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>Toonami will never air Esdeath ga Kill

Time For Toonami.

People STILL watch Toonami? Why? Also fuck off memeshitters. You're all faggots.

Can i deal?

>Toonami is airing Dragonshit Z Kai
>Toonami is airing One Drink Man
>Toonami is airing Mobile Shit Gundam: Shit Blooded Orphans
>Toonami is airing Shitter x Shitter
>Toonami is airing Naruto Shitpoopin
>Toonami is airing One Piece of Shit
>Toonami is airing Parashite

>Toonami might air Propane Tank Z Kai
>Toonami might air Kick Your Ass Man
>Toonami might air Propandum: Clean Burning Mechs
>Toonami might air Propane X Propane
>Toonami might air Hankruto: Proppuden
>Toonami might air One Grill
>Toonami might air Propanasyte

You're ALL late. This literally proves Toonami is dying.

The best time of the week has finally arrived! But with Toonami getting bumped back to 3:30, I am seriously debating skipping the rerun slot unless there's nothing going on the next day.

Will Toonami do a memorial for C Martin Croker, considering Moltar was the first host of Toonami?



>Toonami will never air Martha Speaks
You didn't see anything

meanwhile, on Dragon Ball Super...


Demarco said they were doing something at the start of Toonami tonight

Doubt it.
I see all memes.

Mob Psycho 100 on toonami when?

rip in piece reigen

Does any of this actually mean anything?

is tonight gonna be a THICC night?

Ratings threads should be banned 2bh

This. Rating threads are an excuse to have a 24/7 thread.


Parasyte running out early just means they weren't attentive. It's a rerun so who cares.

Being moved down 30 minutes is probably due to declining ratings
>b-but AS lost an hour
Yea what a tragedy it would have been for them to pull the early Rick and Morty for awhile

That's every night senpai

what did i miss

The new Survivor IBO song is good, I mean it's no Raise Your Flag but it's not bad, not bad at all.

>mfw I'm actually not sitting at home tonight

Maybe, I've started drawing again

It's not bad, but too bad Toonami viewers are only gonna hear it that one time.

So for those of you guys new to OPM, and even some of the anime onlys who already saw the episodes, do you want something that makes the shit faced kid argument EVEN WORSE in hindsight?
A bunch of the S class heroes who everyone knows are complete badasses among heroes started off in C Rank just like Saitama and some skipped right from C to S for their deeds and feats. Meaning Saitama did nothing that hasn't been done before

i can taste the thiccness through that crop alone user-kun

I agree.
look at it right now. what a shitfest

Whatcha working on?

did someone say thicc?

Place bets on what garbage they replace Parasyte with

Well that's what internet downloads are for :)

Good sweet lord.

>toonami will never air Secret Millionaires Club Damn I zoned out.

For what fucking purpose?

OG Nardo

poor eyesight, obviously

not thicc enough but still pretty good

dick status: muh

Cowboy Bebop

Still have to do something with Panty and Stocking, Someone in a ratings thread before mention doing the entire Kiryuin family Ryuko included, and I'm working on 1 1/2 request on Cred Forums?

I'm gonna need more than that bro.

Tonight's schedule:

8:00/5:00 - KOTH "Uh-Oh Canada"
8:30/5:30 - KOTH "The Boy Can't Help It"
9:00/3:00 - Rick and Morty "Rick Potion #9"
9:30/3:30 - American Dad "Meter Made"
10:00/4:30 - The Cleveland Show "Crazy Train"
10:30 - Family Guy "Jungle Love"
11:00 - Family Guy "PTV"

11:30 - DBZ Kai "Mr. Satan Takes the Stage! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games!"
12:00 - One-Punch Man "Unparalleled Peril"
12:30 - Gundam: IBO "The Trail of Footprints"
1:00 - Hunter X Hunter "Some x Brother x Trouble"
1:30 - Naruto: Shippuden "Tales of a Gusty Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls Part 2"
2:00 - One Piece "Slashes Dancing on the Rooftop!! Showdown: Zoro vs. Ryuma"
2:30 - Parasyte "Sex and Spirit"

4:00 - Infomercials "Mulchtown"
4:15 - Off the Air "Nightmares"

Rick and Morty, The Cleveland Show, Infomercials, and Off the Air leave the Saturday schedule this week. Bob's Burgers joins the lineup next week.

Next week:
8:00 - Cartoon Network
9:00 - Bob's Burgers x2
10:00 - American Dad x2
11:00 - Family Guy x2

12:00 - Toonami
3:00 - Parasyte
3:30 - Parasyte
4:00 - Parasyte

4:30 - American Dad
5:00 - KOTH x2

So not only is he a fucking ignorant on one level, he's ignorant on two levels.
Great. Just fucking great.

Can I fap now?

you have a profile anywhere?

Well I never got that interview. Damn why is getting a job you feel you could manage so hard?

>Off the Air "Nightmares"
good episode. anyone else disappointed with "Clowns"?

Any rerun is automatically trash, especially with the block ending later again


So why is Cartoon Net taking 8 again? Is it just because holidays and shit ?

Only if you can fap to this.

Because the HR people are fucking stupid and post insanely inflated job requirements because they think that just because the recession freed up tons of people, they can actually lure a person who is a 100% match to even a fucking part-time job for a library.

They do it every holiday, Regular Show is airing it's last season there I think

Samurai Jack

>you will cuddle with a sweaty Satsuki

I can try


fucking hell

Yeah and people call me picky when I don't want a job that is 12 hour for like 3 days (id rather have a normal weekday routine) and other abusive practices?

They've done it around the holidays every year since 2013 (except 2014), though I don't think it's exactly because of holidays (why would AS go back to 8pm at the start of December 2015 if it was about holidays). It might be because CN debuts a ton of specials and stuff at around that time. Regular Show's new season premieres on the first day CN takes back 8pm.

