Luke Cage drops in less than 5 days. What are you expecting/predictions/Hype?

Luke Cage drops in less than 5 days. What are you expecting/predictions/Hype?

I wasn't at first, but the most closer it gets the more excited I become.

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I expect some serious SWEET CHRISTMAS

I really don't know what to expect, only ever read Luke Cage when he was teamed up with Iron Fist.

Mike Colter was just on Sunday Brunch on channel 4. Wtf?

Yes, I'm sure Misty will be enjoying his "Sweet Christmas".

probably gonna have an iron fist cameo. like how luke was in JJ

Referencing Walter Mosley in the trailer gives me some hope. If they basically want to turn this into a gritty pulp detective story with superpowers I'm totally fine with that.

I'm expecting New Jack City meets Terminator meets Barbershop

I expect that /poltv/ will make it impossible to talk about here.

I probably won't binge-watch it like I did with Daredevil, but I'll be watching it.

I'm expecting lots of black men doing nothing wrong but getting attacked by police anyway.


I expect it'll be fine, but progressive nerds will treat it like a revelation because it means they get to see art that has ideas about race while still getting their bang/pow requirement. "OMG it's about race in America!" There's been a million works of art about that, you're just to easily bored to watch them if they're not about superheroes.

Did Spencer actually have balls with the resolution of that arc or did he cop with something like robots?

The arc is still ongoing, the latest issue ended with USAgent stepping in, intending to take the shield back from Sam after seeing him fight against cops.

Invulnerability, is kinda a boring power. Though I suspect the black mafia is going to be targeting people Luke Cage cares about to get to him once they realize they can't just cap his ass.

Hopefully no cameos from that skank Jessica.

>Invulnerability, is kinda a boring power.
He's not completely invulnerable, and in fact it can have dangerous consequences if he gets internal injuries since he can't be operated on, as seen in JJ.

Saw him on a UK cooking show this morning. He kind of actually knows his way around a kitchen

When did Cobra Commander become a cop?

>Crashing through the sky
>Comes a fearful cry
>"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to move your car. Parking is only allowed here from 6pm to 6am."

>Armies of the night
>Evil taking flight
>"Yes sir, I'm aware your taxes pay my salary, but if you don't move your car it will be towed."

I'm pretty pumped. I've thoroughly enjoyed both DD1&2 and JJ, and I like what I've seen of this so far.

I don't know if it'll blow me away, but I expect I'll be entertained

Still haven't finished DD2, but I feel ya.

Luke Cage is going to learn you can't solve all your problems by putting on a humble T-shirt and punzhing things

You need a woman you can fuck that cannot break. Awwww Yea.

Yea he's got Diamond Hard skin and super strength. Shit doesn't go to his insides so its an interesting caveat

I'm hoping it doesn't go on 4 episodes too long like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, though that seems too optimistic. Still hyped though.

Fingers crossed for an actually engaging finale?
I know it's a long shot, but for the love of GOD, we need an interesting climax.

A villain who's not a boring manchild for once.

>mfw I took off from work because there's a shitty event going on that day and I don't want to clean up after it.
>mfw i'm gonna have time to marathon Luke Cage

oh shit that worked out well.

>zero school work to get done
>niggas gettin smashed left & right
>after hoc Mahershala Ali is my favourite scary nigga

>mfw I find out I have a Friday off, and can watch Luke Cage with Cred Forums.

Nah, Danny is gonna hit it.

Misty will have to find someone else.

Colleen's available.

I'm hoping for interesting fight scenes. Invulnerable skin is rather boring. And I hope they didn't shoehorn in some political commentary about cops killing people.

this is a good plan

Bar a few shit poster, I think Cred Forums will be O.K. Cred Forums will be avoid like the plague status. The last Luke Cage thread descended into fucking racial statistics. They are beyond parody.

>MFW Cred Forums's reaction to the very first episode, especially THAT scene.

>tfw the month went by before I realized it was September and I forgot to schedule around Luke Cage so I can marathon it
>it'll be the first Marvel Netflix show I don't get up at 3AM for and finish before dinner

>tfw I have to go and visit my brother on the other side of the country for his birthday on the 30th so I can't marathon it over the weekend with some B&J like I did with JJ


I hope we get to see Rosario Dawson's big ass titties. Did any of the other Netflix marvel shows have nudity?

Well, yes it does involve sex. It's more over who it's with, though.

"Jessica Jones" has a fair amount of fairly explicit sex scenes that involve seeing a lot of Jessica's and Trish's backs, but that's about it. No nudity. I just hope we see Rosario in something tight fitting.

>tfw when you still haven't seen any of the Netflix series yet.

Just spoil them all for me at this point, Cred Forums.

