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Drawfags and Writefags are more than welcome to contribute

>What is a Channel-tan?
An anthropomorphic personification of a television channel.

>Why are you making these?
For the simple reason that we can.

>Why are they all girls?
Japanese -tan tradition. But we do have some boy -tans too.

>Where is the gallery for all the images?

>Where is the Pastebin for all the ideas?

>Previous Threads?

>How can I help?
If a Channel doesn't have a personality yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel doesn't have a design yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel has a personality and a design, then you can draw them.
If multiple Channels have all of the above, then you can draw comics of them interacting.

>How many Channels do we need?
All of them. but mostly those who are Cred Forums related.

And last but not least, remember to have

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Welcome to /CTG/!

Mornin /ctg/

Good Morning F.A.G user. How's your day going?

Alright. I'll be very in and out today, some stuff has come up and its either deal with it now or wait for it to get worse so I'm ding it now

Have a nice Sunday /CTG/


Why must I be on the other side of the earth?

teennick r34 when?

Check the booru user, there should be a lot of it.


Toony never takes off the box, even when eating

>Dinner Table

>Everyone is eating

>Right next to her is Boomerang

>"Listen. Toony. You have to take off the box and eat your food, you can't just NOT eat, all of us Turners eat, and are perfectly well be-

>Foxy and Stoner and tearing into food. They are sloppy and a mess is getting everywhere

>...You know what I mean Toony. You gotta eat.

>Toony looks down at her plate. Its a burger.

>She looks around, with the exception of Stoner and Foy, everyone is looking right at her

>She sighs.

>She picks it up,

>Everyone is dead-eyed on Toony

>She lifts it t words her Box

>Everyone moves closer on the edge of their seas

>This is it


>She bring it up to her eyehole and shoves to food item into it, making staisn around her box, but its iside, and she quickly moves her hands to be under her box

>She begins eating, box stilll on

>Massive Groan with a few Boo's

>Toony never takes this box off

>No matter what.

There's a R34 of her in the booru...

at this point i'm pretty sure that Toonami-tan only eats Pringles

Dudeee, that's adorable

You know? I figured it would be something like this scene, but with others Turners



That's adorable pic.

Noice, and thanks for the source!

I should probably let everyone know that this exists: justvisible.tumblr.com/post/150030085002

Just some good ol' Viacom.


I hope to god the actual Viacom Company doesn't see this. If only to save it the embarrassment.

P.S., N@N, you lucky bitch.


>Fucking magnificant

Someone should send this to Sumner Redstone, if that's even possible

There are some things mortal eyes should not see. I'm guessing Vi sent Nite this picture, but accidently sent a mass text instead.

Quite the impressive eldritch deck. A little early for Halloween though.

I've been thinking of making another Gif. I may or may not be able to finish it today so it would get posted next week. But

>Any Ideas?

Toonami-tan hyper blast

Wouldn't mind seeing a gif of nickelodeon turning into slime and back again. I dunno, I just thought that was incredibly adorable

You know what to do with this...

That's [as]

Halloween's a comin

I swear, what does that even mean?

>C. Martin Croker tombstone
>Christine Cavanaugh tombstone
Wow. Lovin' the art though.

Holy shit that's incredible! background it's pretty cool and has alot of details, and of course their outfits are adorable.

I can't wait, it's my favorite holiday.

Purple balls.

Nick getting slimed

never too soon


And saved the cute



I don't think that's a good idea...


Is never too early for Halloween!

r/ing this comic with Stoner [as] drugs and canceled shows everywhere and Foxxy


Cartoon Network's old logo with CN

it doesn't work anymore

>those tombstones

kek, nice m8

>Redstone's reaction when he finds this

what's the story behind that box, I must know!

She was born in it, molded with it - just like a symbiote

I don't know if we ever agreed on the Story behind the Box.

>We had one where it went agaisnt the Lore where CN was Toony's Mom and Tonny's Dad was Tom from Toonmai

>In that one she had to wear the box or her parents would get in trouble

>We had one I wrote where Sy-Fy was recovering from her accident and as getting used to full sentences again. She was hanging out with Toony and said she could build Toony a mech and theoreticlly in her old Sci-Fi life she could. But now that she's crippled she can't so she made a Cardboard Box with Lights on the inside and the Markings on the side. Toony Loved it and vowed to never take it off.

Well, that was kinda unexpected, but I like it

the last one with SyFy sounds adorable to be honest, just imagine SyFy writing all those texts on Toony's box back when she was Sci-Fi, it's part of her legacy

At some point, this is going to end up happening.

>Redstone finds the Channel-tans
>He want answers
>Someone finds their origin
>Cred Forums
>Not even Redstone has the courage to fight those monsters
> Cred Forums was right again

YOU want the truth? you can't handle the truth!

I guess, she just loves that box

Yeah,Not even ancient druid alchemy can defeat the unified force of meme magic.
Hail lord Kek.
Also some body Photoshop this over the lewd parts of , gotta keep the joke running.

I do not think anyone would dare to sue another person with this as their only evidence

If anything, I imagine they would search for every lewd pic of Viacom
That would be one crazy court room

>Once again Toony-tan gets all our love
>Being Toonami-tan is nothing but suffering
>How long until she hits yandere stage?

Oh dear lord, just imagine the horror...

