Member when south park episodes were self contained and the show didn't have season long story arcs?

Member when south park episodes were self contained and the show didn't have season long story arcs?

'member when you were content to look at slowly revolving primary colours and bright lights?

will south park be the first show to mention Cred Forums?

member doin the timewarp

parker and stone are librul whyte knyghtes - they wouldn't want to endorse terrorism

'member when south park episodes were not jumbled messes

'member when Cred Forums wasn't littered with these garbage threads

Didn't that gamer gate episode of CSI mention us?

I dont 'member

not even Peperidge Farm remembers

`Member Chewbacca costume

You talking about CSI or the Law and Order Special Victims Unit episode that flooded Cred Forums with memes for months?

I member when fans wold get bored of shows when nothing changed and I member when fans got annoyed when things did change. I member nothing can bring back your childhood and nestalgia is merely fleeting.

Season 3 had 3 episodes that all took place on the same night.

OPs just just a fag.

Off the top of my head both steven universe and the second equestria girls movie beat them to it.
We are not exactly an underground website.

Do you look at edits and think they're real?

Cred Forums has been mentioned a lot already.

Also season 6 had a story arc about Kenny being trapped in Cartman's body. yeah


I don't 'member.

Mr Robot did it last year as well

They leveled up


>sell 2 used games buy 1 new

>parker and stone are librul whyte knyghtes - they wouldn't want to endorse terrorism

Actually they are more like relative apolitical contrarians that tend to mock anyone who takes anything seriously so it's really surprising they haven't mentioned Cred Forums

yeah and Cred Forums isn't a hotbed for insurrectionist malcontents - but we're all still on a gubment watchlist

You can't remember a fictional time.

The have a clear opinion and morals unlike Cred Forums.

i member

Cred Forums itself, probably not. I could see a stand-in website considering what they're doing with Gerald.

One of the characters in One Punch Man also browsed what appeared to be 2chan.

seasons 15, 16, and 17 were fucking garbage. Its a good thing they're doing this now

Are those grapes? Whatchu watching, son?


2ch appears tons in anime
it's the main plot of Durarara

Those seasons each had a few decent episodes to them, but I agree that on the whole they were not that great.
I actually really appreciate them at least trying something new with the season long story arcs. Way more effort than the other animated shows that've stayed on the air past their prime.

They have enough episodes at this point that they can really do whatever they want with the show

They DON'T have season long arcs. The fact that the last episode of last season was randomly about gun violence didn't cue you in? All the continuity bullshit is just a paper-thin facade to try and bait in the obsessive social media crowd that self-referential tripe up.

Apparently in Fractured but Whole you will be able to play as a girl, and some things will change depending on your gender.

I'm still a little confused how this will work. If you're the same kid from the last game, are you just retconned as a girl? Are people still going to call you Douchebag? Will you still have fart powers? Will the fart powers be replaced with queef powers?

Matt and Trey aren't total faggots - they know rules 1 & 2.

You will have been a girl all along. I think they are going to use "You were hiding your gender because you were in hiding" as an explanation.

You were a girl that was hiding her gender because you were in hiding. Girls can also fart. I believe the new kid will be called Butthole this game.

No, because you don't actively remember anything before three.

Mainly because it's difficult to log down who says what when.

Might as well try to parody a mainstreet café/bar's arguing fags.

was that 2chan or just a BBS board

Cleveland Show beat them too it, and I'm pretty sure that hot topic episode of Drawn Together was a nod too us

Motorcity had a direct shout-out to Cred Forums
Also the Daily Show has definitely refrenced the site in both jokes and as part of current events, if that counts

So what have I missed since dropping the show? Are alt-righters mad or something?

Well, it's South Park, so overly sensitive types on both sides are always going to be a little mad.
But so far they have been shitting on Trump way more than Hillary, which makes sense as that's how any logical, rational person would feel given that Trump is a compulsively lying douchebag retard.
But so far all you really need to know is that
1). The season has been heavily plot oriented
2). The point they're getting at and the thematic point of the season is something about our collective cultural nostalgia
3). Gerald's a shitposter

of all choices, Im glad they went with Boston

I member, but i enjoy both of them fine.

I just think they hype up all their reveals and mysteries too much. I know that's normal for the episodic seasons too but now that they're continued they do it all the time and of course it can never live up to all that build up.

Incidentally, were there any episodes where Cartman was the precieved antagonist, when the actual antag was someone else?


literally the last episode had that

I mean did you play stick of truth
has someone spoiled you on this season dude?

I think the build up only seems huge and hurts the reveal because we get the episodes one week at a time. If you watched season 19 all the way through as a binge I bet it wouldn't seem like they led anything on too long at all, and I'm sure BoJack Horseman would be excruciating if it were a weekly show
But South Park has to be released the way it is because of its production style.
I'm also positive much of the board turning on Gravity Falls was a result of this, because those were much, much, MUCH longer gaps with complete uncertainty as to when the show was returning.

Not him but ubisoft purely as a company can turn people away even if they're just a publisher. Reactions would probably be the same if it were EA or Activision.

You are, though, considering you don't know that rule only ever applied during raids.

I am, too, for knowing that shit even after all these years.

