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First for best Admiral ever.

Second for best Grand Admiral ever

Dash forever

Third for Star Wars science is bullshit

Ye best get it while it's on sale.

Bluest buttcheeks.

post rare thrawns

So did the Bendu living 5 minutes down the street catch anyone else off guard?
I was 100% expecting Kanan to need to travel to an uncharted planet before meeting him.

It was a little odd that he just happened to be there


Something something something THE FORCE

Anyone have the comparison picture of Thrawn in this pic with and without pupils? I searched the archive, but I can't find it.

Exactly the same. I felt like such an idiot when they showed the staff Kanan had was a sensor from Chopper Base

I really hope that Edge-ra isn't finished after that 1 episode.
That's a metric shit-ton of wasted potential and character development if he just goes back to being the good old Jedi student.


I just assumed that he wasn't actually living there. I thought he was a physical manifestation of the force that decided to go to Kanan when he needed help.

I definitely did not expect him to be in the first episode of the season. That seemed more like a mid-season kind of story from the trailers. I do wonder though, if he isn't actually a physical being and can simply appear wherever he wants and will similarly show up elsewhere in the galaxy later.

If you bothered watching the season trailer you'd know it isn't done yet.

The Bendu said Kanan woke him from a long slumber

Hes going to appear more

If Star Wars has no internal logic, why should I believe anything about what is shown?

It has internal logic though?

It's called "because the plot says so"

It has internal logic, it just doesn't always coincide with real-world logic. Like don't try to make rational sense out of starships or space combat, they're not going to fit in with real-world science and physics.

Cuz it's fiction and thus you shouldn't "believe" anything in it :^)

I'm fairly certain that giving the Bendu the Sith Holocron was a bad idea. He reminded me a lot of Vergere...

Star Wars does have internal logic, but it doesn't mean you can use real world conventional analogues at whim to explain every situation.

starships and space combat don't even fit in with their own worlds science and physics.

>Space Battles aren't fun because they're unrealistic.
Go away DICE.

What part of the way he was acting with Kanan at the end made you think his apology was sincere?


Meant for

I think one of the reasons the Jedi don't have to compete with other "good" force religions is because in Star Wars there is is an objective right way to do things. No religion can maintain orthodoxy without coercion in real life because, pardon my fedora, they can't actually validate their claims more than any other religion. The Jedi on the other hand can reliably demonstrate that their beliefs get the best results compared to others, visibly produce the abilities they claim to gain from them, and their "god" of the force objectively behaves the ways they say it does in all conceivable circumstances.

Clearly you've never watched a disney show.

the plotline is over.

>post says nothing about realism

I hope it's not done just so I can continue to use "Edge-ra".

Arguing about internal logic/scientific logic implies a discussion of realism. It's not that much of a stretch.

"Edge-ra" is now part of his character in a universe that is highly regulated to keep things going as they should. Disney has nothing to do with it. He's literally been starting down the path of edge since season 1 when he connected to that giant animal on the old Republic base, so obviously the plotline isn't over yet now that Ezra is knee deep in Sith knowledge..

>ywn join the imperial fleet and work your way up through the ranks until you're in command of a star destroyer

Why even live?

I would say 'to be part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic', but to be honest that TIE/D is too tempting to pass up

>Finally make it to Commander after hearing about all sorts of amazing Empire victories over dirty rebels
>Suddenly they storm your Star Destroyer and you have to either die on it, let them capture it and die through consequences elsewhere, or blow the ship up to kill the rebels

Doesn't sound fun to me

>"b-but Disney show!"
>hasn't watched the trailers
You didn't even try

internal logic means to the logic that a work uses for itself. That has nothing to do with realism unless the work is trying to be realistic.

Star Wars doesn't apply it's own logic to itself.

>implying the rank and file ever become COs

No 1080p mega link yet?

trailers lie all the time.



>tfw you'll never stand on the bridge of a Star Destroyer and watch it bombard a planet from orbit until nothing is left standing

Love that new shuttle, but like the other user said I'm afraid it's a lie!

No, not really.

Does anyone else believe that Ezra Bridger will become Snoke? Many think that Snoke is Darth Plagueis or subscribe to some other theory. I just watched the season 3 premiere and I don't know if this was addressed in previous threads, but I'd like to present it.

Season 3 starts with Ezra popping up from the shadows and outright killing stormtroopers, showing that his skill in combat and strategy and as well as the force is growing. Not only that, but the way the scene lighting hit Ezra specifically, is a callforward to Snoke's entrance in The Force Awakens. Also, the way that Ezra commands his teammates kind of mirror's Snoke ability to command. I even made a comparison image to see if they were similar or not. The way the Lucasfilm storytelling method tries for visual leitmotifs and dialogue echoing for future events, just like in The Clone Wars with Anakin. I had an inkling of a suspicion in the late first season about Ezra's future when he tampered with the dark side and got the scar.

Its all somewhat baseless assumption and conjecture for now. Whether or not Ezra becomes Snoke, I hope the new season will continue to be interesting as he continues to learn both about the light and the dark.

I have to make due playing star citizen in the bridge of an idris frigate

Close enough I'm okay with this

>Does anyone else believe that Ezra Bridger will become Snoke?
No, because Snoke is confirmed to be non-human. That basically kills the Ezra/Snoke theory.

Thrawn is just another seasonal husbando

>Does anyone else believe that Ezra Bridger will become Snoke?

Snoke isn't human
Snoke is 7ft tall
Snoke saw the rise of the Galactic Empire, meaning he was born earlier than Ezra

Tua, Aresko, Grinky and SS welcome him to the club of seasonal husbandos/waifus.

What I mean is different philosophies and organizations using the force. Being powered up in the force is kung fu, but there are many different paths to getting there. Muslims split between shia and sunni not because of differences in religious beliefs but because of disagreements about their political succession, even small differences are enough to cause splits. Using the force is a lot like martial arts, there would be many schools and given how powerful and mysterious it is many different explanations. The Jedi are shown to be far from all knowing regarding the force.

okay fine, but did he ever build a wall?

More like finding your way back to an old flame

back to Cred Forums with you

Found this. I'm told it's Star Wars related. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Yes. Ezra literally looks like a younger, uninjured Snoke. The facial structure is uncanny. Furthermore, Ezra continues to creep ever closer to the dark side. He has already gained more knowledge of the Sith than most any other character. Why else make Snoke a fully CG character than to match the appearance of his younger cartoon self?

Doesn't look at all familiar to me. Where'd you find it?

A friend. It gets better. There's a short url on one side that directs to starwars.com.

GIS says it's a pin from the D23 Expo in 2013, related to Rebels, but hell if I recognize what the emblem is supposed to be. Since that was still really early in the show's production it may be a logo that ended up not being used.


New episode moved too fast. Brought up interesting things only to rush through them without giving them time to become interesting. I think that partially, that's a result of a common flaw in timeskips: having all the developments that've happened over the interceding years get resolved all at once. And partially, it's because the writers need to slow the fuck down and at least try to build up something before they rush to a resolution.

I liked edgy Ezra. It's cool to see a character start to go over to the dark side in a believable way. Seeing him straight up blast a stormtrooper when he's always stunned them before was a nice prelude to the mind control buisness.

>Getting triggered by walls
Calm down Kylo

>Also, the way that Ezra commands his teammates kind of mirror's Snoke ability to command
Except Ezra is shitty at command.

Not him, but he's had generations to sharpen his technique

They went fast because they had to cover a 6 month time skip and character development. Now we all know where characters are in their arcs, we can move forward a bit slower.
And I severely doubt we've seen the last of Edgra, the next episode is 'Holocrons of Fate' so he should be getting it back. Man I hope he meets Bendu, just asks for it back and Bendu tosses it at him. Just complete disregard for this Sith bauble
And so is Snoke. He orders Starkiller fired to wipe out one base, it would have been faster to just send one Resurgent class SD and wipe the base out

It should, but it persists because people who come up with Snoke theories tend to ignore anything that doesn't match it.

These are also usually the same people who come up with theories that make no sense given the timeframe, like Rey being the daughter of Obi-Wan and Satine. Sometimes they try to play it off with "well, carbon freezing!" but usually the theory doesn't account for time at all because it never occurred to them.


>implying one star destroyer would be enough to take the entire resistance

Source on the 6 month time skip?


>Phantom was destroyed in the last episode
Too late Lego

It's a new Phantom. We've seen it in the trailers, too.

No idea why it's also called the Phantom and not given a different name, though.

>Why even live?
Twi'lek pussy

Its the "Jyn is Rey's mom!" theories that crack me up. Never mind the fact that Rogue One is taking place 14 years before the earliest point Rey could be born to be 19 in TFA, the actresses look sorta similar if you squint a bit, so it must be true!
I guess Thrawn decided makeup was an artform in itself and took to learning in between crushing Rebel strongholds. Either that or Chiss get chapped lips like a motherfucker

user are you design-blind?

There should be a picture like this with Seventh Sister instead of Hera and Grinky, 8B and 5b as loth-cats
Inkies are cute too, you know...


>the actresses look sorta similar if you squint a bit, so it must be true

As if these people need characters to look alike to claim they're related.

