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first for best girl

>no replacements

fucking cunts



>Revi with nails
>painted ones


fucking Pokkle is the luckiest shit in the world for passing



Do you think there is much R63 art of Kurapika? He would make a legit cute girl


>make sure you keep your card safe because it in no way identifies itself as your card unlike every other institution conceivable

should have gotten the warranty motherfucker

Reminder that new seasons of The Simpsons™, Family Guy™, Bob's Burgers™, The Last Man on Earth™, and newcomer Son of Zorn™ all premiere tomorrow on FOX™©! The season premiere of The Simpsons™ will include a special couch gag based on hit-show Adventure Time™ with an intro sung by show creator Pendleton Ward™!

Check your local listings.

If the benefits of the hunter license don't transfer, why would anybody ever buy the card off of someone else?


She's also a magical girl.

So you could literally be a Hunter hunter, killing hunters for their hunter cards

How can you not protect a card after going through a life or death trial?

If it identified you, you couldn't sell it for enough money to last 7 lifetimes

but then he dies doe

>That arrow kid

So his brothers are dead

11:30 DBZ Kai 87 (of 159)(Ongoing series)
12:00 One-Punch Man 10 (out of 12)
12:30 Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 15 (out of 25)
1:00 Hunter X Hunter 21 (out of 148)
1:30 Naruto Shitpuden 128 (of ∞)(Ongoing series)
2:00 One Piece 362 (of ∞)(Ongoing series)
2:30 Parasyte -the maxim- 21 (out of 24)
Week 227 of Toonami
JOJO:BA Replacing OPM
Toonami going back to 12 oct 1st
Parasyte finishing its run till 4:30 on oct 1st

DBZ Kai: 73 more weeks
One Punch Man: 2 more weeks
Gundum:IBO: 12 more weeks
Hunter X Hunter: 128 more weeks
Naruto Shippuden:--
One Piece: --
Parasyte -the maxim-: 1 more week

>Ratings for 9/17
11:30 DBZ:Kai: 1,267,000
12:00 One Punch Man: 1,203,000
12:30 Gundum:IBO: 916,000
1:00 HxH: 826,000
1:30 Naruto Shitpuddin: 848,000
2:00 One Piece: 701,000
2:30 Parasyte: 599,000

Constant selling cycle

got any more?

Hunter Licenses sound like the coolest shit.

What kind of organization is this Hunter thing, how can they have so many privileges?

Who's paying for the advantages hunters get? Taxes?


somehow I'm more interested in this family of edgy assassins than any of the siblings in gundam

Because they do transfer, It only means anything to be the bearer. Apparently the hunter organization doesn't keep track of who it accepts.

Goddamit Misty.

Think of it as an ongoing refresher course in being the kind of badass they want being a Hunter. If you get poached for your card, clearly you were not worthy.


The license are worth a lot of money so they can be good expensive collectibles.

because only hunters know this, and anyone who isn't a hunter just thinks its fucking propaganda to avoid getting it stolen


He's better as a boy

Reminder that best boy is coming

You think common places are gonna check that?

Also increased scarcity makes yours more valuable.

...isn't that literally the title and point of the show?

They are responsible for finding
-Rare wildlife
-Rare artifacts
-Sensitive Information
And other shit

>simpsons STILL GOING

It's a card that let's you do almost anything with no repercussions. Why the hell would you risk losing it, you run the risk of getting robbed more than losing it.

High risk should have high rewards.

Leeorio does as well doesn't he. That or he's secretly super strong or something.


Proper Jojo villain tiers

-Valentine Tier-
>Funny Valentine

-DIO Tier- fun fact:Dio is Italian for god
>Yoshikage Kira

-Great Tier-
>Enrico Pucci

-Good Tier-

No x No

This is the last time Pokkle will ever see Gon.

I hate this world

Didn't they say that was one thing explicitly banned?

Maybe. They do serve police and military functions.

it's the title

So far though, it's just been about Gon trying to be a hunter

So the people of HunterXHunter think the world is flat, right?

No, they even say that if you wanted you could murder all the instructors after the exam was over and you wouldn't lose your license

Could Saitama defeat the Squidbillies?

That chin

She can slut her self up all she wants.

Truly. This election really has brought out the worst in everyone.

maybe it is in their world

blew your mind

so is there a timeskip where Killua gets his license next year right after they find him?

alright, enough thicc. time for boys.