Daredevil Season 1 is about a blind kid and an autistic kid fighting over seating arrangements in special ed class.

Daredevil season 2 is about a blind kid hooking with his weeb ex-girlfriend to hassle the anime club.

Jessica Jones is about the failure of redemptive or transformative justice as a philosophical concept, the self-destructive nature of alternative lifestyles, and the importance of minding your toilet paper supply.

That sounds like a way better Season 2 of DD then what we got.


>wait, what the fuck is the black sky, we never actually explained what that is

You forgot the angry nam vet in season 2.

Nah, Frank's more like that kid with a temper who has it mostly under control, then his girlfriend moves away and a month later he shatters someone's knee after they make a crack about him.

THIS. Elektra freaks the fuck out about this revelation, Stick tries to kill her, the Hand worships her and I'm just left wondering what episode I missed that explained what exactly "Black Sky" is.

Also, and I know mentioning this will trigger some people here, but it annoyed the shit out of me how they kept stripping her agency bit by bit during the season. When all her backstory was finally revealed it was shown that her entire life from here childhood to her being forced to seduce Matt to actually falling in love with him to having to chose between her boyfriend or her daddy figure was utterly defined by the men in her life. She had zero outside agency in the story.

It made her a total cipher by the end of the story. She had zero life as a character beyond daddy issues and her loving Matt, and the treason around her tragic backstory had no weight behind it because they never actually defined what that backstory meant. She was just a shiny object for Matt and Stick to fight over, nothing else.

It sucks because S2 actually gave the other side characters really solid arcs. Watching Foggy man up and tell Matt to go fuck himself was satisfying as hell, and despite how goofy the "ace reporter" thing was with Karen her whole strange, intentionally uncomfortable relationship with Frank was equal parts depressing and kind of touching. Elektra just played the blank waifu.

That's a fair point. The more I learned about elektra in season 2 the less I liked her.

Made me laugh.

Karen kills Wesley. That's the only thing that's worth spoiling.

this made so mad wtf, wesley was a great char

>gritty """"hero"""" vs. autistic semi-retarded manchild plot with a godawful finale
>red ranger dies

>mfw I have a mandatory orientation at the hospital I'll be doing a clinical rotation on Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM

Feels real bad

>then his girlfriend moves away
I get that you're trying to be funny like
but don't reduce Frank Castle's suffering to "muh gf moved away"

I was mostly okay with the Black Sky stuff except for the fact that Stick killed a Black Sky in Season 1 and even though it was a big deal S2 made it seem like Elektra was the only Black Sky and the equivalent of an evil Chosen One.

>>red ranger dies
He didn't tho...

So I know Diamondback is in this, what exactly can he do again? Also forget making a second season of Luke or Iron Fist, just combine the shows into Heroes for Hire

I'm guessing either Jessica Jones or Claire, but if it's Misty, I don't think Iron Fist fags will ever recover.

That's the thing. He's one of the most vulnerable super heroes, because when the bad guys can't go for him, they go for the thing Luke loves most...HIS MONEY

Do it for Frank.

I'm going to get annoyed if he doesn't wear a yellow shirt on occasion

Nobu did complain to Fisk that he would need to find another Black Sky after Stick killed the kid, suggesting there are others out there. That or Black Sky reincarnates in certain people and Ellie was next in line.

Well, he can't do much, but the bad guys who can't do much are usually the most entertaining. Joker doesn't have powers either.

Diamondback just throws knives I think, but the trailer makes him look cool and laid back. So he might be a good villain.

At some point these Netflix shows should really start acknowledging that Spider Man is a thing. Not saying I want a heavy handed nod but you got to admit he's NYs top street level hero and pretending he doesn't exist is rather odd.

Then who's the guy with the tech helmet and backpack from the set photos?

But then he busts down their doors asking where his money is.

They will when his movie drops. They already acknowledge Captain America and Hulk. Luke will probably reference a few Avengers as well.

Ahem, expect a lot of screaming on both Cred Forums, Tumblr and Twitter.

>Luke Cage Footage Recap #3
>It’s a cool night in the city, and Misty Knight (Simone Missick) is standing on the sidewalk in a sparkly, low-cut blue party dress fiddling with her phone. Luke Cage materializes behind her in a t-shirt and jeans. He points her toward the bus, and when she doesn’t move, asks if she’s calling an Uber. “What are you, a cop?” she asks. “If you’re looking for Mr. Stokes, he just left,” says Luke. “Black Escalade, tinted windows?”

>“Don’t you have somewhere you need to be?” she asks.

>“Yeah. Home. Just got out.”

>“Congratulations,” she replies.

>Luke Cage finally starts to walk away, leaving her on the street. But she calls after him. “You want to grab coffee?”