I like that Bendu has this Henson-esque design. He looks like you could put him in Dark Crystal or Labyrinth and he'd fit right in.

The Resistance is maybe 12 milsurp X-Wings crewed by a bunch of mavericks with more ideas about being heroes than actual skills. Forgive me if I think one Resurgent with a purge order will be enough
Sadly nothing official, certainly no actual numbers (Star Wars timelines being the finicky beasts that they are) but Taylor Gray was told to deepen his voice for S3 recordings, and they visibly aged Kanan. I think somewhere between 3 to 6 months is the best answer you can get
Because they'll call this new shuttle the Phantom, to prevent confusion. Ghost and Phantom are a part of the radio chatter of Phoenix Squadron now, better to keep an old name then change it just for changes sake

I would give my right arm to LucasFilm, right now, if they made it so Bendu only looks like that on Atollon, and his look changes based on what terrain he manifests in. So on a more overgrown world he's all bark and vines, someone more desert like he's a shifting dune with a sandstone face
And yeah, he looks like you could make a puppet out of him if you needed/wanted to. Which is just great


So what are some stories of the Rebels completely fucking up and ending up killing innocent people for no real reason?

>Rebels completely fucking up and ending up killing innocent people for no real reason?

Almost none, aside from Kallus talking about Saw Gerrera being an extremist or something.

If you knew how badly it would all end up (the events of TFA) would you still join the rebellion?

Probably Saw Gerrera, but we know nothing about him between the beginning of the Onderon Rebellion and now.

>A blood knight like Leia not fucking over people that just want to be left alone because there might be an imperial anything nearby

I don't believe it.

>his look changes based on what terrain he manifests in.

Is Ezra going to actually get with Sabine this season? How is Rebels going to even handle romance since it's airing on XD? Is it going to be more of this subtle bullshit or is it going to be blatant?

I'm sure there's a number of examples in Legends but I can't think of anything from the current canon.

Nope. Rev up those TIE fighters.

Why does it need to have romance at all?

Tarkin mentions some groups have collateral damage but given how many cells were trained, they go out their way to avoid killing innocents because it would disrupt their cause. The Rebels genuinely have good interests at heart and aren't completely corrupt. It's what makes them so dangerous because they have excellent PR.

Even then, the Jedi trained Saw's group to not go after civilians because if people think they're terrorists, they end up bolstering Imperial cause.

>Is Ezra going to actually get with Sabine this season?
>How is Rebels going to even handle romance since it's airing on XD?
by being smart and not having any. the confirmed couple doesn't even fucking kiss.

My home was terrorized by gangsters and reavers for generations. He begged the old Republic for help but no one ever game. But then the Empire came and saved us. The Empire makes the Galaxy a safer place, and I will fight to protect it.

Leia only went full blood knight just before Endor, she had the end in sight and a future to fight for. Right now she's more likely to try and capture Imperials alive because somehow a cash strapped Rebellion has enough cred to fund a supermax prison for Imperial war criminals just outside the corona of a sun
Minister Tua is a bit of a stretch, she was hardly innocent but she was a civvie killed for talking to the Rebels
Oh, and Tarkintown. Thanks to the Lothal cell Vader ordered an entire village of alien refugees put to the torch, just to pressure the Ghost crew into making mistakes
It'll be mostly subtle bullshit, its been three seasons and we still haven't got on screen confirmation of the fact that Kanan and Hera are banging every minute they get away from the kids

Nice sheev dubs.

I thought they said that Kanan and Hera were no longer romantically involved which is why she's such a stone cold bitch to him.

>live long enough to see civil liberties stripped away
>harsh punishments for existing
>see children stolen by the promise of securing the galaxy to die an agonizing and pointless death
>live in fear for my life because there are dozens of Death Stars in the galaxy

Fuck no

When did they say that?

They made a point of saying that the refugees in Tarkintown were imprisoned, not massacred, though.

>Minister Tua is a bit of a stretch, she was hardly innocent but she was a civvie killed for talking to the Rebels
>Oh, and Tarkintown. Thanks to the Lothal cell Vader ordered an entire village of alien refugees put to the torch, just to pressure the Ghost crew into making mistakes
Those are still examples of the Empire doing something.

So, now that Kanan can "see," could he still kick Boba Fett's ass? Obviously Chirrut Îmwe can.

My bad for wanting some romance in my space opera.

Gonna need a source on that friendo.

You're probably right, oh well.

Did they? Shit, must have missed that. Then for the time being the Ghost crew don't have that much blood on their hands
Saw Gerrera's crew on the other hand, is probably swimming in the stuff. Or at least they should be, judging from Kallus' description of their Lasat merc

Suuuurrrrrre. I believed them too,

its your bad for being a fucking shipper, dumb ass.

Anyone want to see the rebels take on another cell that disagrees on how to handle innocents/the Empire? Maybe a three way battle would be cool.

>Then for the time being the Ghost crew don't have that much blood on their hands
except for all the storm troopers they kill, of course.

It was Freddie Prinze Jr on a podcast IIRC.

so no one important

Would be interesting. I still want a Imp civil war in new canon after the Emperor is killed. Legacy spoiled me with "Noob".

Of course. Blind men in Star Wars achieve more power than you can possibly imagine.

That's pretty out there. Becaues Freddie is the one that said to keep an eye on Kanan/Herra's relationship.

>Minister Tua is a bit of a stretch, she was hardly innocent but she was a civvie killed for talking to the Rebels
Killed by the Empire, not like the Rebels considered her an acceptable loss.
>Oh, and Tarkintown. Thanks to the Lothal cell Vader ordered an entire village of alien refugees put to the torch, just to pressure the Ghost crew into making mistakes
Again a reaction by the Empire to capture the Rebels.

We know Cham's attitude, but a conflict with integrating another cell while forming a larger rebellion would be a cool season plot.

Except, you know, he'd know the storyline considering he's involved.

But he wouldn't be at liberty to say and nonetheless does not know everything because that makes it more fun when big events do happen.

>Of course. Blind men in Star Wars achieve more power than you can possibly imagine.

never take story or character info from the actors, they're dumb and shit and only know what their lines are.

only listen to writers, directors if you can't find a writer.


There's also this where Hera's VA says she got no indication from the script or direction that they were romantically involved but was then confused by the actual animation being more ambiguous.

>Speculation on the possibility of romance in a space opera makes you a shipper
>Romance is bad and anyone that enjoys it is bad
Fuck off faggot


I remember them talking about how after A New Dawn their relationship was pretty hot and heavy, but as the years went on, as in most all relationships, things steadied out, "cooled off" if you will. Are you sure that's not what you're talking about?

Freddie knows has much as he's recorded, he always mentions how tight lipped Dave is. He knows more than we do, but he still knows little. Time will tell.

Oh yeah, I don't doubt that, it's just silly for someone to say 'no one important' when it's been stated by Freddie multiple times that he /already/ knew what was going to happen at the end of season 2 midway through season 1.

you romance shits try to shove your flaccid penises into fucking everything and the only thing it ever ends up doing is ruining it.

the sooner you faggots kill yourselves the better.

Many of the Rebels cast have talked about how Filoni sits them down and talks lore to them about the episode and what they need to know to deliver the right performance. Try again.

Holy shit, this. I thought I was the only one who found him to be extremely suspicious.

doesn't matter, they're still too fucking dumb to be trusted. if they weren't they'd be real actors.

only trust the words of writers when asking about plot points, they're the ones that make it up, they're the ones that know for sure.

I'm glad someone else heard this, too.
People saying the cast is kept in the dark are so frustrating.

>doesn't matter, they're still too fucking dumb to be trusted. if they weren't they'd be real actors.
How old are you?

Freddie is a real actor? He's just retired to stay home with his kids, bud.

>doesn't matter, they're still too fucking dumb to be trusted. if they weren't they'd be real actors.
Yeah you're not even trying anymore.

Any of you guys want to help he Wook out

>they're the ones that know for sure.
And yet they aren't the only ones that actually know.

>Waaaaaaaaah others like things that I don't like waaaaaaah
>The only logical response is to yell about it as opposed to ignoring them
Just please stop ol' buddy ol' pal o' mine.

>doesn't matter, they're still too fucking dumb to be trusted. if they weren't they'd be real actors.
Oh you know nothing, but pretend like you do.

That explains the overly witty banter between Kanan and SS

really lame premiere. Felt like an episode that would be about a little over halfway through as filler

have there been any updates from the scan user? I thought he said he was scanning adventures in wildspace a long time ago

And suddenly, I remember bookmarking some guy's playlist of all the Uprising missions

>get beaten by Luke
>get rekt by a group of Padawans
>almost killed by boba fett
>get captured and defeated by apprentice twice
Why did the EU make Vader such a bitch?

I'm sure the writers decided to add to the connection between Freddie and Sarah, but I don't know see what having a wife and kids has to do with 'overly witty banter'.


older than you, you nucanon dick sucking shit.
he was never a real actor
except they don't know shit
>butthurt "actors" learning the truth

I don't think stealing ships and building the fleet counts has a filler episode.

