Punisher vs SHIELD?




What does it mean?

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Would be pretty cool for the series finale to be the entire cast of AoS getting franked.

Will AoS finally be canon?

>the crossover is Microchip or other secondary character of Fronk's series appearing on AoSHIT

The netflix shows are non-canon to the movies, IIRC. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show is non-canon to the non-canon netflix shows. Doubt it'll happen

And in any case if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is anything like it was when I last watched, there'd be an enormous clash in tone

The absolute ideal dream would be for the end of the Winter Finale to open up into Hell's Kitchen and the team checking in on the Defenders and shit. But Frank is ready to frank some people.

nice meme friend. Dogs of Hell appeared in both AoS and was the same gang in DD Season 2, and a broadcast on AoS mentioned gang wars escalating in Hell's Kitchen about a week after Season 2 dropped.

Enormous clashes in tone during crossovers is something that comes with the territory of an connected comic book verse.

Minor details from both AoS and Netflix have already crossed over and movie characters have appeared on AoS as well, so no reason Netflix characters can't.

>And in any case if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is anything like it was when I last watched, there'd be an enormous clash in tone

They upped the ratings this season, so should be doable.

And Nick Fury showed up on AoS too but that doesn't make it canon

fucking Whedon, not only did he fuck over AoU but he started a shitty meme

but the show has been canon since creation, in fact they re-created shield which is what we end up seeing in AoU

this is a retarded meme started because Whedon regretted having Coulsin live all along because it ruined his cheap death

Wacker has nothing to do with Marvel Television. He's the head of Marvel Animation. He's likely talking about another live-action crossover where characters from one of the Disney Channel shows showing up in Ultimate Spider-man or some shit, which has happened before.

Then it would mean TV and Film division relationship is completely broken. You can thank Ike for that one.

Since when has Cred Forums been so autistic about the canon of a franchise that most of the board doesn't even like?


shut up

user, Cred Forums shitposting their lazy memes around is hardly a new phenomenon.

SHIELD as presented in the movies is a kind of shady government organization which later turns out to be a VERY shady government organization.

SHIELD as presented in the TV show is a super spy organization that trains people in super spy schools and gives them superspy gadgets, and which even has a superscience school where everyone has at least a PhD to even be considered to enter despite most being little more than teenagers a.k.a a supergenius school. It also can laugh in the face of the whole U.S military whenever the fuck it wants even after losing all those resources because superspies

If it was canon the whole setting they've built up with the movies would go straight to the trash

>If it was canon the whole setting they've built up with the movies would go straight to the trash
If you're saying that, then The Winter Soldier would be trash as well.

Shield has been both of those in the comics for years

Being the super NSA is thematically much different than being the James Bond academy

this doesnt make sense, why wouldnt a shadyy gov organization not have all those kinds of projects and spy shit going on for them

The movies aren't the comics, though

>enormus clash in tone


The last episode of AoS had bloodspray and torture. Are you saying AoS is too dark for the Netflix side now?

And yet the shows are pretty much the only things keeping the setting from being trash. Almost all of the MCU movies are garbage. On the other hand, almost all of the shows are great. At this point I WISH it was non-canon so that the movies wouldn't be dragging the shows down anymore

Yeah, not to mention SquidWard was melting people left and right.

AoS is fucking brutal at times.

Clearly nobody on Cred Forums was a fan of either Star Wars or Doctor Who during the late 80s and/or dutiring the 90s, or else you'd all have figured out that there is no such thing as "one true canon" in a big connected universe spanning several mediums and you'd just take the approach of considering whatever you like as your personal canon.

Why does Cred Forums hate the idea of canon so much now? Character motivations don't hold up if every episode established a new continuity or blatantly disregarded events or deaths in previous episodes.

Whitehall harvested Jiaying's organs and Ward tortured Bobbi by pushing needles under her fingernails. It'd be fine.