Yep. Boring. After you get the burn addon for battle, it basically plays itself. And the jokes took too long to land, deadhorsing the entire experience for me.

Now it's that, but at the crawl of Final Fantasy Tactics.
Unless this is part of the EGOT thing they're chasing?

I meant other episodes, m8s.

I thought the jokes were paced well, the only jokes that never really worked were Jimmy's. His long stuttering doesnt work well for actual combat. It's like a full minute just to apply his buffs.

They had an interview with some lady who wrote a book about luking on Cred Forums for a year druing occupy wall street

Youre doing the member thing wrong.

Sure do, but I love the season story arcs.

what is this 2007? Cred Forums is one of the largest websites in the world. No ones given a fuck about rules 1 & 2 in at least the last 6 years.

It's pretty real

Not at all, Cred Forums is happy that they named the jew.

The only part that Trump supporters are a little miffed about is the joke that their candidate doesn't have a game plan, but even that can be taken with a grain of salt, as his website proves otherwise

Cred Forums has like a 400 Alexa rank, it's not as big as reddit or tumblr who are in the top 20.

If you choose to play a girl the boys will just say they didn't notice

So wait, are the games connected? Do I have to play the first game to get what's going on?

Yes, if you preorder fbw now you get sot free

It's a retcon, and i'd rather they just focus on the guys again. Having a story driven game while making things different for both genders will take up a good deal of time and resources and will probably be why it gets delayed well into next year.

>Point out something that has objectively gotten worse over the years
>"It didn't get worse, you just got older."

i don't care if the rest of the season is shit. This scene was worth it.

>objectively gotten worse

I had a chuckle that all of Gerald's trolling was just calling people NIGGER FAGGOTS.
It's so bottom of the barrel and juvenile. Do people actually get offended by stuff like that?

I haven't used Facebook in two years and have never even been to twitter or tumblr so I know I'm crazy out of touch with the social media enviroment.

False. I remember when my dad picked me up and gave me butterfly kisses. He's astonished that I remember that because I was 2.

So Tweek and Craig are a confirmed couple now? Why weren't they at the end of Shank Hunt?

They've been a couple since TweekxCraig. As for why the no mention it's because hacks.

'Member when south park sucked and the only reason it was good was because we were 12 and fart jokes?
Yeah I loved how terribad the old episodes were

fuck you're stupid watch the show again, they pretend to be a couple for everyone else's sakes

I didn't understand why everyone considered shippers to be cancer until I saw the reaction to tweekxCraig.

Why can't they stop being such tremendous faggots?

What episode? I just started watching it

>Implying anybody actually saw that movie


Why are you so desperate for (you)s?

Why because I'm actually capable of logical reasoning and can understand and follow the plot of a cartoon? Unlike you? It's not my fault you're a fucking retard.

as the actual (you) in the response you're responding to I verify that's not me this is however.

You are factually incorrect, you're just bottom barrel baiting. You have no integrity.

Or are you just giving me an "I know you are..." response?

>Do people actually get offended by stuff like that?
You have been here for too long 8

The question was if they're a couple, not if they're gay. They are a couple. In the show you see it and in the official SP wiki they're listed as such. You can either realize what a cuntface you've been or come up with some dumb bullshit to further cuntface-ify yourself, lets see which.

im looking at his website, and it's just the same shit he spews at rallies. "im gonna make our military great again!" "im gonna make the best deals!"

Wikis are sites for retards run by retards citing them doesn't make your argument worth shit, official or no.
They just hold hands to eachother's chagrin so they don't disappoint people, including their own parents. If that's your definition of couple you should chop off the tip of your dick and move to durkistan already.

Further cuntfaced, figures.

Back to the i know you are argument, figures. Either way we're just arguing about the definition of the term couple, you argue that there doesn't have to be romance or physical attraction. While you may be technically correct in many cases I don't think that's what Tweak and Craig have. It's an act. Just because Tom Cruise marries women doesn't make him straight.

No, i'm just correct completely and objectively stupid retard cuntface bitch. They're a couple whether it's an act or not they are still a couple for the sake of putting on the act. The genuineness of it doesnt matter.

you're both correct and an objectively stupid cuntface bitch, eh?
As I said, it's just semantics at this point I stopped fucking caring. Close the tab gerald.

No fuck you, trying to act all impartial and superior. God, what a bitch.

It's not an act. I am impartial on this point, we're just arguing about the definition of a word in a specific context,not even what the argument started about on my end.
You're the one getting flustered. I am superior.

Yeah, sure you are. So superior you just get dragged into it too like a fucking idiot. You're just going to keep replying until you can get the last word like the rest of these idiots here, you're no different.

It fucking beats facebook. I can at least admit it.

Yeah, at least we're not like those lame-o conformists. Bunch of Britney and Justin wannabes.


I know how important it was to you. Then go on, i'll be the bigger, smarter, more mature person and allow you to have the last word you so very desperate crave.


*desperately crave

>liberal white knights
>have constantly gone on record how much they despise liberals

Well, not all episodes were self contained, even as early as Cartman's father's identity or mecha Streisand it's been a thing.

The season long thing though is wearing kind of thin. It sucks waiting but going back to watch season 19 as a continuous series is fun.

That's disgusting but a pretty ballsy homage