I want them to keep it. I'd like more reruns of their more adult programming like AT, RS, and SU.

>this KOTH episode

Supposedly job requirements like "2 years experience" for entry level positions are to provide plausible deniability. Also, I may be wrong, but there may be a law requiring you to put out a public ad for open positions, so they're jacking it up since they just want to hire someones kid.

Now, personality-gauging interview questions, those are the fucking worst. I hear programmers complain a lot about technical interviews, but damn I'd much rather that than "tell me about a time where you..."

Oh okay I get it now. Doesn't get it at all

They'd just put more Go there if they kept it

canada rules

Because Jews

tl'dr version. Saitama isn't the only C class who beat Demon/Dragon levels monsters. There are Heroes who have done it and became well known heroes.

sup bitches


They look the part of heroes most of the time though. The gag with Saitama is his appearance is so underwhelming people think he can't possibly be strong.

Danganronpa 3 on toonami when?

It's my least favorite desu.

t. canadian

>3:00 - Parasyte
>3:30 - Parasyte
>4:00 - Parasyte
What the fuck explain this

Watchdogman is one of those people.
Do you think people parade a guy in a fursuit?

/sug/ disagrees with you

Not really. I should make one sooner or later

Probably never, due to Funi exclusivity.

The rights apparently expire on that date.

They're losing the rights after that week, so they're just airing the last three episodes.


They have to run out the episodes I think the rights expire.


who cares about those fags


The consequence of having a series on a one-year contract whose premiere run and subsequent rerun both have episodes skipped in favor of marathons.

>late-game KOTH
>admits that they've run out of ideas


Looks like Beerus is doing what he does best and is murdering innocent people.

who watching star wars on tnt here?


>Green god man

>It's a Hank and friends build some bullshit episode
I love it.

Why the fuck is this a thing? I just noticed it the other day, kind of 10+ years behind something like this actually mattering there Viacom.

Man, what the fuck did they do to the sound quality of this episode of KOTH?

Bobby tends to flip-flop between being Arlon's most eligible bachelor and having a lot of game to being completely undesireable to everyone episode to episode.

>Jojo is coming

Say goodbye to your ratings, queers

No one, but trust me, they really hate Canada and I seriously hope /sug/ is not affiliated with the tumblr side of the fandom because...

Jojo can't be worse ratings poison than IBO

One Punch Meme already killed them

this place has been dead since AGK and KLK ended

>One Punch Meme already killed them
What delusional universe do you live in? OPM's rerun marathon literally pulled better ratings than a normal Toonami broadcast.

>implying it wasn't dead before KLK
>implying KLK saved it

I dunno Hank. I would totally sit bitch seat to hot college gilrs biking me around. It's kind of a win/win.

Ohhh buddy this show will take you for a ride, trust me.

>Marco fucked up so bad he is getting another time slot cut

Jesus. How could he fuck up so badly?

Is beerus bulling a kai?

Soon. We need to be saved again

>guys give me a ticket to Tokyo I need to make this deal in person
>yes I'm sure it'll be worth it, it has GUNDAM in the title so you know it will be a huge hit!

I don't hate IBO

Delet this

awful big talk there Ryuko.

almost as big as your stomach

I don't care for Wing

I don't either but I gotta be honest, I can't help but miss half the episode. I'm not a big sci-fi guy and it doesn't really have much else for me. To this day I'm not quite sure how I made it through Eureka 7.

I feel your pain, brother. Especially hard since my family just assumes that if you can't get a job, you just aren't trying hard enough.

Nena is best 00 girl.

Honestly, if SyFy tried to do another anime block, Gundam would probably be a better fit there, given its storytelling focuses and typical pacing.

But this cut was going to happen with bad or good ratings anyway. Are doomsayers like you really this fucking retarded?

You aren't, just walk in and give the boss a firm handshake.

Is it like a kid-friendly VH1?

Wrong Nenafaggot, go back to /m/ to shitpost there.

I dunno I guess so? Just one day I noticed MTV Hits was now "Nick Music"

Me neither


You what? YOU WHAT?!

yeah but he just tried to kill a a kaioshin so its ok

/m/ needs to stop letting shitposting ruin livewatches. Fucking hell, they almost ruined Fafner's ending for me with how bad they've gotten.

too many croquettes

I can see maybe three routes that could secure a more solid Toonami block
>Shell out the cash for simuldubs and air said shows earlier in the evening
>Accept its role as a place for nostalgia/niche shows, and air more oldies and cult classics
>Fund more Western action shows

Demarco seems more like he wants to obtain long running shonen, which can get a stable fan base of normies, but not enough to really thrive. It doesn't help we'll also always be months or years behind, and most fans will be watching the subs as they air.
He can get more current flavor of the month like OPM, but usually not until months or even years after they air.
Western action is in a rut unless Jack manages to pull through.

Not enough croquettes

the kits are top notch, yeah

damn isolated thunderstorm cuttin out my signal

>tfw 10 months without an interview

I want to die

The first will be hard to do, as Funi wants their simuldubs to be exclusive to them. Space Dandy was the first, but now that they saw how popular it is, they're going to keep that shit for themselves. Also, airing earlier would be tough seeing that it would take up Seth McFarlane's shows' slots, and whether you like them or not they bring in ratings.

As for the second option, Demarco mentioned in previous Q&As that older series often get less ratings. So that's also a problem, and your best shot is therefore option 3. And they're already doing Samurai Jack and FLCL.

That's wrong though. There's no reason Toonami needed to move down because AS lost 8pm

This sort of calm rational thinking has no place in /TG/
Please take your reasonable ideas elsewhere

Old shows are literally what is killing the block though


>Goes to Japan to get us a Gundam series
Really? Because if you're treating the guy who cared enough to get the latest Gundam series on toonami like an ass then fuck you guys. It seems like you're acting like that Fish from the Krusty Krab Pizza episode. Blame the writers for your dislike in the show not the guy who got it for you.

what do YOU want to see on toonami?

