Why is she so perfect?

why is she so perfect?

She has it all.

I think the hair, also in the comic version she wasn't Martin's stepsister, they were actually in a relationship.

what anime is this

desu kawaii-chan ka

Cause shes Sam and Mandys love child.

Who dat

The Canadian kind.

Redheads are always the best girls in any series user thats an undisputed fact (Blossom, Pepper Anne, Kim Possible, Wilma Flinstone, Asuka Langley, Atomic Betty, Lila, Jane Jetson and Frankie) just to name a few
shimpi no matin


>that scene in the intro where Jessie emerges from the water and flips her hair was never in any episode.
The crew did that on purpose. They're still laughing to this day.

Openings for cartoons always did that, did you think you'd see animation on par with the opening to Thundercats ever?

>tfw uncle actually worked on the questworld cgi animation

Sugoi Paipai Nee-chan: Ni

>Blossom, Pepper Anne, Kim Possible, Wilma Flinstone, Asuka Langley, Atomic Betty, Lila, Jane Jetson and Frankie
>Implying those are not a list of cartoon sluts and whores


*Why is HE so perfect?
Based horny Frenchies

The one where in the manga her and her male co-star are lovers but in the anime they're siblings but the writers forgot to change how they act around each other

>implying that was not their plan all along
french are know sexual deviants hell their national saint is a huge whore

so they edited it to be a real anime?

The fact that Canadian anime has more fetish fuel than Japanese anime confuses me

Because her VA also voiced Sango in Inuyasha. Kelly Sheridan is a natural treasure.

Di kawaii

Stay salty, English pig.

Which anime is this?

The nutshack

Who is this cartoon cum commander?


Diana "Best girl" Lombard

Sorry, this one isn't for ants

Do you have her as a witch?

What is Guy Fieri doing in my cartoons?

Diana X Martin is best ship tho.

It was, up until Alex showed up

>a cartoon created within the last four years that doesn't look like it was drawn by an eight year old

This got my attention.

try the last 10 years

>Martin Mystery
I miss this era of cartoons so very much.

Someone post Marvin.

Try almost 15