Excuse the Cred Forums, but what would happen if these showed up in the Marvel Universe...

Excuse the Cred Forums, but what would happen if these showed up in the Marvel Universe? Would they cause more harm then good?

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there would be a massive hero vs hero event about them and it would cause a lot of harm, yes

>Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive Saiyan.
>Charles Xavier Institute for Shape Shifting.

What would Parker's powers be then?

The earth ones can't be used to kill people, wish for love, bring someone back from the dead more than once or anything beyond the current god of earth's power, which is relatively not a lot. With 3 wishes after Dende fixes them they'd be more useful, but you still have to search for them all over the planet after using them

Now the namek balls would be a different story, but you need to speak namekian for those

That's Goku for you! Always biting people.

They'd ultimately be another reality warping plot device to throw on the pile. So more harm than good but not really all that big a deal things considered, also it tends to have rules and shit so unlike some of the other devices it won't just completely rewrite existence for no reason.
Oh and I guess Kami or Dende would be there too, he'd just become another Watcher type figure.

Saiyan Man does whatever a Saiyan can. I guess that means have messy hair and wed a high toned woman.

The Earth ones can definitely kill people, but only people the guardian could kill.

DOOM wishes that filthy peasant Richards admits he is not as smart as DOOM!

They could probably be used for love, Bulma was going to wish for the perfect boyfriend originally.
They couldn't bring someone back from the dead twice though.

>Every year Doom makes the same wish.

isn't that what the cosmic cube is there for?

>The dragon emerges
>"Foolish creature, you shall heed the wishes of Doom! I-"
>"....Make it so."

There's also that they can't revive anyone that has been dead for over a year or who died of natural causes, IIRC. Luckily that would rarely matter in the marvel universe

>implying Doom would make such a petty wish
>implying Doom wouldn't wish for the safety and prosperity of Latveria and, indeed, all of Humanity

>...under the rule of Doom

The reason the balls couldn't bring someone back from the dead twice was because they couldn't be used to make the same wish twice. Eventually Dende removed that restriction.

Latveria IS the safest and most prosperous nation of Earth

>but what would happen if these showed up in the Marvel Universe?

M Day 2.0

Doom pls go

DOOM makes the same wish every year.
Then undoes it because he's bored with world peace

I imagine that they'd just be used to bring all of the dead back.

>implying DOOM doesnt just make the petty wish to indulge himself once a year and remind himself of his own humanity, so he can be a better god-king the rest of the year

Who would win in an all-out fight between Frieza, Thanos and Darkseid? All at their most powerful, without any kind of magical enhancement (immortality wish, infinity stones, etc)

Hydra agent Bob would win.

so another reality bending shit in a reality bending shitverse

That depends, can Thanos and Darkseid blow up planets by pointing at them?

What would happen if the Super Dragonballs showed up in the Marvel Universe and someone summoned Super Shenron?

That depends, do Thanos and Frieza already know about the Omega Beams? If not they might try to tank them.

Then someone would get a wish
You'll have to be more specific

I'm pretty sure they couldn't. The stipulation is that they couldn't negatively affect people against their will.

Gwen Stacy

>Clean up our mess dragon

Well it probably means things like OMD wouldn't have happened.

>What if Superman befriended Galactus
>He invited him over to Earth all the time for parties and to try out new Earth foods that he developed a fondness for, while having some comedic foible moments inbetween
>Although you have those moments occasionally where you remember "Oh yeah, this is Galactus.."


This metaphor would work better if there was a Marvel version of Goku. Kais are basically Celestials at this point though.

Kirby's Darkseid probably could. He's been significantly depowered over the years by writers not understanding the power levels of The New Gods.

Doom wouldn't make a wish. The power of the dragon is insignificant next to the indominatable will and genius of doom.

Would they matter? What is the dragon's power ranking compared to the heroes of the Marvel U? For instance is somebody wished Galactus was dead could he do it?

To be honest, there's a million different items of varying power that can already revive people or grant wishes, so unless you factor in the Super Dragon Balls, they wouldn't really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.

No, but they could wish that he would go somewhere else

He can't kill Galactus, but you'd be retarded if you thought "Well he can't kill Galactus, fucking useless".

He can make you immortal, he can make you king of Earth, he can do a lot of shit. There are honestly very few limitations. Its just that when someone hits one of the few limitations they suddenly think this is useless, when they're just not being creative at all.

