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I won't lie, I dig the chrome grill. The more metal the better.

So how did she escape?

Orthodontistry is getting extreme these days.

She lives in there now. It was a permanent change to the show.


>its another thread that should go to /trash/

Yep. Turns out killing Ronnie wasn't the best of ideas, so now she's spending a very long extended vacation at Arkham.

2nd loud girl in bondage. This one was weird though

What the actual, literal fuck was her problem, anyway?

Overshadowed by her more talented likable siblings.

What was the first?

When a girl reaches a certain age, her body starts to change. She is overcome with weird urges she doesn't understand. Hair grows in places it didn't before. There is an unexpected desire to howl at the moon.

Agreed, i just love bracefaced girls, and wanna cum on luans teeth even more now because of her braces
Ive been saying this on multiple threads, but shes a more compelling batman villian then what theyve had in most of batmans media the past few years. I hope they play up the insane crazy angle in later episodes more sl.

Dad wasn't giving her enough attention. He saving it all for her other, more attractive, sisters. Lincoln even didn't want anything to do with her (out of disgust with the whole situation), couple that with a day of absolutely merciless bullying, she... Cracked. "Why does Daddy love Lori more than me? Why does he love Leni more than me? Why Luna? Why LYNN? WHY GOD WHY!?"

So one night when Mr. Loud was tucking in Lynn to sleep, she walked in and gave him thirty wacks. But Lynn screamed, waking up half the neighborhood, and Lincoln quickly saved Lynn by tackling Luan.

Now Luan is a permanent resident in one of Minnesota's finer institutions of higher insanity.

If they lived in maine, she could go to the real arkham.

Maybe she did. Maybe Lincoln was sent to live with foster parents in Gotham (unwilling, swearing to one day reunite with Lynn and Lucy). Then one day, Luan got loose, saying that she hadn't "finished the job" and was going after Lynn. Lincoln, donning a cape of his own, quickly gets Batman on the case.

Can they save Lynn in time, or will Luan have the last laugh?

What did Leni say during this again?

They live in Minnesota?


So she really is chaotic evil.

Kinda wanna start watching this series. Anyone maintaining a mega for it?

Get on my level pleb

Mah nigga

is this like the Spongebob episode?

When everyone started making cage puns, I expected that the "point" of the episode is that Luan acts as humor lightening rod, and without her the pranking craze spreads to all the Louds

For the longest time I could've sworn they lived in Utah. They remind me of Mormons way too much. Wait... Dogs in the Vineyard campaign with the Louds as NPCs. Yes. Excuse me gentlemen, I got /tg/ shit to scribble down.

Are you sure it wasn't a mid-season direction change which made a somewhat tolerable character into one of the worst in all gundam?

When you live in a family with that many siblings, you probably learn how to escape being tied up pretty quickly. Look at Lori in "No Guts No Glori".

Dann she was pretty psychotic in that episode

Luan is Mabel Pines Mark 2A1.

Highly unrealistic, no one loves Lori.

>Lori was getting old. Mr. Loud was losing interest, and she didn't like it. She loved being Daddy's girl, she liked pleasing him, she needed his affection. Knowing that she was losing his favor, she became increasingly bitchy as a means to cope. Bobby secretly, is beginning to suspect.
>Leni retreated into her own little world. Not smart enough or perhaps not willing to see the reality of her family life. Comes across like a ditz.
>Luna turned to hard drugs and drink as a means to cope. Given up long ago, she turns to the bottle or even the needle as a means of escapism. Daddy is getting mad at her, she knows. He doesn't like it when he sees needle marks.
>Luan is the ugly child of the family. Ignored by everyone, brutally bullied in school, she adopted the "joker" persona as a means of getting attention. Mr. Loud still ignores her, favoring her other sisters.
>Lynn is his "favorite." She secretly HATES her life and uses sports as a means to stay out of the house for a long as possible. She could run away but she fears for Lincoln and Lucy's well being, the only two siblings she truly loves, so she comes back. Protecting Lucy.
>Lincoln tells himself it's all normal, but deep down he knows that's a load of bullshit. He hates what Mr. Loud does to his sisters, but there's nothing he can do to stop it. Formed a deep bond with Lucy and Lynn and has sworn never to leave them.
>Lucy is the most independent of the sisters and has avoided her Dad's eyes thanks to Lynn. She hates watching it at night, wanting nothing more but to off her own father. Cares very deeply for Lincoln and Lynn, wanting to run away with the two into the woods and never look back.

Is this the one that came with the new barrel twist rate and underslung grenade launcher?

Check /trash/ threads for megas

The only MEGA link I have is pretty outdated so here's a more updated list of all the episodes on Google Drive.