That time optimus and megatron thought it was a good idea to lose the power of transformation

That time optimus and megatron thought it was a good idea to lose the power of transformation

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Beast Wars Reboot when?

Never, as it isn't the 90s

Why cant we have a organic transformers series not in the 90s.

"Beast Wars was...a mistake."

Because there is a modern stigma against furries and anthro animals, which was huge in the 90s

Then why was zootopia so popular?

If I remember correctly it was because their abilities multiplied when using an element that removed your ability for transformation. I think that was the Marvel series explaination.

The toys were made because it allowed them to be more "show accurate" and articulate.


Replaces their transformation equipment with tanks to store more energy.

Tbh i kinda want some of these. Near gi joe articulation with better sculpt make for fun toys, plus they had some exclusive characters to boot in the line up.

Literally just Cred Forums does

Nowadays we can just call them pre-scan protoforms, can't we?

anyone ave the link to the new RID episodes?

Just the idea of it seems so stupid but then again if you don't turn into something like a tank or fighter jet your alt mode was pretty useless beyond traveling quicker right from the get go.

Slightly off topic but what use does Primes alt mode even have in the comics anymore now that humanity is buffed up and he can't out speed them?

I'll be honest in all my years as a TF fan I have NEVER seen a show where the fanbase gives so little of a shit for it.

It's almost as if RID doesn't exists. Rescue Bots is more popular than it.


Literally the only good thing about it is the Decepticons, and they're not good enough to carry it on its own.
I'd love to see Bisk, Quillfire, Thunderhoof, Paralon, Clampdown, Scatterspike and the like appear in IDW.

The autobot designs keep me from watching it. I considered doing so for Strongarm but I just can't get past how dumb a lot of the characters look.

Whoever that red dude is (Sideswipe?), his design bothers me the most. His head is supposed to look like spiked protagonist hair and I'm not here for it.

>If I remember correctly it was because their abilities multiplied when using an element that removed your ability for transformation.

This. They found a super fuel, Nucleon, which reformatted their bodies, they became stronger and faster than ever, but in return they lost transformation abilities because their bodies had fuel tanks everywhere now.

Marvel comic version just had Grimlock spontaneously freeze and then turn into a chrysalis stage, then he shed his old skin and became even stronger (which was unnecessary because he already was the 2nd most powerful autobot after Optimus, who was dead). After that, they kind of implied that nobody who used Nucleon transformed afterwards, except Prowl who was still able to.
Furman then made a couple of stories that involved the autobots getting their transformation abilities back one way or another.

I don't mind this whole idea and the toys had great articulation (except for the arms). But, who thought that it was a good idea to make Devestator an action master?

ITs a damn shame, because as a fan for the last 20 years or so, its the first one in a while to truly make the effort to break out of the mold these shows have been in since RiD. While its not the greatest there's a lot of interesting things and character interactions going on.

Part of it is due to the inherant connection toylines have to a series; and RiD is phoned in by the designer's own admittance. They want it to be subpar so they can make Generations versions in the future. This is a huge shift from a few years ago, where classics was the secondary line, and the cartoon/movie line took priority. Also, the comic is gaining steam, and the cartoons aren't the end-all, be-all of the franchise like it used to be. It used to be some fans would never touch the comics. Now with digital distribution and greater tie in to the toys, more people are jumping in.

If it helps, his character is a giant tool

>your enemy can transform into tanks, bombers, fighter planes and attack helicopters
>transform into a fcuking cargo truck and volkswagen
Why were the autobots retarded

At least Autobots transformed into automobiles. Decepticons had a couple guys that turned into planes and the rest something stupid like a camera or a boombox

There's a reason their war went on for 4 million years.

>the rest something stupid like a camera or a boombox
I-It was good for espionage!

How the fuck is turning into a Gun good espionage

Oh no I was referring only to the boombox and Camera mode. Megatron wanting to be a gun for whatever reason never made sense to me. He's more of a tank guy to be honest.

It was still a fun line with good sculpts

Organics have no place in Transformers

The reason i dont watch it is because i was expecting a prime sequel and was super bummed out they made it only a smidge above rescue bots in writing. desu i still buy some of the toys because the designs on the decepticons are neat

doesn't make much sense from a Watsonian perspective admittedly, but from a Doylist one it does, as the toys came first, so they were working off what they already had


At a toy angle it doesn't make any sense either

Who the fuck wants to play with a toy camera or boombox that doesn't actually work? At least with a car you can imagine the transformer is trying to get somewhere quick or something

I want a small number of Devastators to repurpose as Constructicon BATs for GI Joe.

