Keep traditional animation alive, you bastards

Keep traditional animation alive, you bastards.
Go see Kubo right now

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You can't tell me what to do.

that's not traditional animation it's stop motion

Or you can also go buy some Nikes.

But I already saw Kubo

I wish I could afford to see this rn

Fuck off with this garbage

no reason to keep stop motion around when the effect can be easily achieved with CG

only reason these people want it is because of 'purity'

It was in theatres in my area for a week and I was broke that week.

It's kind of a bit late to go see it in theaters unless it just opened in your country.

Even if it's still playing near you Laika's making next to nothing on ticket sales at this point.

If you want to support the movie buy a copy when it comes out on blu-ray and DVD.

>CG+Stop motion
Please be bait.
Pic related is traditional.

CGI doesn't age well at all. There will always be something telling the brain that "this is fake". With stop motion, where there is an actual physical object being manipulated, that sensation is absent.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with CGI, mind you. But to say that stop-motion animation is rendered obsolete by CGI is observably false. There is room within the animated medium for both, particularly in tandem with one another to achieve what stop-motion alone cannot.

Yes, master.
However there's a little hiccup with your plan, I'm going to watch it tomorrow, I hope you can understand.

>travis knight still says that he would like Laika to do a 2D animated film in the future
>;aika ends up saving western animation

Theres also a sense of wonder in traditional stop motion, its hard to do well and it takes a tremendous ammount of skill and vision.

I dont know, i personally feel it adds to the experience.

I saw it already.

Best animated film of the year.

>only one showing at my cinema tomorrow, at noon
but tomorrow is my lie in bed all day day

Didn't they trace CG animation to make that?

Honestly the problem with Kubo is that if I didn't know it had stop-motion elements, I couldn't have told that from the movie.

They integrated it with the CG too well so that it all looked the same. Before you react, think honestly whether you could tell that, say, the big sword skeleton was stop-motion if you didn't already know it.

What's the point of using non-CG techniques if you're going to make it all look identical to CG?

>CG crap
Steven Universe is the actual series keeping traditional animation alive, thank you very much.

Wait outside, junior, this clearly isn't the thread for you.

>being TOO good at your job
I hate that america brushed paranorman under the rug because of 'the gay agenda'

fuck you rockwanker

The witches need more 34.
Room on the Broom looks so incredibly close to stop-motion that if they had Disney amounts of technology development, stop-motion could easily become obsolete by modern CG tech.

Old CG used to age like milk, but we're reaching a point where it's finally hitting it's peak, kind of like 2D did when it started out as shitty Felix the Cat and evolved into Bambi. All that's left for CG is to start pushing it into other artistic directions: Moving oil paintings, visuals that look like animated charcoal, etc. Some people have gotten close already.

>Literally Tumblr: The Aniamted Series

You don't necessarily have to be idealistic about traditional animation to see "Kubo and the Two Strings." It's a fun, enjoyable, good-looking movie.

I have to get my short film made...


>thought the film was CGI
>someone tells me it's mostly stop motion
>mfw looking it up


But Kubo is a bad movie???

>n-no its not, it just has a plot similar to old simple japanese folklore!
so a shitty plot

False marketing!? Like the recent Spongebob movie which only had 1/4 CGI and rest traditional animated.

Hit the nail right on the head

They have sneakerbucks to build gigantic custom made machinery combined with 3-d printed characters and a veritable army of artisans and builders.

it only looks vaguely similar to stop motion because it's jerky, it's very obviously CG

the ONLY time CG animation has been indistinguishable from stop motion has been The Lego Movie and that was an outlier to the extreme

What was with the Moonfolk In this movie....
I mean Tamiyo was a Moon folk Loemaster
The moon folk in this movie have story powers.
Is they,re some link between stories and Mooney people in Japan?

Why aren't the kubo nikes less than 500 bucks.

Laika doesn't need your money to survive, they are funded by a billionaire CEO.

gotta pay Regina Spektor somehow

How familiar are you with Taketori Monogatari? It recently got a Ghibli movie adaptation romanized as "The Tale of Princess Kaguya". This film is like a sequel to the events in it.

Yeah, and that's bad. Takes the fire out from under them, makes them lazy. They don't really have to try as hard to survive.

It's like a guy who comes to New York to make it as an artist but always knows he can call his rich Dad back home if things don't go well.

I have a passing knowledge due to MTG Soratami.
Something about a moon princess who went to earth and a bunch of guys wanted to data her but she said no.

Kubo is a CGI/Stop Motion blend. And it is made by a vanity studio that will never stop existing

>bunch of guys wanted to data her


Japan folktales are as bland as it's food


I like old japanese folkstories.

Hey man i like japanese food

I have a perfect record of avoiding all laika movies and I don't intend to break it

I fell asleep in the movie theater. Do I still get points for spending the money?

