Cartoons/comics that seemed like they COULD have been great, but weren't for whatever reason

Cartoons/comics that seemed like they COULD have been great, but weren't for whatever reason

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One of the best concept to worst execution ratios I've ever seen

Nah it's actually a pretty fun show to watch.

How is that concept anything special?

user is disappointed there weren't enough sex scenes.

>Fish Police
>show about anthropomorphic fish, with an art style ripped from your standard Saturday morning cartoon
>Put it on CBS Primetime, what could go wrong?

Doomed from the start.

Comic was good I hear.

It was better than the show at least.


Megaman could've actually been a kickass animated series. Countless powers, dozens of colorful villains and MOTW, a colorful crew of sidekicks, and a very direct storyline. Instead we got a bizarre fever dream of a series.

I thought it was OK actually. It could have been better, but it was still enjoyable even if the humor fell a little flat.


They look like Endless

Someone should do an edit of them as cenobites.

Is that a nipple?

I loved it till the end, fuck you guys.

Does this particular species suckle their young after they presumably hatch like gargoyles apparently do?

Or did the animators just want to slap tits on everything?

The show had a baffling number of waifu tier characters.

Gravity Falls.

... That doesn't answer the question at all.

you are just upset it is not an incest harem

Sometimes, the only thing more dangerous than a question, is an answer.

Excellent artstyle but no substance, I bet we won't get something else using Nagel's style for some time.

Doesn't it?

this pretty much

it does though

>Archer Vice.jpg

Heads will roll on sat morning.



If the existence of tits on a character determined waifu status, then the majority of Cred Forums are lying to themselves.

Too many guy characters, needed more focus and screentime on just the girls

Yeah that epilogue could've been a whole lot better too. The worst fucking plot twist out of all DCAU, and people were actually eating it up.

There was another show that came out at about the same time called "Capitol Critters." It was about rats and cockroaches.

All these years and there's barely any porn of those two

It might have worked if the writing was better. If they focused more on the detective angle instead of making fish puns it might have been more successful.



That didn't even seem great.

Even steven spielberg can produce crap.

You can hear tex avery spinning in his grave.

>You can hear tex avery spinning in his grave.

No I can't, what does it sound like ?



The amount of hate and disgust the production crew had for that show is legend.

Really, though? I mean, what could they have really done with the idea that Family Guy or Dexter's Lab didn't do a decade earlier?

I'd get on it, or at least some nice semilewds
but...y'know...mods, etc.


I'm actually kind of confused that this isn't among the shows that Cred Forums constantly shits on.
Not saying it deserves it, but it's just objectively worse than a number of shows that do get shit on.

The same thing happened to the animaniacs comic when they brought pinky&brain back into the comic sales tanked canceled thanks again steven.
Nobody liked pinky&brain or plucky duck show.

Now don't get me wrong, it's far from bad -- it's good, in fact. I just feel like it could have been better.

Real BAD cartoon.


>Cartoon Network

Wow. I never got CN until a few years later. Did it syndicate other primetime shit like Fish Police?

I tried to like this, but I just can't. All I can do is fap to the fanart

I think it was something along the lines of "Warner Bros said that this did well in focus groups so now we have to write this inorganic, borderline non sequitur concept or we're fired."

The fact that they made it under protest is basically blatantly stated. The theme is a perfect example.

All in all, not a TERRIBLE show, but most of the quality comes from the fact that it was written sarcastically.

Pinky & the brain were pets of steven spielberg
no matter that sucked there comic died & they brought back into animaniacs comic & it died..


If you're gonna post that shit, might as well post Dorbees too

Gross humour and bad Aesops.

Strangely popular in Germany.
But maybe it's because Tex Avery is not that well known.

Good concept bad execution, the show

This is literally the first I've ever heard of this. Was this well known?

I do not believe it did well in focus groups. I'm pretty that's a lie at best. One of the executives clearly had a hard on for Elmyra.

Of the second season of UPN cartoons, it was one of the better ones. Still doesn't justify cancelling Teknoman two-thirds of the way through its run for fucking Jumanji though.

This was the year that over half the NBC subsidiaries dropped cartoons for local news.

And then the year afterwards edutainment requirements put a bullet in its head.

>Not liking Drawn Together

Not the same user, but while i didn't like most of the characters, captain hero was fucking hilarious.

That show was perfect.

>This was the year that over half the NBC subsidiaries dropped cartoons for local news

Oh shit, really?

Remember when networks weren't afraid to experiment with new programming? I feel like this show as the birth place or origin of Toonami

I like Drawn Together but they 100% executed their concept poorly. They only used the reality show angle as a hook to get greenlit and then dropped it once they felt like doing whatever random shit they wanted. Seeing an actual reality show of different genre characters would be cool.

What about this seemed like it could have been good?

That guy's an idiot. It was obvious garbage.

Waifu shit aside, the concept/premise could have made a good film.

Could it have? I feel like making an explicitly supernatural movie where there's no mystery about the monsters goes against the spirit of Scooby Doo

Zombie Island gets a past for having a good mystery and making real monsters a legitimate twist

Why is it so bad
I guess it was flawed from the beginning, the actual future era for earth in Stargate seems boring as fuck, they don't have all the fun bullshitted together tech

"It's what the network wants, why bother to complain?"

"I deeply resent this."

If only the show was what it thought it was.

Honestly, it felt like Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy were just there because they're recognizable.

You could have easily replaced them with all new characters, or maybe even other Hanna-Barbera characters and probably would've worked just as well, maybe even better.

>Implying they don't.
>Implying they are not pedophiles.