Or do you think filler episodes are everything that isn't Jedi shit?

Over here . He also received Ultimate Star Wars and will get started scanning that soon.

>Is Ezra going to actually get with Sabine this season?
No. No way. Just no.

>he was never a real actor

>older than you, you nucanon dick sucking shit.
I'm sure.

Freddie knows more than any of us, including you. Are you mad because you were the drama kid but didn't get picked for any roles?


Looks like we've been dealing with babby's first troll.

She's gone user, lay her to rest.

>retards taking blatant bait
You brought this on yourselves.

Pretty much any episode would have been a lame follow up to last season's 10/10 finale. The only way to keep that quality would have been more Maul and Darth Vader. It was a decent episode, the parts where Ezra did dark shit and lost his temper were good, Thrawn was good and it was cool to see him finally brought to life even if he did nothing yet, and Kanan's scenes with the Bendu were great. The main plot of stealing Y-Wings with Hondo was meh. This show is unfortunately wearing out that character's welcome quite rapidly.

Why are people already waifu-ing Pryce? We have barely even seen her and what we have seen of her is unremarkable.

I think if you're famous enough to get threatened by rape by the Hulk you're a real actor.

>Why are people already waifu-ing Pryce?

Her voice. Sounds fitting for a Major

Because she's the only Imperial-fu around.


>dash rendar
I don't get it?


Because she looks (and sounds a bit) like Cate Blanchett.

Thankfully that's all behind, and stuff like Lords of the Sith and the comics do him tons of justice.

>not knowing the voice actress
I'm really hoping she has a chance to sing in Rebels.

I believe that was the joke

People saw a ship similar to the Outrider and assumed Dash Rendar was going to be in Rebels this season (Filoni confirmed he isn't).

Some idiot made a thread about how Dash Rendar is canon again, but somehow used an image of Thrawn instead. Since then we've been jokingly referring to Thrawn as Dash Rendar.

>Excellent PR
That's what doesn't make sense, given the amount of control the empire has over society and by extension the holonet it should be trivial to make dozens of horrific false flags to blame the rebels on. If they got a fascist economic system then the empire has control over everyone's job which means so much as mentioning anything out of step with the latest Imperial propaganda would be career ending.

A galaxy where most of the rebel cells are actually run by Imperial agents and they dupe all the volunteers into doing raids that ultimately cause massive civilian casualties. Networking with other cells to get connected to the actual rebellion and then crushing them from the inside out. Would be rebel sympathizers paranoid out of their minds about joining any cell since it's probably full of Imperial agents.

These rebels live in a happy go lucky fairytale, an empire this incompetent deserves to be crushed by teddy bears.

Thanks for spoonfeeding me and sparing me from this meme.

it's no coincidence

Then the way a rebellion wins is by actual peaceful means, they stay squeaky clean and network under the radar. Build up their government in exile, grow their cooperative network demonstrating it's intrinsic superiority, eventually a preference cascade occurs and a peaceful transfer of power occurs from the empire to the new republic. But that's boring so we'll do a story about using violence to effect their political ends, which is all about forcing the government to be ever more totalitarian until the population snaps then preference cascade, except that strategy only works when there is an outside power backing you up and supplying you as the internal government puts the squeeze on.

You can just see the one actual Star Wars fan on the team fighting tooth and nail to limit Thrawn's screentime so Disney doesn't have the chance to fuck him up.

The Empire was not created for safety or security. It was created to spread the Dark Side through misery, death, oppression and suffering. They could try and control everything they wanted but eventually people would get tired of it. This is a major plot point in Lost Stars where Ciena's mother is shipped off world because some dickhead Imperial officer was being greedy. The general douchbaggery makes a lot of people even Imperials question themselves. But to answer your question, the rebels didn't really have to do much to prove they were much better than the Imperials.

Gotta have stronger bait than that, my friend

>we have seen of her is unremarkable
>/swg/ liking unremarkable Imperial Officers is a surprise to you
You think that will stop us from waifuing an Imperial? Really?

Is this what they mean by having their foot in the door?

That would be Filoni's doing most likely. He's the only one who works there who gets it anymore. Kathleen Kennedy is intent on destroying it in the name of feminism and Pablo just enjoys pissing off fans because he doesn't care.

But this did happen in the early days of the Rebellion. They got stomped the fuck out until people got really tired of the Empire's bullshit and Palpatine got really complacent. But an Empire designed to be evil just for the fuck of it deserves to topple.

Go be the architect of your own destruction.

Any word on a 1080 mega?



>Kathleen Kennedy is intent on destroying it in the name of feminism

sick bait bro


Who's gonna die this season? I've got money on Kallus.

Is she dead?

So now that Filoni and the human wearing him are gone, will Rebels actually get good?

Pryce or Hera

Nah, she just went deeper into the nest and became the Spider Queen.

The choice is obvious.

Or both.

Is she the one that got her insides slowly liquefied and eaten by alien spiders and nobody on the base gave a shit about?

Thrawn :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

We was killiks an' shit!

No. If anything, he was the only thing keeping it from becoming truly Disneyfied garbage.

He's not gone

If only Walt Disney was still alive.

Can't see them killing off Hera considering she's the pilot of the Ghost crew. It would be pretty hard to put a character in her place that anybody would be relatively interested in. The villain always dies though, so I'm assuming it's gonna be Pryce.

Damn, you people are so fucking cynical. Nothing Rebels has done is proof that Disney is going all Nazi over its story. Dave has explained in a ridiculous amount of interviews as to why the show is geared towards kids. (hint: It's because Star Wars is for kids, you fags)

Appreciate it for what it is, or stop watching it and shitting up these threads

>Pablo just enjoys pissing off fans because he doesn't care.
Tell me about the evil Hidalgo.


>if only

Look at Rey and that chick from Rouge One, that's all the proof you need.

>Two female protagonists means the end of the world.
One of those movies isn't even out yet. What proof is that?


No more of a Mary Sue than Anakin or Luke

>chick from Rouge One

Movie isn't even out yet lmao

Weak bait.

If you were in a position of power within a fanbase, would you use it to troll the hell out of obnoxious fans?

Tell me how he trolls.

He's been like that way before he got his current position.


How is Luke a Mary Sue?

he gets his assed handed to him in the first two films and would've died flailing around on the floor in ROTJ if Vader hadn't intervened

My point is that none of these characters are Mary Sues. Luke was able to destroy the Death Star with a one-in-a-million shot the first time he ever flew an X-wing because of the force. Anakin was the only human able to pilot a podracer, even at age 10 or whatever, because of the force. Rey was able to fly the falcon (with some difficulty!) because of the force. She was able to catch Kylo off guard not only because he had been injured by Chewie's OP bowcaster, but because the force is extremely fucking strong with her. And as far as Rey goes, we don't really know the full extent of her force sensitivity because the only person who'd be able to explain it onscreen had no lines in VII. So I'd wait before jumping on the "Rey is a Mary Sue" bandwagon.

What's this about Filoni leaving?

He's not leaving, exactly. He's moving upward into more of a supervisory position. He's basically taking George's role in TCW for himself with Rebels.

>Kathleen Kennedy is intent on destroying it in the name of feminism

Shut the entire fuck up.

I ain't afraid of some overgrown Smurf.

...Who's in it now?

>Look at this actor that was chosen for her acting capability and not specific facial features and this other actor that was chosen for her acting capability and not specific facial features, that's all the proof you need.

Overexaggeration. Filoni is no longer supervising director of Rebels and is being replaced by Justin Ridge. He still is Executive Producer and, according to Pablo, is essentially becoming what George was to him in TCW for Justin.

Basically, now he is the Master, and Justin is his apprentice.

>He still is Executive Producer
Executive Producer is a nothing job. They stick that name in the credits so people believe it came from that person and that person gets some money to not spill the beans that they really had nothing to do with the project.

That's not a promotion you moron, that's literally him losing his job. He's leaving and this is them making sure that it isn't a total surprise in a few weeks when it happens.

>Executive Producer is a nothing job.
Normally yes. For Star Wars? Hell no.

You're retarded.

If they fired him, that would be because he wronged the company somehow, and then his name wouldn't even be associated with Rebels anymore.

In short, you're fucking retarded.

Funny you use that reaction image cause he was picked because he was black. Disney wants to fill that diversity quota.

He was going to be white originally.

>diversity quota

oh yeah I forgot that only white people are allowed in star wars, unless it's Billy Dee or Sam Jackson. It's not like Boyega's a decent actor or anything, that'd just be too crazy.

The casting call for Finn was race-neutral. It didn't specify what race he was supposed to be, only his age range, and gender.

Same with Rey, for that matter.

Finn specifically was going to be white and Poe was going to be black. Then during readings they decided to switch the actor's roles because the actors liked each other's character more than the one they were playing. Keep in mind that Poe Dameron was originally going to die at the beginning of the movie too so their original plan was to have the black guy die in the first scene and have a white main character for the rest of the trilogy. They definitely used the 'muh diversity' shit when promoting the movie (especially with the African chick) but the actual decision is so complicated that it's very unlikely that a diversity quota was in place officially.