A dog is king of the world in Dragonball due to the dragonballs in the past. They're fucking magic wish orbs that can do almost anything.

The only limitations is that they can't kill someone stronger than the creator of the orbs, can't bring someone back to life more than once, etc.

yet somehow they can give someone the ability to survive an endless onslaught from beings stronger than the creator of the dragon balls.

Yeah, they can make you immortal. Shit just works, don't question it too much.

You could say that them not being able to kill people is just to stop people from asking "Why don't we just wish for the dragonballs to kill ____" every arc. To the point that no one seems to understand shit about this story and why Goku wouldn't do that, and why he'd want to fight each new guy. They'll never wish the current bad guy dead.

It would just be that story arc where the Hood got infinity gems again.

Frank wishes for every evil person on Earth to die, then regrets it as he now has nothing to do

>Frank kills everyone

No one out there doesn't have some evil in them, they're only human after all.

Doom already got the equivalent of the Dragonballs, or rather some mystic doohickey equivalent that allowed him to wish for anything.

He was tempted to wish to kill Richards, but his actual wish was to never feel regret about anything ever again, because that was the only thing holding him back.

Doom has two big failures: he is bored by his own success, and his hatred for RICHARDS.

So if you gave Doom a magical device that could do anything he wishes, his first, second, third, and fourth wish would be eliminating/humiliating the Fantastic Four. If he got a fifth wish he'd probably go for world peace.

So Vegeta got pianos and Beerus now has what sounds like horror music mixed with a chorus...
Which do I run from more?

Beerus can erase you from existence throughout the multiverse. He seems like a funny guy, but its quickly remembered that he's the strongest and he has power to erase people when shit hits the fan. He is destruction, he can make the call to destroy whatever if its deemed necessary for the universe and sanctioned as correct by Whis.

Okay same question as the OP but in the DCU not Marvel?

You don't understand Doom at all. Why would Doctor Doom wish for something he believes he could accomplish himself?

He might wish for something relating to his mother or more likely, he'd keep the dragon balls as a trophy to tempt usurpers to challenge him.

>Batman wishes his parents back to life
>They die in a shootout the next day

is it wrong to be laughing as hard as I am right now?

Yes but Vegeta hits really hard...

I remember that story where Spider-man got the powers of the Beyonder

He created a utopia and brought Uncle Ben back to life. Every page Uncle Ben kept dying and Peter kept resurrecting him. Almost as though the law of the universe dictated that this guy had to die, and Peter confusingly could only prolong it each step.

He also loses most fights

Dende balls grant two wishes, but they're otherwise effectively all the pros of both Earth and Namek balls cause Dende's OP.

That sounds like the kind of wish that couldn't possibly backfire at all.

I want a rematch between him and Krillin... may the best loser with a hot wife win!

However it backfires, he sure as hell won't regret it at least.

In theory, can you kill Shenron? I've never seen the entire series, and he did say his powers had limits.

Shenron was killed in Dragonball, repeatedly

He can be revived though as long as kami exists in some form, even if you get a new kami.

Sheron's real form is basically a clay model that you can reshape. Dende reshapes it when he becomes new kami, which is why the dragon is upgraded.

Demon King Piccolo was the first to kill Shenron, and Goku had to meet Kami to have it repaired.

It would trigger civil war III where some think the wishes shouldn't be used for inane unjustifiable reasons and others think the wishes should be used by different inane unjustifiable reasons. Everyone will behave irrationally and out of character.

The story will be handled by Hickman and will have years of planning and subplots but the climax will take place over a span of 4 pages (2 of which will be completely white with a single ambiguous text bubble). It will be implied that someone wished the dragon balls to stop existing but since it happened off panel the reader will feel doubly unsatisfied. Most of the panels will be dialogue and any action will be shown as a montage with dialogue interspersed.

At the end no one wins and the reader is left wondering what the point was.

I see you haven't actually watched Dragonball. Demon King Piccolo kills him immediately after his wish for youth is granted.

Yes you can, one of the final villains did just that after wishing for his youth again. He was a very meta villain.


Oh. That's interesting.

To add to that, Kami didn't really want to revive Shenron because every single wish ever made aside from Goku's up to that point had been selfish/evil according to Kami.

While thinking of goofy ways how the balls would be used if they were in marvel, it got me thinking:

how often do powerful items get used for comedic purposes in the big 2? I remember the nullifier being used for baseball

But is it free?