I really can't stand this shounen shit

He's alive with Kurapika and both have returned to star in the newest arc.
Gon and Killua for once don't look like they'll be present for it.
but lol Hiatus

best femboy

Seriously... literal fluid druid.

Though, I think that was the lowest point even for that show.
A squad of fucks who are specialized in taking down IA-users... job like no ones ever jobbed before.

lol his arm is all fucked up

Essentially, yes.


Drank too much, need sleeps
Good luck to everyone going for gold
Goodnight CRA, namefags, and all you anons


>if you wanted you could murder all the instructors after the exam was over and you wouldn't lose your license
that's near impossible.

>Oh, it's broken.

Leorio spends the rest of the series in medical school and only comes back for the election arc

I don't know if its due to Togashi or Madhouse's pacing, but I find it very easy to look at HunterXHunter so far as one cohesive story so far rather than one that can be chunked into arcs.


>1 in 5 loose their card in a year

Taking bets now.
I'm sure nobody else ever shows up again.

goodnight senpai

hisoka wants to tap dat ass

>Hisoka can smell someone going after his bitch



It's better than these insufferable waifu fags.


What's Clownman's game with Go--

>I know your tastes
>plucking ripe fruit


>that's my shota bitch

oh god creepy clown man

Wow, Hisoka's an actual pedoclown, huh.

The better Araki got at art, the more his ability to draw muscular men faded. He fucking draws DIO like Giorno.

yeah, its broken.

Could they make Hisoka even more pedophile sounding?

What nation are they affiliated?
How can they keep neutral?

sure, but it's legal

Part 1 Dio belongs in Valentine tier

>two homos arguing over a boy toy

so does Hisoka ever rape them or does he go Vegeta and become their jobber friend?

>He's my fuck boi bitch.

Well, it may as well be flat as far as the average citizen is concerned.

Hisoka is so damn thirsty

>I know your tastes
He's a pedo?

Much much much much later something like that happens.
Zoldycks don't need the licenses really, and he has Gon should he need the actual hunter services.

Hisoka literally getting a boner

Ah so he gets a write out. That's disappointing.


Night, my dude

Yep. And I've also never been more disgusted with every option I have to vote for.

>Creepy Clown fucker getting defensive over someone threatening his shota


It's gotta be Gon.
Seems like a thing his type of protag would do.

You are wrong.
Pockle shows up MUCH MUCH later.

Hisoka came

ash should had hit it once

>That face.

I accept this addendum to my tier list.

God it makes me mad I'll never see Valentine animated outside of the games.


well technically Pokkel

>Hanzo's ninja business cards

saturdaily reminder that KLK is fucking shit


Whatever happened to that chemist chick who was in the snake cave?

>what am I gonna do next?

Die like a bitch, and get his brain probed.

>Travel the world
>Discover new species
Look out for ants


Were those ninja info cards

So how big is their fucking world



>gay clown doesn't want any funny business
there's some irony there

This nigga aint never seen a laptop

This tablet bullshit is nothing compared to a good deck of ninja info cards.

I remember in the original series, a woman with a sniper rifle made it to the Zevil Island elimination stage.

I wonder why they decided to remove her.

Ninja Info Cards?

hunter info cards



Does this look like a face that'll be your friend?

>A Tablet is advanced for these people

Just wait user, in 10 years or so we'll be watching Johnny and Gyro sing about mozzarella with our children.

Someone who's read the manga tell me what the fuck's up with his dad!

It's hard to explain.

>Implying these fucks know how to use a computer.

Part 1 Dio is Griffith levels of hateable; it's wonderful.

And that was the last Gon ever saw of Pokkle.

Hey, it ain't anime without anachronism.

That kid feels like a dead man.

Were those literally Ninja Info Cards?

>Says the adept still running MSDOS

You've got no high ground to stand on harping on like a faggot about "lol u still at it u so mad lol" when you manage to reply every single time because you can't stand to look bad when someone calls you out. If anyone other than me bothered to feed you replies everyone would be explaining it has nothing to do with whether or not you managed to catch a split quarter second of legal lolibutt. You're a very dumb person.


One of those 5 does lose their card...

Hopefully not that actually big, because the horror of being that miniscule is ridiculous

He's one of the top Hunters in the world, super strong. Also a total asshole. I don't mean that in a meme way, he's a piece of shit.