>Redstone calls Vi in his office one early morning
>Viacom has no idea what going on, everything seems normal, his stocks are up
>Surprisingly high, actually. It hasn't been like that in ages
>The employees are acting odd around him too, some of them blushing or giving him thumbs up as he walks past
>He's in his boss' office and now he feels less like an employee and more like an errant kid
>Especially with Sumner glaring at him like that
Redstone: "Do you know why I called you here?"
Vi: "No, why?"
>Redstone just shakes his head and turns on a television
>And on the screen is a reporter talking about leaked pics of someone important
>Soon a cropped picture of himself shows up, making sure to hide the naughty bits
*Reporter 1: "Sumner or Viacom itself hasn't made a statement about the leaked pictures, but we're to sure to hear an answer from them soon enough. Tom, any last words?"
*Reporter 2: "Well, even though VIACOM isn't the biggest mass media company anymore, it still has something to be proud about. Now with the weather."
>Vi is mortified. He thought he only sent that picture to N@N, how is it on the news?
Vi: "Slow news day, huh?"
>Vi is laughing nervously and sinking further in his chair.
Redstone: "I got the call from Rupert, he was nice enough to warn me a few hours ahead of time. Apparently, there was a mass text sent out yesterday to nearly every major news network has it. And guess what, those little bastards love sex scandals."
>Every news network has aired this. CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX even CBS
Vi: "What should we do?"
Redstone: "You're going out there tomorrow and are going to apologize for your indecent behavior. Then, you're going to the shareholder meeting next week and apologize to them. Now get the hell out of my office, I don't want to see your face the rest of the week."
>Vi just nods and gets out of there and goes straight to his apartment

Part 1

>Viacom just covering his face with both hands while Redstone presents the "evidence"

Why not just wet the box?

Its made by Sc-Fy pre accident technology

Water-Proof box


Toony is cute but lolis are overrated.

Toonami Tan needs more love. Get on it /CTG/

I see this becoming a meme.


She isn't a loli, she's a super-ultra high-tech mecha

I need second part now please

Alright, so this is a rough for a half-way revision half-way player 2 outfit for TeenNick.

I added The N logo on her right hand. I figure she used to cover it with makeup with cloves shortly after transitioning to TeenNick, like she tries doing with her dyed hair that still shows roots. After a few years, she gets more comfortable in embracing her old roots. Especially when Viacom gives her the Noggin app and time with Nick Jr.

>CN is Finn
>Disney is Minnie

and Nick... ???

Oh right I forgot


tho was just a different outfit not a revision, i like her regular clothes :(

Looking good, Euw!

I really like the concept for her logo, its an interesanting idea


Is that a sweater, right? It looks good, good luck with the rest

I love a good sex scandal.

The last thread people were requesting seeing Teennick and Nick Mom with more clothes, these aren't going to erase her own outfit. Also, yes having "The N" logo on her hand IS a revision, even if it's not a major one.

I'm a bit torn over whether to keep it simplified or add the "The" to it.

Open shoulder sweater, yeah.

... why

oh nice tho it was big change, sorry

Part 2

>It's even worse on the streets, he's getting catcalls and women and men are throwing themselves at him
>He makes it to his apartment and shuts and locks the door
>Vi finally makes it to bed and crawls under the sheets
>He wishes he could hide in here for the rest of his life and just watches the news cycle in horror and embarrassment
>A few hours later N@N walks past the door, she has the keys to his apartment, and find's Vi looking at the View
>She knows what happened, TBS told her everything, and she came here as soon as she could
>She sits next to him, watching four harpies talk shit about her husband and she shuts the TV off angrily
N@N: "Vi, look at me, you didn't do anything wrong. Mistakes happen to the best of us."
>She grabs his face and kisses his nose
Vi: "My reputation is ruined, advertisers are probably dropping my channels as I speak and my kids are seeing their father's naked body on TV thanks to a bunch of newscasters who have no journalism left in their bodies."
N@N: "Listen to me, everything will be ok. Do you remember that episode of Family Guy-"
Vi: "I'm going to stop you right there. I don't watch Fox's shitty shows, not even he does."
N@N: "Well, the moral of the story was, you need to accept things happen and if you dwell on them and fear them, they will hurt you. Accept the mistake happened and move on from it. Then it can't hurt you."
Vi: "Wow, that's a pretty insightful episode."
N@N: "It was, now c'mon. Cheer up, it's not the end of the world."
>She then climbs on Vi's lap and removes his tie
N@N: "Plus, we have the rest of the day to ourselves. Lets see what the news has been abuzz about."

Because Vi is sexy and you know it

The time is coming, soon Toonami-tan will reveal her true nature, an unstoppable force!

>I don't watch Fox's shitty shows

So that's why we never see them together

Nothing can stop Toonami Tan

My headcanon is that the tans have their logo somewhere in their bodies, you know like birthmarks or tattoos

In this case Noggin was her original logo so it's like a birthmark and the 'Teen Nick' logo would be a tattoo

You're making me want to draw something, but if I do I'm afraid it'll become lore and I don't want that.


This is a good lore my dear fellow, always good to see more of the human side of Vi

do it! follow your dreams!

Yo TB, welcome back

Oh, they hang out. Doing illegal stuff together. They just don't watch Animation Domination all that much. Especially Fox himself, they keep making fun of him all the time and the less that can be said about the Simpsons, the better.


It sounds interesting, you should do it. Just remember to say it is a concept, not lore.

Awaken my Bot!

By the way TB, remember next month JoJo in Toonami!

will the kek la kek spammer aim his memes towards JoJo

They are partners in crime, but pretend they hate each other to avoid any suspicion of their relationship


There is nothing to fear, just do it

Here's a little sketch of CBBC and Cbeebies. Honesty, they deserve some attention.

I personally think they're both BBC's daughters. CBBC is 12-year-old while Cbeebies is only 3. Their age really fits to their show line-up.

I only know that Cbeebies has well-know preschool shows like Teletubies, but I chcecked few times CBBC's list of shows, it has cartoons like Danger Mouse and Arthur and some teen drama/sitcom shows like Dance Academy, Sadie J or So Awkward.

Adorable work, Perla

CBBC is actually a good channel with one of the best shows ever


That's pretty good, is there more?

I just realised that these two really are similar. They're both sad memes.

