So I'm reading this and I don't hate it

I really have no issues with this book.

Ok thanks for the update. I'm sure you'll keep us posted.

Did you read God of Thunder?

this is a better story and looks prettier

You didn't answer my question.

>better than Ribic

[unsolicited opinion on Israel]

See me after class OP, it's time for your Cred Forums reeducation program.

Going solely off Thor work

Dautermann > Ribic

also i didn't get any of the hype behind the first god of thunder arc, at least with mighty thor i wanna read the next issue.

My god Thor has a big ass.

Well, I disagree.
The story is full of logic holes and Jane's identity is probably the greatest letdown of the entire book.

Obviously he has read it if he can compare the story and art of the two.

>2.) Odin is being written out of character as a strawman fuckboi so Fem Thor can claim male ruled kingdoms are inherently wrong.
I thought Odin was being written as a strawman fuckboi to make it clear that something is wrong with him and imply Cul is corrupting him.

I think her outfit looks cool. How and why is Jane Foster Thor?

The infamous Titania scene ruins a decent series. A decade from now, that's what it'll be most remembered for.

The post-Battlewords run, the current one, is actually pretty good. The villains especially. Daario vs. Exterminatrix and her boyfriend in the last few issues was great.

His manipulation is quite obvious, but it doesn't explain the half of his hostility, which is just unnecessarily suspicious behavior.

Isn't Odin pretty much always a fuck boy? He always seem to ping pong between being a dick to Thor Classic and then getting over it at the end of the run only for it all to start over again in the next one.

And even if he's been manipulated, this story has been going on for how long? 2 already right, and it's very likely it's going to continue in 2017.

What I mean, holy shit 3 years minimum for this to pay off is fucking awful.

>Written by Jason Aaron

Into the trash it goes.

it is.

Aaron was amazing on God of Thunder, Whor was such a letdown on those first arcs, with really, really hamfisted dumb political message, another Red Hulk style lame identity mystery jobbing out other characters, and just overral there was no storyline, just beating C-listers and having other heroes suck you femcock isn't a good read.

After the reveal, now that we're getting Jane chracter development, Roxxon and Asgard hijinks, it's great.

That was Queen of H'el, by DC's finest and Snyder's protege, Margueritte Bennet.

The only time I've ever enjoyed Jane Foster Thor was when she made an appearance in Gwenpool.

Everyone should take issue with the lack of Thor the Unworthy

What's more exciting some cancer ridden chick being girl power

Or a drunken asshole going on fantasy adventures to try and steal his powers back from the cancer girl

Could you post a random page from the run OP? And not the one that always gets tossed around, I mean something I haven't seen before, maybe your favorite page thus far?

>After the reveal, now that we're getting Jane chracter development, Roxxon and Asgard hijinks, it's great.
Huh, really? I dropped it after the first few, but does it actually improve?

Personally, I find the supporting cast and villains more enjoyable than Jane. But yeah, it's a decent read.


Old Nick Fury whispered something that wasn't revealed into Thor's ear during Original Sin, making him unworthy of Mjolnir, leaving the hammer behind on the moon. Then Jane somehow came along and picked it up and became Thor, while Thor endorsed the new God of Thunder and gave her his name, going forth as the Odinson while weilding Jarnbjorn, an axe without a worthyness enchantment.. Also, Jane has cancer and won't let Odinson cure it because he stole her science project or something.