Is he right, Cred Forums ?

Is he right, Cred Forums ?

I'm gay


The costume is pretty ridiculous.
Like if a Lilo costume came with brown sleeves and leggings.

No, he isn't

I would think that anybody taking an interest in someone else's culture should be seen as a positive thing, but then again we live in a time where some people think it is racist to eat cuisine from culture's that aren't your own, so, meh.

I'm more shocked that Disney's merch department actually put that out thinking anybody would buy it.

How the fuck else would the kid cover himself in tattoos?

well lilo isn't covered in tattoos.

It's not an islander costume
It's a costume of AN islander, singular.
Culture can not be defined by a single person, unless that person is Steve Irwin.
So basic bitches are just basically bitching.


When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun.

I'm white it's illegal for me to have opinions.

The way a real man covers himself in tattoos!

>we live in a time where some people think it is racist to eat cuisine from culture's that aren't your own

Lilo didn't have tattoos, which is THE defining trait of this character. Additionally, lilo's costume never bordered indecent exposure

Sleeves and leggings are necessary for the costume to work and you're a mouth breather devoid of critical thought.

first Euope, then in the US pretty soon

I was fine for Polynesian kids to buy and wear this, where the problem was is that white mothers would ignorantly buy it for their white kids.

White people ruin everything before they even get a chance to.

Gotta admit you had me convinced until you decided to insult me.
How am I the one devoid of critical thought?

Many being a number between two and 9? Yes. I can see that.

I'm more surprised that people aren't taking offense at the obvious insult to the Eagle race.

Nobody really thinks that. All this shit is just cries for attention. Nobody gave a shit about islanders before so now that Disney has given them a movie they have a chance to whine and moan about everything and pretend like people actually give a damn about them. Of course to do that you need to make sure you can instill a healthy dose of white guilt. Otherwise you're just going to be irrelevant again in 6 months.

I look forward to a generation of kids who grow up with no curiosity for other cultures and become wildly disenfranchised with their ways.

It makes the FINAL SOLUTION much easier to carry out.

They could have made it like a transparent mesh with the tattoo overlay? People probably would have still been upset though.
Oh well, at least Moana's doll is cute. All the merch surrounding her looks great, it's Maui that seems to be screwed up

>nerdy person of color
>black guy stealing white technology and culture to whine things no one cares about

You stopped at the similarities between moana and lilo, but never evaluated the differences. Half a thought is just that. Mouth breather.

>They could have made it like a transparent mesh with the tattoo overlay? People probably would have still been upset though.
Naked children.

They would have called it cultural appropriation and whitewashing.

This whole philosophy for these people revolves around segregation and forced de-integration.

It's fascinating that they find that to be a solution to social problems, more division.


Fucking liar

nah, he's a faggot looking to signal to other faggots about how righteous and pure he is

The Axis should have won WWII.

>the Smithsonial LITERALLY just opened a seperate museum for black people
>the government is slowly reintroducing segregation
>the very people this is meant to hurt are applauding it like idiots
>an entire building to separate blacks from the rest of the population

the road to hell is paved with good intentions

>They could have made it like a transparent mesh with the tattoo overlay?
That would look terrible. Although my first thought was clear plastic sheet suit with tattoos painted on which would be hilariously bad.

I wonder if disney will even bother with lore from other countries outside of the first world after this.

>Naked children.
Disney clearly is cool with that now.

> pretending segregation is a bad thing

It's a step in the right direction from what we have now

Hope they begin protesting interracial marriage next

Is the internet the biggest mistake in human history?

What a fucking slut.

The people that will suffer from this are the ones asking for it, thinking that it's everyone else who will suffer from it.

It's like watching an entire group of people selectively work to stick a giant fork in an electric socket.

I would say that it is understandable for people to be upset, but this is a costume of a specific character who represents some aspects of a culture. It is not offensive in and of itself. I would say it is less offensive then the standard mexican poncho moustache costume, and even then there is limited outrage you are allowed to have when complaining about it because it's just a fucking costume. Whether what a person says/does in said costume is up for discussion though.

Moana is not for sexual

We'll know for sure in 2 months once trump is elected.

No, ill wear anykind of fucking ulture i want. I shouldnt be held down by some bullshit PC anchor that prevents me from using some forgotten aspect of a watermelon fucking culture as art.
>t.a minority

I'm sure he's just fine with an leather hide costume, war paint and an Indian head dress though. Naw, this guy is a cunt, and so are you op for making this thread. How is this at all Cred Forums? Take your faggot ass to Cred Forums where your kind belong

This is the same shit that happened after princess and the frog and they still went back to the well. The only thing Disney gives a shit about is whether or not this makes money. Hell if they make enough money they'll go back to blackface and jive talking crows.


Good, fuck them. I hope nothing is done about black on black crime either. Let them kill themselves off. Fucking worthless sub humans.

People have had retarded opinions for as long as opinions have existed.

In fact, the very first opinion held by a species with mental ability required to form an opinion was probably something retarded like "Spider-Australopithicus 3 was the best cave painting in the series"

>How is this at all Cred Forums?
Moana isn't live action.

-Avery Bullock

>t.a minority
Well sure, but which one? There's a privilege checking rank system you know.


Sadly, Disney's going to cave because corporations are fucking spineless and obsessed with PR.

Cred Forums isn't exclusive to live action and this topic has nothing to do with Cred Forums.

She is more for sexual than any character has ever been.

But the op is clearly not talking about the character here, at all