Also I'm currently just a memefactory, please, someone make use of me. Make a request. Get me out of this mindset.

They are cute indeed, good job Perla!

For the record, BBC is a terrible mother not because she's bad but she's always drunk!

This went from Law and Order to Sex and the City lol


Surprise me

I don't know if possible but if you can

>Here Lies Netflix

G4 is slightly more pathetic since he's really wimpy about it

Have G4 almost break down in tears only for UPN to grab him by the collar and tell him to stop being such a pussy
At least he has friends, family and a place to call home

Be careful, memes are dangerous. They govern us, govern our life, they even elect our presidents.

Oh damn Perla that's adorable, It would be nice to see them get along with other tiny-tans

UPN - The WB and G4 - Rooster Teeth

I wish this were just a joke, but it's true... our world is really weird

nice trips

Yeah, here's something with HBO and Viacom

And here's Viacom going all eldritch, which reminds me. I need to finish part 4

UPN is cool, he just needs a family

Thank you, guys.

I think this is their first fan art, right? I am glad, you did a great job Perla

draw UPN with a baby CW using a little hoodie

>I need to finish part 4

holy damn hell user that's a lot, thanks and good lick with part 4

Oh, and here's another story too, with CBS, Paramount and Vi.

This story isn't mine, but you might enjoy this as well. It has MTV2 in it.

Are there more stories we're missing? I feel like there is.

not sure but f.a.g was working on a massive pastebin with all them

She's SpongeBob, she's even holding his fishing net.

>Here lies Spike, he never scored

Oh shit man. Thanks. Second I have free time I'll put them into the Pastebin

I know we are missing one. I don't remeber what it was but I think it had something to do with the Viacom's and Eldrich. I'm not too sure though as I can't find it.

Beyond that there may be more large Greentexts I may have missed. I'm going through old threads and finding greentexts and adding them to the Pastebin so if there are any stragglers I'll find them there

>Toonami dressed as Spike



user that's lewd thanks

its gonna be 2012 all over again

Except 4kids

Here it is.


>tfw wasn't there for 2012

w-what happened

This is pretty nice.

Luckily Toonami has FoxKids/Jetix/Vortexx on her side


Continuing on from the talk on "Channel Tan TV Show"

How would you introduce characters.

Obviously the main 3 along with several others would be introduced Via opening intro

But for new comers?

Something more interesting than just saying their name.

>I'd have it be something similar to the MGS series. Where it shows the characters name and then the actor playin them

>If not there's the one MGS V used where it said the name and then have a weird description of the character

Would this be interesting? Or just hassle?

the first great anime invasion on this board

Who's the host?

>dat chicken

dunno why but thats freaking cute

Shit, here's the source, sorry.


>intro shows us each of the main three's houses with their company name somewhere on it

>SyFy is airing Bill and Teds Bogus Journey


>other characters would be in the background throughout the OP where the main 3 run through different scenes and brief moments of interaction with some of the characters they run into

sounds awful

It was awful

I've actually played that Danger Mouse game where you play as Danger Mouse and Penfold going through the level, kind of fun. What channel does Danger Mouse air on, anyhow? Definitely needs it's own channel-tan.


i do know that when toonami came back you all went to Cred Forums only to get shitposted back to Cred Forums

SyFy can be the delivery boy

she's tiny
so cute

I like this concept, but I want an episode with TeenNick as the host, talking shit about other channels and praising the superior Viacoms

>What channel does Danger Mouse air on, anyhow?
Besides CBBC that will air new episodes, right? I saw that the reboot series actually is aired on korean Disney Channel and asian Disney XD, and in Portugal on Biggs. In my country Poland is only on Netflix with awful polish dubbing.

someone banned me just because i posted a DBZ gif...

I wanna do this

Though I dunno how to do gifs =/ as I work off an ipad pro. If anyone's got a tip for that? Otherwise I'll just do a still.

"praise the booty" was just a photo, not even animated so don't worry

I would love to do something with this idea, but my artstyle is inherently too depressing. I feel the TV show would be very colourful. I'll just wait for someone colourful to do it instead.

And then he grows more hands to cover his face better.

Alrighty then!

You are kinda new here but man, she's really depressing

It's "Teen Nick has a Podcast" Episode

>Teen Nick being the big patriot of Viacom she is reports all of the blunderings of Warner and Disney

>"Warner Drops Internet Provider America Online after it fails. Not surprised. If they had gone to A TRUE Company such as Viacom. They would have TRIPLED their income and have been partners with the best Company to be created.

>Sadly they chose to partner with Turner Sluts. Pathetic

>And in Unrelated news. Viacom decides to bring small Directors dreams come true by allowing them to film their movies while they fund them.

>You won't see that anywhere else. Not Disney and their corporate Vampires sucking creators dry and never sticking up for the little guy.

>...Fucking Sluts

I'd imagine the podcast would be very similar to something Along Alex Jones where he gets very energetic and screams whenever something gets to her personally.


Coment just pop-up from nowhere


Do not underestimate your abilities, I think you could do a good job with it.

Meanwhile Nick@Nite is getting wet

I want a vocaroo of this lol

You have no idea TB, those were dark times for all of us, fortunately all change with the return of Toonami

now the ratings thread sucks with the shitty Home Movie bait posts and "Le One meme Man is killing Toonami KeLaKe Laughing.jpg"

CN is everywhere, that's cool

Jojo is our saviour, believe in the power MUDA MUDA MUDA!

According to wikipedia they're slogan is actually, "Are you CN what we're sayin'?"

Which is almost worse.

