ITT: We rage about dead webcomics



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How about webcomics we'd like to kill?

I feel your pain user. Why can we have good comics that also update more than twice a year?

Death would be a mercy.


Wonderella ain't dead

It's not DEAD dead, but it's gone from weekly strips to "whenever."

Remember when he udated twice a month and we all believed we would have at least 6 pages in 2016? How foolish we were.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to make one cyborg arm appear as organic while not camouflaging the other one.

I'm sure I'm the only one who cares anymore.

It's a statement against the anti-cyborg policies of the science city. If she looked human, it would support them.

Plus being metal means it can transform into weapons and take hits without damaging the fake skin.

Beryl is best waifu

Dude even started a Patreon, and (currently) gets 600 bucks per page. He could be making some serious cash if he was serious about finishing the comic.

Still mad about RPGworld. It was SO CLOSE


Why is she naked?

Why aren't you?

Because firecrotch is a mute cunt

Fair enough.


Why is Jardin okay with being mind raped?

more Cred Forums and /vp/ related, but still.

at least he didn't accidentally smoke meth again

She already has a child so she isn't pure so she isn't best waifu

Not to mention Fireblade is the much better waifu either way.

What is this and why is it hated?

The first one is Dresden Codak, the second is Sinfest. They're hated because their respective artists are colossal tools.

We all know that fireblade is endgame.
Anyway, my background waifu is antimony.

Apparently his patreon page has more pages than the main site (going up to 115 instead of 112).

Fun thing is, they're tools in very distinctive ways.
For Desden Codak, it was self-righteousness and inflated ego.
For Sinfest, it was putting a SWJ agenda that made it lose all substance?


>fireblade is endgame.
Yeah endgame with herself and loneliness

>outsider thread
So, anyone has the mustache edits?

what webcomic is this called again?

what webcomic is this?

>tfw people talk more about dead webcomics than your currently updating webcomic


>tfw a webcomic you like has been updating regularly for over a decade but nobody talks about it because it's so slow.

It's called "I spend more time obsessing about the torpedoes manoeuvrability and modeling corridos that appear in a single panel that I spend actually drawing the comic"
a.k.a. Outsider (the page with all the technical data)

It's also terrible.



What's it about user? If it's something serious/story driven I might be interested.

whats your webcomic? tell us

>tfw your dead webcomic is already forgotten and will never come back to shame you

I miss Jack.

>said no one ever