What is with black superheroes and electric powers?

What is with black superheroes and electric powers?

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Yeah, and what is it with white super heroes having flight, super strength and durability?

It's because white heroes came first, so when they started making black characters more common, there just weren't that many powers left.

Well, most are too smart to get bitten by a radioactive anything, and most stay away from crazy school science projects.

Since they don't go swimming much, and they don't go outside the city, this leaves them with a limited opportunity to take on characteristics from their environment. Or for comic book companies to see the common black person being able to fantasize about being half atlanteen and swim to the bottom of the marianis trench, for instance.


They are all Black Lightning, expys of Black Lightning, related to Black Lightning, or deliberate takes on the "black superhero with lightning powers" trope

wool-like hair is better for conducting electricity

As a nigga I can say electricity powers are fucking awesome

Black Lightning was the first
He had two daughters
There were rights issues with him so he has a couple expies
Static is a shoutout to both Spider man and Black Lightning

and now black guys with electric powers are a thing

Other than Black Lightning, Static, and Storm, who else has electric powers?

There weren't that many, but because there were so few black characters altogether they stand out.

There's an Irredeemable panel about this

Does miles venom blast counts.

Black Vulcan

He wss a knockoff of Black Lightning due to rights issues

No idea but my black OC who I plan to pitch to Marvel if they're still around in the future has lighting powers.

And no, I'm not changing him.

It's a stupid pun on the phrase "Black Power"

It's a meme it's not nearly as prevalent as implied but people joked/made a big deal about it enough that people bought into it. Like the Hank Pym is a Wife Beating Supervillain who just so happens to be a hero or Jean Grey dies all the time.
Only a few are strictly Electric, a few more have indirect electric powers/motifs.

>Trying to make a character
>His shtick is he has electric powers but likes to make them appear like fire powers
>Envision him as a black guy
>Realize that'd make him a black guy with electric powers
>Now I have to choose between my vision and avoid feeding into a corny stereotype
You fucking people did this.


Do it anyway. If it's a good fit for the character, you can make it work.

Volt the character referenced here The joke behind that character was great.


If villains count, Electro


It was bound to happen eventually.

For a guy who basically launched a stereotype all by himself, I'm kinda shocked Black Lightning isn't more well known.

>Black guy gets killed by lightning

Pun not intended.


Color contrast. Same reason for asian chicks with a strand of color in their hair.

I thought that was only in the movie though.

All black people are robots.

Not being able to appear in any other media due to licensing issues is a big part of that.


Wally West

brown skin goes nicely with dark blue and purple
dark blue and purple go nicely with yellow, bright cyan, or white
it's the same reason they often give them white or blonde hair. nice color contrast

or Storm


That's actually funny. he prefers to make them look like fire because he hopes to god people think of him as the fire guy

Embrace it, man.

Does she really count as having lightning powers though? I mean yeah it's part of her arsenal but she controls the weather, lightning isn't her whole powerset


Jakeem Thunder doesn't have electric powers, the Thunderbolt is an all-powerful genie from the 5th dimension. Still, it really looks like he just has lightning powers.

Thunder and Lightning, Black Lightnings daughters who may not exist anymore, both use electric motifs, even though Thunder's power is density manipulation.

New Aqualad has water manipulation powers as his main skill but can do electric eel type powers and can shock you also.

New Spider-Man can do a venom blast that comes off drawn like electric powers pretty often

Black Wally has extra electric powers.

Cyborg, Steel, Mr. Terrific, Hardware, and probably a few others are all tech-based heroes so they'll do electricity based stuff too sometimes.

I'm sure there are more that I'm just blanking on.

>How do we separate black Wally West from the old one?
>Give him a new power
>Yeah, but what?

The black guy in the Ben 10 series has fire powers if I remember right

He has part fire alien hybrid

storm clouds produce lightning and rain
she can control the weather, but she's more aligned with lightning and thunder

Yes, she can actually shoot lightning out of her hands.

Ah yes.
Palm lightning is my favourite meteorological condition

Basically three or four different versions of Black Lightning were created to get around copyright disputes and then it just became a meme.

As for Static, the creators of the original show clearly wanted to do an inner city black kid superhero show. Lightning powers could be just a coincidence, but based on future episodes with the Black Lightning tribute guy, it was probably more of an homage.

Black people have more bio-electric energy due to all that 'fast twitch muscle fiber'.

They also have denser muscles and skeletons, meaning they can swim better in salt water.
Electricity conducts easier in salt water.