It might have been because I spent the previous night trying to clear a game. I'll watch it when it comes out on Blu Ray.

Are you pround of yourself user?

can, local theater isn't showing it anymore.

If I had money I would, but I'm safe that they are doing better than me.

>"traditional animation

What game? This is important.

I was planning on going to see it on friday.


>Takes the fire out from under them, makes them lazy. They don't really have to try as hard to survive.
holy shit you're retarded
It means they don't have to put in a dozens of pop songs and gross out humor to appeal to kids and families

>Kubo isn't even in my cinema
Curse you 3rd world cinema!!!

Been around longer than "traditional" animation so I'd argue it's more traditional therefore it's a part of traditional animation.

ay is it out on torrents yet

A movie without a dreamworks/disney wise guy cracking bantz and pop culture references was a refreshing change.

I'll hand it to you that the writing and dialogue were very rough at some points.

I want Laika to do a stop motion movie based on Journey to the West, featuring the Monkey King and all his pals.

disney keeps traditional animation alive

delete this

That would need to be a tv show with multiple seasons. Journey to the West is over 1400 pages long.

Yeah I know, but it's not like they haven't done condensed versions before. Or just done a certain part of the story. But yeah the normal thing is to do like a 52 part tv-series or something like that. But that's not plausible with stop motion.

Except it is traditional, moron.

> With stop motion, where there is an actual physical object being manipulated, that sensation is absent.
And instead you get the much worse sensation of
>holy shit a talking doll, kill it with fire

Monkey and Beetle were constantly cracking bantz.

Luckily not pop culture reference bantz.

I was going to go see it tomorow when i took a trip to the city to buy some comics but its no longer showing so im going to the tutankaman exhibit at the museum instead.

I did. The only people beside me were three or four 60+ year old women. Probably cause it was 11:15 in the morning on a weekday. The things you gotta do to see an animated movie undubbed.

I think it'd be interesting to see this done with Jamie Hewlett's designs for the opera based on the same story - I think his character designs would look well in stop motion

I think something closer to Laika's usual style might be better but I like the Jamie Hewlett take on it too. Or this.

>but muh first year economics class
>my mcdonalds job sucks and I wouldn't work there if I didn't need the money so the same applies to every situation

You mean, WB keeps traditional animation alive

I would go see it, if not for the fact that the only places that show it does so in my native language exclusively.
Its a real bitch.

>Before you react, think honestly whether you could tell that, say, the big sword skeleton was stop-motion if you didn't already know it.
I didn't already know it and I thought that - so yes?

keep that CG filth away from me!

Disney killed traditional animation

>Kaguya is Kubo's mother

This is now my headcanon and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Fuck theaters

If I could pay to stream it I would. I can't, so a cam it is.

Theaters don't make sense as a business model anymore

Both trigger an uncanny valley response if done wrong.

CG can absolutely perfectly imitate stop motion, but the time and resources needed to render something photorealistic are currently too expensive

B-but it's out the 3rd of november here in Italy ;_;


That's a funny way to spell Japan.

>Posts a 20 year old animation.

>Ghost in the shell is 20 years old
Jesus but yeah japs become lazy piece of shits after they moved to digital animation in 2000s

Laika needs movies with better writing

Feel free to go back to your containment board at any time

Watch it for Kubo's mother.

She pretty fiiiiiine... Got dem good dick-suckin' lips

America has lost their greatest art form to Japan. You let Jews decide animation would have been reduced to children entertainment. Sad.

Oh, I will

>only dubbed version in a theater nearby
>out of cinema next week

I'll just get the blu-ray again I guess

I went to see it for the second time yesterday, the fight on the boat is still amazing, and film is just so beautiful overall, especially the 'flashback' between Kubo's mother and Hanzo. Can't wait for the blu-ray.

There was a couple of neat things I noticed the second time around, like the giant waves in the beginning rising up on whatever side of the screen the full moon was on, or that the swords weilding Sister has some claw things on her right hand. Oh and the moon changing after the Moon King is defeated, but that's a kinda obvious one./spoiler]

You do know that Cred Forums anime imageboard and always will be but i am not defending this guy he is pretty stupid to try say that japan is any better.

Even The Lego Movie has obviously CGI scenes. Not to say there weren't scenes that looked identical to an extremely high budget brickfilm but even their attempts to create CGI undistinguishable from the real plastic failed sometimes.

>TFW Disney is going to rig the oscars so one of their movies win.
>TFW that stupid pet movie will probably get a nomination instead.

>caring about oscars

Disney has only made like 2 trad animation films since the turn of the millenium, how are they keeping it alive?


Disney doesn't have to rig anything, and they don't. The judges just don't like to watch animation, so they pick whatever movies their kids like, which is usually Disney, Or, they just go with Disney because they know whatever Disney makes will at least be somewhat decent, regardless of whether or not something better was made.