Making new stuff isn't really an option either. Jack is a whopping 10 episodes and it's going on a year and a half to actually get it on the air. It's great support, but the block can't survive on that alone

I'm pretty sure they still get decent advertising money when airing Sethshows since they're the thing that allowed the start of the block to even break a million viewers for the first hour or two.

If you told someone to get you a sandwich and instead of going to the store down the street that you like and instead he went to to another state, brought it back and it was shitty would you thank him?

meme shows

i wish i could go to japan, it must cost allot.

Literally no one wanted IBO on Toonami. It's widely known for being mediocre at best. Toonami is an action block, and IBO doesn't deliver enough of that to work on Toonami

Nothing's getting cut, the same amount of time

>don't blame the guy feeding you shit, blame the guy who made the shit

Well, they're popular. So you're not wrong.

We've discussed this shit ad nauseam. Did you think this shit has never come up at all and you're the first person to finally realize what this block really needs?

That's true, but all they are losing is 2x KotH which often pull trash ratings anyway.

Fact: only hardcore gundam autists wanted gundam on toonami
Fact: hardcore gundam autists absolutely hate IBO, they just wanted one of their old favorites on the block

He literally pleased nobody with this choice.

It's a hard bind, honestly. I really think that lesser-known action titles would really do alright. It seems as if the typical Toonami fan goes by word of mouth and takes very little initiative to seek out older titles that could be just as good.

>Literally no one wanted IBO on Toonami.
Literally no one in the discussion, anyway.




No, I'd be mad if he got me a taco instead of a sandwich when that's what I wanted.

People wanted Gundam, and that's what he got you guys.

>2 years
HAHAHAHAHA I fucking wish, I need four years for any of the entry level shit I apply for or spend another 2 years getting a masters so they finally take me with less than a full year of experience.

Go look on other Toonami sites, IBO was met with pretty mixed reviews. People that were excited were just like Demarco, only seeing "Gundam"

I wanna alert any Mob Psycho 100 fans here that there is basically a comic book about mirror-mirror Reigen. It is very good.

And this is why fan input should be ignored. Demarco didn't understand what the fans wanted, and now we have a tumor on the block for another 4 months

>Jack is a whopping 10 episodes and it's going on a year and a half to actually get it on the air
That's more because it's a labor of love by Genndy and they're letting him take his time to make it perfect rather than trying to rush it. After all this is a huge drawing point for Toonami meant to bring wayward fans back into the fold, they're not going to half ass it.

people said they wanted gundam.

shouldve specified i guess.

>/tg/ will never get to experience dr3 memes

He thought he would be when people were constantly asking for Gundam on Toonami again.

>beg for shit
>gives you shit
>what the fuck demarco
The people that need to be blamed are the ones that wanted Gundam in the first place. If he had gotten a series as old as Wing you'd all be complaining about old anime anyway.

Actually, I'm probably one of those hardcore Gundam autists, and I wanted IBO on Toonami, because aside from Gundam 00 season 1, all the other viable options (Gundam 00 S2, Gundam AGE, G-Reco) are garbage.

Even if it was remastered, Wing would probably bomb since seeing & hearing the show after so many years would annihilate the nostalgia most people have for the show.

>IBO was met with pretty mixed reviews. People that were excited were just like Demarco, only seeing "Gundam"
Not really, the mixed reviews are because the show's execution of the great premise isn't the best.

>jojo is very well known series
>even more well known thanks to people spamming it around Cred Forums and Reddit
>even MORE well known now thanks to Vine memes

Get ready for the best ratings Toonami is going to get in a long time.

Mixed reception doesn't necessarily mean literally nobody wanted it, but I get your point.

>The first will be hard to do, as Funi wants their simuldubs to be exclusive to them.
I'll never understand this logic. Does Funi have a channel that people are watching? I knew they were on demand but never watched a funi channel. That means the only place most people would watch their stuff would be online, and I'll just say it's equally hard to watch something on Funi or crunchyroll as it is to just watch something on a free site with barely any ads. I mean, they're missing out on the whole normie demographic by doing that. Funi needs to get their shit together.

That's probably because the 'old favorites' are better than most current gundams.
Seed and Seed Destiny is basically Naruto of Gundam, Age is Pokemon and IBO is what DA thinks Kingdom Hearts is of Gundam.

Gundam autists makea lot of noise but they're not that numerous. They had a loose coalition with general nostalgia fags who wanted Wing or G Gundam back on the block because "muh nostalgia" but neither group was interested in getting IBO.

Wait wait, are we still getting normal Toonami next week, or is it ALL Parasyte?

Who here watching Polar Express instead of McFarlane shit?

Do not want.
Doll body = SFW, as per KLK.

Streaming online isn't niche anymore, they're not missing anything by keeping it to themselves. There's a reason Netflix is trying to get in on the production side of anime these days, because they want exclusive rights to the show's distribution in the west without having to beg for scraps or share with cable channels or other licensing companies.

>macfarlane shit doesnt start for another hour

Wikipedia's telling me it was originally an MTV extension. Honestly it's the timing that confuses me; if they pushed this during Victorious or Big Time Rush it would've made perfect sense.

>Watching a Christmas movie
>In September
I only watch that movie on Christmas eve anyways

all parasyte

I'm assuming that old shows are cheaper on average. Naturally, this excludes things like DBZ and Naruto, which are both extraordinarily popular and still currently airing.
If Toonami aired something that's long gone, like maybe Trigun, or else something relatively obscure, maybe it wouldn't bring in stellar ratings, but if the broadcasting rights are cheaper then it would be more cost effective. In other words, net profit is higher. And then from there they can consider options to expand.
A late night block maybe isn't ideal for premieres in the first place, and we're stuck at midnight until further notice.

