The Real and Fun Captain Marvel

Since since DC Comics FINALLY brought back the Real Superman that everyone loves (and got rid of the terrible edgy nu52 Superman), why haven't they don't the same to other characters?
Why not get rid of Geoff "I hate Fun" Johns's shitty edgy nu52 Captain Marvel (I refuse to call him Shazam, I am taking a stand. Starting a revolution)? Why not get rid of edgy nu52 Billy Batson and bring back the REAL one that everyone loves already?

Nice pasta.

Where does this idea nu52 batson is edgy come from.
The kid risked his life to scatter his enemys ashes for fucks sake.

Sure he holds a pretty strong grudge against constintine but thats half of everybody he interacts with.


I would not even mind the name change if was any other fucking name.
Calling the hero shazam is retarded and confusing and raises to many questions.

I agree, hopefully DC can become less terrible (and less sexist) if they got rid of the new 52 Captain Marvel (seriously, Geoff Johns needs to stop ruining the DCU and just stick to GL). Might even start reading again (I won't but hey you never know)

>Since since DC Comics FINALLY brought back the Real Superman

>Calling him Shazam raises too many question
Like what?

>Superbro died saving the earth.

He threatened people, got into fights, stole a car, made his stepsister cry, dished out overly harsh pain to criminals, and was overall a cynical edgy jerk.

It comes from people who don't even read comics, like OP and his copypasta.

DC Rebirth (technically before that with the Clark and Lois comic and convergence).

Haven't you been paying attention?

>got into fights
With bullies who were picking on his foster family.

Even Broovet admits she isn't the real Captain Marvel.

Lel that's not the real Superman.

He also allowed a world to blow up, hurt cops, threatened people, took pleasure in hurting others, and was overall a edgy jerk.

Kill yourself

Billy was not very nice in his first appearance

>he hurt corrupt cops
Why are you such a fascist pig?

>Where does this idea nu52 batson is edgy come from.
the first fucking issue you didn't read

>Capeshit fans fail to grasp the idea of character development.
>in other news water is wet.

DC should just sell their characters to Marvel. It's obvious they don't know what to do with them. Give them to someone who would.

Overall I'm not really seeing any evidence to support your claims.

The biggest problem with Shazam(other than the name) is that he's had next to zero development.
Intro story, then straight into being a side chatacter in Justice League with a single special issue during Darkseid War and a guest appearance in Cyborg.
We've only seen Billy once since before Forever Evil.

He could of found another way besides violence.
>it's okay to hurt people because I don't like them
>I want you to kill yourself because of your beliefs
Wow, sure is GamerGate in here. Superman woud e disappointed in you all (the Real one, not the edgy one).

>Violence is never the answer!
I don't think Capeshit is for you then.

>he could've find another way besides violence.
Like what?

Other writers have managed to make fun superhero comics where violence wasn't the answer, just look at Kate Leth or Ryan North. Plus more people prefer heroes to save people, not hurt them.

Talking things out. Communication is important. Or get an adult.

So you don't have an answer to how billy could've saved his foster family without using violence.

>talking things out
That doesn't work with bullies.

>implying violence isn't fun

I agree with OP's strawman. I'd much rather have the classic Captain Marvel than the New 52 one, which was written mostly for a movie adaptation down the line. Johns' volume was decent enough, but it evokes the DCEU more than it does the 75 years of preceding Captain Marvel comics.

>it's okay for cops to violently beat down innocent people

Why are you all responding to copypasta bait?

It's sad how much Steven Universe is better than Nu52 Billy Batson and Nu52 Superman.

Really, DC should just hire Sugar to fix their comics.

That with that attitude.

My biggest problem is that writers never did anything interesting with classic captain, Ordway being the exception. Most of the Marvel Family appearance had them acting like relics and not as kids with superpowers.

There is ALWAYS another way, user. That's why Superman is Superman and not EdgyMcEdgyMan

I'm doing it cause I know I can outlast him. He's gonna give up way before I do.


>there is always another way
You got the quote wrong.

Why would Superman not fight corrupt cops who are beating on innocent people tho? The real Superman would be against such a flagrant act of abuse of authority.

But letting Cops beat up innocent people because they're cops is way more edgy than fighting corrupt cops.

It's true though. I'd even say that Steven Universe is a better, more marure, and deeper character than Superman, Captain Marvel, or any other character of the DC universe. Steven is such a compfy character that grabs at your feels.

Violence is always the answer in superhero comics.

The real Superman would have found another way. There is always another way.


>there is always another way
Like what?

Ulysses was a cuntand it wasn't his fault and he still felt really bad about it, he punched a CORRUPTED cop who was hurting innocent people, he only did bad guys something that Superman has always done, he only did that when he beat up racist nazis. He was Superman.

The real Superman would have puched evil cops. Hell the real Superman just did that.

>the real superman would let corrupt cops assault innocent people and drive them for their homes
I don't think so.

You don't know anything about Superman.

Why would he need another way? Beating up the corrupt cops is a great solution to the problem of police brutality.

>all this pre-flashpoint faggots being obnoxius

the REAL SUPERMAN did all this shit that superbro did too.

The Real Superman would have saved Ulysses's world. The Real Superman would have eased the tension with the cops. The Real Superman wouldn't have such evil thoughts.

A hug. Sometimes the simplest of answers is a hug. Why do you think that one page of Superman is so beloved hmmmm?


That was never the real Superman no more than the Batman who killed people was. It wasn't until later they developed the real Superman.

>The Real Superman would have eased the tension with the cops.

yeah he would as he did with ARMIES.

Have you not been reading rebirth? The "real" Superman has been jumping to violence basically any chance he gets. Hell he straight up attacked luthor unprovoked.