No, Pokkle. Don't do that. That's lame. Become a treasure hunter, or something.

So they said Hunters get 95% of basically everything at no cost, correct?

And Leorio's shtick was "I need dosh to make medicine", so...Canada-level universal health care when?


He eventually meets him.
He's a piece of shit.

So what's Hisoka's end game? Is he going to pop Gon's cherry when he gets older?

He's a deadbeat piece of shit.

This Poko has a good brain on him. I hope he nakedly exposes it in the future.

Hunter x Hunter was started in 1998, I'm not sure how common laptops and tablets were back then.

Illumi killed her in this adaption too.

it was made in the 90s.

>Email address
Damn shounen and their jumbled-up technological status

she was here for like a second before Illuim killed her

Oh wow, we were right all the way back in episode one.

>waiting until it ripens

>It may as well be ancient Greece
>But they have scanners and computers and the internet

He's a hunter and does cool shit but a real douchbag and worst parent ever.

So Gon's dad is named Gene Freaks?


It makes sense why he's a shitheel though. The relationship he has in part 1 is very interesting. Arguably the most intriguing thing about a generic and forgettable arc/start.

oh okay

i want to get a blowjob from Gon

Instead of leaving ruins be and letting history stay history he went through the trouble of interfering with and restoring them. Whatever that means.

He's one of those "I only pursue worthy opponents" fighters at his core. There's other personal rules in his code but that's ultimately what his fixation on Gon is about. He sees potential in him for a truly exquisite fight once he's ready.

>when he gets older

Not the first time we've seen one, there was that fat kid that lost at the first phase who's whole shtick was a laptop.

Like an indifferent piece of shit or just an asshole


what a fucking freak amirite

So what exactly does a Hunter do?

does Hanzo and Arrow kid do anything else beyond this?

He's urameshi
But honestly he's an asshole. When gon is in critical condition after after the CA arc he choices not to see him and Leorio warp punches him for saying something along the lines of, "If he wants me to see him, he'll come get me himself."

I'm not the one continuously dragging this into new threads, but okay.

It's spelled Ging Freecss

It's spelled Ging, I didn't figure the first G was pronounced that way.

Whatever the fuck they want.


Indifferent. He's not a bad guy, but he's literally Goku-tier of being a dad.
A man of his level really shouldn't be around kids, to be honest.


also makes part 3 DIO a shame imo

Laptops weren't that common, more used in business settings back then.

Haha, Togashi dog!


killua only has a one day head start on them right?


Ging Freeces.

I have a mental image built up that he's really short.
Please tell me he's really short.

>People being surprised by computers in HunterXHunter

Not as bad as computers in Naruto

>its a "hicks discover the internet" episode.

The arrow guy accomplishes a lot later and he lives a nice long life :^)

Remind me who they're chasing after? That white haired kid?

>that midi sounding whistly OP tune

Sounded like some JRPG town music.


So does gin ever see his mom again?

>Gon is going to Africa

oh shit don't forget to get your dozen vaccines

They're Japanese Bounty Hunters.

He's about as good a dad as Goku, but also a bit less of a good person.

So is this just another generic action anime with a SOL focus?
Why is this shit so popular?

Wasn't that his aunt?

>Do you realize how far the airport is?
>>Well gee Leorio, do you remember that time recently we ran 80 km?

>these flashbacks

1st arc officially over?

They're basically the adventurers of this world. so literally fucking anything.

become a mafia bodyguard, a monster hunter, play card games, any fucking thing.

Nope he's normal sized.

He's not really tall, more average. He's like if Gon grew up and had a scruffy beard and wore a turban all the time for some reason.

So does this mark the hunter exam arc to finally be over?

What the fuck? Is that really the end of the episode? What the fuck even happened?

Couldn't they have resolved the "We need to find Killua" dilemma in like 10 minutes?

He's immune to most things, remember?

They hunt...things?

I'd forgotten that her top is sheer so you can see nips.

So, they follow up on personal grudges for free, and have feather pubes?

Not really. Average.

I missed it

what was it?

Was she? Do they ever meet again?

A man can dream, user.

I just want my heart to be filled with Justice!

>its a flashback episode
>dbz was filler
>opm was filler
>ibo was mildly interesting for the time time in weeks
>hxh was a flashback episode

At somepoint Gon gets something that tells him how to find his dad. on that thing he also lets him know about how to find his mom but Gon didn't care enough and then the info erased itself after a few seconds

any decent lewd art of that green haired chick?

apparently not

You need a license for that?

