Why does she even need a shield?

Why does she even need a shield?

Because shields are heroic now due to the popularity of Captain America

Because it looks better than a skeleton facetanking attacks

Because Greeks used shields and the Amazons were influenced by them.

Just because she can't die from the shots doesn't mean they don't hurt.
They probably sting like a motherfucker.

>captain america and the mcu invented shields

good point

Captain America is the symbol of pure honest heroism for kids today.

I don't think you can argue otherwise.

Why does she needs the bracelets?

i know wonder woman normally blocks things with her bracelets, but do modern versions of her keep this idea? It's the kind of thing I wouldn't be surprised if they phased out because artists thought it looked dumb or something

>red, white, and blue character has a shield
Yeah, they did invent that shit.

Because Wonder Woman is shaping up to be the most uninspired thing to come out of DCEU yet.

There's no such thing as too much safety

I could see it as something like being able to withstand a certain threshold of attack on her own. Bullets or some random thug swinging a crowbar wouldn't hurt but some mythical sword or guy with superstrength could

to sell more toys

Possibly in the US, butt globally probably Spiderman.

It was always my understanding that, while she could withstand most blunt force, bullets and blades could still cut her skin.

because catching an arrow with your body is uncomfortable.

Marvel fags are the same as Sony fanboys who thought God of War invented Greek Mythology and that Tin Tin was inspired by Uncharted. They aren't very bright is all...

They want the Captain America audience. They think setting the film in WWI instead of WWII will be enough to say "look we're not copying Marvel!"

What happened to Wonder Woman blocking bullets with her bracelets? You know, the thing she is famous for?

Because pain hurts.

>white male

So she can shield bash and shield throw.

Because she's going to war.

Meanwhile Marvel literally copied off BvS & is now copying Batman Begins featuring Dr. Strange

Right in the tits.

No, but the concepts that WW is taking from, are definitely Captain America inspired.

Blocking bullets with brackets was stupid though. What happens if multiple people shoot at her at once. Or if she gets shot at with a shotgun. Or if she gets hit with this new thing called "shrapnel?"

>Sony fanboys who thought God of War invented Greek Mythology
To say nothing of the people who don't seem to be aware that GoW cribbed liberally from Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden in the gameplay department, yet being worse than either.

>They want the Captain America audience. They think setting the film in WWI instead of WWII will be enough to say "look we're not copying Marvel!"
Yeah I can't fucking stand this. It seems to me that they're obviously going in this direction to copy The First Avenger. I just can't defend that shit. Even once you force yourself to get over it, you still take a step back and think, "They're really making a WW movie set during WW1? Really?"

Wasn't the bracelets there to like hold her power back or something? Like she's suppose to be beyond Superman tier strong without them. Idk it's stupid at this point.

>What happens if multiple people shoot at her at once. Or if she gets shot at with a shotgun.

She would use her shield instead.

SJMarvel pls go

Nigga youre retarded.
Heros created during these kind of times are gonna have some similarity but outside being WWII heros they arent nothing alike.

Superficially, they're pretty similar.

>fight with a red white and blue shield
>fights during a world war

I mean shit, both of those things are not normally part of Wonder Woman's schtick, but it is for the movie.

You know why

so she can be more like captain america

because if she just flies around punching things, she's too similar to superman.


She was weaker 100 years ago

There, 35 worthless posts redeemed

seriously, i think bracelets may be easier to control the direction that bullets bounce to, so that it doesn't hurt people around her

That scene is from an alt universe.

In the golden and silver ages, WW wasn't all that durable.

Post-Crisis, she can keep up with Superman in resistance to bludgeoning damage, but has a weakness to piercing weapons like how damage reduction works in D&D

Post-Flashpoint, I haven't seen her be shot at so I have no idea if they've changed it or not. Azzarello turned the bracelets into power limiters and gave her some kind of glowing Olympian God form when she takes them off...but that's not canon anymore either. Her current writer is pretty much restoring her Post-Crisis status-quo.

You're thinking of evangelion.

I think this is the best explanation. The only explanation, honestly.

Does Superman have an invisible jet and lasso of truth? No, he can just fly really fast and use his super senses as a human lie detector.

I'm sure there's an actual explanation but memers will just say "b-but captain america!" instead.

