Do Cred Forums still care about Injustice 2?

Do Cred Forums still care about Injustice 2?

Grodd looks good.
Can't wait for Cold.

I care, but Boon and NRS have been quiet about reveals that there's no point in having a thread, they still haven't said anything about NYCC

i'm interested but the threads here are just garbage

Superman looks so ugly.

Being a dicktator will do that to you

Can any of the less armor

pretty much this.

If it has Firestorm, Static, Katana, Terra and Booster Gold then yeah...

The gear system is so far from what a fighting game should be.
>he beat me because he unlocked the Kryptonite Cock Ring despite whiffing every other move

Pretty hyped DESU.

Everything about Superman's base model is an absolute travesty

They'll most likely not include the gear system in ranked matches, most fighting games have modes like this

I need Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and Booster Gold.
If anything, we may get Booster Gold.

I'm apprehensive because all of their promo material has focused on the gear system

No you queer

You will get your giant bulky armors and be happy!

Yes, as opposed to a main feature, which is what these guys are doing. Besides, not all that many fightan does gear modes.

Warner's is gonna buy this game a slot at evo again and its gonna suck again.

Might be fine for casuals though.

I hope they have rebirth gear

would be wise of DC to show off their redesigns in a game format to really get shit out there

failing to cross promote is what really got me with the early netherrealm/WB games. injustice at least got green arrow and zod movie skins, but they could have promoted everything, arkham games, beware the batman, every comic or cartoons series. and in a fighting game it's totally exceptable

I do, but unfortunately it's not on PC at release.

I only care if it goes on PC. And if it goes on sale as fast as the first game.

I literally can't care anymore

Shot my hype down fast

All recent tekken games have had a gear system and they turned out fine.

I would buy it if it had animal man or swamp thing.