No wishes, immortality, or infinity stones? Frieza would kick their asses.

Don't forget the guitars and the bells. Vegeta also has guitars and bells.

Not true. He loses boss fights. He faithfully kills everyone who isn't the boss of the arc.

bump for interest

There are already cosmic cubes and infinity gems. Dragon Balls are shit-tier compared to those.

Is this Superior, Ultimate, or fantastic Saiyaman? I'm always getting those volumes confused.

Just as bad as the cosmic cube turning into korbik and red skull.

The Marvel world has too much corruptive figures; Government USA, Hydra, Evil Mutants, Inhuman, Criminal Organization, Norman etc unlike DBZ

What if Red Skull get the Dragon balls?

He'd turn the world into a shitty murder rape edgelord paradise. So basically Old Man Logan all over again.

Darkseid could hold his own against Freeze pre-Ressurrection

Dragon Ball had the red ribbon

Super Dragon Balls can do literally any shit apparently, but they're scattered throughout entire universes.

Earth has low tier dragonballs

Namek has mid tier dragonballs

Multiverse dragonballs are the real shit.

>Goku can't beat Superman
>but Frieza can beat Darkseid
Fuck man.

You still only get one fucking wish. I'd just wish that I had found the infinity gems instead.

What if the Red Skull becomes the leader of the red ribbon?
>Frieza beating Darkseid

Thanos is now Freeza.

Freiza powered up recently, it took some plothax to beat him. He can blow up a planet in seconds.

The wish is permenant though. Rather than the Infinity Gems which are beaten and stolen all the time

>Dende balls

You could just wish that nobody ever uses the Infinity Gems again and that's the end of them. And if the Dragonballs have two wishes, you could make everyone in the world leave you alone for a year and snatch the balls out of the sky as they scatter.

Huh? The What you do with the infinity gems make you omnipotent. No one is running up to Thanos with the gauntlet and beating the gems out of him. Thanos loses because he subconsciously wants to lose. That's Thanos 101 brah.

>You could just wish that nobody ever uses the Infinity Gems again and that's the end of them
>And if the Dragonballs have two wishes, you could make everyone in the world leave you alone for a year and snatch the balls out of the sky as they scatter.
Why? Just get the gauntlet and not go through such stupid bullshit.

Darkseid in his true form

which is already gone and not spreading like Hydra. Only remaining is the Doctor Gero/Jerome who start of the Android and Cell arc

>Deadpool gets the super dragon balls

Fing Fang Foom would finally be able to get a date.

>He can blow up a planet in seconds.

I'm pretty sure half the Dragon Ball cast can do that at this point. Freiza's just the first one so far to go "Fuck it" and do it.

For a day/wish then have to wait a year for another date

>He can blow up a planet in seconds.
You mean like a bunch of comic characters have done? That only means you qualify to go a round with Superman.

Considering that he's got a worse romantic track record than r9k, it's still an improvement.

>"Indeed, had I not made that wish to not feel regret, my plans would have succeeded."
>"And yet, my wish renders me incapable of regretting making that wish."
>"No, the irony is not lost on Doom."

>Fin Fang Foom on a date
Why would you put him through that?

earth goes upside down (again), something something i wish x hero to be killed or be back, the dragon gets killed in a shitty event
then the world goes on as if they never existed in the first place

The Illuminati would have an extra member. That's. About. It.

Yeah a lot of people can blow up a planet, Freiza could always blow up a planet, but now he can do it instantly. Previously it took maybe five minutes to blow up.

Now even when he's powered down all the way, he puts his hands to the ground, and the planet is just gone. This ins't even factored into the ability of his special new power up, but it shows just how strong he's gotten even though this isn't his upper limit.

Freize already got his ass kicked, couldn't even really move anymore, and he still blew up a planet instantly. Showing that even when broken he's way stronger than he was in the past. Even high tier super heroes in DC can barely destroy a planet. It takes top tiers to not even have to think when they destroy galactic shit.

Supermans feats range incredibly, anyone that tries to pit him against others in power level contest just has to do their best imitation of a cherry-picker. Since sometimes its incredible for him to move the moon, and sometimes he can hold a blackhole or some shit. So people try to fuse all versions and feats of him together into a version that doesn't really exist.

Superman isn't really a measuring stick, since he measures different lengths at different times of the day.