>Black people swim better
Ok, now I know this is fictional

>hero named Dark Lightning
>wears a full-body suit/mask
>everybody assumes he's black
>he's actually Filipino
>gets tired of it
>changes his name to Thundercracker
>now everybody assumes he's white
would you read it?

Do it. Need more super heroes who don't broadcast their super powers.

In salt water, AKA the ocean.

Ask South Africa if blacks can swim well in the ocean

I like to call him black blue man, or dark blue man.

Electro isn't black.

>most are too smart to get bitten by a radioactive anything, and most stay away from crazy school science projects.
>smart people stay away from science and discovery

Coldcast's powers are radiation based.

You can impress all the niggas at the anime club

Because no matter what, the white man always wins. We take the beatings of war, have the best genes for sucess

You're right but I think he was reffering to the AS-M2 movie.

But what does it look like?

Dude, a lot of black people can't swim because our grandparents were denied access to pools during segregation, then after that ended, the whites hauled ass from the cities to the suburbs and the cities didn't see fit to maintain the pools since us "dirty niggers" were now using them, so they were soon condemned and closed, so not many black people learned to swim, and were taught to be afraid of water by their parents. Learn some history, Pinky. We can swim just fine once we learn how, but due to so few opportunities for us to learn in the past, it wasn't enshrined as a pastime as it was for whites, and thus seen as not importanbe for parents to teach their kids...because the parents themselves never learned. We just had basketball and football (surprise, sports we dominate...it was all we HAD) as pastimes in the cities, where the majority of us were. To this day, swimming is still seen as a "white thing" to most of us. Glad I fucking learned how to swim, though.

Jamie Foxx Electro

yes desu.. interesting point

How about an electric guy with black powers

>pure energy shows up
>"HOL' UP"

Black Lightning is a really fucking cool concept.

Then again, Cole Mcgraw broke that mold.


Please change him
Give him plasma powers at least it's almost the same thing

Because your average black man already has super strength.

is any of that true?

This is true

Thanks to Anthropology class, I've learned that all humans are NOT the same

Blacks share more DNA with the Neanderthals, an ape-like human.

Europeans share more DNA with the Cro-Magnon man, early humans with knowledge of tools, art, and clothing.

And so on and so forth.

Theres a reason blacks do more ape-like things, like showing off their abs when they're about to fight. A common practice among chimpanzees. Its their nature. Thats why whites run the world and not blacks. It isnt just racism, its evolution.

iirc a cartoon wanted black lighting but couldn't use the name so he was something else people didn't realize it was a pastiche and the snowball rolled

Even Japan is cashing in on this

You're on fucking Cred Forums in a racial thread. What do you think? I'm pretty sure I've seen that paragraph posted several times before.

Besides that, arguing that you can't swim well because your grandparents can't swim is like someone arguing that they don't need to learn to read or write because their grandparents wrote their entire lives. It's pure retardation meant to attract (you)s, don't fall for it.

Yes. There's a reason why black people arent as evolved as the rest of the world. Whites didnt let them evolve. I honestly believe this should be studied.

I thought this was how Static was born. They wanted to use another electric superhero, but couldn't, so they made a budget brand.

You literally have this backwards.


I hope you didn't give your instructor a good review.

They're called electrolytes for a reason after all.

You must be failing that class because you have it backwards in regards to Neanderthals. Europeans have more actually. It's ironic how some anons liked to turn it around and claim Neanderthals made them smarter when Neanderthals showed less signs of a complex society beyond hunting and gathering.

How can anyone seriously like this shit? It tastes like malted battery acid.

>Theres a reason blacks do more ape-like things, like showing off their abs when they're about to fight.

White people do this shit all the same. Cred Forums get out of here.

Give him a skateboard, too.



>Showing their abs
Wat vids have you been watching. I only see them sucker punch people in da hood.
Gay nigga

he actually is a really shitty teacher

Some of pol believes this too and blames white libs

It's always either a sucker punch or they get six of their friends to beat up one guy.

Racism thread?
>tfw niggers call churros cinnamon sicks

>most are too smart

>Old lady down the street gets robbed
>dude gets caught
>"he a gut boi"
Every time

When will they learn?

I would.

>Being this stupid


I wanted to be half Atlantian. I still do.

All that. You didn't think any of that was stupid, either. Interesting.

>kill whitey

Holy shit

>one black guy has electric powers
>another black guy is a rapper

naruto just didn't care

Mentioning race =/= Racism. OP is black.

