Seduction of the Innocent

Did this guy legitimate believe everything he said? Is he senile or something?

There's people that still believe a lot of that stuff today and even crazier things.

If Wertham had tits and a Youtube series he'd have been a media darling.

Even he wasn't for the comics code, just for a rating system. But, well, murrica happened.

He was right more often than not.

Batman and Robin's relationship IS inappropriate.

Comics WERE far more violent than parents realized at the time.

The thing about superheroes being inherently fascist is debatable.

The part about comics CAUSING violence was obviously bullshit.

Those were his four core arguments and he was right about three of them. It was the little details where he fucked up.

On top of that he was AGAINST censorship and was just trying to raise awareness among parents.

The REAL bad guy in the whole debacle was congress. Get mad at them instead.

Bill Gaines also has explicitly claimed there was a communist conspiracy to censor comics and believed that the soviet union might have been involved, so there's that also.

>Bill Gaines also has explicitly claimed there was a communist conspiracy to censor comics and believed that the soviet union might have been involved, so there's that also.

Where do you think SJWs came from?

>Those were his four core arguments and he was right about three of them.

"TWO of them" is what I meant to type. It's only three if you think superheroes are fascist.

>Batman and Robin's relationship IS inappropriate.
>Comics WERE far more violent than parents realized at the time.
Violence and sex should not ve censored. Drink bleach you fucking conservative.

>People think Wertham was crazy because he said Batman and Robin encourage homosexuality
>Cred Forums is full of queers who want to assfuck Nightwing

There's lots and lots of homosexuals on Cred Forums. Likewise, there's degenerates like this who base their entire system of values around what makes their dick hard The problem I face as an outsider is that Anglo-Saxons (both you and the Brits) are fanatical by nature. It's a part of who you are, thus you fluctuate between extreme prudishness and extreme deviancy without being able to find a stable footing in the middle. This makes it difficult to offer insight, because that insight can deviate into extremism.

He was right that there's a bad influence in comics, but the sterile alternative is equally harmful. Essentially comics aren't a problem as much as your tendency to go full tard in both directions. Notice that the Japanese take it all in strides, barring an actual lunatic here and there.

Us Slavs don't have such dilemmas because our interests as an ethnic and cultural group are largely pragmatic. There is also a certain disinterest in what the other guy is doing IF he comforms to the dominant culture. You on the other hand tend to form subcultures, groups and so on. We tend to operate as a whole when it comes to public life and aren't really interested in being unique or different. You do, and this often leads you astray and fragments your society into dissociate atoms. The "who am I?" question resolves itself by itself in our case.

Maybe this ramble offers some insight via contrast.

I want to be assfucked by Nightwing
Big difference there, pal

Maybe if you werent such a prudish cuck, kaskilu, people would like you more.

I'm not a prude by any metric. I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli. I just recognize that this is something that has no objective value to anyone or anything, least of all to society and civilization as such. It's a private thing, my own little vice. I'm not going to pretend vices are "progressive" and that making them public is liberation from oppression or other such nonsense. I'm also not arrogant enough to shill in public for acceptance of my fetishes, or God forbid force society to cater to my needs. That would make me a pig. I'm also not so insecure as to seek outside validation.

Above all I am not what I fap to. My orgasms aren't a measure of worth, a revolutionary act or anything else but an orgasm.

>I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli.

Gee thanks for informing us, you fucking weirdo.

>I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli

>I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli.
Been awhile since I read something that made me post this

You fail to see the point, and that point is that nobody cares or should care about private matters. Emphasis on the private. I never understood how people can go out on pride parades and slut walks, yet alone base their entire identity around being sodomites and similar. Even that is too much and they went far, far beyond.

Wertham failed to see the big picture of an inherent trait of your society, and though I'm unfamiliar with his beliefs sans censorship the very fact he sought to sterilize comics just shows that he himself was unaware of this trait.

It's not private if you announce out loud how much of a faggot you are right to our faces

>I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli
>Pretends his opinion matters after posting this in an unrelated thread

>On a public image board

The problem with autistics is that they don't have the self awareness to understand their crippling social retardation, so they can't understand that they really need to keep their fucking mouth shut and stay quiet.

you calling anyone else a degenerate un-ironically when you're literally a foot-fetishist pedo............................................

Nope, he's 100% correct. I'm a filthy degenerate and I read comics. Coincidence? I think not.

