Storks is out, apparently

Has anyone seen it? Is it decent at the very least?

I want to go and see it, hopefully today

just back from it. fucking amazing

had some tropes to it, but it moved past them quickly. I laughed harder than I have in a theater in years, and cried happy tears through basically the last 5 minutes of the movie. had pretty high hopes going in, and was outdone. not perfect, but still amazing

>dat How You Like Me Now montage

How cute is the redhead?

adorably cracked in a "mad from loneliness" kind of way

>that scene at the beginning where Tulip is crying
Jesus that was so fucking hot! Any rule 34 of her yet?

Is she desperate for D, or does she just want someone to talk to?

talk to. she'd probably leap at the D if that meant a friend/family

"You're talking to me! That's amazing,because you never talk to me!"

also wondered where I knew Tulip's rambling voice from

>Izzy from Total Drama
>Ms Baker from Clarence

ahhhhh there we go

she was raised by birds user. she probably doesn't know what the D is.

>this will make more money than Kubo

>Kubo wasn't even that good

Sup tasteless faggot

who cares?

this looks so generic and filled with 'safe' humor and non-existent emotional conflict

Not enough "wacky pop culture references" for you, buddy?

More like a 6/10 plot masked by 9/10 animation that only pretentious dickheads would be fooled into thinking is amazing. It was an ok movie, b.

Kubo was trash. Deal with it

I didn't watch the whole movie, a few minutes scattered here and there, but what I took away from it was that, before it, they played a trailer for that Middle School movie that basically told kids to go to Wikipedia and look up Rule 34.

Yeah, that bugged me throughout the whole movie because I kept thinking "I've heard this voice before, where have I heard this voice before?"

also the Lego Batman movie that looks like it might be good

>from the studio of Lego Movie
I think I'll wait for the bluray rips then

>dissing the Lego Movie

Fuck you and all of your brethren m80.

Remember when WB used to make fun of baby cartoons?


keep telling yourself that

what movie did you watch because that doesn't sound like the Lego Movie

So? This movie deserves making money, it's a good film.

Kubo is also good but they fucked themselves over by releasing it during the back-at-school week when Dude Weed Lmao Party was still on theaters.

>LEGO Movie
>DeviantArt: The Movie
Are you baiting or just retarded?

>andy samberg
>key and peele


We're you born retarded or did you study to achieve your retardedness.