>a hug
A hug wouldn't stop the corrupt cops beating up innocent people.


It would if it was written that way.

Not Bait, Truth.

All this Goddamn autism. Jesus fucking Chris this thread is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

He has a history of violent behaviour at school, was repeatedly returned back to his orphanage, and told a young orphaned girl in his new foster home that they weren't really a family

>Real Superman
>Not pre crisis Superman
Byrne robotics that way

>standing with the people isn't something superman would do

The cop was actually evil. Like shadow monster evil. You'd know this if you read comics instead of just baiting. And since Superdad has taken the title of superman he has attacked a man trying to protect his city in honor of his dead sister, worked as a government lackey to stop aquaman from leaving and then proceeded to fight him and his wife (?), and destroyed one of batmans labs in another fight.

Billy is the BEST and PUREST soul in the planet, not a "good kid". He is literally the gest person among 7 billion souls.
Fuck you.

Never, Johns doesnt want any interpretation of the character flying around, he wants his Billy Batson in the movies and only his.

Stop posting batman

The best superman is the supebro.

A true hero.


>a history of violent behavior at school
Probably from beating up bullies, also Billy is an orphan too so it's not like telling off another Orphan is anything special.

Steven Universe is this generation's Superman (except better). We need more characters like him.






It would be inorganic if it was written like that.



What if instead of fighting the cops, Suoerman hugs them and tells them it is going to be okay. What if he gives them all a if safe hug that pieces their souls and makes them feel safe and happy. And that hug would be so pure that it knocks the shadow demon out.
That's how you write Superman.
*Mic Drop*

I like SU too but he is in no way this generation's superman.

No that's hack work.


Where was Superdeadbeatdad during all this? Of right, same place he's been during every major crisis that's happened in the last couple of years. All these years l, when people needed a Superman someone answered, and that someone wasn't Superdeadbeatdad, no, he would rather stay in his house and watch TV with his wife and wife's son.

Not edgy enough for you?

Why is fighting corrupt cops so unacceptable to you user?

>wife's son
The joke doesn't work here
Jon's half kryptonian

Blame editorial, they were still pushing SuperEdgyMan and didn't want him overshadowed by a better Supeman. It took his book bombing and DCYou failing to finally realize that Nu52 Supes was a horrible mistake and corrected it.

Oh so you're just trying to rile up supermanfags. OK nevermind. I thought you were just retarded but you're being deliberate

There is always another way. Always.

yeah yeah, like:: get the fuck out of my planet you alien scum.

stop being retarded mate.

that is the major flaw in the conception of his staying in this universe, how can you trust someone who let all that shit happens WHEN THE SAME FUCKING CHARACTER SAID: THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE A SUPERMAN. NOT ONE, NOT TWO, THE MORE THE BETTER.

He let people die, he let bad things happen because he was busy with his wife and son. Supebro never did that, he was always selfless and would let his best friend die to save more people.

Why are you replying to such weak bait? Is it a fetish?

This isn't correcting it.

Why does Geoff Johns have to ruin everything?

It's not bait if it is True FYI.

How would you introduce classic Captain Marvel and remove Shazam?

Fuck, you wanna talk about selfless Nu52 Superman gave up the chance to bring his parents back to life abducted instead chose to save a bunch of Martian colonists he had met once. That is selfless. Dude was a hero.

Honestly they've made it worse.

That's what you get when you give a fanboy of his own work 3 different executive titles.

Yeah and that way is punching an evil cop in the face. You think Superdad wouldn't do it?

Kill of Geoff John's Shazam and his cast.

Then bring the real Captain Marvel and family from Convergence and have them take his place.

Boom. Done.

Superman seems to have the worst fanbase of any Cred Forums character. They should stop publishing Superman for a while so all the cancerous fans go somewhere else.

That's an understatement.

>Better Superman

Reintroduce the books of magic as some relicts from the older continuity, have eclipso from the past storm earth and take over the rock of eternity, Billy edgeson and his extended family have to fight back, but is revealed that's not the real rock, that is just a mirage, just as the council and the abo wizard. They were created by the old real wizard to try to give some sort of protection to this earth. The "shazam family" finally sacrifies themselves to beat eclipso and collapse the magic of their universe using the powers of all the gods they can use, they all die, but Old magic is reborn on earth.

The lords of magic and chaos are back, and the wizard shazam is finally back on earth, Freddy as Captain Shazam and Billy as Lord Marvel are back too, but they can't stay in this universe, so they go to Earth 5, and ask the young billy, freddy and Mary to swap places, they will protect their universe, and the kids will start a new life on our earth, it's the only way to give new life to the rock of eternity.

Also an older Black Mary Marvel can be reintroduced as their enemy.

There you go, the curse characters die as heroes, magic is back on full force, multiverse weird stuff and fap material at the same time you can keep mary pure.

I actually like that they re-introduced a more traditional/classic Superman into this universe. Makes N52 superman his own character rather than just a replacement like everyone else in the N52.

Young Justice did it great, it's a shame that they had to scrap everything involving the Marvel family in both the cartoon and the comic.

As a Superman fan I agree. Didn't realize how bad it was until new Superman came around. It's honestly painful getting through those threads now. What hurts the most is how fucking mean people are to each other in those threads for the tiniest differences. Like you'd think people who were fans of the character whose biggest trait is being a good person would be able to act a little better.

Don't forget the part where he says he's been making sure shit that happened in his universe didn't happen in theirs. I'm no supes fan but you gotta give him at least that.

Where the fuck is Billy in Rebirth anyway?
Is he still just in Justice League?

Rebirth really would've been the perfect time to finally launch a Shazam book

But that's breaking time travel rules!