Why does he hate Marvel so much?

Why does he hate Marvel so much?

>dedicates his career to marvel movies
>''hates marvel''


He's a big comic book fan who wants to make good comic movies but Perlmutter and his toadies keep messing things up. So he flipped them the middle finger, took his studio to Disney and separated themselves from Marvel Entertainment.

>muh Perlmutter
there's nothing more pathetic on Cred Forums than MCU fanboy's obsession with Perlmutter

>feigecucks think this is actually good
Ike was a retard but now we're having full producer control. At least Ike greenlighted the Netflix shows and shit.

See, Civil War was the first movie when we saw Feige's full control. Shitty cinematography, shitty coreography, shitty editing, shitty score, shoehorned spidey, quips everytime.

It's pretty clear, actually, that the movie was being done like the Russos wanted until Spidey showed up. Then everything got out of control.

We're truly and utterly fucked.


No fuck him and fuck his Inhuman pet project

people are right. he doesn't even give a fuck about the current state of comics. jesus, it's his money invested there. try to at least put competent people in charge

have you read the tripe they are currently publishing

inhumans are too deep for you
it's a brilliant story about prejudice. self acceptance.

>some of the highest grossing movies ever
>user hates it so it must suck, regardless of the massive mountains of cash it's raked in

Never change Cred Forums

>See, Civil War was the first movie when we saw Feige's full control.

Civil War was still made under Permultter's management. The first movie made without any involvement from him or the Marvel Creative Commitee is Doctor Strange.

>>some of the highest grossing movies ever
Yeah, I loved Transformers 4 too user!

Rich at Bleeding Cool seems to get leaks from Perlmutter-friendly sources so if Doctor Strange underperforms expect him to post some leaks about how this is all the fault of Feige getting too much power.

Which it might be, but part of the reason the Creative Committee got fired is that Avengers: Age of Ultron underperformed expectations, and part of that was because of too many people giving notes.

>doctor strange is his favorite hero
>hires a weak director and weak screenwriters
>somehow marvelcucks think it won't be his playground

>1.4 billion
>merchandising alive and well
How delusional are Disney execs?

spidey was shoehorned because of feige. he has a great working relationship with sony

What? No. Blame Ikey and the Creative Commitee

This fucking meme needs to die.

>After talking to Disney sources, and relying on some public knowledge, for better or worse, these are films that the MCC’s suggestions most influenced:

Iron Man, Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.

Good, solid flick, great, underrated flick, the best of the franchise, average

>And the films that the MCC have had the least, or no, influence on: Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Huh, among the worst on the franchise. Go figure.

>and the Thors, are somewhere in the middle...

Now the collaboration is over and Feige has full control. Expect new Age of Ultron: quipfests with weak villains riddled with MacGuffins.

not a meme if its true

Spider-Man is the Russos' favorite superhero and they wanted him there from the beginning, though the extent of his role changed when Sony initially backed out of the deal.

>Fiege was also on Daredevil, Blade:Trinity, Ang Lee's Hulk, Spider-Man 3, Fantastic Four, X-Men Last Stand, the Punisher, Electra, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Punisher War Zone, and the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.


Nothing else needs to be said, right?

The source is flimsy, but from what I recall Marvel goal was 1,7 billion, so they fell 300 million short of their true goal.

His role in those were negigle, as as the Sony leaks prove, the studio outright ignored all of his notes on how to improve ASM2.

it still felt shoehorned

lel they knew it wouldn't be possible.

Companies like Disney and Warner judge movies against how much profit they make, not whether they make a profit.

Avengers 2 cost more than Avengers 1 and made less, that's all it needed for Disney to order a shake-up.

That would be X-men. Inhumans are about fuck knows what. Monarchy being good or something.

But Feige will only make it worse. The little diversity that existed will be shattered

ike pls let it go

he's actually the good guy that saved marvel.

mousekeeters are fucking delusional.

>quips everytime.
Did we watch the same film?

Feige used an under-performing movie - which is at least partly his fault because it's his movie - to get even more power. That's either impressive backstabbing or it shows how much Disney wanted an excuse not to take Ike's calls any more.

>the movie has little control by the Creative Commitee
>Feige manage to cuck Ike and get full control

What a hack

Bumpity bump