Of course, as viewers I'm sure we'd all enjoy simuldubs of the best action shows this season, but as long as the quality is solid, I don't think age has a terrible impact.

Certainly not fucking Naruto.

OPM is way more popular with normies and it can't even top 1.3mil. Your cult favorite isn't going to do better because a handful of people spam memes about it everywhere

What channel? I'm watching terror of mechagodzilla

>I'll never understand this logic. Does Funi have a channel that people are watching?
They've got a streaming service that's going to get more eyes on it after their team up with Crunchyroll. I dunno if each show individually gets enough viewers/BD sales to make up for the dubbing costs, but they're either making enough to break even or are quickly going into debt, even with lower licensing costs now.

>Christmas movie in September
I wonder what's the thought process CN uses for airing movies. Willing to bet it's just 'air what we have' because all the reruns.

>better than OPM
Jojofags are delusional. I bet Jojo never breaks 1.2 million and by episode 5 will struggle to break 1 million. By mid point of part 2 it will settle on like 900k average.

It's September.

left is the superior booty
but i like both

>I wonder what's the thought process CN uses for airing movies
i dunno, what was their thought process for removing Goosebumps from their October lineup

Hank is supremely out of character in this one. It's one of the reasons it's good the show ended when it did.

>I'm assuming that old shows are cheaper on average.
IIRC, DeMarco said that they generally aren't, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case, due to the generally fucked up contracts anime companies have to make with Japanese companies.

You are assuming wrong. Old shows cost more because there aren't Blu Rays to push, so the distributors jack the price up so people like Demarco go for new shows with BDs

>Christmas in September
This isn't the first time, I've seen trees up in stores around this time of year, but it still disturbs me.

The book and outline plot of the film give me the sense that it's supposed to be allegorical as fuck, but hell if I can figure out how.

>I'm assuming that old shows are cheaper on average
Price has nothing to do with age. It's assigned based on what the Japanese distributor thinks they can get for it. If it's a very hot title they will jack up the price on it even if it's 20 years old.

Anyone watching the Godzillathon? anyone else get that channel?

I actually thought it showed mild improvement at the very end, the nadir was the stretch where they were really focusing on Lucky and Luanne.

>Tfw I can just watch any Godzilla movie I want at any time because I own all of them.
Feels Good.
Still wish they released BRs of the entire series though.

That on Comet again?
Switched the fuck on

>spamming it around Cred Forums and Reddit
It has a very long history with Cred Forums. It is OG meme tier.

Something something don't lose faith something something bells=balls

Nigger do not even try to link current shitty Jojo memes to ancient Jojo memes. They are totally unrelated to each other despite stemming from the same series.

IBO is so middling and boring to watch. If they were going to get a new Gundam series over here that hasn't aired in the U.S. , might as well instead brought over Gundam X.

I've been building up my collection but I'm not even close. I'm thankful for my local shop.

I like fat butts but left is too much
gimme right

IBO was the only option

Yup. I hope this channel lasts.

what chanel?

>too much
no such thing

I suppose he was implying that age dents the popularity and appeal of shows so they're forced to make it cheaper, like how older movies and games are cheaper than new releases. It wouldn't make sense to try to squeeze for Attack on Titan money with some 70's anime, for instance.

This isn't universal, of course, original DBZ probably commands a higher price than most recent series.

Who /roh/ here?

There's probably a sweet spot where the shows are considered not old enough to be classics and not new enough to be in demand.

Fuck off, it's worse than fucking Pokemon ever was.

i know a girl with an ass like the one on the right

she can open a jar of pickles with them

>I like fat butts but left is too much
Maybe you don't truly love fat butts then user

I did not say it was better or worse. I just said it was the Pokemon equivalent of the franchise.

Tonight on Toonami going to if so video is will to commercial be

Halloween stuff generally arrives in stores in late August. Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff arrives a month later at the same time.

hey I've seen some really fat butts that are fairly normal sized


>she can open a jar of pickles with them
hot damn

Look what dubbing companies are advertising DVDs/Blu-rays and those being pushed are probably the cheapest to get the rights since they want to boost interest in their DVDs since they'd make more money profit wise from sales and increased interest. Age shouldn't be the biggest factor unless the dubbing company is extremely stingy.

You really think that's the kind of neighbor Hank is?

>that age dents the popularity and appeal of shows so they're forced to make it cheaper
And I just said it doesn't. Age doesn't matter, nor does its real popularity matter. It's all about what the distributor thinks they can get for it. That's how they determine price. There's no equation or rule for it, it's literally decided by a meeting of people who go "how much can we get for this?" and that's entirely based on their impressions of the market and the product.

what the fuck

Went to Otakon and some series were going for $75 for the first half. Parasyte was like $150 for the whole thing. Who in their right mind would, especially with Amazon giving you significantly less bullshit prices?

How did that happen? What was the disconnect?

Is english not your first language

It's Hiro.

How long ago was that? Also you need to realize that box sets of entire series are never cheap even with Amazon available because the dubbing company is still selling the product through that Amazon retailer.

Toonami is a commercial for Blu Rays. Do you think distributors want old shows that aren't on shelves anymore, or hot new things that haven't hit stores yet to air on Toonami? That's why they fork over new shows cheaper, it's proven to boost BD sales

And I've seen some really fat butts that are more than normal sized.
They jiggle, and wiggle and move all around. Watching them move was hypnotic and fun, and the things I wanna do to feel the biggest one.

Lupin III

>$150 for the whole thing

That's an absolute bargain for anime

Why are you quoting me when that's basically what I said?

The market and the product are based on demand, and I was arguing that there's a tendency for age to diminish demand. Popularity very much matters in this, unless the company is behaving irrationally (which they probably do, this kinda shit did in ADV IIRC).