I don't hate the idea of canon. I just find it annoying when autists keep on complaining about it.

>Character motivations don't hold up if every episode established a new continuity or blatantly disregarded events or deaths in previous episodes.
That doesn't say anything bad about AoS, considering they follow continuity quite well.

The issue is the EXTENT at which they're presented. Having a few elite agents and secret projects is fine, it starts getting silly when you have a literal school where everyone can design physics breaking sci fi gizmos in their spare time and another which mass produces action heroes

lol, come on man you suck

its canon until said otherwise by people.who matter, amssive confirmation not whedon and how he feels

I know. I'm just saying canon exists for a reason and people on Cred Forums act like everything should work like Looney Tunes where all the characters can comically die at the end and come back fine in the next one.

Whedon is honestly a bit of a cunt saying AoS was a mistake, considering his brother is a full time worker on the show.

Whedon is a shit big brother.

The netflix shows are great and widely agreed to be great. Neither the writing, performances or production values of AoS are up to snuff with the netflix shows, and it's been polarizing since day one

I'm not even talking about canon in that post

I don't want that Joss Whedon faggot anywhere near The Punisher after last time.

Joss Whedon would never get involved with The Punisher. He hates him.

Joss doesn't work on this show though

I'm not saying that AoS is better than DD/JJ. I'm saying that AoS is better than most of the movies, which is a fact. Barring a small handful of them, the movies are all flash and no substance. Horrible antagonists, the characters are barely actual characters and more just walking quip machines, inconsistencies form movie to movie with major plot points happening off-panel, insultingly formulaic and predictable plots, filled to the brim with tumblr pandering, and change so much from the source material that everyone might as well be an OC.

The movies are so cancerous that it's downright impressive that AoS can be as good as it is while having to constantly tie into the mess of a universe the movies set-up.

>and you can punish my ass
wow that was gay

>AoS is better than most of the movies, which is a fact
nah, i couldnt get through most of the show i will watch S4 now because im a big Ghost Rider fan even if it is Robbie

not that Robbie is shit i just like Blaze

>AoS better then the movies
AoS is Whedon shrivel and was Whedon shrivel for a long time, there are like 20 movies and about 12 of them are better then anying AoS done

this is just super shit taste man

the antagonists is one thing, but everything else is plain wrong its like you havent seen any of the movies

doesnt help that AoS IS EXACTLY what you're complaining about with the movies, quips, oc and way more "tumblr panderinhlg" then the movies

Whedon says hed kill off the Punisher if he was head of Marvel becauae guns r bad and alt right agenda, so lets be grateful hes out of the picture for good

I'm wondering how the hell they will start a Punisher show when his origins have closure in DD Season 2 and he's cameoing elsewhere.

The quip meme is repeated whether or not there were actual quips on the movie. People were still going about muh quips with Civil War, where the only quips came from Spider-man. There aren't even that many quips outside of the Avengers movies
>inconsistencies form movie to movie with major plot points happening off-panel
Such as?
>insultingly formulaic and predictable plots
This is an extremely vague criticism, again
>filled to the brim with tumblr pandering
No they aren't
>and change so much from the source material that everyone might as well be an OC.
That's not even an actual criticism to the movies' quality

>the characters are barely actual characters and more just walking quip machines, inconsistencies form movie to movie with major plot points happening off-panel
like what?
nothing comes to mind at all

wait one did, and it was in Thor 2 but they werent that important at all

also it sucked

as for quipping, thats Whedons whole shtick ive never had that quip shit problem in any other movie

>filled to the brim with tumblr pandering
like fucking what?

are you sure you arent getting AoS and the movies confused

How AoS finishes off its villains:
>villain mentally tortures Coulson until he gets pushed to the breaking point and caves the villain's chest in with his bare hands
>major character sacrifices himself to rocket villain into space; the villain, realising he's lost, shares in a touching moment of solidarity with his enemy