They don't rig anything.
There was an interview of the Oscar judges and they all made it pretty clear that they think animation is a joke.

One even said that he just takes his kid to an animated movie and he would instead go outside and do work instead of watching the movie. They all either hate or have complete apathy for animation.

I agree completely, that's actually why I didn't like Paranorman as much as their other stuff was because they were extremely keen on the animation and it actually to me felt like they lost some of the wonder in it (let alone I really didn't like the story after that intro sequence). I do think though like that we're getting to a point that CG can imitate a lot of what stopmo can do and not age poorly as time goes on. Still, I definitely don't want the art form to die out, luckily it seems Laika being a pure stop motion company helps that cause.

whats this from?

Just saw it, and it was beautiful. There was so much to love about it.
Here's hoping it gets a Japan release.

>Please be bait.

Nigga, Stop Motion is literally something that has been in theatrical films since 1925.

Nineteen twenty motherfucking five.

The fuck is that not 'traditional'?

>that part were his parents fucking died
Well, I was certainly not expecting that.
Hold me, Cred Forums.

>There will always be something telling the brain that "this is fake".

Lego movie, which to this day has dumbasses arguing that it's just stop motion with CGI enhancements.

It was more dry humor bantz than "XD so Jungle Book" type bantz.

>XD so Jungle Book

It's from urusei yatsura, that cut in particular is animated by Anno.
Kill yourself.

>One even said that he just takes his kid to an animated movie and he would instead go outside and do work instead of watching the movie.

>In one quote showing yourself to be an unqualified judge of a prestigious award and a shitty parent all at the same time



I would but it doesn't start here for almost a month

>posts an air to air combat sequence

Wow, those trails from the missiles are so detailed!


Which she passed on to Kubo

because sneakerfags are retarded and will easily pay that much for something that is going to sit in a box in their closet for all eternity

I've already seen it twice and I'm planning to go see it for a third time later this week; I was thinking Thursday.

Already did. Damned good movie.

>gay agenda

lol what could it be? are they going door to door praising elton john their lord and savior? the fuck is the gay agenda? sounds made up

>pic of anime styled women

>disney keeps traditional animation alive

you mean traditional values? with corporate profit and subliminal messaging?

I like the way Kubo's mother goofed around while impressing on him the importance of keeping the monkey charm on him at all times. That was cute.

I love laika but lets be real here, almost all of their films get relatively little attention

Pretending that Paranorman didn't get the attention it deserved because of a single scene at the end which outraged some blogger is pretty silly.

>draw it a girl
>call it a boy
wtf i hate laika now

Kubo bombed hard, traditional animation has been dead and buried for the past 15 years. The sooner you get used to it the less we all have to sort through these shitposts.

got an erection

>thinks there's no fag agenda

and this tells us.....what about their secret agenda?

I don't get how people were saying that they couldn't tell it looked like stop-motion. It was great, but It still clearly looked like stop-motion.

It was one of the first things my dad noticed when I took him to see it and he doesn't watch much animated stuff at all.

I'll buy it on dvd instead. I don't have the money to go to the movies more than once or twice a year and I'm saving that for Moana.

Stop motion isn't 'traditional animation'. Yes, it is technically a very old style of animation however the term 'traditional animation' refers to 2D art ala Leafie or The Princess and the Frog.

how do those guys move so fast

Nike sneakers.

The downside of it being stop-motion was that it felt rushed. I didn't feel much emotional connection to anyone and the quest seemed easy. The Moon King was a walkover. It also was lacking in style compared to Coraline, holding Japanese culture at arm's length. As a technical show it was very impressive but I don't think I would enjoy it without the stop-motion.

Very good character designs, though.

>As a technical show it was very impressive but I don't think I would enjoy it without the stop-motion.
This is a very good point, actually. I think it would have still been pretty amazing if it was CGi like everything else -- the story and distinct lack of many pitfalls you see in other animated movies wouldn't change, of course. However the stop motion animation just adds so much.

Now I'm probably going to start thinking about this question in reference to 2D animated films as well.

I always have thought one needs to be a bit insane to choose to animate a whole film in stop motion.

Thats not an issue with it being stop motion, it's just that it was rushed or something. Beetle and the Aunt's deaths must have been rushed.


Anybody else make stopmotion movies as a kid?
I used Legos.
I had one where Bionicles were kaiju for the Legos and they broke out of a kaiju space containment and my Legp OCs had to hunt them down.
it was pretty bad

It honestly should have been 20 minutes longer, maybe half an hour, the plot would have benefited greatly.

are they moving fast, or is it us who are moving too slow

>Eobard thawne gets a job at Laika

It's never coming to my country, so I wound up watching it on kisscartoon.

Pretty great stuff though the deaths near the end were kind of abrupt.