A certified mafia bodyguard who can go anywhere he wants legally?

Like 90% of public services, such as mass transit and parks. Private services you'll probably get sweetheart deals on, like they said with the banks, but you still have to pay cash.

Gon doesn't care about his mom


Yeah after the training arc, he goes back to she her.

then what's the point of an assassin

>hunter exam isnt over


Hunter Exam arc: Finished

Are you new to shounen anime?

>shitty jap metal music

it was the wrap up for the arc, they had to say what every passing hunter is going to go do now

>The real exam isn't over.

wtf does that mean? Or is it a dumbass metaphore or something?

Pic related?

Aunt (and grandmother) and yes, but like two arcs from now.

>he doesn't know the entire flashback arc

You're the one keeping it going. If you wanted it to end you would have shut the fuck up by now, you're clearly just an argumentative passive-aggressive cock.

>the real hunter exam isn't over yet

Do they have to do one of those no-pants inspection days like at school?
You know, like we all had to do.

The togoshi dog in the taxi.

If you saw this promo on TV live, you are officially bro-tier.

>The real hunter exam isnt over yet
Well fuck. Is that why they said so many hunters misplace their cards? They arent actually losing them, theyre getting them revoked



PARASYTE -the metal-

I checked the wiki. We're out of Arc 1. Next Arc (Zoldyck Family) lasts five episodes.

>explained full detail of licenses
>told you about Gon's dad a bit more
>showed them using the licenses, Ging's THAT much of a big shot
>know where to find Killua and are heading off
>shock the hunter exam isn't over (it is)
Not a bad episode.


>"The real hunter exam isn't over"
Oh fucking joy

Yes and no.
The Exam arc is over and this is Killua's family arc, but the exam has basically a part 2 after getting the license where they have to learn nen

>hxh was a flashback episode
No it wasn't.

Assassins don't have the luxury or having infinite money and easy access to 75% or the world

>a monster hunter

>opm was filler


>spoiling Boros's voice
Damn it Toonami.

Creme Fraiche?

Keep watching. You'll find out in about two months, but:

You truly pass the Hunter Exam when you learn to use powers.

>the real hunter exam isn't over yet

>Gon and friends land in not-Africa
>a team of examiners is there to greet them
>"Now the REAL hunter exam begins!"

Can't wait.

Does he ever find his real mom

Agreed. No idea why his arc 3 appearance is so highly touted. He's not that great in it at all and does the generic "Well I'll sit here and throw everyone at my enemies one at a time." He's pretty forgettable.
In arc 1 they push and pull off each other.

Also Hol is best villain in arc 3.

Best character outside of Joseph.

If she was just slightly less of a high and mighty "MUH SOBSTORY" cunt she'd be my operator-fu.


It's another tournament arc

Yep, now we have to go visit Killua's house and convince his parents to let him come out and play.

>ywn see Kurapika at Penis Inspection Day

At least OPM had buildup, fucking Mr. Satan's antics pushed best fight back a week. I demand the driving episode if they're gonna leave in Satan's jobbing squad.

I didnt get that feeling this week, other than GigaNigga giving me a smile and peoples reaction to him.

mostly meh

>Hunter exams done
>next they're going to "rescue" Kilowa
>long road ahead of them

This sounds familiar.

Why do the have e-mail addresses in Hunter x Hunter? Wasn't it written in 1992?

They got provisional licenses, but the full license is only given to Hunters who pass the second qualification that's only done to those who pass the exam.

the second part is learning Nen, the power system of HxH. It's incredibly difficult and those who master it can potentially become super dangerous, that's why they weed out 99% of the people who want to become Hunters before giving them the real challenge of learning Nen

Yes, exactly.

They're too pussy to be Hunters.

welp, naruto is so i guess that means its time for waifu posting

PLEASE tell me there is porn or at least suggestive art of that greenhair gourmet examiner girl

Well, all the shows even worth sitting through are done. See ya next week, Toonami General!

Cute shota and fag baiting

The flashback/recap episode isn't until after the Zoldyck arc and it's the last one

the real world is the real exam

better brush up on your street smarts nigga

>"The real hunter exam isn't over"
wel fug


Disappointing was Part 3 DIO, even though he was the main antagonist he didn't feel like one.