>especially with the African chick
Lupita Nyongo was wasted on a character like Maz, imo. She's a great actress and it didn't really show with a mocap character.

>go from receptionist to CEO
>'What the fuck? Why did you fire me? I was a receptionist and now I'm not a receptionist anymore, therefore I was fired from my job!'

>The canon guide still isn't updated

You are going to fall behind, cAnon

Why does nobody seem to care that this is going to be the first recanonized legends book?

Never installed Uprising because it was too fucking big. Anyway I can get it all on my SD card? My Android is rooted.


We need more violet girls in the series

How is it a recannonized legends book when it's a newly updated reference book that revolves around the films?

What do astromech droids do with starfighters can't just be done by having a built-in ship computer with similar A.I.?


Repair what, the 3 inches of space directly around the droid?

I dunno. Visual dictionary. Too much risk of being retconned.

Though I openly admit to being a huge sucker for those books. I've got a small collection of them.

Its literally the same legends book, but with added content for 7

>Yeah but Luke had Obi-Wan telling him to trust his feelings as well as Luke having experience shooting Womp Rats with his T-16. Even said that the T-16's controls were very similar to X-Wings so it gave Luke an even bigger edge.

Anakin's is little less believable because he never piloted a pod racer before. But he had built his own pod racer so he had the idea of how to work one, but the force gave him a subtle precog to more or less make up for his inability to have the reflexes needed. Or something.

>Rey's is fucking retarded because the only thing she ever piloted is a junk speeder, yet she knows how to operate a star ship. He skills with a lightsaber could be explain by her being able to whack shit with a staff, but even TCW established just because you can use a knife or stick doesn't mean you can use a lightsaber, there's a lot of finesse to it. Her beating Kylo could just be attributed to blind luck that Kylo was injured.

But it literally has updated information on the old articles though, not just new content with Ep. 7

>being over eight years old
>liking these

They are essential for lorefags like me. I won't be satisfied until I know every detail of every corner of the galaxy at any given time


Interchangeable units with specialized acclimation to their owning pilots?

That's at least the gist I got; wrong answer, but if I were doing a marketing campaign for R units in SW-verse, that'd be my sales pitch.


>we need a guy to act as the main representative of a group that has "death gang" in its name
>how about this teenage-looking dweeb with a goofy Scottish accent?


Because it's not the first.


And they're not really just "recanonized" if they've been updated.

Speaking of which, ScanAnon I updated the "books that need scanned" list. Not any new titles but I've moved two titles that release tomorrow(27th) out of the "Upcoming" section


Speaking of which, what makes them a death gang as opposed to a regular gang? It can't just be "we kill you if you break a deal with us!" because regular gangsters already do that anyway.

Maybe they're a gang that focuses on murder and assassination rather than drug and slave trafficking?

You'd think so, but the only thing we've seen them do so far is act as loan sharks.

Their soldiers are super-augmented to be especially lethal (or should be, their enhancements did fuck all against the rathtars). Maybe that's it? It's a stretch, but that's all I can think of. Hardly enough to call yourself a death gang.

If Bala-Tik is an example of their members, they're probably all a bunch of young dudes who think adding "death" to their name makes them hella badass and wicked rad.

Their headquarters has a big sign saying "GUAVIAN DEATH GANG: WE WILL KILL YOU... TO DEATH!"

Thanks for the list. I just figured out that I'll be making an extra $70 this week so on the 3rd I'll be able to get tons of new books to scan. I'll probably get the 4th Wild Space book, the journals, then another reference book or two. Probably the Rebels reference books since I think those are a little more important than the other little 'of the Galaxy' books.

Because AIs are likely too big in storage space to simply fit into a little USB stick. And you would want an AI that knows you in and out like a partner so you can make precise communication with the ship so having a built in AI that you only communicate with when flying wouldn't cut it for most people. It works better on ships like the Falcon (which has 3 AIs that constantly bicker at each other) where the user will be using the ship as a home and constantly communicating with the AI to the point that the AI 'knows' it's master and can efficiently service them.

You're welcome! Yeah, its more of a guide to help you than "you must scan these in this order!1!!!!"

executive producer's do not have an overly active role in the project. and generally are there oversee the project, make sure budgets and schedules are kept. They are, in general, distanced from the project and no longer have any hands on work with it. It is not necessarily a "promotion" especially if it's taking you away from something you want to do.

He, basically, has less say in how the nitty gritty is done. There could be several reasons for this. He could be getting ready for another project or being moved to a different team. It could be that he just wasn't getting the work done on time, but they want to keep him on the project, so he's a supervisor now, rather than a director.

Where are my cute boys?

Go away you're no longer relevant.

You and your flat chest are yesterday's news
Pryce is the new hotness, at least until she's killed and we have to replace her

>executive producer's do not have an overly active role in the project. and generally are there oversee the project, make sure budgets and schedules are kept. They are, in general, distanced from the project and no longer have any hands on work with it.
As I said, not with Star Wars.

George Lucas was executive producer for TCW but he had a very active role.

>flat chest
>Implying she's not straining to contain her DDs beneath a sports bra just to fit in her armor

B-but I have orders...

Indiana Jones Russian with a huge chest? I'll take it!

Filoni looks so tired these days.

Did she get Vertical or Horizontal slashed?

Reaping all those waifu souls was exhausting but worth it.

Now that he got himself an apprentice to do his dirty work he will learn to relax.


Can anyone explain why we wwre meant to think that Ezra was in the wrong? If he hadn't rushed in, they would have no bombers at all

He risked too much.

I don't think they're going to make it so that Sabine and Ezra are officially dating this season. But their interaction is a lot better this season. She's definitely concerned over him, with her lines of that being their Ezra "most of the time" and the tone she takes when he starts to do some dark side stuff. Then there's how even if she doesn't like his orders she doesn't argue. She grumbles and calls him out for not thinking ahead but trusts him and continues with the mission. If they're going to do romance they need to build it up as best friends first.

He risked 4 lives and a droid in a time of war. That's not even close to acceptable casualties.

>I don't think they're going to make it so that Sabine and Ezra are officially dating this season
Shipfags need to take a nice trip to Alderaan circa 0 BBY.

Judging from the way Maul threw the lightsaber, it was more of a diagonal slice

Horizontal? She could be alive easy then. heavily augmented now probably, but I doubt Vader would throw am inquisitor away. Give her a set of legs with some more tricks and just a little more training to fuel her abilities and I'd guess anywhere from rank 3 to Lord.

and she was able to speak wookie and astro mech
and perform mind control on first try
and beat up two guys with a staff with no force help

she was a total mary-sue, accept it

>thrawn checking out pryce's tits

someone has to have a webm of this

Astromech droids do complicated procedures like hyperspace navigation and that socket has ports for the droid to access too. Droids can do on-board diagnostics and repairs. I'm pretty sure they also act as co-pilot because Luke gives R2 commands during the trench run .

>Repair what, the 3 inches of space directly around the droid?
Not all damage is physical. A shot to the engine could cause power draining or leakage and the droid fix those by rerouting certain systems. This is why Z-95's aren't that favored because not having an R2 unit makes things more complicated for the pilot.

I think I read somewhere that Ray's piloting skills got explained as her only entertainment coming from a salvaged flight simulator.

But Ezra only ever had one waifu. Sabine was never and will never be in the game.

Ezra likes his buttcheeks mature and lemon-flavoured.

By switching mission objectives, he endangered the mission. He also wanted to leave no Mining Guild witnesses.

How Jedi choose to fight, the question is.

You're grasping at straws.

you're a fucking retard who won't accept he's wrong. accept it.

Also Anakin had piloted a pod racer before, he just never actually finished a race before (crashed Watto's pod)

lol ok
saying things that are facts is grasping at straws

if you wanna fuck daisy ridley thats fine man but face facts

Bah. Shipping's all well and good. As long as no one gets crazy with it. Some character growth on both sides and I think it would be a good match. Mostly because I think she could be the emotional support Ezra needs to not go completely dark side. He still needs Kanan of course. Kanan and Hera are parental figures but Kanan is the only one that shares the bond of being a force user with him. Something no one else on the show has right now. And in a case like this shipping takes a back seat to the character needing to grow and develop.

>Anakin's is little less believable because he never piloted a pod racer before
He did pilot a pod-racer before he just never had a to chance complete it. And you could tell he has experience with pods by the way he handles it.

This is the look of a man who is living the dream he knows the rest of us will never have.


Don't go down this path.

>By switching mission objectives, he endangered the mission
And if he didn't, there would be no mission at all. Bombers would be scrap metal
>He also wanted to leave no Mining Guild witnesses.
And what's wrong with that? They massacred a mining guild oupost earlier with no one telling them it was wrong, and mining guild's in league
with the Empire, on top of being generally assholes.

Because this time the plot needed it to be wrong, dumb ass.

To be fair, the mission would have succeeded more had the mining guild ships been destroyed.

Don't get my hopes up user. My waifu is gone. Filoni took her from me...