Can Frieza beat Superman?

Could superman beat Beerus?


Beerus when he's serious is like Galactus


Ewing's Galactus is pretty strong thou

So he can go toe to toe with Lord Chaos and Master Order?

Beerus literally erased a guy from the multiverse in the recent episode, all versions of him deleted. Because when he's actually serious about doing his job, its in his authority to just decide what's removed from existence like that.

He's also a casual planet breaker who breaks them without trying, destroyed entire suns without trying, and almost destroyed the entire universe when fighting too hard once. The energy waves coming off of him from going all out where shattering everything nearby in existence.

What about Lifebringer? That fight would be on another level.

>Scarlet witch makes her wish

He's the strongest god in his universe, tasked with deciding what needs to be destroyed, and being able to destroy whatever if he wants. Only thing keeping him in check is his court appointed guardian Whis. Whis apparently is one of the things sent by the multiverse god to keep each god of destruction in check so they don't exceed their bounds. However if Whis agrees that something needs to be destroyed, then Beerus can exercise his power.

Each universe has at least five creation gods and only one destruction god. Creators create things, destroyer keeps the balance by destroying things. Like the Celestials and Galactus.

>all this DBS cock sucking
Ugghh. The plot of the last arc didn't even make sense.

You think Superman would befriends with Whis?

>Dragon Ball
pick one

Everyone basically agrees the current arc is good, except for people who refuse to watch it. Future Trunks arc is when people finally came around to it and said it got pretty decent.

Since the Multiverse in DB is ordered and limited like the DC one, what do you expect from the others universes?

What qualifies as good for DBZ standards is making a lot of concessions in what constitutes a good tv show.

go to Cred Forums to talk about that


Power levels are upping in DB all the time lately. Its almost like its in response to that Screw Attack Death Battle thing, where they were biased as hell and said Superman is limitless, unbeatable, represented the concept of being unbeatbale, and a bunch of bullshit.

I think anyone here could name at least four other Earth heroes who could probably kick Superman's ass if it came down to it, the video was a load of shit.

But not to digress, DB has steadily been rising to multiversal levels of power these days. To the point that Goku is just friends with the lord of the multiverse at this point. Wonder how high he would have to rise before Death Battle admitted they were full of shit when they said it was impossible.

Don't you mean Cred Forums?

>I think anyone here could name at least four other Earth heroes who could probably kick Superman's ass if it came down to it
Fire Storm
Captain Atom
Thor if he used some goddamn magic for once
uhh.... The Sentry.

>Captain Atom
>Captain Marvel
>Fucking yes
>Carol Dnvers binary mode


>Captain Marvel
>Fucking yes

It doesn't mean anything user
He might goe toe to toe with Beerus but then again, Beerus is way fucking powerful than Goku
Also laser beam.

Are you telling me Capatain Marvel Billt Batson can beat Superman?

Oh you're talking about Shazam. Nevermind then.

There's no other Captain Marvel in my heart than Billy user.
Fuck Carol.

Goku will surpass beerus, satan have no limits. Goku during his fight with beerus was already shaking the entire universe with his fists.


Sadly this is true. I fear the moment Goku becomes the strongest and most powerful being in the Dragon Ball series.
Fandom won't shout their mouths about it and will reach new levels of cancer.
I can't wait for the Cred Forumsspies telling everyone how Superman wouldn't be able to do shit to him.

No, he just killed him. Future Zamasu is still alive.

They would belong to Doom.

Someone sure didn't watch the episode

It was supposed to erase him throughout existence, but future zamasu living is supposed to be a contradiction to drepeat the mystery. It doesn't mean his ability doesn't work it means future zamasu maybe isn't zamasu. Either that or a certain other theory.

No, Beerus says that when a god kills another god it messes with space-time, he never says that happens only when a god of destruction kills another god.

>Bringing up power levels and vs debating
Please don't do this shit

They'd pretty much the DBZ version of Infinity Stones.

>Now the namek balls would be a different story, but you need to speak namekian for those

>find Earth dragonballs (assuming two wishes, else use capsule ship to go to Namek)
>I wish to be able to speak Namekian
>I wish to be on Namek

>find Namekian dragonballs
>wish for immortality
>wish for invincibility (just in case immortality still lets you die somehow)
>wish to always be strong enough to protect those you care for (so basically become a Mary Sue)

Serious question because I don't know much: What about Wakanda?