>A smile spreads on his face. “I don’t like coffee,” he says. “Neither do I,” she responds.

>We cut to Misty’s modest but comfortable-looking apartment. Luke and Misty are making out as they enter the doorway, and he takes off his shirt before he’s even crossed the threshold. She kisses his neck, and he closes his eyes and sighs with pleasure.

Via Slashfilm


Diamond Back. Seems like they're gonna give him a twist. In the comics he was just some ordinary knife throwing dude.

But will she get the cybernetic arm tho. That's the only thing that matters to me.


Defenders seems more likely.

Is Misty durable enough? I thought the whole point of Luke/Jessica was that they couldn't hurt each other?

Something tells me that's how she'll get the arm.

>rips her arm off

Interesting question. Maybe he holds back/doesn't use full force? He does have sex with the woman who's was cheating on her husband.

>Ha, in an interview she was laughing, because the showrunner wanted to play a Wu Tang Clan song during their sex scene.

Yes he did, in the sewers

Well they were able to go all out because they were supers but that doesn't mean they won't/can't have sex with other people too. He just has to be gentler.

I don't think he was the red ranger.

>and the importance of minding your toilet paper supply.
Is this a reference to something in particular? I think I missed that plot point.

I agree in principle, but Luke is still filled with squishy vulnerable organs, unlike some.
But it's still a lousy power detracting from thrill.

Unless they're hiding some heavy hitting goons. Wrecking Crew? Nah that's too far of a stretch

What I'm saying is, firstly, invulnerability is redundant. We know the titular hero will not die. But invulnerability detracts from character's ability to look good while not dying.

Let's take Daredevil since we are on netflix. He's pretty squishy, so he has to hide around and outsmart his enemies. Even a single gunman is a challenge he can overcome in cool way.

Luke Cage just kinda stands still shrugging off hits. Now you can bring some extra supermusckle, but it risks people stopping caring once they can't keep track on power levels.

>invulnerability is redundant. We know the titular hero will not die
That's pretty dumb reasoning. In that case all powers are redundant because we know the titular hero will win. Powers allow different characters different ways to win. Sure Daredevil has a lower power level than Cage making DD vs. a lone gunman more interesting than Cage vs. a lone gunman but you can still make cool fights with bulletproof Cage. A season of Cage no-selling everyone's attacks would probably get boring but JJ has shown that MCU Cage can be damaged by conventional arms so that probably won't happen

Superpowers give heroes more ways to win, invulnerability is just one all-encompassing way to not lose.

That said, Luke's invulnerability is the most vulnerable the world had seen, so it's probably going to be fine.

Or you just have them use pepper spray and tasers on Cage.

>Luke Cage is essentially "Black Guy: The Marvel Netflix Show"
I like hood movies but I have a bad feeling Cage will be the only good actor. Everyone felt like they're trying too hard

Pretty indepth review.

Probably, but i think it's going to be more Luke in IF than IF in Luke Cage

They won't meet until The Defenders, Luke in Jessica was an exception. Maybe after, the producers are gonna have to sort out how Danny and Luke's shows all link.



not really interested but will makes sure I watch the 1st episode.

>Luke Cage drops in less than 5 days
Well shit, I gotta start paying attention...

Cred Forums wil be fine since we received a healthy influx of tumblr and r3ddit visitors. They report any kind of non politically correct opinion.

protip: facts and statistics are opinions too.

I wouldn't mind seeing her get blacked

Luke Cage got knocked out from a shotgun blast to the head. His skin is tough, but his insides are as squishy as anyone else.

Same by me

What the fuck are you talking about?

>posted links to really positive reviews
>Cred Forums minded individuals hijack thread asking why race matters
>mods delete thread even when people try to get it back on track.

It's gonna be a long few months of discussion.

Cred Forums gets triggered when people try to have conversations that aren't about black cock.

I just hope it's better than Jessica Jones

>>and the importance of minding your toilet paper supply.
>Is this a reference to something in particular? I think I missed that plot point.
Jessica never had TP when she went to the bathroom.

As long as Cage doesnt fuck up every opportunity to bring in his nemesis he should be fine. On another note, how strong is Cage exactly? And I'm curious about both the show, and comic version in terms of ranking.

Comic Luke is around base Hulk/Thing.
Show Luke seems around Spider-Man tier.

Oh it was a season I didn't watch, thought he was white.

4, now.

>Luke Cage materializes behind her
nothing personnel kid

BBC-the series

>Cobra becomes canon in the Marvel Universe
>Destroys AIM, Black Spectre and Byzantine Empire
>Hydra and Cobra compete to be the top evil organization
My money is on Cobra