Just because this poster's friend told them that XD was airing reruns doesn't mean that they're thinking of a comeback.

Ehh I doubt it

It's worth watching the reruns just in case.

Sudoku yourself

Oh hello newfag.

>Diosney xD
Except no one watches that channel

New here, are you?

Don't try and get my hopes up. I don't want to be hurt again.

Wasn't WoY cancelled because it made more money back in reruns than in premieres?

It was canceled because Star VS The Forces of evil was scheduled next to it and it was eclipsed.
Though I could see them canceling it just to manipulate the fans into a rabid fervor just to bring it back two years later after said rabid fans bitch and moan up some free advertising.

Good timing, I got some cash to burn. Could always use some more wholesome merch.

(Pic unrelated)

It was cancelled because Disney XD does that to all of their shows.

Do you even fucking play pokemon? Nothing switches types like that.

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>Not knowing the Disney XD joke
>Calling someone out on being new

Egh, fuck no, I'd rather start watching MLP and go to /mlp/ to discuss it.
I'm just saying don't meme shit you don't understand.


for-twennyChang has a better pokemon community


hey man, what's the initialism of volume pitch?

Your brand of shit is too low for even /trash/

are you like implying he's autistic or something?


So it looks like the petition actually did catch some attention, so that's good. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm more than willing to watch reruns, it's been a while anyway.

I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing but for the love of christ please let this work out.

I need more Hater in my life.

That's the excuse, but nothing really does well in XD except for Gravity Falls. When it was on Disney Channel it had really good ratings.

Don't toy with me like this user. I cAn'T TakE IT!