If you wanna see shitty ratings threads check /asp/ whenever they talk about Raw v Smackdown.

what's that

>we're sayin'

how, it's a tv channel not a fucking radio station... for god's sake CN

Because you wouldn't be able to See what they're Sayin. You'd only be able to hear

Trust me, you do not want to know

>watch as Hiro kills an entire board by allowing one sport in it

holy shit

Hey, guys, CN Real actually happened.


goddamnt, it's true

>spouting such heresy

What have you done

i say CN Real doesn't get a tan . It's best that we pretend it never happened

is the /mlp/ of sports

it never happened, it's a legend! just a creepypaste for silly kids!

CNReal-tan is just a CN-tan cosplayer.

Neat, now imagine Nick2 helping her dear sister TeenNick with her podcast, she basically does all the hard work while TeenNick does nothing but talk, but hey.. at least the pay is good

Look deep into your heart you know it's true. remember Andrew wk

It was all just a bad dream by CN herself, and none of her friends ever talk about it. If that phrase ever gets mentioned in earshot, she just goes in a catatonic state and stares at nothing, all while muttering "New Episodes of Level Up, only on CN."

Thinking about taking a shot at writing Teen Nick's break up with Stoner next week. Just wanna make sure I got it right: TN was Noggin,Foxxy was the original CN and Stoner was the original Toonami?

Before TeenNick she was The N, before the N she was Noggin

But the rest is fine, you got it right

But she still fondly remembers Andrew WK pounding her ass

>Level Up
Wasn't that show got 2 seasons and ended on a cliffhanger? She wanted to impress Nick and Disney with the live-action phase back in 2012.

... okay i want
show me!

Timeline wise TeenNick was The N and Stoner was still [Adult Swim].

What were the real shows, Out of Jimmy's head, Destroy Build Destroy,Level Up and that one ghost hunting show ?

If CN real we're a tan, she'd look like this. But with a latex mask that looks like face, as she wears her clothes and a white wig.

Oh right. I forgot about them. I should do a comic about what CN did with these shows.

She failed, dishonor on her family, her channel, and even her website with those shitty games based on Level Up

Oh that sounds like fun

Like that, but with beady, Teddy bear eyes.

>Make a show about gamers
>have the MC be ugly as fuck

i see what ya did there CN

>Out of Jimmy's head

That was between 2007 and 2008

CN real was 2009

i think


alright, here you go

Jimmy's head was the source of this evil known as CN Real

>CN was molested by Stuart Snyder and Andrew W.K., Forced to do holes in walls,They destroyed, built and destroyed her personal belongings, all while blasting The Bomb by pigeon john.

These names are horrible, I cant believe they were real shows

Still, it didn't really air in CN Real as far as I know

Andrew W.K. was the Dan "The man with the van and the master plan" Schneider of Cartoon Network

Reminder it's all Stoner's fault


No one can. Most of them were also poorly acted because most of the actors seemed to have been told "Act Radical the entire time you're on camera".


My Headcanon is that Boomerang knows that CN is a trend chaser and Boomerang wanted to experiment with Live Action

So she pressured CN to BELIVE that cartoons are the past and Live Action is the future.

CN belived it and then it...IT happened

actually they did it, but only a few times, you know to fill the space between seasons

Why would she do such a horrible thing, jealousy?


For the Surviavl of the Warner Family

Urban CN?

Requesting CN-tan wearing clothes inspired in the CN City era



What was deleted?


Revenge, you know, after years of seeing how CN slowly destroyed her beloved classics with pop culture and memes she finally found a way to do the same to CN and her shows.

go get Cred Forums x to see spoilers

Hey that's really good
Thank you


cute ~

>"Why so serious?"

a cute

Nice cbs trips

CN Still does

>She doesn't understand that Boomerang hates what she is doing because Boomerang always gives a constant Supporting nature to her sisters

>Everynight Boomerang Tan looks over a balcony

>She sees the busy city below with the sound of car horns being lifted high and the building lights B righting the land

>She pulls out a cigarette

>She remembers all of her beloved classics

>She smiles a little bit

>She pulls out a lighter

>She remembers CN

Her smile fades

>She looks down at the city

>All of her shows. Their classic designs. They MADE the trends. They didn't chase them

>Thisr designs were pure and delicat and thought out well.

>Sharp and cut and produced to perfection

>CN comes to her mind

>She brings the lighter down as she has lit her cigerette



>Why why why why why why why why why why FUCKING WHY

>Her teeth clench around the end of the cigarette

>All she does is chase trends. She DOENST know a GODAMN thing when it comes to GIVUNG A SHIT

>She's a Warner she should fucking act like one and KNOW WHEN NOT TO SCREW WITH PERFECRION

>Her angered frown is visible

>CN what a fucking Joke





>Her cigarette snaps

>she looks down

>the small part that's in her mouth is still burning

>The part that was bitten off falls to the city below

>Boomernag regains her composure

>She cleans her thoughts

>She takes a deep breath and walks back inside

>A Warner doesn't behave like she just did

>It's not good for the company image

>She closes the door

im not sure who are those girls but they look cute

Never forget, this is canon

damn trips TB

Uuh, hopefully I'll wake up early enough to finish it off in the morning, before the thread closes, but right now I need to sleep.

G'night mates.

don't worry, goodnight noir!

Night, Noir.

Aww, CBS looks adorable. In a formal kind of way.

It's also on Netflix in America. This makes me wanna see Netflix-tan trying to make a deal with CBBC-tan to get the rights to air Danger Mouse in other countries.

The Turners are smarter than they look

Nice story, so many feels in it.

I love seeing the kiddie tans interact, always cute shit.

I have no idea why but I find this very funny

Farewell Noir, see ya next time


I wonder if the creator of this bumper have idea of how popular this ship is thanks to him, or her.