Science has proven that depending on where your midsection is, which varies for different ethnicities, that you maybe be better at certain physical activities. People from Africa are better at sports that include running because of it, and Europeans are better at things like swimming.

>>This is what racists actually believe

Does Infamous count? I know it's a Vidya, but....
>Electric White guy
>Ice Asian chick
>Fire/Napalm Black chick
>Psychic homeless people that make trash golems


>being this wrong
Africans are the only group WITHOUT neanderthal DNA.

>another black guy is a rapper
Killer Bee was the best character in that entire series because he felt so pulled from a separate series entirely.

Evidence for that? I'm pretty sure all evidence we have of neanderthals show that they were just as capable as modern day humans.



Mods wtf, this thread is overrun by Cred Forums.

Also, Baal in Wicked and the Divine.
Also, there's a TVtropes for this: tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ElectricBlackGuy

>tfw black young man
>tfw loved the static cartoon and wanted to be like virgil
>tfw aware of the black/electricity power trope
>don't care because electricity is the most based power of all.

Why do you fags always turn shit into a white vs black situation?! You fucks are no better than the Tumblrites turing shit into a Men Vs Women situation.

This. He was ridic tier in the batman beyond episode.


bad diet
they eat too many salty and fatty food stuff

How do you make a young black male superhero with dreads who isn't mistaken for Static? Everyone thinks Aqualad is Static.

different body type? Really muscular? Fat?

Weird, they way it's spoken about makes it seem like it's everywhere. I've often joked about it, but I can only name 3 bla k dudes that fall into this.

At least he was fairly prominent in BtBatB


Because they have nigger speed and strength already

Screw that, make them old.

Did his mom fuck a fire alien? Jesus Christ she must be ruined.

Did you forget his older brother exists?
>Raikage was officially the most badass character
>bullshit eyeball fire that's a one hit kill
>chops off his arm and keeps kicking ass
>never stops kicking ass

That one black guy from Irredeemable.

Don't. The males carry the children through the second and third term.

I'm actually making a story with a black guy with earth powers. Hes not the main guy though.

And you know what the beauty in that is? I bet you anything that Kishimoto was trying to be inclusive to his black fans.

My sides

>Hes not the main guy though.

Honestly I think it's a meme that spread itself naturally.

He's 2nd in command. Problem is, I'm still working on it on Tumblr and sjws got mad over 1 villian character that uses the power of seduction. Pic related.

OP here. There's probably less than 20 black superheroes with electric powers but there are so few commonly used black superheroes that makes it seem like there's a lot. The issue is why does the cliche exist beyond a few Black Lightning expies?

Tbqh, I want more fire power black characters. Dark skin + red clothes = Amazing.

Wha? No, I can't swim because I didn't go to the pool after age 8. They cost too much. I'm sure most people can float though.

Everybody floats...after they drown. The problem is when people can't swim, they thrash around when they can't feel the bottom, and that hinders buoyancy. Then comes the drowning. Pools cost money where you live?? What, you going to the YMCA instead of a public pool or some shit?

fuck them. do it anyway. It sounds like a power that can be done in a compelling way. Anyone is prone to seduction man or woman. Lust can override a person's basic decision making already, but if it's a power then it can be even more potent.
I like it user.

I have very low bodyfat, I can swim but can't float.

same. I took a diving course so i could do stuff with the lake on my property and swimming up from like 15 feet down without buoyancy or visibility made me feel like i was actually going to die.

That fight or flight response taking over your body is a terrible feeling. Drowning is terrifying, I don't blame people for not wanting to swim

Pools are free? My town had a pool when I was a kid but it cost like $10-$15 to get it. I used to go to it every summer until one day my parents stopped. I haven't been swimming in years. Last time I heard the pool was closed down and transformed into something else, so there's not even a pool in my area anymore.

Hey, segregation had some generations-spanning repercussions.

That bullshit is why I'm hesitant to work on my comic.

>Static is a shoutout to both Spider man and Black Lightning

Now Miles has an electric sting.

We've come full circle.

Because a black guy with earth, or fire powers is racist and water powers is just breaking the suspension of disbelief

its gonna happen regardless. It happens to big name creators all the time.
Remember that a safe story is a boring story. Set out to tell the story you NEED to tell. One day you will die and your skeleton lie in the coffin hating you for letting other people's expectations guide or still your hand.

what about wind powers?

