If Boom made a comic about one other Power Rangers team, who would you want it to be?

If Boom made a comic about one other Power Rangers team, who would you want it to be?

Time/Wild Force

Time Force or SPD

>We finally get a tie in to something that isn't Mighty Morphin'
>It's SPD

Lost Galaxy had a really cool setting with Terra Venture, I'd love to explore that more
Or RPM's dystopian future
Or SPD or Time Force's slightly less dystopian futures.

Or In Space where they visit Eltar, Aquitar, Triforia and KO-35 to rebuild the galaxy after Countdown to Destruction

This probably will get some groans, but Lightspeed Rescue redone as a sort of Ultimates style take on Power rangers, though without the more juvenile edgy elements. I've always thought the idea of humans making ranger powers without help from alien allies interesting. It'd be interesting to go into the whole genesis of LR; making using the idea that after Turbo, the Rangers became less commonly seen on Earth, so steps are made to establish a homegrown team to fill there place. You can have that eventually lead up to establishing future organizations like Time Force. Maybe have them develop the zords from scraps of older zords destroyed in battle.

Dino Thunder. It has lots of cool ties to the original in looks and characters.

Fuck you, SPD was far and away one of the better seasons and I'd love to see more of it.

Would like to see Jack come back as a Ranger somehow as well.

Don't SPD and Time Force take place roughly during the same time period? Obviously before Time Force got stranded in 1999/2000

SPD takes place in 2025
Time Force (originally) took place in 3000

SPD takes place in 2025, Time Force was in 3000

You'd think if Humankind had developed Ranger powers in 2000, it would have significantly improved by 3000

Wild Force irrefutably had the best zords

SPD had no right taking place when it did. I love it and all but it should've taken place a few centuries from now. What the fuck are they going to do when it's 2025 and the world obviously isn't some sci-fi future with greater technology and aliens living everywhere?

Set it in 2050

Or have it take place in 2005

Light speed

Fuck, my friend had the toy

Shit was great

2050's a little better but still pretty bad.

They'll probably retcon it to be an alternate timeline or something.

You mean like they did with RPM?

Carter was badass


I don't know why but the dude who played "Jay Garrick" on the Flash reminded me of Carter

Your right

Jungle Fury has a yellow Penguin on a flying surfboard

More of this please

Is that missing the Rhino?

ToQGer adaption

Zeo, following the series. The ending never got any follow up.

>Rangers still have the Zeo Crystals
>Mondo was beaten by Zedd and Rita, who implied they were ready to try and take over earth again with monsters clearly tougher than anything Mondo had
>Still a whole Machine Empire left on the moon
>Prince Gasket is still around and only left because Mondo came back
>Zedd still keeps mentioning he rules dimensions, galaxies, and armies, but we still don't see this shit


I'd love to see an expanded universe showing Zordon and Rita's war and maybe seeing pre Mighty Morphin teams of rangers. Failing that I'd like to see a more Star Trek-ish In Space or Lost Galaxy.

>I'd love to see an expanded universe showing Zordon and Rita's war and maybe seeing pre Mighty Morphin teams of rangers.
I'd like to see them adapt Gorenger just to see what they would do with it.

Yeah, having Zordon using the Akarenger suit would be great.

In PR world, there were alien attacks in the 90s. How many alien attacks did we have in ours? Their 2025 is just more advanced.

Sort of want.

Where are all the aliens in Megaforce or Dino Charge then? So just like that, there are aliens living all around on Earth?

I want some Wild Force, mostly because I want more of the Princess.

Go-Busters as the government's own Ranger Team. Yeah, I know it wasn't adapted, but that makes it perfect for an "original" book.
It could easily work as successor of the Lightspeed Rescue Team and direct ancestor of the Space Patrol Delta team.

If we're getting a lot of zord action, definitely Wild Force. So many different zords, megazords, etc. and a good backstory to them.

If we're going for a more character-driven series, then I would suggest either Dino Thunder or Ninja Storm. Smaller teams of rangers means more time to focus on characterization, and these two both have some great settings.

I feel like Dino Thunder would be a great choice, because it ties into MMPR. I'm also a sucker for Tommy being the mentor figure.

Why does the artwork of the Power Rangers always make them so ridiculously buff? It looks weird. I prefer the more lean martial artist appearance better.

>I've always thought the idea of humans making ranger powers without help from alien allies interesting.
I concur, but i think ill be the odd one out saying i wanna see more lost galaxy.

Super Megaforce
Fucking fix it please

Humans making their own super suits and advanced tech that can rival magic bullshit or ayylmao tech is my favorite trope and the main reason why G3-X is my favorite Rider.

In Space or Dino Thunder.

Damn this could be really cool, Zordon leaving earth and humans using rest of the technology left behind to stablish their on rangers or robocop-like program, starting small and working its way to international matters, Time force/SPD/Lightspeed could work as the humans advancing plot while inSpace/Lost Galaxy could be the follow-up to the Zordon storyline
Fug, now I really want something like this

My nigga. SPD was based.

My nigger

This is always imagined a Power Rangers film series

>.Lightspeed and Silver Guardians reverse engineer leftover Zordon tech
>eventually merge into SPD
>a thousand years down the line becomes Time Force
>five Time Force rangers go back in time to the Lightspeed era
>team up movie.jpg

I had both mega zords from this series

The cars that make the smaller mega zords fit into the trains that make this one


I'd like to see Time Force. It had 2nd best 6th ranger

The stupid japanese one with the train theme... just for the hilarity of it all.