How the MCU finishes off their villains:
>oops, I shrunk
>oops, I fell
>oops, I quipped
>blows himself up within first 5 minutes of movie after spending whole last movie setting him up
>hi, my names Trevor. Isn't that quirky?!
>I AM LE MANDARIN! *breaths fire* *gets punched by Gwyneth Paltrow* *dies*
>meme-off + power of friendship = epic win!
>haha, you can't kill me if I never do anything besides sit and smirk

It's pretty pathetic that anyone could be a "serious" fan of these movies let alone genuinely believe that they've set up a setting worth defending as if it's some kind of holy grail of worldbuilding and storytelling. The TV shows may not be that great, but at least their characters have some pathos and aren't treated like literal jokes.

>hey, let's take The Whitest of the Gods and make him black, aren't we oh so progressive?
>actually defending this
Wow, this place really is Cred Forumsmblr.

I don't even know which villains you're talking about and I've watched all the MCU movies as far as I remember.

>No they aren't
I bet you're actually excited for Spider-man: Homecoming, aren't you?

That just goes to show how completely forgettable and superfluous they are.

I wanted Ketch

You're the only person I've seen yet who actually gives a shit about Balder being black

It was not some big media controversy nor was it marketed as "LOOK AT OUR AWESOME BLACK BALDER". He was just cast as black and people at the movie theather maybe stopped to think for a minute that it was weird that a nordic god was black, but nobody made a fuss about it because he barely got any screentime and was a glorified plot device

>people don't know what they are talking about and bitch for the sake of bitching
Are you surprised?

yes it does

probably because the anti-white/anti-black tumblr shit wasnt a thing at the time and Marvel was yet to be a shitty sjw machine

Han Solo appears in a bunch of crappy star wars stories but they aren't canon. The same principle applies.

We're talking about movies which have actually been released, as far as I could tell

From the thumbnail the guy on the left's shitty attempt to cover his baldness makes his hair look like a yamaka.

Wow, the MCU movies are so bad and forgettable that you can't even remember the names of the characters. Considering you got the two confused, you've probably never even read a comic before, have you?

Heimdall, not Balder.

its non-canon because disney said so but before that it was considered the Canon, no one at Marvel has yet to say anying about AoS's continuity

marvel isn't star wars and everything is done in ONE shared universe. end of story

>MCU movies are so forgettably mediocre that you can't even remember which ones have actually come out
I can understand wanting to wipe the Thor movies from your memories and pretend they haven't been released, but still, fuckin' wew lad.

do you always type like a fucking autist?

>the anti-white/anti-black tumblr shit wasnt a thing at the time
Yes it absolutely was. We've been dealing with the SJWs for 6 years now.

I just happen to not give much a shit about either Nordic mythology or the Thor comics. You seem to be lacking in an actual argument, though

it was 2011, the start of the prime nobody really gave a shit including me


Hell, season 1, which was way more toned down and campy compared to the other seasons, had this scene:

Try making your bait less overt

>getting this triggered because someone called you out on your shit taste
You have to be 18+ to use this site last I checked.

The shows are basically the MCU's EU. It all happens in the same universe, but some derivative media is only for people who really care about it.

You don't care about Nordic myths or Thor comics, yet have the audacity to hold up the Thor movies as cinematic masterpieces. Bravo. Maybe go stick to Cred Forums or /tumblr/. Both of which are likely a bit more your speed.

>le triggered

>the truth is bait
MCUcks, everybody.

There's nothing to be gained from pretending to be retarded other than making people wonder if you're actually pretending, user

It's still the same universe and that's all that matters.

Says the user who unironically thinks Thor 2 and Age of Quiptron are a brilliant works of art.

back to your containment board.

yes it is EU and its also still canon and on that note its not even a big EU like the star wars for it to be comparable

>MCUcks can't handle the bantz
Well no wonder you love the safety and predictability of the MCU movies.