I blame her for The Hunchback of Notre-Dame 2

She is nothing more than a victim, the real culprits are still free

All she's told to do is make sequels

That's all she knows

old habits die hard

Sounds like the perfect cast for Disney XD

Another quick sketch while at work and a hijacked computer that's hooked up to the printer


you are literally hacking a computer to post this... dunno but that sounds really cool

Nick-tan, right? cute

You have to admit she did a good job with the sequels of the Lion King

no we got 4 computers at work and the one I am is hooked up to the printer so everyone kicks me off to print stuff

If TeenNick has her own podcast that means that other channels too, SyFy probably just talk about conspiracies and strange theories

>Viacoms are demons
>Disney created Jetix using the body of Fox Kids
>CN's booty isn't REAL!


Nice job kaze!


>Viacoms are demons

That's bullshit, they are creatures from another dimension

Hey guys. Finished the picture.

Congratulations Shinji, I mean Stinkii

Boomerang without her shoes and half-showed Toony's face. It's amazing.

I keep wondering, why Boomerang is the only one who is barefoot?

i'm lazy

Hey that looks great, good job drawfriend! is and adorable parody and I love the expression on their faces.

I see, anyway still cool

i'm fairly certain i can post MTV2 without a link here

an* I hate my phone.


>dat Toony-tan

Cute, CUTE!

Thanks TB

Stoner is really high

i see what you did there


Please TB stop, I don't want to be a furry!

you're already a furry

Well, Nick has Nick Radio, it's basically the same, so I yeah, they probably have that kind of stuff

Posting something

Tom and Jerry thing? Keep going, user. It looks great.

Tom & Jerry!

Man I really fucking love your style, so shiny and cute!

ayyy thanks

Welp then i'll give it a good use r/ing MTV2 lewds

Lookin' good user

Ya know it's nice to see Boomerang having fun with her sisters


Wait a minute, these two are the same Teletoon Retro? that's strange...

I thought you guys might be interested in the reasons behind my designs. Might do the other ones later

well shit

That's pretty clever of you

to be quite honest this show was the only good thing from CBBC also holy shit they have a youtube channel with their episodes in HD? nice

Figured as much now we just need you to make a reference sheet for her like cn and Disney tans

second coming is here
so beautiful

Based TB

>Biggest Chest of the 3
i fucking knew it

>attempt at mixing styles

I tho it was just Spongebob style, that's interesting.

Good, good, now please draw her with ABC Family ~

is there an ABC Family tan



huh, completely forgot about her

I kek'd lol


Requesting The Turners preparing a birthday party for Cartoon Network

I'm getting into bed now. Hope you guys have a good night. I'll be for the next Saturday with some CN-tan art.

>biggest chest of the 3

Thank you for pointing out this important detail.

>I just like glasses


Night Perla. I just woke up from a nap. I ain't going to bed for a while

G'nite Perla

Stinkii! welcome back, nice stuff by the way!

>TN with a sweater

Please dude have merc

There any good pastebins with user and CN?

>Viacoms are demons

Excuse me sire, the correct term is "Daemon Corpureum"

No, but take this

channel-tan.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=cartoon_network anonymous

I want to see a USA Cartoon Express-Tan




That's how Jetex finds out who she is

>Funds the Crazy Teen Nick rambling

>She chuckles

>She becomes a regular member and buys the next podcast as soon as possible

>One episode of the Podcast freaks her out

>"The Murdorus Bitch must be brought to justice! You all know who I'm talking about! Disney!"

>Jetix laughs

>She is the reason Fox Kids is dead! Disney has been developing a syrum to Wipe the memories of good and honest tans in order to make them whoever they want!

>Jetix has a look of confusion. This is diffrent to what she's used to on this podcast


>Jetix is scared

>Teen Nick goes into full detail

>Wothin the week Fox Kids vanished Jetex appears. The hair puffs at the end
The fact that Disney legally acquired Fox Kids and then strangely did nothing with it

>Jetix freaks out. This makes too much sense

>She's part robot at this point so she digs deep enough into her brain and discovers the truth

>Cue the comic Jam made where Disney says "It's Just Buisness"

>She breaks down crying

>Leaves through the window

>She isn't seen for a while and future episodes reflect on the Disneys deal in with Jetix disappearance


That would just be USA when he's not focused on raslin.

I imagined him to be younger looking.

you mean Ritalin right?

Here's a lewd, pals.
I'll lurk for the rest of the thread.



>Here's a lewd, pals.
>I'll lurk for the rest of the thread.

Do I dare click?

Is it the original or stardust crusaders? cause i feel like if they show any at all, it should at least be chronologically correct

He was the best, user. now is a legend, literally not kidding he was the best "cartoon" channel back then.

I'm not sure but many sources claim that they are going to follow the chronological order.

idk why this bothers me, it's something about nick...

Hey guys, got any requests ?

Disney XD working out and better servers to Cred Forums

Discovery Kids and 4kids exploring the world

Clothes swap of the main 3 tans.

CBS holding a pair of 3D glasses with a frown on her face? Since she only has one eye, it isn't going to work.

Disney and CN cheering up a sad Nick.


Anything with Time Warner


oh god, remember when this was frequent when Hiro took over?

Like, almost every week we had to deal with Cred Forums going down

A new lewd.
It's more Spicy Grandma Y U Do Dis?
Spike and G4 noooo...

Since it's National Yoga Month, I request any four channels of your choice doing yoga poses.

Some lineart and lazy shading later.


She's perfect! well done, Euw!

Pepperidge Farm Remembers at least now this happens less often.

I love that sweater, she looks cute and sexy at the same time

i believe this is the first time it's happened in 2016

a wise man once said; pussy is pussy

CN is a bit more simple

I think I'll take a crack at it too. Although some of mine aren't all that clever.

It's good to know I'm not going crazy.

It looks much better than your previous sketch and now I can see her logo in the hand, I like it and seems like a good idea for her

Hey, found a cool logo from Viacom. I'm sure they're not trying to hypnotize our youth or anything, I'm certain of it.

how about some of the tans in a scooby-doo style mystery solving team. i don't really mind as to who but i feel like CN and at least one of the [AS]-tans would be essential

Third time to be exact, April then July and now September

The white hair was a great choice!

