Korra Thread

>Yfw Korra will never bully you

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of course she would, she hates non benders

Unless you're Asami, in which case you get to sexually bully Korra.

I want her to beat me up for misbehaving

Toph would do stuff like that. Lin might too. But Korra would only beat you in non-lewd ways.

She'd blush and run away if she found out you took pleasure from it.

I'd like to bully her.


Will the drawfriend from last thread come through with that nude Korra comic?

She was never naked on the show :/

Toph likes it rough.
But Lin is for tender domination.

What does Su like?


>You will never bully Korra
Fixed that for you. Korra was made for bullying and maledom. It's why she's so muscular and sturdy, so she can handle the abuse

I am forced to question why and how a nightrobe has raised shoulderpads.

>tfw you'll never be cuffed to a bed by Lin so she can firmly but carefully teach you exactly how to please her

Which is not to say that she can't be your queen, when you're ready to take it.

>that Oboro tracing
Whatever, I still like it.


>implying Asami isn't the bottom

She married a beta so she likes to be on top

>non-benders are beta

When will this meme die?

> someone improved it further

>implying she is


Baatar Sr is a beta, whether he is a bender or not

I said it before and I'll say it again tomboy-top and femme-bottom is fresh and interesting.

We need more Adult Toph material

More mama/chief Toph. Yes!





>40 and looking so good


Good tastes, Judge.





Is this a Avatar MILF thread now?


They follow the chinese women aging process.


Anyone got some rare concepts?

This is so true. Someone post the pic.



has there ever been a Water bender that has not been a hothead

Not bad, but Firenation and Watertribes don't make good waifus.

Only the earth offers that.


The chin is her main problem.

Don't bully people with weird chins.

I can't tell what's wrong with Izumi. Lin has got a pointy chin as well but she still looks hot.

Izumi on the other hand looks kinda plain.

Was she a mass murderer?

No, just a lazy selfish cunt that only gave a shit about her own village.

What's bad about protecting your home?

That she didn't bother to protect other people's

There is a new one to add to the collection

post it

The Avatar is not supposed to be a hero, they're a spirit bridge.

Then why was Aang's most important job to kill an evil dictator?

Sequel with roleplaying and handcuffs when?

What are they looking at?

Not the same thing.
Lin is watching a cockroach scuttle along the floor.
Su seems to be addressing the person which this is a POV shot of.


Baatar Sr

Lets just assume it's an animation fuck-up. From whom should she even have inherited that huge chin. It makes no sense-

>I said it before and I'll say it again tomboy-top and femme-bottom is fresh and interesting.
Honestly, I'm so disappointed most Korrasami stuff has Asami being suave and dominant and Korra being the flustered bottom. Asami likes to snuggle and feel protected, Korra threw herself at a guy who was in a relationship with another person. There needs to be more stuff of Korra screwing Asami's brains out.


Obviously Mai.

Unfortunately her genes fucked up the perfection that were Ozai's and Ursa's

>Izumi on the other hand looks kinda plain.
Because her mom's Mai and she's not much to look at.


>tfw no auburn haired hot Fire MILF
Zuki might be a retarded last minute crackship that won't go anywhere but they would make really hot kids

She could have been such a cool character, too.

She did ok for someone that only shows up in like 8 episodes

Yogurt's difficult to eat user.

Even Azula raping him would have produced a 10/10 kid.

I guess that Bryke/Ryu didn't bother much on the design for a two episode character as they did with the rest of the older ladies.

You're fucked in the head, mate.

I really wish the production quality for Korra in terms of exposition and story was a lot better.


I like them.

it's a trench coat, probably concealing armor