New Strip Panel Naked

New Strip Panel Naked.
This week on Doom Patrol #1 (2016)


who throws away half a gyro.

especially a tasty one

Sometimes you get too much, even when it's tasty.

Happens all the time in movies too.

>character orders food or drink
>dialogue scene
>character leaves without eating or drinking their stuff

specially on a paramedic's salary

That's generally because of multiple takes.
If you make a 80 pound actress eat one meal five times she's going to be pissed.

Maybe not half, but I throw away leftover food all the time. Especially gyros, shit's so filling.

This the guy who made the Omega Men vid? And spams his shit on Cred Forums?

brandon, go do a moebius homage

He promoted on Cred Forums asking for advice, just before it kicked off into popularity.

I like his analysises. They're informative, and helped me better appreciate artists.

But yeah, I liked this. Pretty much hit why I liked the issue -- and why I didn't understand the hate it got on Cred Forums. This is one of the few books in recent memory that I instantly wanted to re-read to get a better understanding of (Moore's Providence being the other).

That, along with the loose/weird style it uses, is pretty great and is a welcome addition to the fairly monotonous landscape of modern comics.

That panel really triggered me. He could've at least saved it for later!

Fuck off trying to shill you're videos faggot

Still need to read Morrison's DP...

You should probably get on that.

I don't think brandon is allowed to shitpost about YA, since stokoe's gf is doing the art on Shade

>being this triggered
He's Cred Forums approved, go get triggered in MCU vs DCEU faggotry threads.

Providence is so good! It's nearly over now though, right?

Do it.

Two more issues. Next one in November and the last one sometime in 2017, probably January.

Dang I didn't realize that was his gf, she's a qt. Also time to tell her on twitter to make him finish Orc Stain