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You show could have gone on for so much longer if you just weren't a fuckin creepo. Admittedly the show was still great even after you left, but I'm assuming the lack of original creator there is what's causing them to cancel it so early despite being a pretty big hit.

The fact that this was the current ad for Clarence when it happened made it funnier.

it was cancelled?

>cancel it so early

>tfw he's lying in a bed somewhere, institutionalized, the production for Clarence wrapped up and he knows he will never have a shot at his dream job ever again, he fucked up, he fucked up hard and he will never ever recover

They haven't made it "official" yet far as I know, but they dropped off the animation guild list of shows with no news of renewal. It's looking pretty grim that season 2 is their end.

Nah, there has been no news of it getting cancelled, user is baiting.

Because they only allowed season 2 to be made since it was already greenlit at the time of the incident.

You don't need an official announcement to see the signs, user. I told people Wander and Harvey were probably canceled after the red flags started popping up and all people could tell me was "stop baiting user!".

The denial only makes it hurt more.

You forgot yourself and think you're a cowboy.

professor monkey-for-a-head?

This is technically a Clarence thread, right?

it's important not to have dreams if you have a debilitating mental condition. you need to just find some simple way you can make the world better, and stick with it

Isn't he messed up mentally?

so much so that that woman was a real piece of shit for getting mad at him touching her butt.
i wish we could just raise everyone to be okay with that. just basic touching should not be that big a fucking deal.

Ms. Baker is too cute for me, I can't take it.

You say that as if it never used to be alright. Goddamn 70s.

Wow you sure have a really imaginary version of events tailored to demonize women.

She tried to keep things internal, one of her white knight friends took the issue to Twitter. You're going out of your way to assume the molestation was something as harmless as a butt slap. Page was mentally sick enough that he'd run around in the streets naked while yelling out songs, he needed to be hospitalized and it's irresponsible for his sake to pretend otherwise.

No he's not user, he's an animator at Titmouse. I'm Facebook friends with him.
Dude is fine, don't know how he got over it (maybe he works from home), but he is.

the dude had untreated mental health issues

plus he already had a reputation of "I though people knew to stay away from that guy" and according to someone else at CN it was part of a long series of outburts (he was temporarily sent away once before, and the brass assumed that since he was back he was "cured" and all better), so the incident was the straw that broke the camel's back

Alright, do I gotta post this?

reminder the entire fiasco was taken over by dozen of people and colleagues who weren't even involved
where what's her face did the right thing and went to HR
her friends decided to make it a public incidence
out of the blew, everyone working their suddenly had an opinion on it, and demonized Skylar without caring about his mental health issues, or even the privacy of the girl who was "molested"
only his friends were there for him to the very end for his mental breakdown, no one cared, people just wanted a witch hunt

this just tells me the kind of assholes who work at CN


this is the girl btw

he probably went through the breakdown when the incident became public
if it stayed in CN's doors and just between co-workers i'm sure things would have been handled better
why'd CN even not just hire but also let a mentally ill man in charge of a show?

Most of the people who were outspoken were noobies who can hardly be considered to have any influence in the industry.
Veteran, proven figures and his colleagues at school (Andrew Overtoom, Alex Hirsch, JG Quintel, Thurop Van Orman, Andres Salaff, Kaz, Benton Connor, Minty Lewis, Peter Browngardt, on and on..) mostly kept shut about the incident at the time (like professionals) but I've seen them interact with him on social media since the incident and Titmouse gave him a job, which tells me they still see him as a generally pretty good guy.

Reminder that pic related was based upon true events.

yep, that and

The cutest