And Free is an absolute steal

you need help

Anime is a niche market. Rather than increase the market, they stick it to their niche since they will put up with it.

This is why there is nothing wrong with streaming

And you don't?

>implying he's not completely sane

Just because I love something with a passion doesn't mean I need help. Unlike you I love me a big fat juicy ass.

>This is why there is nothing wrong with streaming
The only problem is there's no guarantee that a show will be still available on legal streaming services, since those rights are for stupid short periods, because Japanese execs are retards.

Asses are beautiful.

Okay since you're not getting it I think I will try a different tack. How Japanese distributors make money on overseas deals is by licensing the distribution rights to overseas companies with a flat fee. They also have royalty agreements but that only kicks in if the licensing company recoups their initial fee from profits in the western market. In other words the real profit seen by the Japanese companies is from the licensing fee, not from how well it does oversees. Even if it does extremely well overseas and they do get royalties off it, it will likely not equal what they could have gotten from a more exorbitant licensing fee in the first place. You see how this works? They ALWAYS make more money by jacking up the fee rather than trying to rake in royalties, ergo the "demand" for it doesn't matter to them in real terms. It only matters how much they think they can get for it from the licensing companies.

This was last month.

That seems kinda steep for a 24 episode series.

what's up all your asses tonight?

>liking fat ass is wrong
>post incest show
enjoy this (you)

Parasyte wasn't a dub premiere by then either. Also have you seen how expensive 24 episode seasons are for just regular TV shows?

Why is that a problem? Fans can still get them. And the existence of streams at some point increases the odds of good rips.

Take a look at Aniplex prices my man, $300 and up

y'all niggas need to learn how to follow a conversation


we're just down with the thiccness

Eh, maybe since it had been a while, I'm probably just remembering wrong. Then again, I got all of Justified for like $110 on Blu-Ray.

thats where the poop comes out

What is with American Dad and its subtle incest jokes and hints.

Japan LOVES blaming piracy for their shitty business decisions AND loves fucking over their foreign partners, which is a lovely 1-2 punch that leads to them constantly doubling down on the otaku market and not getting around to the structural reforms that the business needs to survive.

>tfw your balls have stopped hurting after 7 months


What is your favorite nu Family Guy joke?


Man. I fucking hate Lacus and Meer, but damned if they were easy on the eyes.

Did you see a doctor? that seems serious.


What to fap to tonight?


At least Meer had a personality and cute pre-surgery.. Shame she had to lust for Athrun dick when he was more interested in Kira fucking his ass.

Anyone else from around Charlotte given what's happened recently? I'm in Gastonia myself but I went to college in Charlotte so it's been my home as well.

Anime has been growing over the last 5 years though. In fact it was growing steadily since the 90s til the global economic downturn in 2008, but since then it's recovered and is now making more money than it was in 2007, before the crash.

People say the anime market is dying or stagnating etc yet its profits show the exact opposite.

So they're gonna get gobbled up by western imports. Causing Japanese fanartists to draw more porn of western shows. The future looks bright.

nearly every saturday I fap to something One Piece related
thank god I only watch that show once a week or I'd probably get bored of it like I did with Naruto hentai as a teen

>tfw my teeth have been hurting all week and feel like they'll fall out if I take too hard of a bite into something
>Upon inspection found out my gums are indeed receding and my teeth could fall out by the end of the year

Not looking forward to missing teeth in my mid 20's, worse than being bald.

I live about 10 minutes away actually

I'll pray for you user

who dis girl

How the hell can you tell who a character is just by a close-up of her ass?
>Western imports
Dude, the Japanese took forever to import fucking iPhones because they were American-designed, and like most Japanese emails still use JIS because they can't get over Han unification. Japan ain't importing jack shit.

MILF impregnation, and maybe some Kallen.

How about you don't fap?

Japan doesn't actually import that much entertainment from the west. Only the most mainstream stuff (Disney, big Marvel movies, etc) which can't replace the day to day niche that anime fills. Not only that, but most Japanese people prefer their own culture, just like how in America most people prefer their own cultural products. There's only a couple million anime fans in America at most, out of what, over a hundred million adults? That's a tiny market share, however much it's growing.

I know what you mean, but some of those Naruto ones are great nostaligafaps

retro queen of /jp/

>How the hell can you tell who a character is just by a close-up of her ass?
The costume is literally used by only those two characters.

i have had missing teeth since i was 22

Turlington is easily the best American Dad side character

Because of the Pink hair and purple Leotard.
It's part of their signature appearance.
Too bad she suffers the same fate majority of non shit gundam girls have. A case of Death.

>Too bad she suffers the same fate majority of non shit gundam girls have. A case of Death.
Good news! IBO S1 doesn't do that!

Not her fault she's allergic to bullets. At least Shinn got his waifu. His VA married Lunamaria's VA and they're still married.

is there anything better than 80s idols?

You're a terrible liar.

How do you deal with it?

>Any IBO girl

Steve is basically what every Cred Forums browser was as a kid.

whats her name tho?

That's probably one of the few good things to come out of SEED Destiny.

The other is the rewritten Destiny storyline in one of the SRW games.

Anime is slowly becoming more mainstream in the West. Japanese culture is truly more popular here than our culture is over there, aside from all the sexual taboos they imported during the Meiji era, and all the sports, food, clothing, and political structure imported from WWI to the end of the American occupation.

its only my back teeth, i been chewing on one side of mouth for as long as i can remember. i plan on getting implants one day.

>its only my back teeth

God damnit user, I'm talking about losing 3 or 4 of my front teeth that are immediately noticeable when I open my mouth.

Saaya Irie.

Cool, been a tough week , least the gas situation seems to be improving?

>tfw just finished making a pot of beef strokeanaw

Mfw, just replace the cereal with beef strokeanaw

my front teeth arent pretty either. just tell people youre a hockey player.