Trading post and scavenger. Those skills are not exactly something anyone should complain about. They're useful skills she could have had ample opportunity to pick up. As for the staff, she's a scavenger out on the bum fuck of nowhere's hairy asshole. Not learning how to use what you carry on you as a weapon could be a death sentence. Mind control could be argued with she is strong in the force. at least they had the decency to ave it tried on her force and her fail the first time she uses it.

Insults aren't reasons.

Accept that by the very definition of mary sue, she isn't. She's a special snowflake.

Why is it so hard for people to learn what words mean...

just remember that this is a universe where getting cut in half and thrown down a bottomless pit just means you get robot legs.

Literally nothing anyone does matters in Star Wars.

He impregnated Buffy. Of course he's living the dream.

Changing objectives wasn't the problem, if he hadn't acted there would be no objective to take. Arguably not getting all the intel from Hondo after Hondo already sprung a porky surprise on them, eh, maybe? But he's Hondo so he's gotta Hondo.

I'd say his problem was not informing Phoenix Home of the change in plans. The signal being detected was rendered largely moot by the fact that there was a Mining Guild ship left behind, but it was DEFINITELY something he should have done once it was clear the Empire knew they were there, if not after the first instance with the dismantler then after they spotted the refueling. Then when Hera called him herself he flat out kept the truth from her when it later turned out that they needed help anyway. That was his big mistake. You can only justify his calls for so long before it's clear he fucked up.

her speaking Wookie is fucking retarded.

the rest would be ok if she it wasn't SO MUCH. she was too good all the time. Luke And Ani had faults. Rey didn't because Kathleen Kennedy wanted to pander.

>grasping at straws

Not that guy, but Rey should have at least had to develop into those skills.

Maybe she should've had a hard time understanding Chewbacca at first. After she spent some with Chewbacca, the wookie language would've became easier to understand.

She shouldn't have been able to Mind Control that Stormtrooper on Starkiller Base. I can understand the whole "I can rescue myself" thing, but they don't need to break down established things about the force just for plot convenience.

But Maul was a powerful Sith...

SS was just a dark Jedi with lots of dark thoughts.
Thoughts of the sexual kind.

I am that guy and I liked the movie, but "rushed" is a great way to explain it. a lot of it felt rushed especially Rey's development. all of her development apparently happened just before we see her on screen.

What were some of yours, /swco/?

What if Rey is the new Revan. It would explain a lot.

>And if he didn't, there would be no mission at all. Bombers would be scrap metal
I can't believe you're defending Ezra. From a military standpoint, he would've lost his command/rank for what he did. He jeopardized a critical mission and almost lost 4 key members. I understand losing the Y-Wings would be a loss but losing key members or walking right into a trap would've been much worse.

>They massacred a mining guild oupost earlier
It was a clear raid mission and they were prepared. Even still, they almost lost the fuel.

>She shouldn't have been able to Mind Control that Stormtrooper on Starkiller Base
And Obi-Wan didn't teack Luke telekinesis, but he still managed to pull the lightsaber in ESB
The force isn't an RPG mechanic, where if you haven't put skillpoints into something, you absolutely can not use it.

For some insane reason a lot of people I knew thought Oola got turned into the frog Jabba eats right afterward

There is zero reason to believe that anyone in the whole of Star Wars has died.

General "X is Revan" aside, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Is Pablo retarded?

That was me as a kid.

Pablo RTed yours.

>And Obi-Wan didn't teack Luke telekinesis, but he still managed to pull the lightsaber in ESB

He learned that offscreen years after he was introduced to the force. And we had already seen him manipulate an the proton torpedo using telekinesis in ANH.

Rey is shit, accept it.

Don't do this to me user. Once a waifu is dead, she cannot be brought back.

No, but at some point he was a child.

I'm certain that Mind Control is a harder technique to use than Telekinesis. Even younglings can use Telekinesis.

>still defending Rey

fuck off, the real meat of star wars has started back up rebels. we off that lame shit now.

>4 key members
Just because they are main characters doesn't mean they are key members. Only Ezra and Hera are somewhat important for jedi powers and flying skills. The rest are replaceable.

Unless Maul was your waifu.

A retarded child, apparently.

That was me. I actually questioned why would do something so retarded in film until I realized I was the retard.

She lived at a trading post. It would be odd for her not to know more than one language. For all we know a wookie slave lived on the planet and she befriended it. We literally know nothing of her childhood so no true judgement can be passed on her skills as shown in the movie just yet. Just reminding you again you're complaining about anything non force related is retarded as she would have had 10+ years to develop those kind of skills in an environment that tells her she should. Hell, she probably learned wookie just to talk to them and see if any of them passing through knew her parents.

Have you ever met a child? They're all retarded.

Sideburns is dead 100% just letting you all know

At least Pablo grew out of it, you're still posting here.

user, give me one reason to believe Palpatine is dead at the end of Jedi.

I thought Vader was a droid

I'm making the comparison to her and the pro tag's journey in KotOR. The amnesia only effected their identity and knowledge of the Force, not their ability.

Do people in Star Wars generally come back form explosions? Getting sliced up all the time. But explosions?

Because its fucking cool

>Palpatine's first apprentice fell down a large shaft and almost died.
>Palpatine fell down a large shaft and supposedly died.
It's like poetry, it repeats.


I guess Star Wars was too complicated for you to understand huh? Its okay to be a re-re user. Just know that your not allowed to cross thestreet on your own, you cant be trusted to not try and hug a car.

Tell me how you'd trick out your NEETbox Cred Forums?

I used to think that after Anakin got his hand cut off, he could only use the force with his left hand.

Because the alternative is retardation

You dont see him explode. Hes in even better shape than Maul; he didnt even get cut in half.

Did you not take a gander at the Imperial sweater puppies on that gal?


>highly competent Mandalorian Commando
>trained in various combat forms including demolition
>ex-Imperial with valuable information on Imperial tactics and command

>somewhat competent
She was the leader of the Lothal cell. She organized intel and cooperated with Rebel command. Her leadership skills were pretty invaluable in all seasons.

Zeb is also a seasoned vet that would be crucial for training new recruits. The Rebels don't have the time or fiances to replace veteran crew members with that much experience.

But her horse face

Hasn't stopped them before.

You should stop replying. That user blew you the fuck out.

If it helps user. Technically, they're all dead.

Maul didn't explode tho

Poor little user, hit his head on a brick and now he cant follow the simplist shit any more. Dont dribble on you baby sitter while he rams your retarded ass. May e one day you'll be able to follow a movie as stupidly simple as Star Wars.

I hope Kallus is the one who kills or at least fucks over Thrawn's plan

What makes you say Palpatine exploded?

There's still time!

The crew of the ghost are basically an assault team on their own.

>2 Force Sensitives
>Fighter Pilot
>Mandalorian Commando
>Seasoned Veteran
>Droid with a decade of combat experience in the last galactic conflict (Even with a grumpy attitude)

Plus we have possibly the most seasoned Clone Vet that gets subbed in on occasion. I wouldn't call that team replaceable.

I wasn't mentally handicapped as a child, so I don't have any.

>that one guy who pretends he wasn't retarded as a kid

Uh huh.

Do you want to talk, user? Did the short bus forget to pick you up one day and left you all alone?

I'm here if you need to talk.

>"Well, her boobs aren't that big..."

I was the kid that wanted to know why the AT-AT that transported Luke didn't show up in the battle

>pretending on the internet
You do realize children take things literally until a certain developmental stage? It's why they're so naive and get disappointed when you lie to them. They don't have the mental capacity to understand it because it's not developed yet. They also have a pretty poor grasp on logic so it's really not difficult to see how some children wouldn't get some things.

>worst offenders
I thought Darth Maul couldn't use the force, and that he wore a ring under his gloves that let him use the force (which was how he was able to push Obi-Wan into the reactor hole thing).
at 1:04

I thought that Darth Vader always carried a spare lightsaber with him all the time, because he threw his at Luke, and it looked like he just pulled an extra from beneath his cape and never picked it up off the floor.
at 0:55

>honorable mention
Young Dooku was holding a banana in his hand one day, but before he peeled it, he started swinging it around like he had a lightsaber in his hand, and he liked the way the banana felt in his hands, so he modeled his hilt after one.

ya'll gona be mad when snokey just turns out to be good ol sheev.

why else would he want him to kill his daddy? so shit didnt turn out like last time he had an apprentice.

>so angry you ascend death itself

that always felt really sith to me, i always liked it.

It couldn't see the forest for the trees.

I mean probably. Seems like a really bad idea stomping around in that thing in the woods never knowing when your next step will prove to be a steep hill.

That's a conversation we usually have fun with.

The explosion


There was a time when I hated this man, but now I just feel mostly bad for him. He was never the horrible childhood raping monster he memetically became, just an awkward dude with a chin for a neck who was just trying to fulfill his vision because he felt he could. I still remember how badly I reacted to Nuke the Fridge, but was it really any more stupid than jumping out of a crashing plane and rafting down the side of a mountain?

Shia Lebeouf was still a mistake, though.

Shia LaBoeuf was totally fine, he's a great actor.

That was just the blue jet from his secret Sith propulsion technique kicking in. Here's a totally canon picture of him chilling in deep space kept alive by the power his will alone grinning at foiling those Rebel bustas.

