ITT: heroes that need their own solo series

ITT: heroes that need their own solo series

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Magik, and I won't the words mutant or X-men mentioned at all
America Chavez I guess
Black Bolt


Literally fuck everyone else

>America Chavez
Absolutely disgusting. But not surprising coming from a marvelfag.

Shazam, seriously, Rebirth should have given him his own series.

Also, Metal Men in a Young Animal Book.

Victor Von Doom.

Heroes user. This topic is about Heroes

I can't help but by posting that crop you think he's actually a Nazi in anything but name. He's a fascist, yes, but not a nazi

>Doom isn't a hero

He saved the multiverse, that's more than Iron Man has ever done.

The hero we need, but don't deserve.

Oh, I am not talking about Overman

I want Cred Forums to leave.

Hitler needs his own series?

What do you have against Hulkling and America? It's almost universally agree Hulkling needs time without Wiccan constantly up his ass.


He needs to be an adventuring crusader again.

Oh I gotcha
Oh fuck off, Hitler posting has been a thing since Cred Forums has existed. It's going on rants when someone sees a black guy, homo or woman in a story that's Cred Forums

>goes around and destroys black people's housing
>a hero

top fucking kek DC has always been red pilled

>America Chavez I guess

That sounds like a fucking Venture Bros name, I'd read for that alone

Yeah, he does. He has been public domain for 71 years for fucks sake.

You realize he's destroying it so that the city will be forced to pay for new housing right? Can you read?

Her last one was cut tragically short.

>city will be forced to pay for new housing

That makes no sense and is borderline unethical. Those buildings are owned by people and the people who own them will just build nicer buildings and rent them out to richer people.

If the buildings are owned by the city then it is unethical to force other people to pay taxes to build new buildings

So is he doing this because he's upset he won't be writing her ongoing?

>he thinks businesses care about ethics

Fuck off murrlogic

It was so well received I'm surprised he didn't get one soon after.


I am saying if a business owns the building they will build a new place and rent it out to nicer people.

If the government owns it, well it is unethical to make other people pay taxes to buy new houses for those people who ruined their own house before GB was forced to destroy it

if it's not government housing he tore down its a slum lord. if it's a slum lord then it might be cheaper to cut their losses than rebuild.

They probably denied his pitch for one in favor of keeping her own Ultimates. Or Maybe America is the Mantis to his englehart.


Agreed. I actually quite enjoyed his nu52 run.

Agree on Songbird, you can even poach the old unused Thunderbolts characters as supporting characters or villains.

Troll, Dallas Riordan, Skein, Cyclone, Crimson Cowl