It still makes Kira out to be right in the end. Which is dumb because the way he did it in both Destiny and SRW means he should have been dead or at least nearly killed.

>Japanese culture is truly more popular here than our culture is over there
In what way? Cause Hollywood movies obliterate anything domestic Japan makes in their own box office. It's mainly in television and other media that Japanese prefer their own cultural products. Whereas in America the only Japanese cultural product that's mainstream is Pokemon.

False teeth.
Look into em

shit nigger. me too. the filling on my top right molar are missing and on the same side but bottom I need a root canal on a molar. I'm broke af and being a junkie doesn't help the situation at all



Yea I was pretty well gassed up before that hit so I missed the worst part. I hear they are tearing up the city, but my neighborhood is quiet so I don't give a fuck

and I forgot to say that if I chew on that side. it hurts like there is no tomorrow


What they can get from the licensing companies is dependent on demand; my whole point is that the Japanese can only get what the western distributors are willing to pay, and that in turn is determined by popularity. Ergo, popularity ultimately determines what the Japanese distributor can get; if one demanded for some obscure CGDCT show what is typically demanded for the hot new shonen dominating middle schools across America, the western distributor would tell them to fuck off. Popularity determines the flat fee as much as any royalties, it sets a limit to how far they can jack it up.

thats not her

The highest-grossing movie to air in Japanese theaters was Spirited Away. Research before you make statements like that.

It amazes me that Cleveland is both a cuck and a bull.

new gums are starting to grow over my old cavities.

>the only Japanese cultural product that's mainstream is Pokemon.
You wanna rephrase that?


Will we get a Jojo promo tonight?

A Bullcuck.

>avocado and cream cheese in sushi

>my whole point is that the Japanese can only get what the western distributors are willing to pay
You're so fucking backward. Japanese distributors set the fee and the west takes it or leaves it. Japan rarely ever negotiates these fees. That's why there's many shows that languish and never make it over here, because the fee was set too high and the Japs were not willing to lower it. Many times licensing companies will pay a fee that's far too high because they are that desperate to get the IP and are sure they can still make money off it if not as much as they could otherwise.

As I've told you many times: there's no rhyme or reason behind the pricing. They don't give a fuck about demand. Only the western licensing companies do. The Japanese distributors set the price based on what they think westerners are willing to pay and that's that.

His 1st wife cheated on him with Quagmire and he cucked Brian.

Speaking of imported Japan culture, anyone else like to watch NHK World ? I get that as a subchannel to one of my local PBS stations. The news program also pretty damn unbiased when covering American stories.

Not like they have a reason to lie. They don't have their fingers in all the pies everywhere in the world.

>The news program also pretty damn unbiased when covering American stories.
What kind of stories are they covering?

True but then I get CCTV's english channel and that's got China commie bias to it.

They're not tainted by the partisan politics that plagues all American news outlets. Japanese news is biased toward Japanese interests, which don't conflict much with American interests.

So what the fuck is happening next week and the coming months? I hear something about a parasyte marathon and Toonami going back to midnight?

Toonami is dying. DeMarco is trying to get the most out of it.

its already dead

Parastye rights expire & CN takes the 8PM hour for some stupid reason.

you live in california

The contract for Parasyte is about to expire so they're gonna go through the rest of the episodes in one night
Toonami's getting pushed back 30 minutes because AS lost an hour or something

I knew about the 8 PM thing that was announced ages ago and I don't give a fuck anyway since I don't watch CN except for Toonami premiers. I mean Toonami going back to Midnight - 3 AM.


North Carolina actually.



See the post above this one.

Apparently AS needs more time for McFarlane shows before Toonami kicks in or some shit like that.

That's the reason they gave for it going back to midnight. In reality it's due to poor ratings but they don't want panic

It's nice down here

So the usual then. Ratings slide = cut air time. Same old thing. Looks like Toonami is in the shitter til Jack or FLCL pull it out. OPM is about as good as this block can do without appealing to the nostalgiafag crowd.

Why do they look so much healthier than the ones today? Also can a nigga get a stream? Shit used to be right under the OP

> Ratings slide = cut air time

None of what happened has to do with ratings, but you're shitposting anyways so who cares.

>Why do they look so much healthier than the ones today?
Because they're tan.

Hi demarco.

Nice damage control Demarco

you're an idiot, the 9pm time start happens every year in the fall for the holidays

How does Toonami fair compared to the rest of AS? I doubt it pulls in less than Cleveland Show

4 Years. Cleveland Show has been showing for over 4 years

So what's TG playing until Toonami is on?

nice try, DeMarco

healthy dose of sun

>OPM is about as good as this block can do without appealing to the nostalgiafag crowd.
People say this and yet currently it's pandering to the handful of people on twitter crowd by airing shows like IBO and hunter hunter

Would nostalgia pandering be any worse? If nothing else it'll be cheaper to get rights for shows.

Because livetoons went through fucking how many before everyone gave up posting links? Also livetoons ended up being a thin-skinned faggot.

>not even a year ago we'd be on a thread 2 before Toonami started
>not even 6 months ago we regularly hit the bump limit before Toonami started
These threads really are dying. We likely won't have any excuse to keep posting these generals by the end of 2017 cause there will be less than 50 regular posters. Just look at this thread, only 71 unique IPs.

pale skin > tanned skin


Reminder that new seasons of The Simpsons™, Family Guy™, Bob's Burgers™, The Last Man on Earth™, and newcomer Son of Zorn™ all premiere tomorrow on FOX™©! The season premiere of The Simpsons™ will include a special couch gag based on hit-show Adventure Time™ with an intro sung by show creator Pendleton Ward™!

Check your local listings.

my dick

CN is going to pump out Regular Show's last season and reruns of Steven Universe (we always wanted this on toonami but never like this) in the 8-9pm slot.