Honestly I really like the design of Kids WB but I never realized she had so many references in her attire and even in her pose, that's pretty interesting

i'd say this final design is the better choice

>the collar is a W

i'v never noticed

>not mean to be pansexual

Did you see the tags, right? damn tumblr before saying "she is pansexual, omg she's pan" look at their goddamn logo...



at least she has a nice ass

finished this two hours ago

Dabble do one with Stoner [as] there's time left!



Cute, Tom and Jerry parodies are the best but I wonder, Retro is both Tom and Jerry or whos who?


is that their official logo?

Talk about a PR nightmare, Vi just wanted to make something cool for people to enjoy. Too bad he forgot his eyes see much more differently than humans.



Euwrecker drop the lewds m8

It's Viacom Velocity, which is their branding division.

>branding division
Is that legal?

Holy damn she's Michigan J. Frog! lol

Stay classic, TB

>Two hours ago
ah, during the Great Depression, damn Cred Forums

anyway cool stuff my fellow canadian

These are so fascinating


Probably not, but I do not think anyone would dare to fight Viacom

general disgusting.jpg


Honestly I have no idea. But, this is Viacom, so something being illegal means nothing to them.



I can't help but think Comedy Central is warning us about something. Make sure you use adblock.

literally who manlets are wrasslin

c'mon guys

>some dumbfucks on a shitty site give some background to the personification of a channel
>some other dumbfucks on a shitty site give another background to the personification of a channel
One in the same, lads. One in the same.

Retro plays both their roles. Just to mess with you.


I knew it!

Some highlights

I don't even know what being pansexual means

I know square heads and squiggle bodies are easy, mate, but do something else for a change.

not about their background dude, but they just saw the colors and say "omg she's pansexual" because they have the same colors

what's with forcing all these genders onto everything you have no part in

Is it odd I read them all in a valley girl voice?

Also they can't shit to the backstories since they don't come to the threads.

it's bait, ignore it

Do we really have to waste our time arguing about/getting worked up over this?

No seriously, who cares about this? Let's end this great weekend nicely and not get worked up over some other sites opinions.

Oh I didn't know her clothes were inspired by Pepper Ann

To be fair, her beanie has the exact colors of the pansexual flag

And you know what Tumblr thinks about that

No one is really arguing (yet), but yeah, let's just forget it

It's fine

They have their ideas we have ours. As long as they don't come on here or start telling us that we are wrong it's all right. Pansexual is something like. I like all genders. It's for dumb fucks that think there are more than two genders

>Pale CN

Hmmmm, cute

>Viacom can actually brand someone just by using the interdimensional hellfire that's in his body's core.

Awesome geeze, it's starting get pretty cold again, I guess Disney XD will start her salt delivery service again.

trap cn

Finally my waifu Teen Nick got new clothes!

It's ok Cred Forumsmblr, they're just characters. They can be anything you want them to be.

Get out of here scamp. Go run along and play with the other children.

da fuck was that

Requesting The Disneys using money powered jetpacks.

Disney XD being radical

Yeah sure, let's just ignore it

just imagine what would happen if CN saw all that. That would pretty funny

Thing is, dumb-fucks like screen-grabbing user here are always popping in on threads going "See? Tumblr. Am I right, folks?" It all the same shit, baby. Calm down.

Pansexual is when you like Men, Women, And transexuals don't know why it had to be it's own thing but ok.

What do the 3 main tans eat for diner?


>Flat, and in capital letters.

Alright I get it she's flat, poor CN-tan...

Nick? slime, no doubt

I honestly thought that the first time i saw her and i was A.O.K. with it

Disney eats money.

Did Disney aswell

>just imagine what would happen if CN saw all that
CN being the trendy bitch that she is(still love her anyways) would try to market it, poorly.

Nick would eat a combination of slime and the meat of whatever corporation her father killed that day and brought back for sustenance for the family.

CN and the TW family would be eating memes, current trends and Go-gurt(holy shit those commercials are everywhere on that channel).

Disney and her family would be eating money and quite possibly human flesh.

Most of the references are clearly recognizable, but that detail in the hat is completely new to me


I would honestly love to see an animation with the tans, i think it would be really popular tho


True, but which network would we market it to? Who do we choose for this?

>Disney:Probably a balanced meal with the finest ingredients.
>CN:Probably Junk food or Fast food,Boomerang and Fox [as] with cook every now and then,they don't really wanna try toonami's japanese food.
>Nick:A nice home cooked meal with love,and lots of butter. Mostly seafood.

>I wanted her to be CUTE

Don't worry, she is.

Awww Yeah!

Thanks, Spoops!

Caught red-handed, you cur!

It's literally just CMYK color, without the Key part. It's a very normal color combo that is used many places, notably in printing, and also in the current CN color scheme.


Her hair is a D? hmmm
Nope, I don't see shit

Bandwagon me, my main man

This took the longest to optimize somehow

I originally did these in my natural handwriting but I might be the only one that finds that legible.

Why the tattered dress?

Oh shit you are back, this looks great man, good job

She's my fave

It seems to be imitating the the Buena Vista Disney castle logo.

NBC should just be Fix-it-Felix with a page uniform.

So is it canon now that if your under the Disney Branch some part of your clothing and or body must sparkle?

tumblr ruins everything.

The CBS design really works for her. The muted and soft colors as well as the formal, yet comfortable, attire really give her the air of a professional that's been doing the job a long time. CBS never needed to be flashy, she just does her job right.

That looks to be the Walt Disney castle.

Here's my AS references.

This one is super clever and my favorite.

>Eyes based on Frylock

That's kinda cool, Yoto

This is rad, now we just gotta wait for the servers part.

