Would you vote for Bruce Wayne?

Would you vote for Bruce Wayne?

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A man so devoted to not living his own life, and instead being some vessel for a greater cause would be a great head of any state. Probably.

Can't be any worse than the knuckle heads that are running currently.

what did Bruce expect? He was running against Amanda Waller?

>rich businessman with no actual experience in anything running a city

no thanks. like maybe some good journalist like Lois Lane did some pieces on him that showed why i should I'd consider it

>Mr.President, please stop pardoning the Joker.

Being fair, the opposition was Granny Goodness on a respirator.

>implying I wouldn't vote the fuck out of the wall.

Why are you guys so afraid of powerful women?

the skinny one

>Killer Croc 2016 - Why vote for someone who only ACTS like a monster?

Ha! Couldn't be any worse than our current candidates!

Ha! Couldn't be any worse than our current candidates!

Ha! Couldn't be any worse than our current candidates!


You're giving Hilary way too much credit with this comparison.


Really goes to show the value of Cred Forums's opinion when you guys can't even spell their names right.

were they wrong?

Yes. Believing that both sides are the same means one of two things- a. you have virtually no knowledge of politics, or b. you're opinion is so horrible you're not even willing to disclose it on an anonymous imageboard.

or you believe both sides are shit.

See option a.

>you guys
Hey, it's a forum slider.
Hello, Mr. Forum Slider. Are you here to Correct The Record?

wtf i hate trump now

how is that option a? you don't need to be the same to be shit, or to be outclassed by a character intended as an insult.

mfw im not an idiot because im only voting for trump ironically

Whatever let's you sleep at night, user.

Would you vote for a criminal, crippled gay man with mental issues who's in a long-term abusive relationship with an evil and criminal clown and who hasn't slept in decades?

FDR is dead and even if he wasn't he can't run again. We sorta made that law because of him

If we brought FDR back and he wasn't trying to be president, he couldn't run.


Did I get it right yet

It says something about either me or the election that I had to think for a while to be sure this was talking about Batman rather than Trump or Hillary.

that's different.
A) we've never had a situation before where both parties hate their selection and NOBODY voted for either of those people, each assuming the other cheated that one in.
B) it turns out the media did this by manipulating the already-ridiculous debate system into an unabashed circus they ADMIT is just for ratings

The media is to blame for Trump, not for Clinton. Clinton actually cheated her way in.

The media wanted Sanders. Like most people. Donald vs Bernie, imagine what an election that could have been.

What if Trump and Bernie were both created by the same organization to be prefect opposite opponents, with Bernie being the ultimate champion against Trump, but there was a snafu and now Bernie's out, and so the Trump campaign is actually trying this tactic?
What if Trump is acting the villain in order to raise a hero?

oh ew

As much as I feel Batman is over exposed... yeah I'd vote for him.
As long as he wasn't running against Loki.

>he couldn't run.

What? Cause of the polio?


No love for the art on this?
>hair and coat look like ears and cowl
>batman silhouettes everywhere
>even on bruce's face
Joe England needs more recognition.

He's the author of the long running zebragirl.net webcomic, excellent stuff.

He did a bunch of these one off DC parodies, they're on his deviantart

What would Bruce's cabinet be like?

Is he allowed to bring all his teenage sidekicks?

I can believe this since Bruce is actually handsome and don't have a combover.

Why did he pick some random Metropolis reporter to be his Secretary of State?

The hair is silly. He's not Wolverine.

Press secretary Jack Ryder.


I'd rather vote for Duke. A vote for him is a vote for America.


Or options C. You live in Australia.

Because she isn't powerful, she's corrupt.

Fuck, I would rather have granny goodness. At least she doesn't lie about killing people, stealing money, and buying off delegates.

Pretty much this to be quite honest family. At least the Wall has principles, even if she's willing to compromise her morals to achieve them. There's something selfless about that.

Clinton doesn't have that kind of an out, everything she has ever done has been for her own enrichment. She's incredibly selfish.

Unlike her opponent?

An absolute Trump stomping, there is no way someone that admits being a socialist could get elected in America.
Biden had a bigger chance, or Kerry, really anyone but Hillary, I am still not sure what the dems were thinking.

I'm not going to defend Trump. He wasn't my candidate and I'm not planning to vote for him, as much as I want Clinton to lose - but he's a bad candidate for different reasons and there's really no comparing the two. As greedy and dishonesty as he is, I'm reasonably certain that he's never been directly responsible for the death of a US ambassador.

I think the issue most people have is that Trump doesn't try to hide his selfishness and egomania, meanwhile Hillary tries to pretend being generous and a regular human being, but it just looks fake.