So, why is Lewis bisexual in this comic? Was that a historical thing or is this Image appealing to the SJWs?

So, why is Lewis bisexual in this comic? Was that a historical thing or is this Image appealing to the SJWs?

this book is shit, but I don't think Image has any creative control over the books they release

at least not to that extent

I'm enjoying it so far. But I was a bit taken back by the aforementioned bisexuality. Well, that and the action girl stuff is getting a bit crazy.

I'm Canadian, so I'm not entirely sure of the facts of Lewis and Clark, but I was never aware of Lewis liking it up the rear.

>appealing to the SJWs
Not everything is about appealing to someone. Maybe its just something the writer wanted to do. Or maybe it is a reference to some obscure speculation about his sexuality. There are people who still argue about Abe Lincoln too.

>but I don't think Image has any creative control over the books they release
The writer controls. Image is creator owned.

Well, yes, but it's an odd choice is my point.

There is less evidence of Lewis ever being gay than there is Lincoln or Hamilton.

That's an even odder creative choice, then. Especially making threats to his male lovers the reason he went on the mission.

It does have a source, but it's in the vein of desperate revisionisim that claims that Beethoven was black.

Lewis was a dandy, and he sucked at dating and never had a wife. The rest is speculation.

It's like the historical equivalent of shippers.

I remember in high school when we were studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition we actually, jokingly theorized that he was gay. I think it was just a combination of his personality and problems with his strange impressions of women. But it's just speculation.

>appealing to the SJWs
Yeah, and all that supernatural stuff is only there to appeal to aliens.

People get bored and start making speculation based on nothing, or spinning it off of innuendo from historical texts by writers with biases. The aforementioned Lincoln and Hamilton being good examples, as well as Alexander the Great and Hephaestion.

I can't get behind it, then. What a waste of a good concept on a shallow appeal of revisionism.

It just seems that it'd be well known that he had these big orgies with men and women. I know it's historical fiction and all, but way to hinder the immersion.

It's one of their biggest hobbies, and some do it professionally.

The writer has admitted that they never did any research. It has NOTHING to do with the actual historical figures.

We don't know, but he was a life-long bachelor and attempted suicide several times.

No doubt his death (which was either suicide or murder) will be part of a cover-up in the story.

If it did, it would have to include York, Clark's slave who eventually escaped or was freed. There are at least 3 versions of his fate.

But York is in the book.

>this book is shit
not enough capes flapping in the wind?

My mistake I was confusing him with the gay convict.

>What a waste of a good concept on a shallow appeal of revisionism.

What? So making a character bisexual somehow invalidates the entirety of the comic? How does that make any sense?

Which tells me that the "I did no research" is more of a cover for him to do whatever the fuck he wants with half ass research, and try not to have the audience take him too seriously.

I gave up about 12 issues ago. I thought it was just OK, but definitely not for me. Lack of capes isn't the problem. I didn't like the characters. I didn't care about the characters, and it felt like a pretext for weird horror shit for the sake of horror shit.

>How does that make any sense?
It doesn't.

If it was a little side thing then I wouldn't care, but as said, the entire journey was started when his male lovers were threatened.

>complaining about characters not being researched well enough in a comic that's about a supernatural Lewis & Clark expedition

Come on lads. The characters are changed to fuel the story. Complain about the story, not the historical liberties the writer takes to make his story. What's next, refusing to read From Hell because of the historical inaccuracies and historical people's motivations being changed?

Considering the fact that that's the only time it's referenced, yes it's a side thing. The entire journey was started when the government decided to start it.

>making excuses for SJWs rewriting history to suit their fetishes

>Being THIS obsessed with sexuality
You're just as bad if not worse as the SJWs

Not really, no. It was made Lewis' entire motivation to go about it.

>rewriting history

>in a fake story with ghosts and magic bullshit

>write historical fiction
>don't bother to learn history

Yeah, it's a real tragedy that they showed a character to be bisexual in like two issues to establish why the character then goes on a cross-country survey of America where he goes up against plant-zombies and buffalo-centaurs. Fucking SJWs trying to brainwash kids into believing Americans killed off a sentient carnivorous bird-race!
inb4 that image.

Were you also mad that The Untouchables wasn't historically accurate either?

The author isn't claiming this is what actually happened.

It's a parallel universe where Lewis was bisexual and America was filled with Buffalo-men and other crazy shit congregating around weird arches. Stop being too autistic for comics.

They could have made him a fucking serial killer sent on the mission to hush things up if they wanted. Would that have suited you better, since then it wouldn't be SJW propaganda?

Good one.

>The writer has admitted that they never did any research.

So... it's basically the origin story of yet another cape comic character?

>Not everything is about appealing to someone
If you want to make money, which Image certainly does, it is.

Alexander WAS bisexual, and he was joined to Hephaestion by the hip. Them being lovers is a very real possibility given the period.

>character is a debouched libertine in an era where such things existed
>you only see it as "bisexuality for the sake of representation"
>everyone else that (understandably) dropped the book during arc two or three
this thread makes me sad