I found Flapjack himself annoying.

Flapjack was fucking grand.

Nope, elmyra alone made it obvious shit from the start.

I lost interest after the style change

I didn't mind that, but I was not a fan of the older scooby doo shows anyway.

People on Cred Forums like it for the same reason why there are those that like Steven Universe, because they want to bone the girl characters.

Why did they give it the goofy sci-fi setting? Nobody but nobody liked sci-fi highlander.

He-Man had a space/sci-fi cartoon as well and that sucked, too.

It's weird how bad he's treated posthumously. That terrible sequel to The Mask was about his descendant trying to be a good animator and he needs to take inspiration from the mask to produce the awful 3D animated short at the end of the movie that we're supposed to believe is career saving. It's almost as if someone out there hated him.


This made me sad and both extremely happy in the span of about 30 seconds.

Hero 108.
Great characters, very creative artstyle and design.
It's formula and nonsense killed this one for me.

>responds to multiple posts in one reply
>poor grammar and distaste for anything older than the last 10 years

It's like I can actually smell your autism through my computer screen.

Nigga, please. The people here who like Steven Universe don't want to bone the gems. They want the gems to bone them up the butt with their long, feminine crystal dongs.

Oh god so much wasted potential.
It was enjoyable but the randumb from star just got unbearable for a while and theres no justifying that transparent hair over the eyes.

And you would think after secret of my excess people would have learnt to consider the implications there episodes about growth have on the setting but apparently people making this are unable to learn from others mistakes.

I think witches ghost did it best fake monsters then throw in some magic at the end.

>responds to multiple posts in one reply
There is literaly nothing wrong with this i would not do it but its not a bad thing.
>poor grammar
Who gives a fuck.

But otherwise yeah hes a faggot.

I just looked this up what the flying fuck

I feel like it had great moments and humour but didn't quite find its groove. In some alternate universe people talk about the first 10-something episodes being a bit weak before it picks up.

They should have gone as over-the-top as humanly possible since the crazier moments were the ones that worked best.

It's Cred Forums, could not care less about grammar. I like stuff older than 10 years just not scooby-doo or the flintstones.


Disney try's to ripoff nickelodeon's ren & stimpy cartoon...


Steven spielberg takes another big dump..

>I deeply resent this

That's funny.

I don't understand what you mean, I thought it was really good.

yeah and it was terrible. Far too wholesome, but marketed as edgy to try and compete with the Simpsons. It could have been a biting political satire, but it was more like an American tale.


That seems more like a cartoon that would have done better as a syndicated series then a movie.


twenty years and the only thing I've seen of Fish Police is this gif. How bland was this show?

Any & all from Bagdasacrapa Productions
Why didn't David Seville flush those talking rats down the toilet when they first started yapping..


Well it was better than the Flintstones anyway. My favorite older cartoon, though, is Pink Panther.


this looks awesome

This show didn't last long it croaked.

Why do you feel that way? Fred was not only more interesting than George, he had a spine and did not take shit from his job or othee people.

That guy in the middle reminds me of Maximilian_Dood

If you excuse me, I'm going to go rethink my life and my choices that led me to this now.

This. I finally watched it and was not impressed. Its not even bad, just really lackluster and not especially funnY

Really? I thought the concept was boring as fuck but the show isn't half bad.

Soggy thunder cats remale..

i second this

He was also boring.

I agree, the randomness is fucking Adventure time tier and it is not funny at all.

Great show, just needs a re-release so I don't have to watching fucking 3rd generation VHS copies.

the fuck are you quoting?

you are quoting something, right?

Oh thank God, I thought I dreamed this.

I think so user

It was literally "Fish Puns: the Animated Series."

I'll never not be mad that comedy Central replaced this with whatever show is on after South Park

It's from Drawn Together.
I think Wuldoor said that

That shit was awful

>How bland was this show?


only 1/4 the time and usually Captain Hero. For the most part it's one of the best executed shows I've ever seen, the musical stings are simple yet perfect, great voices (except for Hero).

Oh THAT's what you meant. I kind of disagree as confessionals were pretty much a part of every episode.

Man imagine if they made an Alvin & The Chipmunks movie with real chipmunks.

>TFW I actually really liked the tv shows
>Hey let's make a cartoon based on the same university.

Ahem user.......

stories vary, its either a focus group or an obsessed exec but it was a one note show that didn't have much in the way of content to build on for jokes. At least animaniacs had a cast of characters to do shit with in between EDUCATION.


At least we know they got gud by three years later, that's the team that made the Godzilla and MIB: TASs.

Flapjack was great. And didn't it get a pretty good run season wise?

It's not what I would have done with the premise but it was still funny and unique and filled with some really good animation

it would have been much more interesting if it was willing to tackle more adulthemes about trans issues.

...or just made the MC a sexy trap

Looks like Danganronpa.

This show was effectively Sliders, fugitives bouncing from world to world and unable to return home.

>not quantum leap
>not time tunnel

The bipolar orangutan was my favorite and I had a boner for the main chimp.



It was actually a good show when it was turning into a drama. It's a shame the show got cancelled just as when it was getting good.

would be great if every episode wasn't the same. Really hope they delve into the lore soon and introduce the other Miraculous.

Interesting premise, terrible execution. The message was good, then became overly-preachy, then got lost somewhere in the middle when the already-bad writing took a nosedive.

I feel like it's pretty good when it isn't shitting all over Lincoln and a lot of the heartwarming moments are really cute

Death, Sandman and Desire. Yep they must have been inspired by them surely.

This so hard.