You know that it isn't real, right?
That if something exists in a fictional world, it's because someone wanted it to be?

The lasso makes you tell the truth, right? If so that's an advantage she has.

The someone who wanted it to be probably wasn't thinking of Captain America at all though because she's been seen intermittently using a shield since the fuckin' 80's and always uses it in conjunction with a sword. It's done to emphasize her Greek warrior upbringing.

It's Hollywood, man.
They don't give a shit about comic precedence.
They give a shit about making big money.

It's a tried and true strategy to imitate the front runner

She so prominently uses a shield now in the movie because of Captain America. Because his movies sell a whole lot of money.

Her shield isnt red white and blue. Nigga what?! Are you color blind?
And i like how you say fighting wars arwnt WW schtick whens its her origin and has been for a good part of her early years.
Read some comics.

>Captain America is the symbol of pure honest heroism for kids today.


She uses the sheild and has a battle skirt because of the greekish roots of her Amazon background.

>Captain America is the symbol of pure honest heroism for kids today.

Are you dumb? Steve was a boyscout only in First avenger.

She isnt fully powered cuz reasons, they said that BvS was not Wondy at her full power and from what we have seen in WW she won't be fully powered there either. My guess is something about the lines of her living among men and god's magic weird stuff.

Yes, that's the in universe explanation.
But that has zero influence on why it's really there.

The first reason is always to make money.
The next task is to justify that decision.

>Steve was a boyscout only in First avenger.
Are you implying he wasn't in the other movies?

Shes been using a shield on and off in the comics for fucking years.
And i like that it gives her a battle style that isnt hand to hand which will make her different from the others.

Like just stop. She would have used one regardless if Cap came before or after her movie.

Yes, he wasnt. AT ALL. A boy scout doesnt go on Black Ops missions or agrees with Bush's War on Terror. He is a good guy that reacts to menaces in the same way anyone in his position would, but he isnt a boy Scout, not even close.

spooky scary skellington!

Usually she can tank blunt attacks, but she's supposed to be susceptible to piercing stuff like swords, bullets, spears, etc

Read new 52, she goes all weaboo and says the bracelets hold back, takes them off and then wipes the floor with a god.

>>Captain America is the symbol of pure honest heroism for kids today.
>Are you dumb? Steve was a boyscout only in First avenger.
That's were the key words kids today came in. Kids are growing up on in the movies and in those the blind haired blue eyed hero from queens is theparagon of virtue!

He was saving SHIELD hostages.
Cap's weakness prior to Winter Soldier was his naivety.
He was still in that WW2 mindset of clearcut badguys.

That's still pretty Boy Scout.
And even in CW where he goes "rogue" he's doing it to save a friend he knows is innocent.

Cap has always been a very moral character.


top pep

Yes, in the comics no in the movies casual. Also his friend isn't innocent

>implying Bucky isn't innocent

Moral for Marvel maybe, for DC not no much.

He'd be on par with like Captain Atom in DC.

Who's Captain Atom?
I don't remember him in BvS, Suicide Squad, or Man of Steel

Think Dr Manhattan without the nudist part

No, im from the spiclands and Cap is the most positively seen hero.

Winter soldier helped cement the idea that he represents the united states as it should be vs what it is instead of being merely a propaganda tool, so he resonates more with people than drunk tycoon and norse god.

Also chris evans is too attractive to hate.

I'm being rhetorical.

We're comparing public sentiment of comic characters. Compared to the movies, the comics are apocryphal.

So saying that movie Cap is less moral than comic DC characters doesn't make any sense.

Movie Cap is far more moral than the DCEU equivalents.

Remember that kids these days have only ever seen Superman in Man of Steel or BVS.
There have been no Saturday morning cartoons of Superman for a generation.

They should play up the Greekness more.

Give her a spear, a shinny bronze muscle cuirass, greaves, a Corinthian helmet, the whole heroic Hoplite set, and maje her shed it over the course of the action until it's down to the leotard, tiara, lasso and sword.

Amazons aren't Greek tho

Like there's any place in the ancient world without hellenic influence

No I mean, literally, Amazons are not-Greeks.
That's their defining feature.

They were a thematic substitute for "others"

>character has magic bracelets that can deflect all projectiles
>let's give her a shield instead

There's only been a few times where WW running around with an actual shield and sword have been acceptable. Now it's just an overdone gimmick.

