Who are you going to call?

Who are you going to call?

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>the last canon appearance of an original Ghostbuster in a live action movie
So sad.

What about the 2009 game?

>What about the 2009 game?
>in a live action movie
Apply yourself.

I think he means filmed and not just voice.

Besides the game takes place in 1992 I believe and Casper is in 1995.





Book One: Air > Book One: Water

Fight me bitches.

>Fight me bitches.
What does Korra have to do with Ghostbusters?

Shitty sequels?

Alrighty let's talk about Ghostbusters. Sat down and read pic related a week or two ago and was presently surprised by how not shit it was. It totally kept the look and feel of the cartoon while still getting a bit more serious/dark when it needed to be.

If you can you should check out the story ghost gangsters by Evan Dorkin it's one of the best stories in the trade by far.

How are the later IDW comics?

examples of female leads destroying a franchise.



Why is cartoon Jeanne hotter than Anne Potts?

my waifu

This is the reprints of the NOW comics from the late 80's. IDW reprinted volume 1 (28 issues) with 2 omnibus. Volume 2 is 5 issues and there are 3 annuals. NOW also published the comic adaption of the second movie (3 issues) and a spin off comic about Slimer (19 issues plus an annual).

How powerful is Vigo compared to Gozer?

Wasn't there a bunch of thirsty, jewish, redheaded, female secretaries around this time?

That needs to happen again.

Also, does the IDW comic go into his backstory any?

Vigo is a wizard.

Gozer is a god.

You do the math.

Wasn't Vigo a warlock or something like that? I mean Gozer was a full on extra-dimensional entity that had conquered entire worlds prior to invading earth.

Whereas Vigo was just a ghost who possessed a painting and needed a body to possess/sacrifice. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Gozer>Vigo and probably whatever they fight in the new movie.

I dunno. He stirs up paranormal activity in New York in a way comparable to Gozer, and his alternate (true?) form towards the end of the film suggests there may have been something more to him than the ghost of a dead sorcerer.

Does she leave the glasses on during sex?
Will she occasionally have to push them back up her nose?
How much will the earrings flop around?
Can she still calmly answer the phone without losing her rhythm?


Janina was my first crush. How did they make her so dowdy, yet so hot?

I suggest reading up on the guy who played Vigo. He was interesting.


He has a great bit part during In The Mouth Of Madness.


I mean Annie Potts was pretty cute in the role.

I just did a video on "Destroyer Forms" and how they stack up: youtube.com/watch?v=nNq3lscTzHc

But yeah in short: Vigo is a Class 4 Mutant. Which means that he is the ghost of a human but has some how amass a huge level of para-psychic energy, either in his lifetime or after his death. He could in theory be a match for Gozer.

In the video game, Shador the architect did almost the same thing and was able to control a weakened Gozer/StayPuff.

I totally read that in your voice. Halloween is almost here CR, are you ready?

How many more obscure Halloween specials can there be?

Almost I have the audio for two episodes already cut together.

I have at least enough materiel for another year.

But Christmas Specials...I have enough for at least the next 4 years.

yor vids r kool thnx 4 makn em

Sweet, I look forward to it.

Ah thanks guys...here's a super quickie Janine for you guys before I take off.

Do you do commissions?

Do you make any lewds?

>he doesn't know about Chad Rocco
I bet you niggas weren't even here in 2006.

What happened then?

I wonder if that animation studio ever did hentai.

For some reason I get a bit of a hentai vibe when I look at Janine in the episodes animated by that studio.


that episode where she is in bikini

I know who he is, I'm just wondering if he's made any lewds.

I'm sure he would love to, but not in this lifetime.

Is there a Cred Forums reccomended list for Ghostbusters?

Don't let others think for you.

Get back to work Zone. You take forever on shit you make Miura look organized.

>cisbusters died


Not lewd enough

You're a moron.

Still waiting for that Kylie flash Zone. he put a trailer out a couple of weeks ago.


>please tell me what should I like or not
No I don't think so. I told him/you to think by himself/yourself.

That you even think asking for a starting place that's not shit is the same as letting someone think for you just shows how inept you are.

Kill yourself.

>to be so butthurt
Not like GB spawned hundred of comics. You have NOW and IDW. 88mph was just a mini.

The river of slime is an artificial buff though and because of the negative energy of the city vigo is able to tap into it going for class 4 to class 7 god level.


Before the video game, you could say he was causing the slime. But we learned that Shandor what actually pumping it in too the sewer so he could turn the city into an ghost battery.

Gozer was a god who controlled other gods. She got overconfident mixed with not anticipating anti-paranormal tech as well as getting shackled with a shitty form. Ghostbusters tech was pretty OP desu

Yeah I do do commissions but there's a wait now.


Afraid not.

As we explore in the game and IDW comic, a human ghost can be enhanced or empowered to the point of "godhood" comparable and beyond that of Gozer.

Shandor used technology and a cult of his own design.

Vigo had 200 years of life as a Warlord Wizard with a kingdom at his command, and likely could have done comparable. Perhaps even enhanced himself further as the beta test for Shandor's own ascension given what we learned about the origin of the River of Slime that fed into Vigo's power.

>IDW comic
Is that still going or was it canceled?

Currently going toward the conclusion of the GB International plot. It's unknown what comes next as of now.

Still going. Next issue is for october 5.

looks like anime cel

That's 80s animation for ya.

This guy.

Go away Cred Forums

It may as well be, animation was often outsourced to Japan at that time.

>Ben went from angry rants and trying to sue Cred Forums to putting memes in every comic

I hate Cred Forums as much as everyone else, but that was fucking hilarious.

Gozer was a god and was basically beaten by cheaters what with the whole "cross the streams" into the dimensional rift BS.

Vigo was more a particularly strong ghost of a mortal who had managed to tap into a very powerful pool of energy that let him punch way above his body weight. Ghostbusters beat him fair and square.

In summation, the most powerful was that fucking demonic amusement park haunted by the ghosts of all those animals that died in a fire because Jesus FUCK, Real Ghostbusters, kids don't need to be seeing that shit.

May I ask why you don't do NSFW?

Somebody else.



Oh wait...



Thanks, these were very helpful.

>she has no butt


The Winchesters

it called slim figure and is hot.

Take her over to /aco/, they have a "fixed" thread. You'll get what you want.

Oops, meant and

This is the only thing in RGB that disturbed me as a kid:


Pretty fucked up.