>Psychic homeless people that make trash golems
funnier than it should be

Micheal Jordan is an air bender

Thanks senpai, thats her revamped style. This was the one theh complained about.
Sometimes you gotta deal with it user. I cant even pull the race card because they're thinking Im brainwashed.

there's nothing wrong with this design. She has a pretty common bodytype (at least here in america) and the costume makes sense with the powers.

I decided to base her off of the episode of Fairly Odd parents when Trixie went crazy because no one but Timmy was around to call her beautiful.

Man I fucking hate Venom Blast, it's literally an I WIN button.

ASM 2 Electro.

it tastes like nice juice goy

Black people were thought of s natural swimmers during the middle ages, as the ones encountered were dhow sailors.

And when overmatched, make like Lisa Simpson and "Tappa tappa tappa."

I so wanted to post that

Because they fry so well?

to be fair black people in naruto tend tho be the best characters

>Sasuke acting like he's big shit
>bee outswordsman him
>comes at bee hand to hand with that same bravado
>bee craters his chest in.
Absolutely based

The higher your melanin, the better you are at conducting energy

Or a really commited human man with a really specific fetish.

Different styles and length of dreads. Different body type. Different attitude.

I'm kind of hoping he tries it on the new Electro and she just giggles before lighting his dumb ass up.

>"How about a black super hero?"

street smart, not book smart

Black heroes always have electrical powers because their countries have no electricity, the people must power everything.

So they can be weak to water

Nigga also here, can confirm.

Super Speed is better, though.



>tfw this shit and Barry throwing lightning on the TV show trigger you

Not muh Flash.

Wouldn't that depend on the individual intelligence and lifestyles of certain black characters?

They're supposed to be shamans, black people don't know electricity isn't magic yet.

I guess it's euphemistic symbolism for black power. The same could apply for T'Chala and Cyborg.

What's your comic called, if you don't mind sharing? I'd be happy to follow it.

They often find themselves in racially charged situations.

Naruto took "black guy with lightning" to a whole other level with that guy.

>The same could apply for Cyborg.
>Cyborg secretly has lightning powers, which he uses to power his cybernetics

Because lightning is cool and black people always seem energetic. Always.
>Was a black weeb in high school
>Wanted to make my own harry potter-meets-naruto esque shonen series
>Main character of course had lightning and stone powers, which was the coolest shit to me at the time.
>Still want to make it
Fuck, I should go work on my art or something.

>mfw that happened

Fucking black Kakashi

Im still working on the name and the story, the characters and some stories are there though.

Mary Sue blast.

I'd watch/read that.

Do it, faggot.

God damn that's fucked

Black superheroes either deal with electricity or technology(like Cyborg)

Either way, weak to water. Makes you think.

What about Aqualad?

Exception to the rule.

I thought he was part Atlantian and part human though.

Because its considered a superpower for a black guy to keep the electric on at his house

Because black people always resisting.


Shouldn't electricity give you super speed in some cases too?

Is that a new static shock I see there?

He showed up for a few episodes in Young Justice.


Electricity is the best power. I wish I was black.

Not really.

Magnetism, maybe.

But with magnetism, comes flight.

electricity IS magnetism though.

>ability called venom blast
>name means he should be discharging some type of nasty-ass toxin from his hands, somehow
>actually just a supercharged joy buzzer
This shit bothers the hell out of me.

>flashback to Static Shock
>only now realize he rode a trashcan lid everywhere like a hobbo

Darth Sithnegius

The blue/white color of the current contrasts well against their skin tone
>sad but true

Do you want me to pay for your pool membership?


>To this day, swimming is still seen as a "white thing" to most of us.

This is so obnoxious. You DO NOT speak for all black people everywhere, whore

>not citing how your hair can literally start falling out

does that mean there is a black hero with cop powers?

because they got shot by a radioactive cop

It's only that way if you read it as such. For me, I just read all pro-black stuff in a white voice and all pro-white stuff in a black voice. Magic

Also it's not like the rest of your "fatless" is more dense than water. That shit is dense as fuck.

Literally just fill up your lungs with a deep breath, then lie back and spread out your arms and legs. Ta-da

In the comic he even flew on the entire trashcan a few times and it looked silly as fuck
Both cartoon and comic gave him his own personal flying board eventually

She shouldn't have cheated with Bryan. He also sounds a little too kinky

The new static shocker is too white. Someone make me a petition

Wait they remaking Static Shock?


Funnily enough, that is pretty much the origin story of everyone in Milestone
The cops were testing a new gas weapon and it accidentally gave superpowers to the rioting gangs they tested it on