Was this cultural appropriation?

Was this cultural appropriation?


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Isn't everything?

"Cultural appropriation" is a way of saying "act your own race"

no its more "don't act this way if you don't know what it means"

McConaughey refusing to not use his southern accent almost ruined the movie for me

its a pretty loaded term, that means something different for a lot of people

So what if it is? The Japanese "appropriate" shit from the West all the fucking time.

>no its more "don't act this way if you don't know what it means"

yeah because you need to know the whole history behind a fucking haircut

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Not to mention Japanese culture was built on appropriating Chinese culture.

Nips don't give a fuck about "appropriation"

No, this is patrick

All of the civilians were played by Japanese people.

Cultural appropriation to me means stealing stuff from other cultures while having no respect for that culture and the history of the thing you are stealing. You don't need to know everything about it, to have an homage, but there's a big difference between stuff like this movie and wearing a fake headdress and body pain and acting like an Indian from an old racist cartoon.

How come this thread is allowed but one about conservative comic books isn't?

>taking "cultural appropriation" seriously
Tumblr pls

Finally a biographic film of his life?

Cultural appropriation leads to artistic innovation.

Great artists steal.

The dark knight rises was a pretty conservative film.

Modern culture only exists in the first place because of countless cultures throughout history appropriating elements from other successful cultures. The very notion of "cultural appropriation" being used as a cudgel to stop people from partaking in things from cultures they are not a part of is ridiculous and backwards.

more to the point, there's only 2 reactions anyone can have to anyone else's culture
1. you are fucked up, i'm going to end your culture and change you to mine
2. your culture's cool, i want to ape a few parts of it.

fucking pick one

Don't you know, user? Only white people can appropriate culture. Because they have "privilege."

Cultural appropriation is a meme.

Yea, the fake headdress is much more entertaining.

Yes dude yes all the cool guys are doin' it
Like Sergio Leone



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>The missed irony that celts often had dreads long before any african contact.

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No, its a way for leftists to get mad at whites even when they embrace the multicultural ideas that they've been pressing for so long, because they love being mad at their own kinds

There's a difference between accepting someone else's culture and wearing someone else's skin color as a fucking Halloween costume.

>and wearing someone else's skin color as a fucking Halloween costume

What's wrong with that?

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For starters, treating skin color/ethnicity as a fucking costume that can be taken on and off at the wearer's convenience is a pretty noxious idea all its own.

Wearing a fat suit is worse.

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That might hold water if you didn't also see it thrown around to people that do know what the actions mean.

I'd much rather talk about Kubo cuz that movie was top tier.


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There's already a Kubo thread. This one is just a shitposting one. It's fun triggering leftists.

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Actually they inported Chinese culture via exiled Korean aristocracy as one driving factor.

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I find it much more offensive when 1/64 Natives that look white as driven snow want to tell me about "their people".
Listen, fuckhead!
Either you start taking beer as seriously as you take headdresses or you stop appropriating the central cultural food of my people!

I'm going as Medudesa for halloween.
You're saying I have to be Greek for it to be okay wear that?

I don't live in freedomland and I am too lazy to google, what's cultural appropriation?

The idea that cultural goods somehow belong to a culture so you can't just imitate them because that shows a lack in respect.
Murricins especially go balistic over Halloween cotumes and the whole thing falls apart when they mix culture and race, ignore intent and only police white people.
And it gets interesting when blackface is actually a cultural tradition in European countries as part of Catholic rites.

Overall it's mostly used to bludgeon people over the head for being white and doing anything you think others did first, no matter the veracity of such claims.
The same people will then happily eat sushi, drink coffee and smoke tobacco, unaware that they trample all over the heritage of the premodern Japanese metropolitan culture, Arabian hospitality and Mesoamerican religion, if you want to go there.
Oh, you wanna wear jeans? Better ask the French for permission!
You're not white? Whelp, no cars for you!

Sounds pretty retarded, and it scares me that the concept actually exists because some people might take it seriously.

>tfw you'll live long enough to see everything become "offensive" in some way or another