Do you feel the recent push of the Inhumans harmed or helped the property?

Do you feel the recent push of the Inhumans harmed or helped the property?

I wish they would just cancel every inhuman garbage comic and instead have one about Black Bolt managing the Quiet Room.

They're never going to convert people that like mutants.

Why? X-Men recruit children for their illegal paramilitary group to fight in the name of Xavier. Inhumans recruit children to fight in their semi-legal military in the name of their queen Medusa.
I mean their comics are pretty shit, except that Quiet Room arc, that was entertaining.


Harmed. They used to be a quirky obscure title. Now they're annoying.

I liked them when they were cosmic and not X-Men lite.

Yeah. I have no interest in reading about failed Queen Medusa trying to reign. Even less interest in seeing Johnny Storm there too. And even less interest than that in seeing any of the other mooks whose names I can't even recall.

Give me a BB/Crystal/Maximus family affair book that's away from Atillan's bullshit. Get BB's son there too.

Harmed. I used to feel indifference toward them, now I can't even stand the mere mention of them.

I think it generally helped the royal family, allowed most of them to get some time out of Black Bolt's shadow. Expanded the cast, and got them some publicity and the current comics are the best anything named Inhumans has sold since Jenkins. They got to appear in cartoons so in the way getting them noticed it great. On the comic side is a mixed bag, having them show up everywhere is a bit much, I know story telling purpose Inhumans have to show up because the T-bomb happened it wouldn't make sense for them not be appearing but a lot of the times it was out place and just side tracked from plot that other comics were on. The royal family have not become the X-men, but Inhumans have become mutants they basically fill the same quata except racism and that is a major stab to the Inhumans because they aren't as well known as mutants so they will only be seen as copycats. Breaking up Medusa and BB was probably the best course of action to build up Medusa, hooking her up with johnny was terrible. Both Johnny and beast are just there for IvX.

While a push for them would help.

It's hindered by the fact that they crippled a primary character (Gorgon, who is literally a cripple now), cucked the MAIN Inhuman (Black Bolt, by having his wife screw Johnny Storm for no reason), and turned Medusa into a bitch who doesn't make sense.

Didn't even know about them before, now that I have I think that they suck balls. Zero is always more than negative one. Tentacle hair is a stupid power in a world of shit that shoots fire and blows up ur planet ecks dee

I always liked the concept of the Inhumans before. They rarely interacted with the rest of the Marvel Universe because they were so beyond them.

The Inhumans shouldn't be forced to fit the mold of mutants because if people wanted to be prejudiced against them, they could just take their ball and fuck off to space, leaving the small-minded humans behind.

What's up with Medusa shaving her hair in NOW! 2.0? Fuck that noise

>crippled a primary character (Gorgon, who is literally a cripple now
He's healed now tho

Quiet Room is as shit as the Hellfire club.

It works as a comedy. Four rooms style shenanigans with superpowers.

But they aren't even the same thing

That was variant cover

Well Medusa has always been a bitch but right now events demand that she be mad at Tony stark, and Ivx demands that she be mad at the X-men.

As a diehard Marvel fan, I never felt I knew much about the Inhumans - that air of mystery let them feel more powerful and special than the typical cape or mutant. I've gone back and read all of Fantastic Four in the past few years, and I have to say, I like them as supporting characters, but they're awfully boring if they spend too much time in the spotlight.

Just because characters are foils for main characters, doesn't mean they should be allowed to become main characters themselves.

Who really loved the Inhumans so much that they pushed for them this hard? I can't understand the reason behind the meteoric rise in the past few years.

So far they just make the Inhumans look like unlikable boring cunts that shot on mutants. Makes me want to support Fox out of spite.

Personally, I'm tired of mutants.


fuck off benis

They really were like the Inferior versions of mutants
>Kree experiments some shitty gas
What a bad narrative