He was no son of Indy. A whiny greaser dropout who even Indy recognized was not worthy of his hat in the end.

I like how the fully CG thing is a much better puppet then the actual puppets TFA used for "Durr puppets for puppets sake" shit

>No more of a Mary Sue than Anakin or Luke

if you say so

fuck off back to tumblr

I watched ANH in two sittings but fell asleep each time. I thought that Han Solo was Uncle Owen and I thought the film ended when they escaped the death star, I didn't know they blew it up.

George did a shitload of research about nuclear explosions for the scene and actually had conclusive proof that it was possible to survive the explosion, and that he really wanted to do the scene.

Spielberg warned George that despite all of his work, audiences would still brush it off as being unbelievable, and give him flak for it. George went along with the scene anyways. He was probably used to taking unnecessary hate by this point anyways.

Pretty much sums up George's entire movie career, honestly. It's really hard to not respect him, and feel a little bad at how he was demonized by his own fans, when all he wanted to do was show something new.

And you know what? That nuke scene was the best fucking scene of the movie, and is my favorite scene in all of Indiana Jones. Fuck the haters, it was goddamn tense and exciting, especially in a movie where the idea of someone replacing Indy was legitimately present, so you legit didn't think Indy would make it. Finding out that George put in the effort to conclude such a survival was possible only made it better for me.

>ywn see an AT-AT fall down a hill

Fuck you, I feel bad now

I know about his research binder, though he only found at best a 50/50 chance of survival. In the Indyverse that's easy enough.

Heh, almost looks like you said Spielberg gave him flak for it instead of audiences. But he actually took the blame for it and when Lucas found out he was adamant it was his idea and Spielberg was just trying to protect him.

I hope Dave is still doing him proud since it's clear that he's less than thrilled with TFA. I'm sure he'd have been so much happier if they'd just tried something new, even if it wasn't necessarily well received. He wants someone to tell their own stories come hell or high water, like he would, not repackage select parts of the OT. TFA was a safer, marketing driven project that was designed to be sell. And ironically it might end up less well loved anyway for it's lack of trying to do anything really new.

Roll over boy! Roll over! Now sit up. Up. UP! Good boy. Now fetch the ball1

I thought Greivous could use the force because in the 2003 CW series, he goes to hit Shaak Ti, but his Lightsaber doesn't even reach her. He just kinda points in front of her, and she goes flying backwards. In hindsight, it was supposed to be Ki-Adi Mundi pulling her back to save her, but the animation was totally off and it looked more like Greivous pointed at her and pushed her away with his mind.

I thought Lightsabers were called "Life Savers" because they were the weapon of a Jedi, and Jedi save people.

I thought that Coco the Coco Pops monkey was canon because they ran a tie-in advertisement around RotS where they gave away toy lightsabers in the cereal, and Coco had a lightsaber, so when everybody was playing Star Wars in the playground, and all the cool characters were taken, I decided to be Coco. Thankfully the rest of the kids just accepted it, because when I told them about Greivous having 4 arms, nobody believed me, so when they saw I was right, I basically became the guy who knows everything about Star Wars.

I thought Vader had a purple Lightsaber in ESB because the lighting was totally off in whichever version I had on VHS as a kid.

I know I probably had a lot more retarded misconceptions, but I can't think of any more right now.

>The Empire was not created for safety or security. It was created to spread the Dark Side through misery, death, oppression and suffering.
No, it was created because Sheev wanted unlimited powah. He didn't give a shit about the galaxy as a whole.

Anakin doesn't count as a Mary Sue because he was the villain and we all knew it was going to end in shit. If anything he's a deliberate inversion of a MarySue narrative.

>And Obi-Wan didn't teack Luke telekinesis, but he still managed to pull the lightsaber in ESB

With great difficulty

>No, it was created because Sheev wanted unlimited powah.

To do that, he needed a shitload of the Dark Side to draw power from. Hence the Empire. A tool, a means to an end, to create pain, suffering and death in such excessive amounts that it would create an unnaturally gigantic well of the Dark Side for hem to draw power from where he could become almighty powerful. His intent was always to be the most powerful being with the Force (or, at least, ensure that the Sith, he and his intended successors, would be the most powerful). A veritable god. Power through influence and wealth was always secondary to power through the Force.

TFA ruined Luke and Ruined Star Wars.

The point of Star Wars after all six movies was that the Jedi order fell because of their outdated philosophies. Among them, romance being forbidden, which becomes their downfall when Anakin is forced to turn to Palpatine with his fear of Padme's death after Palps manipulates him into not trusting the Jedi.
The Jedi essentially kill themselves by being afraid of what they perceive as the dark side.

Before we get to how my final point, lets notice a moment of pottery.
-in episode 2 we see the (arguably) original divergent point in Anakin's life where he starts down the path that leads to destruction.
It's when he disobey's the council by going back to Tattooine to save an attachment, in this case his mother. This leads to him slaughtering the Sandpeople. Rage.
Now we come to Luke.
In episode 5, Luke makes the same choice as Anakin, he betrays the council (Yoda and Obi) to go rescue his own attachments, in this case Han and Leia.
But the difference is that he hadn't been poisoned by the Jedi's sterile lifestyle.
Yoda says
>if you leave now help them you could, but you would destroy all that you have worked for

Now notice when we start the final film, Return of The Jedi, Luke is wearing black.
He has married light and dark.
He has attachments, and he is not torn between them and the order because their is no order. Luke is a new breed of Jedi.
He's a Jedi as they should have been.
Under Luke's philosophy, Anakin would not have been driven insane with fear and guilt.

Star Wars is the story of the Jedi finding redemption.

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
>hi i'm JJ abrams

>Luke and his entire order got rekt by a little Anakin 2.0 kid offsscreen in between movies and Luke ran and hid on a rock in the ass end of nowhere just because we need him to be the hermit Obi Wan character because money even though it ruins Luke, and it ruins Star Wars.

*post post ironic mic drop*

The tip off of a mary sue is the extent to which other characters like and accept them. Han dismissed Luke as a farm boy and batted him away from his cockpit in spite of Luke in his own words saying "I'm not such a bad pilot myself". Leia looked dismissively at both Luke and Han starting off taking control and barking orders. Rey walks in and is instantly the expert on the Falcon while Solo spends half his screen time going out of his way to express how much he likes and respects Rey like she shits cinnamon buns. Then Leia treats her as if she were a daughter, not a stranger she's never seen in her life (to be fair Leia is tolerable though if she's going with general as a title instead of diplomat, generals aren't exactly known for passing out hugs). Not one single snarky comment from Han about the newbies, I'm sorry but that's immersion breaking.

But Luke doesn't rescue Han or Leia in Episode 5. Han is captured by Boba Fett and Leia escapes with the help of Lando. It is Luke who ends up having to be rescued by his friends. So yes, his trip to Cloud City was folly just as Yoda and Obi-wan predicted.

It's about his choice. The outcome is irrelevant.

Plus, Yoda and Obi were NOT right.
In the end Luke was right.
See: Return of The Jedi.

You do realize JJ had them rewrite the script for more diversity, and was outspokenly calling for more diversity. There's no point in pretending that's not what happened.

Someone needs to make a new thread....

No they don't...

I hope the new thread is sexier

Still no 1080 mega of Rebels around?

The prequels ruined the Jedi and ruined Star Wars. All that "no attachment" shit is stupid. Vader's story was tragic because he fell from grace, and the Jedi, guardians of peace and goodness were destroyed. Vader is turned back to the light by his love for his son. Making the Jedi a bunch of incompetent jackasses who outlawed love ruins the whole story.

>Now notice when we start the final film, Return of The Jedi, Luke is wearing black.
>He has married light and dark.
>He has attachments, and he is not torn between them and the order because their is no order. Luke is a new breed of Jedi.
No, he's wearing black to symbolize that he's at risk of falling to the dark side. At the end, he overcomes it and becomes a real Jedi "like his father before him".

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one.


well he did say that he was neither light or dark side, but in the middle. So he could very well become an enemy

>The prequels ruined the Jedi and ruined Star Wars. All that "no attachment" shit is stupid.
So you hate 3 out of the seven movies and all of TCW and parts of Rebels?

Why are you in this thread?

Amazing argument.

>No more of a Mary Sue than Anakin or Luke
Except that is 100% false. Both had to train to get better. Anakin was a bit of sue sure. Rey, takes it to another level, getting perfect proficiency in 24 HOURS and beating a SITH (or if you want to split hairs, a sith trained force user). Let's not forget it was her FIRST FUCKING DAY and that her opponents could STOP BLASTER BOLTS MID AIR
Fucking Hera posters.

>acting ability
>rey the fish mouth
Nigger are you for real?

>beating a SITH (or if you want to split hairs, a sith trained force user
Neither. Knights of Ren aren't the Sith. The Sith are dead.


Yeah sure. Snoke isn't sith. It's not like there aren't ways to learn Sith bullshit solo. It's not like the Sith would have a back up plan even though their whole organisation has strictly followed rules to optimize their longevity. Fucking idiot.