>2nd best
Who's first?

France Five

Tommy you fucking retard

In Space.
>dramatic story
>interesting characters
>psycho rangers

RPM sequel
Wasteland shenanigans with the team fighting against robots/mutants as they try to rebuild society.

Nah, see you use the GoBusters assets for the basis, the designs and such.

You have it be like 10 to 20 years later. It's fucking perfect

Lightspeed Rescue.

Karone/Astronema was my first crush

Shit taste senpai

But In Space loses a lot of its impact without its legacy.

personally I'd like to see them adapt one of the series not adapted for Power Rangers, either a pre-Power Rangers season(any of the ones from Maskman through Jetman would be pretty easy to do), or one of the three Sentai that have been skipped over so far(Dairanger, GoBusters, Akibaranger, and ToQger), to justify it being separate from the rest of the franchise do one of the following;

it's one of the Alien Teams
it's set on Terra Nova after Lost Galaxy
it's set in the RPM dimension after that series ended

Then who is the best 6th ranger? The nerd from ninja storm? The evil wolf from wild force?

>the main reason why G3-X is my favorite Rider.

You sir have good taste.

Eric, obviously

Tommy's overrated

Well there was no more Zordon which I guess was something. But I think the psycho rangers definitely makes up for other series not following it cannon wise.

Her final outfit as Astronema was definitely my first crush

What's wrong with SPD? It has the best story right next to Mystic Force.

I just wanted more Omega Ranger dammit.

Anything that would give me closure with the Phantom Ranger. And no, planning on him being Billy made now sense for how his last appearance ended.

Lost Galaxy would be really cool, too bad the rangers designs suck

In Space if for no other reason than because it opens up the use of Zedd, Rita, The Machine Empire, Divatox, along with Astronema, Darkonda, Dark Spectre and potentially the use of other fledgling evil space empires that were tiny rackets on the fringe of the galaxy while Dark Spectre ran a train on the universe at large

They completely fucked up the Omega Ranger in that show. He had such a cool design.

Reminder that Cruger was one of the best mentors and that the Shadow Ranger was fucking based. That design was so fucking good.


THIS , Zeo left a SHITLOAD of plot threads which Include giving the rangers a reason to change their Zeo powers, Zedd and Rita coming back to their former glory, gasket and archerina taking over the machine empire , Rito's destrucción, Serpentera being left on the moon and the zeo zords being destroyed

RPM maybe.

Mystic Force

Time Force, SPD, or RPM

I'm watching through Agito for the first time right now, and Makoto is a real-ass motherfucker. One of my favourite riders for sure.

>no A-squad origin story of their down fall

Monster Force was the best series by far.

humankind has always found a way to fuck shit up.

Mystic Force or Wild Force

Best outfits or best Zords.

>Tommy is best 6th

when will this meme end?

When Jason David Frank stops relying on his garbage fans to fuck with polls and pretending he was even good as an actor.

For sheer recombination ability and appearance, absolutely.

RPM is a close second despite the big ol' anime eyes on every zord.

He's dense as a cast iron pot but dammit he tries his best anyways and that's why we love him.

I always liked the explanation that they sent the Zeo Crystal to Trey to defend Triforia after they created the Turbo powers

Any answer other than Lightspeed Rescue or SPD should be discounted.



The one with the cars might be cool too if the setting incorporated a Mad Max aesthetic.

Yeah that'd be dope, Zedd and Rita getting SERIOUS'd be cool.

I wish there was more Sentai manga. I would love to read some Gorenger a la Kamen Rider Spirits.
There is only so many times I can read the Jetman one.

Which one? RPM?

In Space.

Why is lightspeed rescue so high?

Cuz it's good

Man, Hikawa rarely actually -won- on his own, but he fought with his all and never gave up. It takes a lot of guts to march into battle knowing you're almost always outclassed and fighting as hard as you can anyway.

Because Carter wasn't a little bitch without his morpher


that's a big ranger

Cred Forums can't into toku and has shit taste to like this

/toku/ pls, we tolerate your presence on /m/, pls contain your bullying there


Nah. Super/Megaforce are better left utterly abandoned.

RPM, the setting has the most potential of any Power Ranger series.

And since it's an "alternate universe" (which was a copout retcon but whatever) you can do whatever you want with zero worries about affecting the main continuity. The finale of the show even established that the main villain is still alive, so it could easily be a direct sequel.

>Average Tier
>Has one show in it


RPM no question.

Gotta have my Eka Darville husbando

Honestly just give this fucker a solo title. His costume gets me hard


No, I was thinking of Turbo.

Well, to be honest I was thinking of this fluid druid.

I'd love to see Divatox and Demetria's back story expanded on, or what happened to them after Zordon's energy wave

Rita became Mystic Mother

Ah, because RPM takes place in a domed city with a post-apocalyptic wasteland on the outside


I would put Samurai in average tier and move Mystic Force and Dino Charge to good tier.

>Anything other than bad
Did we watch the same show? The acting and writing are stilted as fuck (not the actors' fault), and the things it does do right are lifted directly from Shinkenger


Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury should each go up one

Zeo should go down one


Megaforce would have been AMAZING for comics: having old rangers showing up and helping out the current team by offering sagely advice or even temporarily regaining their old powers for a team up...

It's too bad Megaforce was such utter shite then.

So my vote instead goes to RPM. I am far more invested in what happens in RPM's post-game.

I want an A-squad story.

It's a shame there is no porn of her.