kind of ideal cohesive unit and are more than willing to shit on everyone else to maintain the happiness, safety and cohesion of the one particular ideal and/or unit they, i.e. preserving the status quo, at the expense of any others. It's all about tradition and norms and as soon as you don't fit into those arbitrary values, it's nothing but judgement, fuck yous and get the fuck outs all around.

Superman debuted three years before Pearl Harbor. He had time to fight for social justice before WWII seeped into every pore of American thought.

>conservatism means you don't want change

Wouldn't that mean you're super pro-immigration then? I mean the country was founded on immigrants and all that stuff. Being against immigration would be changing how the country came to be.

Like the man of steel superman.

Batman has always felt like a libertarian/conservative of sorts. They might make him super liberal nowadays cus it reflects Snyder's views.

But would Bruce Wayne advocate to disarm an entire country because he doesn't like guns, that's exactly the type of thing batman was lobbying against in Injustice when Superman got rid of all the guns and missiles.

Punisher and Judge Dredd are viewed in a good light because the clean the streets and keep the citizens safe.


>Pro gun.
You've got plenty of heroes who use guns already.
>Anti immigration
How would that even come up, having them shoot border crossers?
>Securing constitutional rights
I'm pretty sure most heroes believe in the constitution, dude. What do you want, exactly, a hero who protects the fourth amendment by advocating against stop and frisk? Because I don't think most people would consider that rightwing.
>Pro life etc
How would you even work that into a superhero?

Go back to your hippie anarchist commune.

Right wing is basically for smaller federal government and strong personal freedoms. The more you want those things, the farther right you are.

The best part about these threads is when the alt-righters come pouring in to argue that their favorite heroes would politically agree with them.

That one user that argues that Superman would support Trump and oppose gay marriage because he's from Kansas is my favorite.

>keep the citizens safe

Frank murders citizens all the time

Superman was originally about a particularly tough working man slapping the shit out of rich evil bankers. But I'm sure you already knew that.

Does Scrooge McDuck count as a superhero?

Even Superman is hard to pin down, he's from Kansas, probably grew up in a Republican majority town. But I guess metropolis could have turned him under liberal, especially working for the media.

I bet he has plenty of heated debates with ma & pa kent at the dinner table.

Both Punisher and Judge Dredd are subversions which were taken literally. Dredd started out as satire and Frank was supposed to be a villain.

Maybe Punisher but no matter how many thousands of people Dredd locks up there are still millions of people still commuting crime. There's simply too much crime in Dredds universe. His actions are fucking futile. Dredd universe is pretty much the worst place to be.

>Right wing is basically for smaller federal government and strong personal freedoms.

Then why they try to make so many laws? Their mission statement is a lie. They don't want smaller government and personal freedom. They just want everybody to be forced to live the same lifestyle and everyone else gets shot, arrested, or deported

Punisher is a libertarian who hates murderers

Judge Dredd is a fucking fascist

Frank and Dredd have NOTHING in common

The guy just wanted a crash course in right wing views I didn't mean those as exact parameters of a right wing hero

If you want a rightwing hero to work you have to use the core values. Those are small government, community centered solutions, and small amounts of change.

For example a hero who kicks ass at night and then users their alter ego to hold defense classes for their neighborhood and foster a everyone knows everybody mentality might be one approach. Character faults might include reluctance to use tech, an absolute hate of alien/dimensonal shinnagons, and mocking of "godly" beings.

If I recall, Wally West was conservative, but never really made a big deal about it. I guess Hal Jordan to some extent, but that was contrasted with Green Arrow, and pretty much everyone is right-wing compared to him.

That's more libertarianism and objectivism. Right wing is a broader concept than that.

Heroes should be apolitical. They're here to make the world a better place, not to shill for one political party or the other.

that being said, having political views in their private civilian lives is totally okay.

He was probably conservative until he moved to Metropolis and became more liberal working for the planet. I like to think he takes the best of both, he comes across as traditional but not stubborn.

all heroes are inherently conservative because they uphold the status quo

>outlaw vigilantes using violence to punish crimimals
>instead of working with community to decrease crime through government funded housing and work programs
Sounds pretty right wing to me

Barry Allen's a Midwest Conservative.

>2 fucking Jew Canadian cucks
>[tokes from weedbong]
>"yeah dude, this born and raise Kansas man would totally be the most moral person ever, his parents are 100% saints that teach him perfect morals this is totally based in reality
>[circumcises a small child]
>[loses rights to Superman]

I think assigning politics to Frank is bullshit. He doesn't care about the laws or what other people can do only what he can do. In fact he tends to hate sloppier vigilantes. So he probably gives no shit about what's in law abiding citizens rights because the law has no real affect on his war.