Regardless, Kylo was fucking mad levels of strong. REY BEAT HIM IN A DAY WITH LITERALLY NO TRAINING.
She is the worst kind of Sue. If you like her that's fine but I still think you should end yourself.

Rey spent her whole life alone in the desert, and was clearly a decent fighter already. Luke lived on a farm and shot rats in his ship sometimes. Also, Kylo Ren was severely wounded before that fight, and wasn't trying to kill her anyway because he wanted to turn her to the dark side.

>Anakin was a bit of sue sure
"A bit", huh? He was literally a messianic virgin birth who was born to be the best Jedi ever because of his midichlorians. He accidentally blew up a spaceship and won the battle in a starfighter he had no idea how to fly. Rey evaded some tie fightiers and she's the Mary Sue.

>Let's not forget it was her FIRST FUCKING DAY
And how much training had Luke gotten when he blew up the Death Star?

The Sith are a Dark Side faction. They're a secret club, an organization. You can only become a Sith by apprenticing to a master and joining the secret club.

Maul is not a Sith Lord anymore, nor does he consider himself to be Even though he was trained by Palpatine. He got kicked out of the club.

Vader and Palpatine were the last living Sith Lords, and they were both destroyed on the Death Star. Anakin fulfilled the prophecy and brought balance to the Force.


>It's not like there aren't ways to learn Sith bullshit solo
I didn't say you couldn't learn some of the secrets of the Sith. But the Sith are dead. Any dark side force organization that comes afterwards are something else entirely. The Knights of Ren are one such faction

>It's not like the Sith would have a back up plan even though their whole organisation has strictly followed rules to optimize their longevity.
The Sith crave and covet power. Why do you think the Rule of Two existed?

>She is the worst kind of Sue. If you like her that's fine but I still think you should end yourself.
I wasn't commenting on Rey at all, just that the Knights of Ren aren't Sith.

>nd was clearly a decent fighter already.
Based on what?
Did she get training in the same dream school where people taught her how to pilot and know more about the Falcon than Han?

'Leaks' are claiming Rey is going to be far more than messianic. I'd rather they not be real but we'll just wait and see, faggot.

Maybe a life time of fucking around with speeders and shit. Maybe at least a modicum of training in force sensitivity. Perhaps he only used it as an aide in a technical task rather than over powering an extremely capable force user?
You have no leg to stand on. Everything you're saying is evidently wrong and it's ridiculous that you would pretend otherwise.

Throw some more proof this way. See how much delusion we can pull out of you.

I wouldn't say folly. Luke learning about Vader was a serious blow to him, more so than the loss of his hand, frankly. But he rallied and in the end the knowledge proved crucial to victory.

So Yoda was either wrong or at best someone might believe he was just telling another certain point of view in order to test Luke. They acted like saving Vader was impossible, just as Luke once deemed lifting the X-Wing impossible. He obviously learned from that failure.

>>So Yoda was either wrong or at best someone might believe he was just telling another certain point of view in order to test Luke
Or perhaps there was a better outcome that involved not going? You know there are any number of experiences to rally that don't nearly fuck EVERYTHING up.

Operative word.

For all we know Yoda was wrong again and this actually only looked like a horrible outcome that proved instead to be the right path to salvation for the galaxy and Anakin.

We can play what-ifs until the nerfs come home but it's ultimately pointless. We only know what happened and that it all worked out in the end. We can't just pull make believe scenarios out of the air like if Luke had stayed on Dagobah with Yoda he'd have learned how to manifest free chocolate ice cream out of his ass for all the orphans of Imperial aggression to enjoy.

how do you know that

What happens when you land the ship and your on-board AI can't fix its offboard engine, hmm?

I agree. However on the same token it is equally pointless to argue that because the outcome was 'good' that his choice wasn't folly. If we don't know the other paths, what metric of comparison is there. For all we know it was the choice that butterfly effected out and caused the instability and incompetence in E7. There isn't grounds for either conclusion.

They don't and they're wrong.


>However on the same token it is equally pointless to argue that because the outcome was 'good' that his choice wasn't folly.

His failure was in not reporting when he had the opportunity. Everything else was within the range of changing mission parameters.

Yoda cannot know the future because it's always in motion. He can sense things, sure, but visions and impressions of the future through the Force can be misleading.

Based on what Qui-Gon told Yoda, Obi-Wan would have been in a much better position since he was already become one with the Cosmic Force. He was unbound from time and space, but limited in what he can share with the living. Obi-Wan therefore was in a much better position to know the undiluted truths, which he couldn't even share with Yoda and certainly not with Luke, and yet he was obviously more hopeful regarding Luke.

Of course some of this is retroactive inclusion, but there we are.

Except logically, yes. There is no rationale way you can pretend one is more founded within the constraints of what we know. Are you impaired?

Jews did 9/11.

I agree with this. Luke learning the truth about his father was incredibly important, if not downright essential. We know that the Emperor and Vader knew the truth. They would have used that revelation against Luke as a weapon to break his spirit and his faith in Yoda and Obi-Wan. If they'd lied about his father they could be lying about anything. They could just be using him, which arguably they were anyway to correct their own mistakes.

Sure we can, because we already know that Yoda and Obi-Wan were wrong.

Luke: There is still good in him.
Obi-Wan: He's more machine now than man. Twisted and evil.
Luke: I can't do it, Ben.
Obi-Wan: You cannot escape your destiny. You must face Darth Vader again.
Luke: I can't kill my own father.
Obi-Wan: Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope.

If it makes you feel any better, though, Obi-Wan can tell Luke after ROTJ that he only meant kill from a certain point of view: killing Vader and resurrecting Anakin. Then he can smile and wink and Luke can flip him off with his robot hand.

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So fun fact. Remember the Season 2 Finale DisneyXD teaser where Ahsoka asks Maul what game he's playing, and Maul responds:
>The Endgame


And we never heard it in the live broadcast or webrips of the episode?

Well it's on the Season 2 Blu-Ray. On the disc, the finale is separated into two separate parts, and it's on the beginning of Part 2. Seems like the scene was edited for airtime. I wonder what other small discrepancies we've missed because or airtime, or finished scenes that were still cut from full episodes.

WebM related.

Anyone else bothered by the super thin light saber blades in this show?

I can't be the only one.

Also I don't regular these threads if this is brought up a lot.


>and they were both destroyed on the Death Star.
Prove it.

>That moment when you realize that no one in Star Wars has died, and they'll all just hanging out in other parts of the Galaxy.


If you want to play technicalities with Sheev's onscreen death, fine. But Vader is gone, he died has Anakin Skywalker.

Based Rian

do you have proof of that?

Return of the Jedi.



I have no idea what the hell he's saying

See pic here.

They're just using the Force to project a vision to Luke. All three of them are still alive and hanging out together.

He's talking about the "trench" that is the big line that runs between the upper and lower halves of the Death Star.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own moments where they shine.

Rey managed to do a mind trick with barely any knowledge of the Force, but she still struggled at first. Similarly, a completely inexperienced Luke was able to block a blaster bolt with only his senses, after a similar process of trial and error.

Rey was a pretty good staff combatant, but was a newbie with the blaster and even had and embarrasing moment with it at first. Meanwhile, Luke was pretty clearly experienced with these and through the OT was a pretty good shot.

Finally, both beat their own "final boss" through a miraculous use of the Force. And no, it doesn't matter how much you try to reinterpret and spin it to fit your own argument, the destruction of the Death Star was very obvioulsy meant to convey an amazing, supernaturally heroic feat.

okay, but what the hell is "not the trench" ?

How much are they paying you?

That's Imperial Tax Evasion. How did the Empire not catch on?

that's a picture of darth vader

That is the "not the trench". The true trench is totally on top of the Death Star. Watch the briefing, dude. It's all in there. Dodonna will educate you, he's used to dealing with fools.


that graphic doesn't give any orienting features, you can't say where the port even is on the Death Star from that.

>bwaaaah h-he doesn't agree with me he must be a shill!!

Then how did they kill Luke's Jedi? Kylo got his ass whooped by a chick who didn't even know what the force was, i don't see how those clowns could wipe out an entire group of Jedi.

That's the joke, user.

Nor do I, go ask JJ. But they are not Sith.

Because one of them had a fucking bat, user.

You think you could stand against something with a Goddamn bat? I don't think so.

A lightbat? Does this mean the Force Unleashed is canon again??

Witwer is a actor. You think they brought him in for only one role?

>Kylo got his ass whooped by a chick who didn't even know what the force was,
He was kicking her ass until she forced it up

kylo was severely injured when facing rey and finn.

also under a lot of emotional duress.

Reminder that Rey is in fact, a Sue.

>until she won

A bat.


>until the force won


I convince my cousin that Ahsoka died at the Siege of Mandolore. I told him that in Lords of the Sith Vader thinks about the losses of Padme, Fives, and Ahsoka and that on Mandolore she was with an entire battalion of clones when Order 66 hit. We just need to watch the story reels and Episode 3 before we get to Rebels, can't wait to see his reaction. I'm going to convince him Rex and Maul are dead next.

Kylo alone killed all of Luke's students. Seriously, folks, read the visual guide. That flashback was showing something else.