Remainder that the balls still have limitations, you can't ask something that vague like the third wish.

This was my first thought. He's still out there doing stuff right?

Amazing, stupid

Super dragon balls seem to break those limits now, I am making a guess, but I think they can defy the will of the gods. So it's possible to revive old people that died by the gods.

it would be iron man vs ____

You aren't finding the super dragon balls, you can't travel between universes

>find Earth dragonballs (assuming two wishes)
>I wish to be able to speak Namekian
>I wish to have all the Namekian Dragonballs


Beerus could just be wrong. Like Future Trunks pointed out, killing the androids in the past didn't undo the androids in his future, and Beerus just saying "well I'm a god so it's different" isn't all that convincing since they go back into the future next episode to make sure.

Not him, but who gives a single shit about Carol?

Depends on who else knows about the. I'm pretty sure there are dozens of powerful items only a select few characters know about. You can have people looking for Dragonballs all the time without some of the big timers knowing shit (use them in some pocket dimension or deserted land).

People who lost loved ones will slowly build up hate and new evil will be born

Didn't he blow up Planet Vegeta instantly?

Goku couldn't even beat him so no

Do you even watch Dragonball?
They've been able to do that since the first time they met Frieza

He said every "evil person". It's not the same having "some evil in them" and downright being evil.

Im pretty sure the 5 minutes thing was so he could have time to fight Goku. If he really had trouble he could have just spammed blasts, but he didnt, he fired one shot.

Are we talking real seconds or "the planet is going to be destroyed in 5 minutes" seconds?

Source on the current king using the Dragon balls?

Only hipsters think goku cant beat supes.

>built up from literally the start of the movie in a way that, unlike everything else in that movie, was consistent with.freezer`s character

>Beerus literally erased a guy from the multiverse in the recent episode
Zamasu is shown to be alive in the next episode so no.

It makes more sense than haters think it does, but at the same time the fanbase consider it a serious scifi franchise. The reality is a middle ground between those.

Tournament arc was 10/10 though, the current one is mostly good because Zamasu.

tips fedora

>satan have no limits
Glad someone knows who the true hero of Earth is.

> I fear the moment Goku becomes the strongest and most powerful being in the Dragon Ball series
He was one half of it before Battle of Gods though.

>Fandom won't shout their mouths about it and will reach new levels of cancer.
I can't wait for the Cred Forumsspies telling everyone how Superman wouldn't be able to do shit to him.
Wont happen though. Hipsters hate Goku, they wont dissapear because Goku got stronger.

something like that was never a thing.

>The earth ones can't be used to kill people, wish for love,
No, no. That's Aladdin, not Dragon Ball. Don't know where you got these ridiculous ideas from.


>Only hipsters think goku cant beat supes.
this nigga gets it

>doesn't watch the next episode previews
give up now

Nope, he meant Cred Forums. New db is objectively better than the Flash, Arrow, and AoS:Ghost Rider edition.

>Zamasu is shown to be alive in the next episode so no.
Future zamasu =/= zamasu

He's clearly go was who went mad


Took like one second honestly

No, they can. The suggestion to kill Vegeta and Nappa was brought up, and the only reason Shenron couldn't grant it because they were stronger than him.

His ancestor used them actually. It was said in the original series that a while back someone used them to become king.

Makes me wonder what would have happened, had Chaozu managed to end his sentence.
Piccolo was weaker than God, but killing him would have killed God too, so...
Can Shenron kill somebody as powerful or more powerful than its creator if that person wants to die?

toriyama himself never even considered chaozu finishing his sentence, kami probably didn't even exist when piccolo was first introduced

>Can Shenron kill somebody as powerful or more powerful than its creator if that person wants to die?

Nope. That's one rule that so far has never changed: if the current Guardian is too weak to kill an enemy, that enemy cannot be wished out of existence.

Maybe future Zamas is actually immortal.

>Hipsters hate goku
>Only hipsters think Goku can beat Superman

>Robo's Bizarre Adventure

Seventeen a qt

The dragon's power is equal to whoever made it. I think the last person who made Earth's dragonballs was dende, and he's nowhere near galactus's level so the wish wouldn't do shit. Dende is probably some kind of mid tier metahuman.

Silver Surfer can and Thanos is stronger than him.

I think I recall barren planets being destroyed during a Thor fight. I think it was in Chaos War, or could've been in a run of his book a bit later.