Why Clayface of all people?

Why Clayface of all people?

He's one of the few Batman villains who isn't crazy.

He's an easy vehicle to turn a Batbook into Bat X-Men.

It'll probably be retconned a month after the author leaves so who cares.

They should have made the BTAS version canon like Mr. Freeze.

Because he's not evil. Just afflicted with a problem beyond his control that he didn't ask for.

Batman wants his villains to get better. And the writer figured that if he were to reform one of them, Clayface would make for some really neat scenes.

>He's an easy vehicle to turn a Batbook into Bat X-Men.

Tec is the Batfamily book under Tynion, it used be more focused on Batman dectetive stories.

he's worked with batwoman before, and she was paired with many monsters before nu52, near the end of her shit notrape vampwaifu run, he was on her "team" anyway

that, and he isn't evil, he's just very very selfish.
if batman actually delivers on a perminant fix for clayface, (and he gets steady acting jobs) he most likely would never turn to crime again

riddler was better

These are their options
1. He simply betrays Batman and rats him out
2. He gets amnesia and becomes a villain again
3. Heroic sacrifice and a new villainous Clayface takes his place
4. Batman somehow does him wrong and he flips out
5. His mental stability grows worse and Batman swears to find a cure (this gets forgotten)

Yeah, Matt Hagen is a much better name than Basil Karlo, and in BTAS was implied that Matt was homosexual.

Clayface could easily make an easy living by splitting up and taking on multiple jobs throughout the city under false identities.

His abilities are pretty unique as far as the Batfam goes, so if it last long enough we can expect him to be used in interesting ways. Him morphing into multiple policemen to help evacuating people was pretty sweet I thought.

Other than that, like other said, he's not outright insane or evil. Let's just count ourselves lucky they didn't pick Harley.

Should've been Ivy desu

the problem they gave with that in the current run (and obviously used in older works) is that he cant keep the form
he is supposed to be a legitimately good actor now, but that doesn't help when he cant look the same every hour, let alone day to day while working

Because Clayface is a good boi!! he dindu!
Also, he was part of Batwoman's team, which was a pretty cool concept ruined by Andreyko being shit in the book...

When is Ivy going to fuck Batwoman...how is that Harley is the only one that sluts out...whay i'm still reading shit by Palmiotti...

Or none of this happens

i like the idea of batwoman wanting him to get better at h2h combat so he can be an asset even without factoring in his powers... the potential endgame of him being a batman-tier fighter who can disguise himself well and/or be in multiple places at once would be cool

Riddler is a dick.

Dicks can be good

I really like the name and concept of Basil Karlo more than Hagen, because a horror movie actor as a Bat villain is delightfully meta. But I hate when they just make Karlo BTAS Clayface, which is basically every portrayal now. For some reason no one ever wants to resurrect the Hagen Clayface as a take on the BTAS version despite the comic Hagen going unused for 30 years now and nowhere near as notable as the BTAS version.

Jean when?