So they probably can't stand each other, right?

So they probably can't stand each other, right?

Batman can't stand anybody.

Except the joker's green hairy anus hole.

Nah, they can bond over dead parents killed by a guy with a cold-themed name

But in fairness, nobody can stand Stark.



In some continuities, him and Clark are actual friends.

what's OTP?

In the vast majority he and Clark are friends

If Iron Man and Lex Luthor fought, who would win?

This is assuming they each have a week to prepare.

>Bruce Wayne is an asshole with Tony
>Tony ends up being an asshole with Batman
what a fag

They would be somewhat stable until the moment they notice Clark and Steve getting along.

Lex would win. He goes toe to toe with superman every other week without wearing a helmet. Absolute madman.

He's been a God far more often than Tony.

Also, isn't he still technically Lord of Apokalypse?

Do you suppose that Clark grew up idolizing Captain America? It seems like the kind of thing an all-American kid like Clark would do.

Does DC have a Peter Parker equivalent?

Not technically Lord of Apokolips, straight up ruler. He even reconfigured a Mother Box to go LEX instead of PING.

He's technically "Superman".

Jaime Reyes, kinda

Throw off a few qualities to match and I'll think of something.

Lex. Lex is a genuis a class far above Tony. Tony basically is good at equations and robots/armor. Lex is good at pretty much everything.


comedic relief, middle class background, kid, big city

This picture works on so many levels.
I love it.

Kyle Rayner for a cosmic level equivalent, roughly.
Probably Jaime Reyes, otherwise.

Peter got fused with Superboy back during Amalgam, and Kong Kenan, the new Super-Man of China is a lot like Conner was.

Who would win in a fight between Reed Richards and Lex Luthor? Assuming they also have a week to prepare and no time travel shit.

I'm giving the edge to Reed unless Lex can call in a favor from Doom.

Luthor all the way. He's almost Batman level of bullshit with enough preptime and is a genius much more smart than Tony. His suits never get recognition because they keep getting smashed all the time by Superman, who can bench planets.
Lex literally sabotaged a space mission and forced it to crash over the house of a guy who refused to sell his business to Luthor right after he drove that same guy to bankrupcy.

Fucking Lex Luthor

A kid growing up in rural Kansas with a war-vet dad (at least pre52)?

You bet your ass he'd idolize Cap if they exist in the same universe.

>Tony being a manlet
Fucking RDJ made his manlet status cannon

There's really no reason with with his money and tech Batman shouldn't basically be Iron Man.

I get they need him to still need to dodge gunfire, but still.

Feels more right.

Batman is a ninja, not a tank. He's at his best when he's avoiding direct confrontation.

>unless Lex can call in a favor from Doom.

Can Joe Quesada die already so we can see a Lex Doom team up?

I'm actually alright with Tony Stark not being the apex of human perfection.

One of the reasons I like BatB so much is how often he breaks out the iron bat suit. Makes sense really.

No shit Batman can't stand him.

Bruce regularly gives to charity while Tony idolises Ayn Rand.