His appearance to Polnareff is almost entirely based on nostalgia for Part 1, but then you realize this is the first time he's directly acted in Part 3 and it's almost over because of it.

Shame considering Part 3 had the D'Arby Brothers, Hol Horse and a whole host of more interesting villains.

It's to DIO's credit though that he is still menacing when he finally does appear, even though he is far more interesting in Part 1.

Its not what you are expecting by a long shot and its like 2 arcs away.

>loud house promo


Just for being old? Your criteria seems a bit flawed.

>flashback episode
Do you just shitpost without knowing anything you're talking about?

No and probably never will with the constant Hiatus

what did he mean by that?

i actually have it saved to my phone and listen to it regularly

Is that an actual moderated exam though, or is it just a challenge that hunters have to overcome after becoming hunters?

Couldn't a hunter just NOT learn it? They've already got the license and can do mostly what they want.

Fuuuuck. Don't remind me how old I am now.

says the guy shitposting

guess it explains why everyone "loses" their cards within a year

They can do anything that would normally be considered illegal had they not have a card to prove they can do it

Do you even know what filler means?

Loud House a shit

Oh rite here baby.

Also, second-best villain coming through.

No. And he has no intention to look for her. As far as he's concerned Mito IS his mom.

Time for Nardo and Susky

At least kilowa isnt an edgy cunt (personality wise, not character design)

It's Moderated sort of.
They have teacher/examiners that teach them about nen.
See for a better explaination

>he didn't have an email address in 1992

Nigger give it a rest.

can we get a duke nukem anime


So now that the watchable shits done I got to say that was one good godamn tribute


Kurapika > Killua and Gon

>Best character outside of Joseph


I like you.

no weakness

> Gila Monster summon

That's way cooler than a frog or snake.

Im curious about these hunters and Hunter cards.
If it gets destroyed or damaged.... Cant they laminate them and still be valid? Know you cant do that with your Social security card.

>every anime has a ninja named Hanzo

Tsunade's an adult here and she's still flat.

When does she become a titty monster?

soimething to pad out the series in one form or another whilst keeping the action/meat panned out just enough for people to want more


orochimaru looks like Michael Jackson

Well actually that's because losing it is just common. Most applicants who can pass the first part of the exam are strong enough to learn Nen, it's a very effective exam. In fact every applicant from Gon's group learns Nen, even Killua who technically didn't pass, but does later in the series.

Hanzo was pretty cool

time for the origin of Pein


A naruto episode without a lot of naruto

welp time pain



Wake me when One Piece is on.


>this naruto plot

>every anime has a ninja named after the most famous ninja in real life history
you don't say


You would think I'd have seen this image before.

Preview. I wanted to wait until next week to complain about how it isn't as good as the original.

probably means it'll be a good episode

who thought opened toed boots were a good idea

I always liked Hanzo. He was one of the few ninjas that acted like ninjas.

>Wait shit. NO. I didn't want to give all you little faggots f- fuck.

100% right

Calm your autism, Orochimaru.

>should I kill them

Absolute madman.

>40 weeks to go

>every anime has a kabuto


Well i just have to say one things about HxH

the fact that every character Gon has ever met in the series went to visit him when he was in that Nen coma was fucking ace. felt good seeing how everyone cares about him

>shall I kill them?
careful with that edge

Orochimaru probably should have killed them

One would easily argue he is the worst ninja in history then.

it hurts

mmmmmmm. Pre milf Tsunade. hnnnnnnnnnn

it's clearly Prince

How should we bring peace to our world?

>it's an old man befriends a group of orphan boys and lures them into a shack episode



i'm fairly certain when she gets older her tits sag, so when she uses that magic thing where she looks younger her sag boobs get more firm and slightly bigger each time

>What's your problem?
>T-thinkin' 'bout muh family...

It sure sucks to live in ninja Belgium

>teaching your village's secret ninja techniques with random orphans

Oh pervy sage...

It's such a big weak point that I'm not even sure if they really want to be ninjas

Hey, it's time for Deep Space Radio!