Foxy = Frylock

[as] = Master Shake

CN = Meatwad


His hair is a mountain, lol

I know its old but trying again for some reason it's not letting me post

Fox kids tan like pic related

Her glasses are the best part in her design, tbqh

Stop user,. now you're making me think about it. Do you know how hard it is to work when you're thinking about two personified companies? Surprisingly difficult. Especially when you work in retail.

But I would like to think they've had sex in at least every important room in their workplaces. They've probably even boned on Stephen Colbert's/Jon Stewart's desk.

Damn Paramount is sexy, no homo

Dang, can't stop thinking about Nick@Nite Viacom Lewds.
>N@N finds an Eldritch Kama Sutra book
>She begs him to try it out.
>He reluctantly accepts.
>Progressively get more kinky and shape shifty.
>Some hard to describe on a blue board things happen.
>Viacom is surprised after it, he did things he didn't even know he could do.
>Nick@Nite is just in a puddle of goo, viajuice and post coital pleasure.
>Incoherently babbling to go again and again.
Damn you brain,working together with dick to distract me from jokes.


But he's just like a Hollywood producer user. He's going to be an ass to you and try to get you to do coke with him. And don't get him started on modern Hollywood, it will only end in tears.

I bet he says baby alot

Turner is nothing but human Goofy, I love it

hey guise remember this

>CN isnt real

>not D "cup"

why mio signore?



>an Eldritch Kama Sutra book

You say what?

You know the show Kid Notorious? Well that's basically his life.

CBS is cute, CUTE!!

>Progressively get more kinky and shape shifty
>shape shifty
I've been on /tg/ long enough to know where this is going. Keep going user.

>dat sweat

Lord give me strength because that's my fetish

It was probably a chronicle of crazy sex demons or a book about monster mating habits, but when you've got one for a husband, I bet she got curious, and horny.
It might have just been one of Toonami's "Love Magazines" she accidentally dropped.

Teen Nick's hair looks brighter, is a new color? I think I like it

Boomerang reference. Nothing too complex here.

Fun Fact: Most Hanna Barbera characters wear a scarf, a tie, a bow tie, or a high colared shirt so that they could animate their heads on seperate cells.

who is this baby on the right

It's a mystery!


So is the hair black and white or is it black and shiny.

>so that they could animate their heads on seperate cells.

That's very clever

It's that fucked up youtube channel, Finger Family Collection, or Collaboration, or something like that.
Conglomerate, even.

It's High contrast shiny black. it catches light real easy and shines accordingly.

These are my favourite peeks behind the curtain.

Starts out sensibly.
>Some soft loving positions, massages.
Gets to some more kinky things.
>some size changings, light bondage,oils and things.
The Dank shit
>Pull an arm here, twist a leg there, and bam! tentacles, a lot of tentacles.
Vi:Are you sure you wanna do this? It sounds kinda uncomfortable.
N@N:it's too late now honey, we're going all the way with this great book, now stick that one here and the other one in my mouth,And it says to squeeze, not pull.

I like her style, reminds me of those classic films from 20s mixed with the bright colors of the new logo

Hanna Barbera managed to create economize aniation and cut corners in all the right places in order to make it a viable medium for television. The reason they were able to revolutionalize cartoon series on network television was because of all the ways they managed to make cartoons cheap and economical.

is a reference, yes indeed

Turner Sluts in their prime

Boomy-tan = Best Girl

Vi asks 21st about how far he can go with this and that mangy fox says, all the way.

VI: "What?"
21st: "You can go full hog on this, just be careful."

CAPTCHA: Select all of the storefronts
>One says Poundland

Also they hated Filmation

what should Hanna Barbera-tan look like, like Hanna and Barbera or a mixture of the two?

This is how I imagine the Turner family, none of them is a genius but they are good at business and that sort of things

requesting this but with 4kids

Goddamnit that creepy baby is cute... it doesn't make fucking sense!

delet this


Nah, but seriously thanks for this interesting fact, Yoto!

A corpse [\spoiler]


I'd imagine Hanah Barbara would look like an old man

>60-70 Greaser Jacket with cool glasses. Fading white hair and Mustache

>Inside his coat is pictures of all the cartoons he's created and opens up his jacket ands asks

>"See sometin ya like?"

>he's got animation cells taped on the back of his jacket with price tags on them so people can know it's on sale

>He's a walking history book able to tell anybody what happened with animation between 60-70's .

>this is true

I want to believe, Spoops...

OR here. Thank you very much drawfriend, wish you a wonderful week.

And that's why I hate em.
Hanna Barbera are the kings of lazy animation for saving costs.

oops my bad I didn't read that part, but what do you mean by better servers to Cred Forums?

>He had a strong rivalry with Filmation, as he would always boast about his cartoons being made in america

>hated DIC entertainment for his incredibly cheap, awful, "clearly ripping of anothe"r cartoons

>Him and The Walt Disney Company didn't interact often as Disney was looking towards live-action at the time

it was joke, don't worry lol

>another week goes by with little to no Nicktoons-tan
Life truly is suffering

Aw man, I need me some of this, could someone request this on /aco/? My hands are tied at the moment.
>Giant dicks and tentacles take her from every angle.
>It's consensual and she loves it.
At least the post coitus like the first user said.

user, if you want something done with her, then talk about her. That's how you get the tans you want done.


literally who?

He takes a note right outa Geroge Carlins book

>So my buddy Filmation died recently

>Good fuck him

>I had his email, Number and Home address all in my phone and on my notebook. Why? In case I wanted to fuck with the little stealer.

>Now...I gave him....2 days...Then I cross him outa my notebook. Feels good don't it? I did the same thing when Walt kicked the Dirt and I'm doing the same with film. Feels good. To have outlived another old rival

>Makes ya feel empowered ya know?