The licensing rights to Parasyte ends October 1rd. So they will be running parasyte's last episodes up to 4 in the morning on October 1nd

And because of the hour taken away, Toonami is getting pushed back to midnight for more Family Guy Bux

>it's season "it's not THAT cancerous yet" 4 family guy

Either Attack on Titan or Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

>Hating tans and tanlines
Spray on tans are heretical though.

I wonder how long Fox can keep this up.

Monster Strike.
Trying to Take on Izanami Zero with little success.

while I do agree in general, the slightly darker 80s girls were GOAT

>wanting a woman who cant even finish a tan
>which is literally doing nothing in the sun
what type of low standards do you have?

>my dick
I hear that game blows.


t-thanks fox channel.

My Dick doesn't suck. Although it is pretty short and needs a couple additional attachments to work properly

It does, that's no reason for Toonami to move though

Get some of the Boo Berry.

Seth MacFarlane has a really fucked up sense of humor

>Steven Universe (we always wanted this
No, we didn't.

fuck collecting notes

If you can't enjoy the contrast of pale flesh against bronzed skin, then I can't help but wonder if you're a faggot.

Thank god for polio.

She looks genki as fuuuuuuuu

hiding from the sun are we?

sure it is, Toonami doesn't get as many viewers as the shit that airs before it. besides, its not like the block is cut, just delayed 30 minutes

yea, its quite the SHORT game. :^)

Type the laugh that Peter makes.

who ever said i hate tanlines?





>we always wanted this on toonami
What the fuck? I never wanted that shit within a mile of Toonami.

They could have dropped Rick and Morty and a KotH, both which get worse numbers than Toonami.

The writing is on the wall Demarco, this was done because of ratings and masked behind the yearly CN expansion

The fact that you don't know if it goes back to 11:30 when CN shortens again makes it very clear

she really was

its just a picture of a panda

>tfw Family Guy actually has more continuity than Simpsons

Metroid Prime Corruption.

>meg with an attractive friend


>We're outta toilet paper
Oh god why.



I've been jamming it out on Xenogears lately, just made it to Shevat and holy shit fuck that fucking tower. I could swear my gears are supposed to know how to fucking fly. Well at least I'm getting rewarded with a loli, I intend to rename her gear "PuffyVulva".

Atleast the block is still 3 1/2 hours. Besides, if you are willing to stay up till 3, 3:30 aint to big a difference.

What a shame that is.


>Atleast the block is still 3 1/2 hours
It is? I was under the impression Toonami had lost 30 minutes, not shifted back 30 minutes.

fallout 4.

Finally gotten around to Kingdom Hearts 1.5 after stopping after Deep Jungle. Gave up on 100%ing Arkham City because Riddler Revenge bullshit is too damn repetitive to be enjoyable.

>it's loli
I like loli but god dammit I want my tan women to be WOMEN

If they put garbage on to replace Parasyte it probably will lose 30 minutes


It was shifted back.

So I'm confused, did it lose 30 minutes or get shifted back 30 minutes? Come to think of it nobody has posted a single source for any of this. Any official links?

nigga what

borderline loli whatever, it ain't a big tittied bitch with a donk!

Nope. Can't find the tweet right now but I believe they said that it was just going to be a delay, and not shorten the block.

lose 30 minutes. you can go to reddit and find out by yourself

Then have a variety of women.

Has anyone else noticed that Kudelia is a fucking dork when it comes to clothing? Literally all she has between her fancy dress & titty accentuating normal clothes is a weird blazer and shorts combo that looks retarded.

> filename


So nothing official then. Going to wait til there's actual news and stop believing shit I see here. So much misinfo gets posted in these threads all the time.

oh shit this got translated? thank you user

That village girl seems awfully familiar

how do you feel about older women?

does tg have any 3d waifu's?

I'm a Clippers fan


>none of the s class heroes question why an s class is the student of a b class

Only shifting back, found the official source. No idea why it's so fucking hard for people to post this.

now we're talkin'

I don't think you understand the meaning of those words

How do they know what a freshman is?

And why do they inexplicably dislike them?

>No idea why it's so fucking hard for people to post this.
I just tried posting the link and Cred Forums thinks it's spam.

my best Korean waifu

Mostly because they're too busy ignoring what the hell Genos is saying. Also it's not like Saitama is really teaching him anything. Season 2 when? Because holy shit Murata, your short chapters are killing me.


I like them up to a point. A cougar is a glorious thing, but it seems like a lot of jap artists that really go into that wanna give them tiny-ass heads on gargantuan bodies and boatloads of hair.

Oda Non is a gift from god.



Here's the announcement.



What are your thoughts on teachers?

I agree. I really love the way Oda Non draws his women.

>tfw my team clinched the division
this is gonna be a good night regardless of Toonami


i got something for you

I don't think it's information anyone other than maybe Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask cares to look into. Most of them are too busy or too self-absorbed to give a shit about anyone but themselves. But there are some respectable and heroic members of the class, like Superalloy Darkshine, Bang, Pig God, to a lesser extent Metal Bat, Tank Top Master, and Atomic Samurai.




Are always a delight. Better the mature, seasoned ones than the bumbling airheads, though those can be cute too I suppose.

3D is unobjectively better than 2D

What about pic related old women?

They don't really pay attention to Genos. Or other S class really, outside their hero work. The very few S class aware of his relationship with Saitama are also privy to Saitama's real power (King and Bang are the main ones, and Tatsumaki to a lesser degree though she doesn't really give a shit about either of them because she doesn't give a shit about anybody really)


>90s KoF Artist Draws Robin

King's a pretty decent guy despite being a total fraud and a coward

i miss when dan povemire worked on family guy. show went to shit without him

Except her sister of course. Which we get to see some of in the recent release of Murata's redrawn/extra version of OPM.

>you will never be a north korean peasant that gets to see the real world for the first time

You don't have to, just know it's a fact my man.