>Then how did they kill Luke's Jedi?

Can't be too hard when you're armed and they're not. If Luke had even begun teaching them combat, I think there would have been survivors.

Why lie to him? Then he's just gonna be confused when he sees them all in Rebels

>I'm going to convince him Rex and Maul are dead next.

I wouldn't go that far. Though for the sake of intrigue for your cousin, you could tell him that it was Rex who did her in. Leave Maul a mystery.

His biggest fuck-up was cutting the station's power. He should have ordered his team to sabotage the conveyor.

Eh. If the Empire had wanted to destroy those ships in a hurry all they had to do was release the clamps and drop them into the gas cloud. Apparently once everything reaches a certain depth it just explodes. Gotta love gas (probably) giants.

You probably took that quiz and used your bias against her to make her a Mary Sue. If Rey is a Mary Sue then so are Luke and Anakin.

That's the equatorial trench. The much smaller trench the X-wings flew down was in the Death Star's north polar region.

I guess lying about Rex and Maul would bad, but Lords of the Sith Vader does think she is dead.

That's a much better idea, thanks

You can do the test yourself if you want to

>Based on what?
>Did she get training in the same dream school where people taught her how to pilot and know more about the Falcon than Han?

Rey had done repairs on the Falcon. She knew about the widget because she disagreed with Blobfish man about putting it in.

She had flown ships liker her fudgecycle, but never out of orbit.

She was highly proficient with her staff. She uses her lightsaber like a staff for most of her fight against Kylo.

All of this is conveyed in dialog or earlier scenes.

Fuck off JJ

No kidding, and his voice was great.

I believe we have a new General Crazytits.

>visible pupils
>bumpy forehead
they fucked it up so much
what do you think this is, fucking Star Trek?


Honestly, I really think the only part that could have been taken out is the whole Falcon acrobatics bit.

Rey is good at melee combat. We know this, and it's shown. Even then, Kylo is stomping her shit while grievously wounded until she gets her Use The Force Luke moment.

Rey is good at mechanics. This is literally her job and primary way to survive in her shithole of a planet, so this needs no further explanation, we can take it on faith that the salvager and mechanic is good at mechanics.

It's the whole amazing pilot thing that screeches a bit. All we see her piloting is a shitty cargo speeder that looks like a bucket. I can accept it, because hey, it's not like protagonist getting skills outta nowhere is uncommon for Star Wars (hey there Anakin), but it feels a lot more "well she's a pilot because all force sensitives are pilots" than something that makes sense for her.

As long as there are cute boys and sexual tension, she'll never be gone

I will never understand why people think she was an amazing pilot. The only decent trick she did was at the end, and that was just to hint that she had the Force literally as her guide. It's what Kylo Ren and Snoke sensed.

I mean she crashed into shit, dinged up the Falcon, got it shot up repeatedly, and none of her flying tricks even worked until the end. Flying through the Star Destroyer didn't even help her, it made things worse which is why she ditched it.

Anakins messiah like origin is all part of his pottery though, in every respect you could immagine he was the favoured son. Strong in the force as hadnt been seen since Yoda. Skilled in all manners of things through intuition. Quick to learn, and a natural leader of men.

It all leads up the fact that he fucks up so massively in the end. He had everything and he still falls, still ends up becoming the biggest shame of the jedi order in known history.

Its the chosen one trope flipped on its head up until his very last moments where he just barely redeems himself through the killing of the emperror.

No, but this is the Elder Scrolls. You filthy N'wah.

>Rey is good at mechanics. This is literally her job and primary way to survive in her shithole of a planet, so this needs no further explanation, we can take it on faith that the salvager and mechanic is good at mechanics.

In fact, on that note, I am entirely unsurprised she's better at reparing the Falcon than Han. Han is, in the original trilogy, a bit of an idiot, and the type of person that hits the instrument panel until it works. It's pretty clear that it's Chewie that takes care of a lot of the mechanical parts. I have very little problem with Han showing again that he's a dumb when it comes to his own ship.

is Thrawn Nerevarine?


Who else was disappointed that Kanan's injury appeared to be nothing but a small graze? Like I imagine Maul would have tried to burrow that light saber deep into his skull and literally burn his eyeballs but no, it honestly just looks like Kanan got too close to a camp fire

Bacta is one helluva medicine

Sigh. There is a dick under that Lando, isn't there?

lightsabers are fucking hot tho. It probably cooked his eyes in his own skull.
they should have put a saber scar on the bridge of his nose though

It's finished


I know, that Star Wars has always been a merchandise whore and I accept it, but the existence of this kinda upsets me.

>they should have put a saber scar on the bridge of his nose though

They did. He has visible scarring on his face.

> It probably cooked his eyes in his own skull.

Agreed. He's probably got glass(or whatever) balls the size of the average eye to fill the void of his empty sockets.

>They did.

watched it from my tablet, but it looked more like a grease smear


When did she repair the Falcon better than Han? She fixed a gas leak and ripped out a component they already knew was likely to cause problems while he was flying, but that was it.

It's not like she ever had to face the hyperdrive refusing to work for an entire movie and needed to drop it off at Lando's.

>but it looked more like a grease smear

I don't disagree. But none the less it's scar tissue. Can't be soot or someshit that nobody ever bothered to tell him to clean off for a whole year.

Or is it?

well, he does wear that mask quite a lot now. maybe, nobody knows it's there.

Not that user but I tried it and she scored in at 40, but considering she finds she has the Force, carries a legacy going back as far as the Jedi themselves, and has Luke's family sword these are "sue" points that aren't really considered sue-ish in the Star Wars universe. Everyone who has the Force has access to a power that is responsible for life itself, offers a vast array of abilities, and comes complete with super awesome destinies.

This isn't really a test for justing anything but characters you yourself are writing, so a lot of it was just not applicable.

Tried this one: katfeete.net/writing/suestart.php and got a score of 40 too but it doesn't have a range for the score like the other one.

I want to know how that user got the score so high. Did he consider Chewie or BB-8 an animal companion only she can understand?

Also worth noting is that people are comparing the entire prequel and OT against TFA.

Darth Vader in ANH has way less characterization than Kylo Ren in TFA.

Luke Skywalker is a whiny farmboy who gets revealed in the third act to be a savant pilot in ANH. Skills he forget in the sequels.

The simplicity of Star Wars ANH is what made it compelling. TFA has faults, and and Starkiller Base is the absolute last time they can ever use a battlestation as a threat.

Rey was definitely fast-tracked to Jedi-discipledom, but in Episode VIII when it's revealed she's a survivor of Luke's jedi academy and had some training as a padawan, suddenly her "advanced" force and lightsaber skills will make more sense.

why would she be surprised at the force if she was trained in it already?

Memory shenanigans.


You should have gone with the slave Leia thing, this is just weak fucking bait

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>Man who kills waifus: "I am growing stronger"

Captcha was Hidalgo views

>Tried installing Uprising
>Login Failed:Not enough space
>Try it on Bluestacks
>Same thing
Anyone know how to fix this shit?

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Nothing to worry about, it's just part of her foreplay with Thrawn. R-right?

>last one is just lego

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It's fan made

When did Salacious Crumb join the Empire?

>Luke Skywalker is a whiny farmboy who gets revealed in the third act to be a savant pilot in ANH. Skills he forget in the sequels.

Battle of Hoth didn't happen, gotcha.

People overstate how whiny Luke is in ANH to defend the weakness in Rey's character arc. Truth is he's only whiny up until his aunt and uncle are killed, then he's forced to grow the fuck up. Part of the whole hero's journey thing.

And Luke's piloting skills were there in the original edit of the film, the establishing scenes involving him and Biggs at the start of the film just got cut for time.

I think that canon guide needs some serious updating

Luke loses his whiny ways after his hand is cut off. He's still a little bitch with Yoda, remember.

>And Luke's piloting skills were there in the original edit of the film, the establishing scenes involving him and Biggs at the start of the film just got cut for time.

They should have put them somewhere in the Blu-Ray version and not as a deleted scene.

According to MSW spoilers, it seems as if those students were all armed (there were a bunch of lightsaber props, I think) and were "late adolescents". Which means 18-20 year old students. So he wasn't slaughtering unarmed kids.

The theory of Rey having any jedi training that involved Luke in any way was blown out of the water by Bloodline. Try again.

>Survivor of Luke's Jedi academy.

The academy was destroyed less than 6 years before TFA. Rey was on Jakku for at least 10 years before TFA.

>According to MSW spoilers

Stopped reading there.

Why should I have an apprentice if I'm a sith? The guy wants to kill me.

The Wook is trying to do the same thing. We need everyone to start digging. However, couldn't we just access the game's text and image files instead of playing it? We've gotten people to rip everything of value from DICE's Battlefront like audio, texture and text files.

Do you want to be the guy that is credited with being the end of the Sith lineage when you die? All that hard work for nothing when some idiot decides not to pass on his knowledge to a new person that will continue it along the generations.

Eh they've been right about a few things in the past. It's worth considering that their spoilers are real

new thread when?

They literally went and changed C-3PO's arm color just to sell new toys