I do user I guess people just don't like her
TB don't do this to me

Hanna-Barbera is just good ol' Bill and Joe. That's the goof.
This would just be character saturation.
I wish I could find that post of that user making this same point, but smarter.


Hanna-Barbera never had a tan?


Niet comrade TB

that's adorable!

>character saturation
That was the gist of it, really. But basically, just ask yourself if, after a week, you'd still want to draw that character. If not, then don't bother.
It was also pretty much directed at TB.

No he didn't. It's just thinking on whether or not we should MAKE one. We have a lot of tans we made that barley et any art or stories so it makes you wonder what the point was

It's character saturation. I think we'd be fine with one but ultimately it would be the will of the thread to decide if they want to continue or not

I'd be fine either way

Decided to redraw Newgrounds-tan

Not to doo-doo all over you, user. But there already was a re-design a while back. One that was practically unanimously accepted.

Oh ; v ;

Oh damn, sorry user but we got a new redesign for her like two weeks ago, but thanks for your contribution!

Eh? I don't recall there being unanimous acceptance with that one. In fact, I recall some people saying it looked weird and even further off from what a Newgrounds-tan would be expected to look like.

This triggers me

Not today, Satan
Not today...

At a certain point, they're going to have metaphysical sex. As in it's going to be a literal psychedelic mindfuck where during the process they will be connected through mind, body and spirit.

Which one?

The White CN or the number 4?

I think it looks nice.

Stoner-Tan is so lazy she can't even hold up a sign.


I love them so much


I'm of course talking about the number 4, why is it like that?

í'll finish them some other time

So i don't like Dreamworks attire too much. I don't think it has enough of the Dream aspect in Dreamworks.
I think Dreamworks would be the kind of character that would be tired a lot, sometimes half awake and often times mutter or slur a lot.
Like, she often spends her days fishing from the moon, sometimes just sleeping up there.

She's evil!

But her actual design it's cute, TB

Maybe one day little chump


yeah, i know people like it but i kinda rushed on her design with the mindset that she needs to be tomboyish without thinking of anything else.

Eh, i guess we could just go with her having bed room eyes. She can keep her old design, just needs to look and act more tired



That's adorable, Spoops.
>There sure is a lot of room around the chest

>Dat CN-Disney

Mmmmm, I like it

well, i'm done for the day, see ya'll next week.


>there sure is alot of room around the chest


>She can keep her old design, just needs to look and act more tired

Yes please!

Can I /r/ Netflix-tan dressed as Eva from Wakfu saying "Bonjourrrr, vous Berger gobbling amerifats!" To Bojack, Todd, and the dad from F is for Family?

G'nite TB

Why isn't there more art of him performing shenanigans?



Nick looks to happy to be a princess!

>lot of room around the chest


I'm gonna Lurk the rest of the thread till archive. I've got sme stuff to work on and now I gotta work on making a few gifs.

Tonights be fun guys

There should be more of him. He looks like such an adorable and friendly kind of guy. One you could go out and get a beer with.

Hopefully with it being CN's birthday next week, we'll get to see him act all fatherly and stuff.

I feel bad for Nick-tan :(

Bye F.A.G

Huh? Why?

CBS would smoke a cigarette or cigar, if she's had a bad day.

Why, she looks happy and seems to have it all together.

>He surprises her by showing up as Captain Planet to her party and proceeds to 'fight'the pollution monster known as Viacom
>she has no idea who he's supposed to be

Because she feels pretty with that outfit but she's totally cute always

Shit, I need more of them like this

>it looked weird and even further off from what a Newgrounds-tan would be expected to look like.
Apart from people posting about the need for more black and gold, I recall the opposite of that.

Viacom: "I didn't agree to this."
Time Warner/Turner: "Look, I really don't care, it's my daughter's birthday. So you're gonna be choked out. So, in the immortal words of Korra, you gotta deal with it."
Vi: "...Fuck you."

>she has no idea who he's supposed to be
Aww, now I'm sad. Hopefully TW has a marathon with all his children and watches it with them.

Quick question, do we call the personification of Time Warner who looks like Ted Turner, Time Warner or the human name Ted?

See ya next weekend, /CTG/!

I alternate between just Turner and Time Warner

>do we call the personification of Time Warner, "Time Warner", or something else?
Come on, dawg. What thread are you on? What character are you asking about? Come on, dawg.

Usually we call him "Turner" or Papa Turner

>he's supposed to be
>Aww, now I'm sad. Hopefully TW has a marathon with all his children and watches it with them.
That sounds comfy as fuck

Just Turner.

Ted is his real name. Like Fox's real name is Dumont.

Nice greentext, user

Good night all

>That sounds comfy as fuck
Then they watch Over the Garden Wall. Which is one of the best modern cartoon mini-series I've seen in years.

well its almost time for beddy byes this might have to be the last request to finish
but hopefully I can deliver the rest next week!

Turner to his "peer" -tans, or TT to his friends. And Papa Turner to his family.


Yes, perfect that's a good butt!
Thank you, Spoops. Rest well.


thanks for coming spoops, see you next weekend


Have a great night you guys, and thank you artists/writers that makes this place so fun every week.

You guys have a great week and I hope to see you next weekend.

>no more sequels

So... she killed her, right?

I curse my need to save everything. I curse YOU especially.

Ayyyy, poor Disney no boobs or butt kek

Since everyone else is doing a reference

I remember her origin, it was a good thread

>Dank 4D should pads

they are cute tho

my dear user it's too late for this but glad you did it because i love her concept

>useless detail

I thought that was a brooch

What was her origin? If you don't mind me asking. I need to add it to the Pastebin.

Honestly everything that is written in that image is what helped to create her design

It's moonman desu

Check the glasses

Nick @ Nite is cute, CUTE!

Ya right, that's kinda fun. thanks user.