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Explain shows you don't know the context to from pictures user post

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Grape Ape catches the attention of Cat Vince McMahon while a ballerina is showing off her legs

This is hentai


their hands are huge

Donald Trump WWE appearance


They got into a crash causing all of their clothes to come off.

Something hideously stupid as conceived by a hack sjw enabling bitch that that gets defended like Hindus defend cows for some ungodly reason that I cannot understand, and desire to kill the world a little more each time.

Snow Splooge falling on naked kids

Transgender empowerment

Enraged neckbeard with his beloved katana goes on an autistic rage against /vg/, slaughtering countless Pikmin.


They didn't fly so good.




Bug eyed girl coming in to slap smug floating princess' shit.


Look at the right corner

In the sequel to Scott Pilgrim, a hip new enemy appears.

he's making something wonderful, but it's to spite someone else


Do it.

Addendum: Comic pages/panels also welcome


some girls just want to watch the world burn

The later teenage years of this girl


The Angry Video Game Nerd hits the gym and proceeds to fuck Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Third act of sausage party

Professor Utonium in drag tries to make nerdy Chris Chan a real man.
/x/ x2

Whiny aspie twelve-year-old on the internet believes their opinion matters.

Flashback to the Old Country, explaining why Rolfe left in the first place.

anyone have the longer version of this?

Holier than thou faggot who thinks his shitty show is beyond criticism and gladly eats up shit.



Moron who doesn't know I don't even fucking watch that show tries to insult me.

It's not that I don't think it's beyond criticism (from what little I've seen, it's overly saccharine and its philosophy on pacifism vs. violence is rubbish); it's just that all your criticism amounts to is a bunch of memey buzzwords, ad-hominems, and general melodramatics you learned from some asshat with more YouTube followers than sense.

He's clearly based on DiBiase with a hint of Heyman with the Cellphone gag.

Fucking casuals.

Superman is upset with himself for blowing things with Lois and, failing to remember his own strength, causes unnecessary property damage and he punches himself down the street.


Furry plans out the next chapter of his webcomic.

Barneyfag destroys his recently-purchased collection of ponies.

Gabe, having recently obtained powers of heightened sexual awareness, informs a Vampire the Masquerade reject that a furry just transformed into that rabbit from Zootopia.

>americans still 2 decades late in the animated fanservice department

A Cred Forumsmrade in tune with the empathic forces of sex senses a tectonic shift in the universal libido, as if a million voices climaxed at once, and were suddenly satisfied.


>Remembering that embarrassing thing that happened in highschool

man gifted with the power to visualize any porn scenario he wants in HD


is she... crunking?
on a side note im so glad my browser thinks crunking is a misspelled word.


Magic Mirror Suicide

Snuff Porn

She's exercising and gets tired.

Skeletor enters an alternate reality where he wins and destroys the mirror to prevent he man from fucking up that reality as well
Grim finds skeleton porn and is shooked at the creative use of bones being used in sexual situations.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode experiencing an art shift right after Shake and Frylock experience a fusion gone wrong, like in The Fly, likely due to Shake's dumb ass.

My time has come



Batman gets ahold of a Cred Forums user gone vilgante, that really heckles people more than do any good.

The hulk after nearly overdosing on every drug made gets on a sex marathon with she-hulk





New Eldritch Moon spoiler?

For you

Here's one.

Best explanation I've ever heard.

When Superman bets on himself to lose the match.

where toenails in meat come from

Skeleton Ghost hates mirrors.

Wow I bet you were definitely in the special classes weren't you buddy?

A Polar Bear chef has finally had it with the "on ice" jokes and is about to go on a murder spree

Martian Manhunter gets anally probed with a dildo the size of an elephant's leg.
DC Comics fanboy can't stand the direction of the comics any longer.
Wonder Woman discusses kinks with a black welder while Bluntman objects.



>SU gets posted
>The autists attack

Like clockwork



>Let the 24th Hunger Games Begin

Courtney love fucking DIES

Is that kc green


holy crap Cred Forums sucks at this



Dante Graves falls into a Zenoscope comic and finally sees things the way Randall does.


The Grinch on ecstasy.

the grinch watches softcore porn

>nearly overdosing on every drug made
mate I'm pretty sure the DXM would have him not even wanting to move

Magical golden girl uses her powers to suck green eyed girl into the void of pre-production.

Really specific, obscure porn.

You can't trust anyone. Not even yourself.

No Clipping mode activated but causes the game to crash.

Turns out Wonder Woman was just a dedicated LARPer all along.

Dan Schneider's luggage falls out of the plane over Antarctica

Lesbian Kaiju abuse porn.

xenophobic Aliens use a politically incorrect terms to describe another alien race that happens to be cylindrical

a victim of SCP-290 attempts to take a bath

Hal Jordan runs away from a journalist asking him about his pedophile days.

That looks painful.

what happens when someone tries to make a "...vs squirrel girl" thread on comicvine.


>Dante Graves
I lol'd

A very fast little boy is attacking a gay motorcyclist in a jungle for some reason.

I meant Hicks, I got their names mixed up.


Squirrel Girl's target demographic.

Objectification threads on /d/

We're trying to have a fun thread, stop being a faggot.



How did they get away with all that shit is beyond me

Genocide Route

Asian man attempts to dab but green Sonic won't let him


coolkid is angry

>Several or all of those whores could be using a potion that makes them that hot
>They could turn back in to whatever they normally are as soon as they mention sports
>Midway through sex you could end up with your dick halfway down a fat-ass panda


I've come to a point where I would fuck pretty much anything, user

He is a sausage

The Alien can now afford a trip back home.

The ending of twilight princess

too accurate

I got arrested for existing once. Fucking quotas.

Colin Baker moments before regenerating into Sylvester McCoy

For once Hal is right about something

Have you seen the pandawan queen?
Hell yes

The manhunter from O Brother Where Art Thou has a daughter.

>His cousin
This ain't Old Man Logan

Giant dick version where?



>How to place all your weight on your pussy and chin in one simple step.