So because he specifically doesn't like the character means he would kill him off because fuck everyone who's a Punisher fan. What a selfish cunt. This is what happens when you can't stop seeing everything as political.

fuck off Joss

that scene was pretty horrifying...

Cred Forums can't handle banter at all.

No, but pretending you don't understand someone was talking about the actual Spider-Man Homecoming content of the post and not the Heimdall picture is bait.

And Lady Sif

Still not canon

Still better than the meme-tier movies.

It's so sad that this show still needs the popularity and the success of the Netflix shows and the movies to get people to notice it and keep tuning into it.

Die in a fire shit for brains.

And Mariah Hill. And Agent Sitwell. And Gideon Malick. And Agent Carter.

AoS is as canon to the movies as the Star Wars Holiday Special is as canon to the Star Wars universe.

>93 posts
>9 of them about the Punisher possibly showing up on AoS
>Everything else is about canon, AoS being shit, the MCU as a whole being shit and Whedon being a hack.

Bravo Cred Forums

Naw, Frank is just a little added bonus, what's really got me hooked for this season is ANGR.

And like the EU it's inconsequential to the movies and easily discarded if you don't care about it.

Might as well not exist to the movies then.

And that hydra doctor guy.

You can hold you hands over your ears, close your eyes and scream this at the top of your lungs whilst stamping your feet and it still won't make you right user
Remember when it was Malick who gave the order to bomb NYC? Fucking Hydra.

You're retarded. AoS is part of the MCU. As are the Netflix shows. There's no EU/canon/not-canon crap. It's one universe and has crossed into each other both ways at multiple points.

Most recently Coulson's secret helicarrier being used by Fury in Age of Ultron and Dr List from Hydra going directly from the AoS ep the week before Ultron to the movie also.

Quake/Daisy was raised in the same orphanage as Daredevil etc.

Fucking idiots who don't even watch these shows and movies need to die.

Oh right, Dr. List.

>Bravo Cred Forums

So? There's no such thing as true canon. To many people things like the Thrawn trilogy and other stuff were their personal canon that they enjoyed. At the same time something like Death Troopers wasn't their personal canon because it sucked and made no sense. Some people didn't care about the EU, some people didn't even know it existed. Some people have the old republic as canon but ignore the prequel movies. All are valid versions of the Star Wars universe canon.

Same with Doctor Who. The audio stories add a lot of depth to unexplored eras of the life of certain characters. Sometimes these stories are great and fill in the gaps of the wilderness years, sometimes they contradict other stuff. Sometimes things are brought from the audios into the show. To some people, the show is the only true canon. To some, certain or almost all audios are as well. To some all of Torchwood is canon, to some only the first 3 seasons of it, to some none of it. Doesn't matter, it's all different versions of the canon.

You ever read any Cthulhu mythos stuff? To some people only all of Lovecraft's own stories are canon. To some, the work of certain other authors is also canon. To some, only the works that add new things to the mythos are canon and things that only have references or minor details from past stories don't count. Still all valid versions of canon.

With these kinds of things it's simply madness to have one 'official' canon, as has been encountered time and time again in so many fandoms. When will people learn?

>Quake/Daisy was raised in the same orphanage as Daredevil etc.
>Fucking idiots who don't even watch these shows and movies need to die.

I agree with your first point. But these two statements are ironic as Daisy wasn't raised in the same orphanage as Matt. That's just a persistent myth caused by some website erronously stating that, every other website and youtube video copying that and nobody fact checking and people then starting to believe it happened. If you'd actually rewatch it you'd notice the name of Matt's orphanage doesn't ever appear anytime in the show. The confusion is somewhat understandable though, as Foggy mentions a St. Agnes daycare in an earlier episode. There is no actual reason to believe this is related to Daisy's St. Agnes orphanage however.

This is exactly why there is only one official canon for all those franchises now. Because of sperglords autists like you.