Call them Devastars

Fuck you guys, the ones that trasnform into electronics and cassettes are the coolest.

Because Hasbro doesn't know what the fuck to do with the cartoons anymore. That's the problem.

There is no more syndication as it used to be in the old days where you could air your cartoon every day, 3 times a day on a channel that litterally every house hold had just by having a tv and an antenna. If you want to air cartoons you gotta to a channel for cartoon. And your options are limited to Disney channels and no way in hell are they showing commercials for something that's not theirs, Nick who honestly nobody watches, and CN who treats all 3rd party shows like shit (see RID right now with the 5am death sloth) and has a bone to pick with hasbro.

They tried to get the Hub rolling but Transformers + a bunch of 90 cartoons on a channel that you only get with a PREMIUM CABLE subcsription isn't going to work so that's why it's dead.

So really cartoons as a TF media are right now homeless. Comics are easy/cheap to make and easy to come by. Movies will be now coming out like every year Marvel style so that's going to keep the brand in public eyes.

Frankly I think that the TF cartoons will die out in the next decade. It'll be all about the comics and movies until the comics shit the bed again at which point it'll be movies only as far as fiction goes.

It must be so hard for you to think outside the box

It's called having an imagination.

You ought to look into getting yourself one of those someday.

As a kid, yeah
If I'm supposed to be playing with my imagination then what's the point of having the toy, smart ass?

well the gimmick with the Japanese toyline that Megatron, Soundwave, Reflector, and the Autobot Mini-Cars came from, Micro Change's main gimmick was that the robots were the same size as the actual toys and supposed to represent real devices(and in the Mini-Cars case Penny Racer toy cars, which is why they have chibi proportions in vehicle mode) as it was a Microman(or Micronauts as it's better known as in the US) spinoff

you seem to be forgetting about Streaming Services as another possible avenue, it's honestly surprising that Hasbro hasn't taken Transformers over to Netflix or Hulu already

>it's honestly surprising that Hasbro hasn't taken Transformers over to Netflix or Hulu already

That would cost money that Hasbro doesn't want to invest into cartoons right now. That's why they went with that shitty go90 series. Voltron only manages because Dreamworks bought it and DW is full of money.

and the other main toyline that Transformers took most of it's early molds from, Diaclone

Transformers also borrowed molds from the following lines; Dorvack(Whirl and Roadbuster), Macross(Jetfire), Beetras(the Deluxe Insecticons, the regular ones are from Diaclone), and the one off toys Gunborg/Astro Magnum(Shockwave) and Super Change Robo Mechabot-1(Omega Supreme)

Streaming shows will fuck with the toys. The idea is that as the show goes on the toys keep appearing in waves on shelves so kids could follow the show and get the toys as they appear.

With a Netflix style show you dump all of it at once and chances are you won't be able to buy all the toys at once.

Honestly I wish we'd screw the wave system and go back to the old "here are all the toys for this year all at once fight for them" mentality. The wave system was good in the 90s/early 2000s but now when most adults buy figures online anyway I see no point in the wave system.

That's a very tiny Bruticus.

>Having an imagination
>Needing and over-priced toy to play

>rather playing with a block of wood then to have political debates with a tapedeck robot and microscope robot

So if the comics are popular and not the cartoons, wouldn't it be wise to invest in an animated adaptation of one of the comics. You know the drones would fuel the hell out of a MTMTE TV series.

You're still stuck with nowhere to show it.

Maybe Netflix.

>Cartoons are dying and comics are the new hotness
>We should capitalize on this by making a cartoon!

The problem isn't the wave system. Its distribution.

Being forced to follow the whims of some dumbfuck at the local WalMart, because Hasbro doesn't have the balls to stand up to mega market chains...

>MTMTE cartoon on Netflix
I would watch but would people watch it? How is Voltron doing?


Not even Soundwave is a Cassette player in IDW anymore.
He's some sort of armored vehicle. I kind of wish it was like pic related because the speakers on the top of the car look cool.