I'm a filthy degenerate, always have been, and I read Shakespeare before I got into comics. Causality hasn't been confirmed.

Are you honestly going to pretend that you're here and some sort of chaste holy men? Your folders are full of weird porn. I know it, you know it. What gets me is your inability to engage in an actual discussion. This could've been an interesting thread. You chose shitposting instead.

Anger management classes are two blocks down.

And here is another troglodyte. Barely able to read, barely able to write, and absolutely devoid of any sort of reason or ability to understand a paragraph of text.

There's a theory of psychology that all people are just selfish and savage animals instinctually always motivated to the most direct means of immediate emotional gratification who only delude themselves into believing they are more than that because, of course, that delusion is itself a form of immediate emotional gratification.
In that cynical and ugly worldview the comics (in this context) aren't the cause of corruption but rather the means of assigning external blame for human nature, because believing the lie that you're perfect to begin with provides you with a boost of immediate emotional gratification.

Reddit please leave

Yes but we all forget he didn't anything censored
I honestly wish more people were like him.
Have a passionate opinion but not to the driving point you want to ruin others enjoyment demanding censoring. Fred was trying to inform and call attention to what he saw as issues, not get them shut down. Because he understood the core idea that this is all just entertainment he was just sharing what he thought that entertainment was doing to the youth that read it.

The guy was a delusional malcontent who demanded one of America's founding principles be discarded on the alter of hyperbole.
He was trying to destroy more than the comics industry, he wounded the institution of free speech for generations to come.
The phrase "...think of the children!" is now a euphemism for oppression and censorship because of him and people like him.
Those children now grow up expecting to have less freedom in America than their forefathers.

>Above all I am not what I fap to. My orgasms aren't a measure of worth, a revolutionary act or anything else but an orgasm.
I like this line. You're still a faggot, but credit where it's due.

You're not entirely wrong about the consequences of the book but he didnt want anything to be censored by the government or anyone else, as others have pointed out

He worked helping black kids deal with problems and was one of the few psychiatrists that saw blacks.

Get the fuck out you uncle tom fucking shit eater.

He made a lot of money and got famous for telling parents what they wanted to hear, mainly that it wasn't their fault that their kids were fucked up little monsters.

>The thing about superheroes being inherently fascist is debatable.

It's funny how the CC forbid showing crime in a positive light but instead of killing comics about vigilantes, who're committing crime after crime on every single page, it killed everything else.

The problem is that at the time America was so fucking paranoid that the Red menace was under every rock waiting to destroy our values that everything fell under the magnifying glass of censorship Movies, Actors, Plays, Paintings even, Comic Books were next on the chopping block it just happened that he kicked it off. lets be happy that the Comics Code was accepted or we would had 20 plus years of God knows what.


Have you even read his post until the end?

Let me spoonfed you, I have a soft spot for goldfishs:
>On top of that he was AGAINST censorship and was just trying to raise awareness among parents.

Old people always hate whatever's new.

Socrates hated books.
Wertham hated comic books.
Soccer moms hate video games.
You'll hate holodecks.

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>I'm a foot fetishist and I fap to loli

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It's more annoying since footfags won't fucking shut up about it.

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being homosexual is neither a fetish nor private

He did have some interesting points. He was working with children who had problems, and through his personal experiences he became concerned about comicbook violence and whether it can desensitize young children. Keep in mind that the book was written back when crime and horror comics were a big thing, even though a lot of other media was still pretty prudish by modern standards. Comicbooks at the time were more graphic than a lot of the other fiction back then, and it seems like parents weren't aware enough of what kind of material their kids were reading. Along with the violent content of the comics, Wertham also criticized their format (in his opinion the heavy use of images encouraged kids towards illiteracy), writing (poor spelling/style and made-up onomatopoetic words), printing material (cheap pulp paper), advertisements (he didn't approve of some of the items marketed towards kids), publisher credits and accountability (a lot of comics at the time didn't list enough information on that, or kept changing their names).

However, Wertham used a lot of personal anecdotes and less factual data. Some of the stuff he said was kind of silly, muddled, or just plain untrue. Also, it's a real shame that his work ended up having such a long-spanning and damaging impact on the American comicbook scene.

IIRC his argument wasn't that it encouraged homosexuality as much as it was that it was full of homosexual undertones that sexually confused adolescents could read into.