Star Wars has a single canon now. Doctor Who has a single canon now that of the TV shows. The MCU is a single universe with a single canon. This isn't the 90s oldfag loser.

Confirmed for not watching.

Star Wars is canon now though. Saw from TCW is in Rogue One and a droid from TCW was in Force Awakens

Once rhe Inhumans movie happens y'all are going to cry about "muh fishoil" and show shit shit getting ignored and contradicted.

Enjoy the show for what it is if the movies don't care about it whatever.

>The quip meme is repeated whether or not there were actual quips on the movie.
>People were still going about muh quips with Civil War, where the only quips came from Spider-man.

Did you forget that quip that bucky casually gave to spidey? Or the quips from Ant-Man? or the quips from Falcon? Or all of the fucking quips in the airport scene?

Even Vision quipped after being all awkward around Wanda.
MCU fags are delusional

> There aren't even that many quips outside of the Avengers movies

o, I'm laffin. Did you forget Iron Man 3? In which Tony quipped it up with his black friend? Or iron man 2 where he did the same thing, but drunk?

Quake and Matt weren't raised in the same orphanage, one was a daycare and the other was an orphanage.

Also St. Agnes is a pretty common name for Catholic orphanages, schools, etc... it's just a coincidence.

Have you seen the show?

>Coulson's secret helicarrier
You mean Fury's, Coulson is dead, even Joss said it himself that he's dead for all the movies care and he directed and wrote AoU.

They actually name Matt's orphanage in the first Stick episode

Things can be canon regardless of whether concepts introduced in them are used in other stuff later on.

In Star Wars Saw Gerrera's eyes mysteriously change color from cyan to brown. If this bothers you or you just dislike the animated shows, you can just pretend they didn't happen and just go with Saw's portrayal in Rogue One. On the other hand, if you like the shows, you will have seen Darth Bane and you can read the EU novels about him and add them to your canon as long as they're not contradicted by the movies and shows.

In Doctor Who the 8th Doctor mentions his companions from the audios (which are pretty great and add a lot of missing story) in Night of the Doctor, so you can add those audios to your canon. Does that mean all Big Finish happened? If you'd like, but maybe there are some bad stories you'd like to leave out. At the same time Torchwood: Miracle Day happened on tv, but it makes absolutely no sense within the rest of the Doctor Who Universe. So maybe you can still enjoy it but to you personally it never actually happened from the perspective of the main series?

Don't get me wrong. It's good to try to keep everything very consistent and prevent contradictions between stories as much as possible, so that everything can be canon, but there's no reason why AoS has to be canon, and there's also no reason why AoS shouldn't be canon. So why not let people decide for themselves what they make part of their personal canon? It's similar to good movies getting bad sequels. If you don't like Terminator Genesys or Batman and Robin or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Ghostbusters 2 just pretend they didn't happen. If you did like them, you can watch them as much as you want.

Could you tell me around when in that episode that was said? It'd be especially great to have a timestamp, but just telling me what was going on at that moment in the episode will do too. People have told me this before, but I've watched the episode several times and never heard it and nobody was ever able to point out when it was mentioned.

No, he meant that Avengers think he's still dead, otherwise Hellicarrier is a plot hole.

I'm kinda hype for the new scientist making LMDs for sex toys

>In Star Wars Saw Gerrera's eyes mysteriously change color from cyan to brown

We don't know if this is being left in the final product. Also, you could explain that by saying his race of alien's eyes get darker when they get older.

>Autism the post

holy shit this denial

Not the user you replied to, but same question for you: I still believe it was never mentioned, as I checked multiple times. So unless you can give me any information on when this was ever mentioned, I see no reason to believe this

what do they mean MORE crossovers with mavel animation? what were the first?

Coulson was on spiderman at one point.

oh yeah, he was undercover as the principal, he's also in the comics so I didn't really consider it a crossover


hi Cred Forums!

This is really the only way to redeem that turd of a show.

Said no one ever