First up we have a fan favorite, as well as a favorite of your hosts here at Deep Space Radio, Viva Namida by Yasuyuki Okamura, more well known as the opening theme of the one and only Space Dandy!
I'm going to give it to you folks straight-up, but there's two things that really get me going when it comes to music: a diverse horn section with emphasis on brass, and a real funky bass guitar. This absolutely delivers the latter, particularly in the interlude in the middle where it's all but a bass guitar solo. There's some great bass work in this song, and it's so, so groovy, baby. The chorus brings everything up after the guitar's got you getting down, and makes your spirits soar, man. It's a real piece of work, and was one of my favorite things about Space Dandy.

To all of you who missed it airing, you owe it to yourself to give this video a watch - it's the full music video to the song, and boy was it hard to find! You might not get another chance if it keeps getting taken down.

(The video I found was triggering the spam filters, I'm so sorry I can't point you to it)

patrician taste

>tfw if nagato died none of the future events would've happened


I love these.

Wait so who are these little shits?

Is the orange-hair guy Pain? Who are the others?


next week i get my waifu.

gotta fap4her!


bring pain

Mutually assured destruction

Cannot untink or unsee.

Kill Donald Trumps

They came prepacked in the standard ninja trio

>Quiet kid.
>Girl Kid.
>Loud Kid.

and bitches


Why the hell do these kids sound like fucking grown adults

How did Madara do this?

No, filler is non-canon material added in adaptations to delay catching up to the source. Even by your definition that OPM episode didn't pad out anything. It introduced the members of S class and set up the next major villain.


music vid time

>omg! He has spiral energy!

Kill Donald Trump's what?

Who's house are they in?
How long has Jiraiya been ignoring the mission?

Why couldn't there be a ninja who travels to different villages, trading learning skills in return for protecting the village for a while?

Who was fujitora based off of?
Holy fuck that is like a 16 year old pic. What a rarity.


Jiraiya, too old the boy is
much fear I sense in him
Training, I forbid

this flashback was aired out of order from when it happened in the manga, it makes more sense after the first Pein fight

>gucci mane
im ok with this

That whole thing put us back a bit, folks, sorry it didn't work. Moving on...
Next up is another personal favorite of mine, Bad Dog No Biscuits from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. The Seatbelts really kill it on this track, with a frantic horn section that slowly crystalizes into a melody, and then it shifts into a solid rhythm. This one's more jazz than funk if you ask me, but it's got a good groove and the horn section's top notch.

Geez we're already at the music video break? I didn't think I took that long...


God dammit Demarco

Oh great more #black lives matter shit from Demarco

What the fuck



what is this nignog shit


>this commentary

oh boy here we go

>nigga noise
Oh boy

I want to rub my face in his crotch!

music video time


Who comes up with these trashy music videos?

Get rid of MTV.

>Gucci Mane

he let nagato carry his rennigan til it was time to bring him back to life

I hate that clicky synth noise in the background. It makes me fee like I'm surrounded by marijuana and poverty.

Most of the memes about ninja were invented in the 60s. Ironically ninja were far more loyal and honorable than most of the samurai contemporary with them. In fact that's why Hattori Hanzo is so famous, because of his unflinching loyalty to Tokugawa Ieyasu even in the face of death.

why have the music videos been garbage lately?

i feel like id be a lot more invested in this show if he was actually a girl

If u don't respek this u a white nerd

I hope this music video won't turn the thread into a Cred Forums thread

This is why little boys are always voiced by women or actual boys. Grown men generally can't pull off a child's voice.

>nog music

Something, something Zetsus


wtf am I listening to

>not Ragyo

go to bed, death gun of not


Music is shit here have some Amon Tobin

2 chain

No one knew who he was until he put on the ice cream

>someone thought the animation for this was fine
>in the near late year of 2016



This is remarkably Galo Sengen-esque

Name 1 good music video DeMarco had aired

What did we do to deserve this, DeMarco?

>Leave for a second
>Coonery sneaks in
Damn, you can't relax around these people/

...Did Cred Forums make this MV?

This is the best music video ever made

Zone 6

>It's music video time!
>generic nigga ghetto shit, not even good rap
>worse ironically bad video

DeMarco has really terrible taste in music.

CQCbro got any thicc request?


This nigga sucks.

Jokes on you. I downloaded the whole video in HD when space dandy was playing

What is this trash sounds

DeMarco has absolute shit taste in music


Dats rayseeuhst


last one did

Fuck off namefag trash

Or maybe I have decent taste in music.


Better than Problem Solverz

>Cred Forums
>not Cred Forums
pick one

Also one of them has special eyes, so you know they're protagonist material.