Shield blocks more than braclets
Ya don't wanna use your braclets to block flamethrowers

Her fucking bracelets managed to protect her entire body when Doomsday was blasting his huge heat vision rays at her.

A shield has more practical uses than the bracelets. Protects a larger area at once, doesn't require both arms, can be used as a projectile, efficient in armed combat when fighting numerous enemies...

The real question is why does she need the bracelets when she has a shield.

Yeah, but her shield came in handy when it came time to block Doomsday's energy bullshit aura thing, which her bracelets would not have been able to do so it came in handy there.

In some versions she can survive hard blows even from super strong people but not projectiles like arrows or bullets, in other version she can so I don't know which one their following, also she probably should've used the shield for doomsday's blast and bracelets for these bullets.

>Captain America made shields popular
Looking at her theme, it's kinda obvious who is she taking cues from

Yeah, I can tell by the similar physique

Not the point. Because that would also negate any Captain America comparison

Why would you just use her bracelets in a war sisturation where multiple people are shooting at her from all around in front of her vs a single being shooting a single blast.
The shield covers more.

Jeez, Wonder Woman sure as Hell is pretty inconsistent for a DC character.

Her bracelets are a symbol of the past subjugation of the Amazons by Heracules. They also used to be that they must never come off dont know if that fact still applies

Wonder Woman has an inconsistent back story and characterization?

She's always been an immortal clay statue made flesh that's also a 30 year old demigod. She's always been a compassionate ruthless peace loving warmonger.

Oh my fuck go back to Cred Forums

>Blocking bullets with brackets was stupid though.
You go back to Cred Forums too.

He didn't say that retard.
He said it became popular.

Piercing attacks can injure her.


that doesnt really count. You are pretty much USA's gardener

but seriously, you are still in north america

to people in europe and australia, captain america isnt as big an "idol" or influence as superman is

She is so skinny that the chances of her getting hit with a bullet are to low. It would interfere with the audiences suspension of disbelief. Giving her a shield allows her to be a bad-ass where she would normally just walk across no-man's land.

When using bracelets her vision isn't obscured and whenever she is shot, even by multiple people she has enough super fast reflexes to block them with her bracelets, now you could says that's silly but it's visually different than cap's technique and it's cooler.

>visually different than cap's technique and it's cooler.

This. I literally dont know why WB is passing up a golden opportunity like this. Marvel manages to find new tricks to do with Cap's shield in every movie. I can think of a couple cool action scenes centered around WW blocking bullets with her bracelets. Instead they took the boring way out and gave her a fucking shield.

The DCEU is a fucking joke.

>people still believe this shit

Throwing out the best artist and storyteller in comics to appease a SJW faggot so cuck he's named Cucka will do that, user.

There are multiple versions that follow that logic, we've never seen her shot or stabbed in the DCEU so we don't know what way they're gonna go.

I live in Chile, thats way further away from you than you think.

Seriously this. When I was in the Philippines I saw kids walking around with Captain America memorabilia.

I meant power level and durability wise for consistency. Her background is pretty solid though for the most part.

I meant power level and durability wise for consistency. Her background is pretty solid though for the most part, I'd say.

I dunno user. Maybe she's from a completely isolated society and initially didn't know how much more powerful she is or how powerful her enemies weaponry is. Your right, allowing herself to be hit just to find out makes a lot of sense

>They want the Captain America audience

What audience? Captain America needede the Iron Man audience

>There have been no Saturday morning cartoons of Superman for a generation.

Thank god for JLAction

Bvs wishes it had the civil war audience

She takes no damage from bullets and the like but the bracelets block damage from things that normally hurt people at her power level.

No, that's Ako from "project a-ko". She needs bracelets to control and restrain her nigh infinite physical strength.

in case she needs a "thin mint" , a bullet that could hurt her, if it got directly, but caught in her, presumably magic and therefore stronger, shield might deform or tumble turning what might have been a killshot into an annoyance

>She is so skinny that the chances of her getting hit with a bullet are to low

She can block bullets with her bracelets, but they ricochet
The shield lets her protect more people

The Invisible Jet is for passengers and cargo

>The shield lets her protect more people
>one skeleton with outdated, even if magical, combat gear is going to protect entire lines of infantry from getting shot to pieces