This characterization shows some real insight into western superheroes. Is this due to Murata or One?

They also dedicated one of the BD specials to the psychic sisters' relationship issues. Which was nice, considering Fubuki didn't get any real screen time in the series proper.

>Red Carpet
Jesus Christ was that a period joke.

You're gonna need to post proof bucko.

Hey nerds. How do I watch toonami without a cable provider?

With your eyes nigga

/soc/ detected

Next week. Series promos usually happen exactly two weeks before the premiere.

with a stream

ONE, entirely. Murata only draws. All writing is done by ONE. The expanded plotlines in the Murata manga are all thought up by ONE, stuff he wanted to do include by didn't have the time or ability to draw into his webcomic. He's got a real knack for storytelling and characterization. It shines more in Mob Psycho 100 than in OPM if you ask me, he managed to create in Reigen one of the best supporting characters I've seen in a shounen manga.

Well for one I can actually touch a 3D woman. I feel that makes them infinitely better.



Telling lies on the internet won't get you anywhere user.

Gimme dat link

No girl would ever let you touch them you big liar

This is arguably the last great episode of Senpai Guy

sent ;)

>he managed to create in Reigen one of the best supporting characters I've seen in a shounen manga.
You should really read Hellblazer. I'd bet $700 that he has.


post the .gif of the girl with the huge tits doing the MEMEME dance


You speak heresy

The reason for that is because they think it;s the other way around. Pri PRi makes a comment on it in the manga

Me desu

try trolling better next time.

say thanks

Get Playstation Vue. I think CN is on the $30/month tier, but it's on the $35/month tier for sure.

She is a redhead you total moron

>the state of Georgia football

Thank you user

Is One Piece a shit episode tonight? I gotta get up early

>respectable and heroic
Giga Nigga literally went crying in the corner
when he found out he never got over his self-esteem issues

Zoro vs Ryuuma. No idea how it was animated in the anime, but it was a pretty neat fight in the manga.

inb4 deleted by the consumer of hot-pockets

This might be the only time I can empathize with a Bulldog. My team seemed to forget you had to play four quarters instead of two.


Stupid sexy Josuke

... I would think "Battlemage" would be extremely uncomfortable. Even compared to the others.

Witch best pantsu followed by Striker

I still miss Livetoons.

It's jonathan, bruh

Shit every week desu

He was a fag.

Yeah, King is an annoying faggot

Best Joesturr

Summoner a best

its alright, like the only memorable fight in thriller bark besides usopp's.

I only miss justintv.

11:30 DBZ Kai 86 (of 159)(Ongoing series)
12:00 One-Punch Man 9 (out of 12)
12:30 Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 14 (out of 25)
1:00 Hunter X Hunter 20 (out of 148)
1:30 Naruto Shitpuden 127 (of ∞)(Ongoing series)
2:00 One Piece 361 (of ∞)(Ongoing series)
2:30 Parasyte -the maxim- 20 (out of 24)
Week 227 of Toonami
JOJO:BA Replacing OPM
Toonami going back to 12 oct 1st
Parasyte finishing its run till 4:30 on oct 1st

DBZ Kai: 73 more weeks
One Punch Man: 2 more weeks
Gundum:IBO: 12 more weeks
Hunter X Hunter: 128 more weeks
Naruto Shippuden:--
One Piece: --
Parasyte -the maxim-: 4 more weeks

>Ratings for 9/17
11:30 DBZ:Kai: 1,267,000
12:00 One Punch Man: 1,203,000
12:30 Gundum:IBO: 916,000
1:00 HxH: 826,000
1:30 Naruto Shitpuddin: 848,000
2:00 One Piece: 701,000
2:30 Parasyte: 599,000

>I'm officer reese's

Change Parasyte to one more week

This. The best replacements so far can't or won't fix their latency issues.

What. The crew vs Oars is the highlight of the entire arc. Usopp vs Perona is the second best after that. Not much fighting in the arc that's really memorable, I like it for its humor. But the dub could only find so many quality voice actors.


Wow, 2 years until DBZKai ends.

This always bothered me, it would be officer Reese

>tfw you're so lonely that you're eating taco bell nachos outside Kroger waiting for mum to fall asleep so you can use the tv

All I need now is a drug habit to justify this

>One-Punch Man 9 (out of 12)
Tonight is episode 10.

I'm liking Elementalist and Summoner

So the next OPM after tonight's episode is the last one, right?

More like 1 and a half.

Get a fucking computer and some head phones so you can watch the stream you fag. Stop browsing Cred Forums on your fucking phone.

Well it was run by twitch, so of course it would run way better than the other cheap shits. It's just twitch found out that streams of video games is cheaper and more profitable.

i could use some chalupa's right about now

new when?

Should be 2 episode's left not including tonight episode


>Stop browsing Cred Forums on your fucking phone.
This. There should be measures to keep people from posting on phones, even if they're easy to defeat.

No? This is ep 10, has 12 episodes total. Two more weeks after tonight. Final arc is a three parter.

ugh, fuck off anti phone fag. whatre you a janitor?

Just had some an hour a go.

Good shit.

this jojo show seems weird

here we fucking go

They're actually drifting back towards general streaming with categories like Creative, Board Games and Social Eating. Now that they have a sugar daddy and more staff.





I bet that sadist Poptarts chick would be great at femdom.

That was fucking beautiful.

Nicki Minaj
I am not a man known for taste.

Jesus fucking Christ that was a tribute was damn that was good

And he came back despite his weakness and put his life on the line once again to fight the good fight. Everyone has moments of weakness, but not everyone gets over it for the sake of duty.

They could not possibly be poking the tiger with a stick any harder right now.

If Satan had any of the moves he had in Budokai Cell would be screwed right now.

The little brown slut from Strike Witches seemed to make it work well enough.

She is Italian...
I'd hit it.