THis is pro shooting nignog right? feels like its okay.

the High on Fire one was good

godbless user

This is pretty shit


I prefer Ryoko (ideally mind broken mode) and Ragyo but I can't say no to that figure.

I can't wait for this shit. Please don't disappoint me dub team.

You guys are so white shut the hell up
Maybe not quite funky, but certainly energetic, Through The Night is the opening song for Outlaw Star, a classic Toonami show that we haven't seen in too long. I don't usually go for songs that have synthesized horns, but this is a bit of an exception. It's all in the execution, and this has a cool sassy sound to it that sounds like it comes from a big Vegas casino, or at least a casino-themed Sonic the Hedgehog level, which is just as good.

This funky rock song is a good representation of the time it came from, as was the show it accompanied. It was a solid compliment to the likes of Cowboy Bebop and Big O, but has recieved far less replay on the block.

Of some added interest, while we're there, try this, one of the old Toonami videos, Broken Promises [Dreams]:
Not funky, but a good smooth goove to chill, and it holds a special place in our hearts. Don't fear failure.

Wouldn't happen to feel like sharing would you?


shit, its all shit.

Not gonna lie, that was pretty awesome

i didnt hate the K.flay one

I am dutifully resisting the urge to hate speak at this very moment. Just know that I think everyone who was involved in the production of this video, and anything like it, would do the world a favor if they an heroed.

They put as much effort into it as the "artist" did into the "music."

>titmouse animated that
>they could have been animating new episodes of Venture Bros


Probably will. There are way too many fucking idiots in these threads these days.

After the metal video I had high hopes but I guess that was a flash in the pan.
This guy gets it.

moolies have been contemptible long since before Cred Forums my man

Well, glad my TV was muted for pretty much all of that.

not all of Cred Forums believe in Cred Forums's ideologies.

Fuck off, Gucci


>Gucci mane stood sand by watching Adult swim in prison
>including toonami

I wonder what shows he likes the most.

>Super Jail animation
I would be mad but I jerk off to animated asses so I enjoyed it on mute.

I like jinx.

Always stick it in crazy right? or is it DONT stick it????

The video was terrible, how come that shitty metal song got such a good animation.

too late

Out of the Black by Royal Blood and Rattle that Lock by David Gilmour.

Why would you put poptarts in soda?

it really is beyond parody isnt it

The one with the biker

Kill yourself. Cred Forums is an anime forum.


Shut up, nigger.

That metal video had fucking commercials for it. shit. it even had higher ratings than naruto. OP and parasyte.

hey /toonami/ does a complete series box of Megas exist?

i'm blak and yo shit is gank

>Naruto's based ops get cut for this.

There was one by This Will Destroy You called "New Topia". It was one of the most mesmerizing things I've ever seen and aired in February last year. I still have it saved.

I got your one piece right here.

The one with the animals fucking

Don't you need music in a music video?

I'm black and I hated that.

The people who feel the need to shit on every music video are the same type of people who are still offended that Adult Swim has live action shows.

What would they animate? Jack and Doc's goofy half baked ideas?

I read that as Fire on High at first. Should've know better than to expect DeMarco to do something cool for once.

That was my favorite one, especially music-wise. Went out and got that song a week after that or so and put it on my driving playlist to go to a con. Shit's good.

Also that one that had Outkast and they were aliens on a cake or some shit, i dont remmeber it wasl ike February or some shit.


Rattle That Lock was top tier

>Toonami has been kind-of-ok-tier
>Charlotte not going full level 3 because nat guard are there and their state gov said they'd revoke welfare/ foodstam[/ etc rights for life for any caught rioters
Can't win every night I guess.

Joseph is best JoJo because he managed to be completely BASED in two Parts and evoked feels in Part 4.

Fun fact: Batou's English VA voices Old Joseph. Get hype.

she makes my dick go doki doki

People who animate their music videos:
>heavy metal
>experimental hipsters
>techno trance

The chances of it being decent is pretty slim

>cut half of Toonami for a music video block
there. I saved Toonami

>That Ska in the middle
Impeccable taste, my friend

How are the nieces and nephews, Thomas?

>He took the bait

Toonami has to be aware of how lame Naruto is at time when they use clips like that for the bumps.

I'm not gay, I swear... but I would go gay for Kurapika.

