Post comics by your favorite writers that you consider a guilty pleasure. Pic definitely related.

>Dark Avengers Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis
Cred Forumsc seems pretty divided on the quality of Dark Avengers ranging from good to meh to terrible. Personallly, I find it to be my favorite Avengers series to date while I can objectively name better runs by better writers. In any event, I probably read the Dark Reign storyline about once every couple years and I'm willing to start up meow. Secret Invasion here it come!

Nemesis by Mark Millar is one of more edgy guilty pleasures. This is Millar at his most base. Suicide vests, exlpoding wombs, train executions, and skyjacking AirForce on, this series continuously suprirses in the most ridiculous of ways. Also, this is a very good use of the widescreen shots because half of the entire series are literally storyboards.

Wanted also gets placed on my Millar gulty pleasure pile (most of his work except for trouble and unfunnies are enjoyable to me). Big concepts of world domination, worldwide brainwashing, and alternate worlds with superheroes living in the golden life, I fucking had a blast.

Ultimatum. I love the idea of everything going to shit, I hated the Ultimate X-Men, I hated the Ultimates, and when read with the tie-ins I think it's actually an 8/10.


And Batman Odyssey, but to a lesser extent because I don't really understand what happens in it but it's still fun

Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis

I know for a fact that this series is lauded here but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this 12 issue series where Moon Knight uncovers a plot involving the Kingpin of LA and a deactivated Ultron. Sure, the series was a far departure from the excellent Vengeance of Moon Knight run that came before but it managed to stand out and be unique which I personally would enjoy more than a simple Huston and Hurwitz retread

I agree with this. This was fun as fuck and, in my opinion, the last good Bendis book until End of Days

Snyder's Batman and Johns's JL. I was surprised to see how much hate they got here on Cred Forums given that they are praised everywhere else.

I feel like we would all get along.

Also I un-ironically love this series. It was my first real exposure to Tom Taylor, and that led to follow him on Superior Iron Man which was fucking fantastic (didn't follow to Wolverine but I might check it out later). First two years were a wild ride, years 3-5 were hit or miss.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk by Damon Lindolph is a series that profoundly affected my own writing. Specifically, this series subverts expectations at every turn delivering a frankly weird take on the worst buddy cop team of all time.

Loved this too.

Cred Forums loves the Taylor stuff

That book had its holy shit moments, but damn was it fucking stupid on every level.

Ghost Riders............

Don't disagree in the slightest.

Also, I know Bendis has become a meme at this point but I really enjoyed Bendis Avengers even post siege (Avengers Vol. 4 & New Avengers Vol.2). The writing was definitely rushed and samey in some areas but Bendis knows how to at least plot a good story. Execution is lacking.

Eh i don't know user. I'm generally respectful when it comes to other people's tastes, but injustice is just a huge turn off for me. I agree with superior Iron man being fantastic, thought.

I think part of the reason I enjoyed it is because I have an absolute fascination with elseworlds because they often get the chance to provide definitive ends to certain characters either in the form of death or conflict resolution. It's for that same reason that I love the Arkham City/Knight series of comics more than the main series by Snyder simply because Tomasi could do things with the character he could never get away with in the mainline.

I fucking loved New 52 Redhood and the Outlaws, it's easily the worst comic on my shelf, but goddamn if I don't love that shit.

Do I need to read any other titles concurrently or can I just plow through that series and then follow into the Rebirth title and be caught up? Really don't want to read the most Lobdell Titans.

There are a few tie in events like court of Owls and death of the family, both were an awful mess, no, you don't need to read Teen Titans to follow what happens in RHatO

Hulk by Jeph Leob. Hysterically arrogant over the top, and stupid in every sense of the word, the first arc between Hulk and Red Hulk was a treat to experience when first released and the mystery of his identity was stretched out far too long.

good taste

>feeling shame about liking Ghost Riders
>it's basically just Redline with Ghost Riders from other universes and they kill Arcade at the end
There is absolutely no shame in loving the fuck out of that amazing tie-in.

Crossed. When it's bad it's total dogshit but when it's good (Wish You Were Here, Crossed +100) it's genuinely good.

I love all of it except the X-Force arc. The arc where your pic is from is my favorite

Other Ghost Riders user.
The other Ghost Riders......

You're thinking of Ghost Racers

Ghost Racers was called Ghost Riders in the first printing.

Can I get a source on that? I remember it always being Ghost Racers

Most of Marvel comics ~2004ish until it all came crashing down circa 2012



>guilty pleasures
m8 I have all my anal porn doujins in a desktop folder and you think I care what other people think about my taste in comic books?

My memory is that it was called Ghost Riders and there were people mixing them up here.

Oh god, this better not be another Berenstain Bears.

Ah, so you're a fan of The Crossed.

I'm almost 100% certain it was called Ghost Racers, when the solicit came out it was talking about the Murder Dome races and Robbie being a star. It wasn't called Ghost Riders.

People like Crossed?

but I remember it being called Ghost Riders in all the threads and there have been multiple times when I've seen people say "the other ghost riders".

We need to see what other people remember.

I don't ever remember Racers being called Riders, not without an user correcting them.

The sound of one hand clapping by Max Landis. The writer is hated, batman acts like an asshole, the argument is one sided and the dialogue is quite unnatural, but as a superfag it was so satisfying to see superman drop some truth bombs on the joker, specially since nowadays one gets praised and the other gets trashed for all the wrong reasons. Hell, I'll say that the Eisner nomination was deserved. Also it provided the perfect answer for normies that claim superman is boring.

>Who are you? You're a talking generality! You're an ugly archetype!
>I think that's a strenght
>being vague a strength? How do you figure?
>I could do something that might surprise you

Same senpai. I loved Ronin Clint as well.

Absolutely nothing in Dark Avengers was terrible.
It was EASILY the best Bendis Avengers title ever.