Stay green, stay in the woods, stay safe

Stay green, stay in the woods, stay safe.

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You are an absolute maniac.

I just finished An Idiot Abroad for the first time

What a fucking show. Carl is an amazing and terrible human being

all 3 seasons?

Remember when he nicked a Mars bar?

From that kind old man. The fact that that is the most shameful thing he's done is hilarious.

Remember that time he kicked his height?

then fell right over, the dopey cunt

You have 20 seconds to talk the most shit you possibly can. Good luck.

In the future, people won't wear pants anymore.

Jackie Chan



>that time karl called steven a frog eyed invalid and you could almost hear the tears dropping to the floor

he sounded like he was genuinely just stating a fact, not trying to 'ave a go

>always mad at Ricky and Steve for stepping on Karl's cock constantly
>watched the one where Karl thinks that dolphins with machine guns are a genuine threat
>kind of understand where they're coming from

Well, Ricky always used to call Steve a mutant and all that before Karl came on so I'm pretty sure he's used to it.

i love when Karl fights back. i actually hate steve even more than ricky

Now go listen to all the old radio and podcast shows because they're miles better.

I feel like the podcasts and the show turned down his idiocy quite a bit, listening to the old xfm shows and he really feels like a genuine fucking idiot.

A broken clock is right twice a day but I still feel like Carl actually has had some actually good ideas but got made fun of by Ricky and Steve for no other reason but them not understanding him.

Otherwise yeah he's an idiot.

With greenness comes otherness

which one is this from?

It's tinging its way up the tube

>tfw I have these thoughts but never dare speak them because whenever I do everyone looks at me like I'm mad.

there's always more mad people who would love to hear them

>its a hairy chinese kid episode

>It's a Karl's done Steve again episode

>kind old man.
Didn't Karl say that he was stiffing him on his pay?

>that story about the monkey during a robbery
my all time favorite

Where are the xfm shows archived?

Theres a torrent floating about on public trackers

Just accept that you're the Karl of your group. Every group has one

>He was the loneliest man the world.

head like an orange

My experience with this show was limited and about half of the time Karl was saying trivialities and truisms and it was still treated like something absurd. Made me wonder if the other two were supposed to be playing idiots.

most emotional moment of the show

Karl can be a massive cunt.

He listens to Morrissey.

>Steve talks shit
>turns into a little bitch when he gets hit
Nah m8

Karl is perfectly capable of introspection, but his theory of mind is jacked. He legit believes that animals have human thought processes, and more specifically /his/ thought processes, he's not just joking around when he says shit like "stay green, stay in the woods, stay safe". I believe he believes that because he also believes all humans have his thought process. He cannot wrap his head around the idea of someone having a different opinion or viewpoint than himself, he's like a young child that way. But as far as introspection goes, he's well off- his whole "If I was cloned, how would I know if I'm the original?" is actually a pretty deep and profound issue that's been often explored by much smarter minds than Ricky and Steve, who shat all over it because they're too thick to figure out the implications for themselves.

I've come to realize lately that that's me

>half the time I get a laugh
>the other half they just sort of stare blankly


What's the story behind him? It's been a while since I've watched the show.

Karl is pretty much ALL introspection. He lacks empathy on a very surface level which is what fuels his pseudo-libertarian 'why can't everyone just do what I do' train of thought. His lack of being able to relate also somehow makes him completely incapable of comprehending art-- literary devices like metaphors are lost on him, paintings, sculptures...who needs it?

He's also very anti-intellectual unless it's a discovery about something 'weird, innit?'.

>He's also very anti-intellectual unless it's a discovery about a little monkey fella

you can't really blame someone for being intellectual in an era where we have the term 'anti-intellectual' and treat it like bigotry

All wisdom, no intelligence.

You have a link to the xfm stuff?

>his whole "If I was cloned, how would I know if I'm the original?" is actually a pretty deep and profound issue that's been often explored by much smarter minds than Ricky and Steve

Those much smarter minds you're referring to are pondering about a different issue entirely. That issue being "If I was DUPLICATED down to the last atom, how would I know which one I was?" Cloning is an entirely different thing. You'd know which one you were because you went to a lab, gave them a tissue sample, then watched the mini-you grow in a test tube for a bit. Meanwhile, clone-you would remember briefly emerging from said tube before it was shipped off to have its organs harvested.

the conversation they had specifically established 'and you had all your memories'

Karl was talking about the Moonlanding and when Buzz and Neil fucked off to the otherside doing missions the guy who was holding down the Module was "the loneliest man ever" since he's literally the most remote person in existence.

Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 astronaut who DIDNT get to walk on the moon, he had to fly the shuttle and wait to pick them up.
Stressful as fuck too, there was a genuine possibility that once Buzz and Neil were on the moon they wouldn't be able to leave, forcing Collins to abandon them and return home, completely and totally alone.

I don't remember exact details but If I remember right they were talking about space exploration and Karl said if we met aliens it wouldn't be that great because they'd be so alien we couldn't talk to them because they'd be so alien from us.

He then tells a story about how a man worked so hard to be an Astronaut and when he finally got to the moon the other astronauts told him to stay in the shuttle and thus was "He was the loneliest man the world"

I think the issue is the leaps of logic. Karl imagines a situation where him and his clone just wake up in the same room together with no real indicator which one was the clone. Since they both have identical memories, he's saying it'd be very easy to get which was the true Karl mixed up even from their perspective,
Atleast I think so. Karl is sort of a grab bag. Sometimes he has sophisticated thoughts he describes poorly, and bad ideas that he describes "well". It's hard to tell if you've missed the point or he has, sometimes.

Thanks for the answer

Apollo 11 moonlanding is cool as fuck yo, like the most significant thing the human race has done for the last century. Do you good to look into it

indeed. and it makes sense because he's not very smart, so obviously ALL of life is like that for him. he just wakes up and "these are the facts" and he just rolls with it
And when given a hypothetical question like 'what kind of superpowers would you want', instead of answering properly he tries to figure out more facts about the scenario, to help make the decision. even though that's not how hypotheticals work

well sort of. the ability to do so, yeah. what we actually accomplished, not so much

>frog eyed

Literally doesn't say that.

>"No, 'cause they're not my hands either."

I'm suprised Karl still hangs around with those two considering they do nothing but shit on him all the time


He gets to go home to this.

Did I tell you about the immune system, Cred Forums?

weird innit