Lore dump time

So what's the difference between the shitting gong eyes and the hypno eyes?

well why the fuck not

>want to spend the night with the bros
>used to usual sporadic black hate
>gucci mane
>all of the whites agrily post about how much they hate us

I just want to make fun a naruto

i dunno. maybe Misato?

>Who was fujitora based off of?

Shintaro Katsu, known for his role in the Zaotoichi series as the blind swordsman.
Next up is a bit different, too. The opening to RE: Cutey Honey is more akin to disco, but it's full of funky spirit. The whole show is like that, very jazzy, very funky. Not top of the line musically, but it's got some solidly groovy background music. We recommend it for those of you who liked KLK, and maybe even for some of you who didn't.

>The Naruto promo where Sasuke just knocks the dude out of the tree and moves on
Puts a smile on my face every time

and it never will

No and it's a fucking travesty.

That Rap is in the 4:4 time signature
Fucking plebeian don't even know what fucking music is.

>That bump
Wait, was that the most fear jutsu?
Boko no dick punch?

I'd suck on that One Piece all night.

>state gov said they'd revoke welfare/ foodstam[/ etc rights for life for any caught rioters

oh wow really


The Death Grips one was entertaining, at least.

>Happening canceled due to sensible response.
Eh, I'll take it.

>They all die.

>implying they're wrong in shitting on Adult Swim's Live Action

>Loiter Squad was a fucking disaster? What should we do next, Mike?
>We do the same thing but with even uglier white guys.

not just Special Eyes

but THE MOST Special Eyes

There's a reason the music videos are during naruto

lighten up man, its mexicans too


Kinda felt like they were using it ironically. If not then hahaha

I watched the recent version in Netflix. I didn't like the CGI sword and blood.

They flip flop a bit.

it's not you we hate, it's gucci mane's shitty music.

They been doing good massa


tax write-off shenagins

So does Nagato's rinnegan let him literally stare people to death?

user I think the problem was the content of the music video along with the questionable music. Not the entire thing itself


>Hour and a half of music videos
Even if they reached back decades I feel like material would come up short. And then there's paying for it.


It's not gay if he's a girl

This is my OC guys, his name is PAIN and he has the MOST SPECIAL EYES taht are like the SHANRINGANGS but more specialer and they have more powers and can do evn more stuff!!

Really knocking it out of the park tonight, buddy. Thanks so much.

So who has THE most special eyes in Naruto?

You have shit taste Demarco.
You have the shittiest taste possible.

Why is Obito Nagato?


>not going gay for all cute boys

Not all of us.


Probably the final boss, who originated the whole eye power thing.

how does that work? like, does nobody control the megas rights anymore? is it public domain?

>she made an origami flower that one time
>let's make her an expert paper ninja

Love the black and red trench coat and piercings.


There's another. A character Oda designed to be a potential new admiral, but she didn't make the cut. She's based on Michiyo Kogure.

They start merging the different kinds towards the end

yes thats great Pain. HOWEVER.

Boy, it sure does rain a lot where they are.


>three years
>rains nonstop
Pretty sure the world would've flooded by then. And wherr do they their food?

a lot of fan service in that OP


>Light more photographers on fire


I'm not too familiar with jojo, but I know in early parts there's something with sunshine magic before stands. Does he ever use a stand plus his magic? That would be OP as hell


Sasuke and his sharinnegan

Thanks for the future 7 day ban mods. It was worth it to inform people.

Why wouldn't Jiraiya keep training Nagato? Isn't he under the impression that Nagato's the prophecized apprentice?

Florida fag, here I believe it, also the country they're fighting in is called the land of rain

Well it is the land hidden in the rain



>The season premiere of The Simpsons™ will include a special couch gag based on hit-show Adventure Time™

Oh my God it's real.
The question is, why?

Because he's a dumbshit.

nice opinion


He does. His Stand isn't really meant to be a combat Stand. Hermit Purple manifests as purple-pink thorns that he can use to grasp things and swing like Spider-Man from poles. He mostly uses it for long-distance "spirit photos" that are used to find people and require breaking a Polaroid camera or using a TV in order to work. Pic related is him using Hamon ("The Ripple"), the sunshine magic thingy that works via breathing in conjunction with his Stand. Hamon is never used again after Part 3 though, and he is most likely the last serious Hamon user in the world. Stands completely replace it, which is good cuz they're way more interesting.

>that baby bump