Not that I give a shit about Inhumans vs X-Men

But don't drag Ms. Marvel or Moon Girl into that clusterfuck

>Moon Girl
People are going to accuse you of shit taste, but I like her too

You really think Ms Marvel wont be dragged into it?

Hell, it's one of the bingo tiles

I hope they die user-kun!!!

>People are going to accuse you of shit taste

No one who has actually read her book will.

They will. Her book will get stalled for months on dealing with this bullshit.

Agreed. Moon Girl is great. I hope she's involved in Monsters Unleashed.

You fucking know they will be and Kamala will be just like everyone else: going nowhere because her book is editorially mandated to be tied up in crossover event shit.

Do we have one of these for Clone Conspiracy? Slott has enough cliches to warrant it.

i could see kamala not wanting to get involved since she's a big fangirl of people on both sides

but bendis or some other hack writer will find a way to get her tangled in it anyway

if she gets killed off i will stop buying any Marvel comics. fuck that

>Jean Grey peers into someone's mind without their consent
>"You're acting like Scott Summers"
>Fan favorite minor X-Men are killed
>Conflict is started by a character going full retard
>Ms. Marvel gets derailed by the event
>Black Bolt uses his voice and nobody dies from it
>Beast does something hypocritical and dumb

You can go ahead and mark these.

I expect there should be a thread; if not you can make one

Try to make things reasonable, but funny. A balance between CWII and Inhumans-Xmen bingos

As shit as most Marvel titles are right now, even they're not stupid enough to kill off Ms. Marvel.
If Shark Girl or Glob Nelson are killed I will hold you personally responsible for willing that evil on the world.

They discouraged me from reading her book once they came out and said that she was the smartest person in the Marvel universe.
Just like how the new college student Iron Heart is to smarter than Tony Stark.

Show, don't tell you dumb idiots.

The X-Men are going to send all the students off on buses to protect them from the Inhumans.

God damn, I started comics with "Xmen: Academy X" in high school

That shit still hurts
(dryad, d.j and spector never even got focus...)

>protect students

You don't really get X-Men, do you? Those kids aren't students, they are meatshields for Storm and murdermidget and their flunkies. Just more bodies for the meatgrinder.

I hear it's good, but I don't want to read about female Urkle.

>even they're not stupid enough to kill off Ms. Marvel.
Not kill off, user. DERAIL. The weakest issues of the entire run so far have been the last few that were obviously Editorial Mandated Tie-Ins. That's also true for Power Man and Iron Fist, All-New Wolverine, and A-Force.

Nobody cares about Ms. ISIS

Moon Girl is out of continuity, the F4 will appear in a future issue according to a solicit.

Isn't she on the cover or #1? A little late for those hopes, friend.

>not Ms Muslim

Xmen are fags. We get it your oppressed and shit. But they literally have powers. If they wanted they could earn respect. They could Brainwash a president or something to draft up a mutant protection bill.But no. "We can't harm innconets". Fuck you. One humans brain isn't worth the destruction of your entire race. At least when the inhuman where threatened they fought back and blew up a building. This events winners are going to be decided by who actually wants there race to survive more. And honestly I can't see muties doing that. I respect the inhuman the muties not so much

>Moon Girl is out of continuity
Ummm no it isn't

>>this events winners are going to be decided by

which characters' movie rights are at Marvel.

Well thats the thing, user

Marvel do not have movie rights for X-men, but have no interest in an Inhumans thing either. That was always Perlmutters baby and when Feige took total control it was lost. He doesn't want an Inhumans movie.

Neither X-Men nor Inhumans will have a Marvel Studios movie within the next half a decade.

If anything, a Disney mandate would make X-Men the winner, because Disney makes it's biggest bank from merchandise and X-Men are infinitely more sellable to the public than Inhumans.

If nothing comes down from the Mouse Throne, this is entirely down on the writers

Inhumans is still on for Phase 4, they pushed it back because there was just too much shit in Phase 3 already to introduce a whole new team.

It was removed from the production schedule in April. No more stated release date

Kamala needs to meet Laura so she can learn the correct way to deal with events

Jesus, I've seen about 30 different versions of this at this point.

How is prostitution going to help her?

Have you noticed yet that they're all the same boxes to check off too?
"Durrrr, Bindus sux, check box! Durr, story di'nt make sense, check box!"

It's almost as if Bendis plots not making sense was a thing that nearly always happens so every memer that makes one of those things thinks of it instantly.