Yfw seeing this scene for the first time

>yfw seeing this scene for the first time

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And you wonder how he knew he could fly at all when he never did before and even Jor-El wouldn't have known he could do it.

>tfw we will never see the original MOS 2.

Why do you guys play dumb?
He been shown to have manifested other powers earlier and had learn to hone them with the help of his parents.

He would know when he was manifesting a new power.


unrelated webm

>they left out the S-shield on the back of the cape again

My heart!

>they took out his red boots
I can do this too.

I loved it, seriously the best moment in the whole franchise, but today, it hurts me, because nothing from the DC films has yet to capture anything like this, and I doubt they ever will.

That scene was 10/10. Especially with the Jor-el speech playing over it.

It's okay when they do it in comics because at least we get good stories.

I'm more annoyed about lack of red trunks and the classic yellow belt.

Can I get some context for this?

>had learn to hone them
Bullshit, he could just handle them. He didn't hone them, he lived with them.

We better get a scene like this in Flash though. I was really disappointed in the show how Barry's first run wasn't spontaneous or fun, but just a test done by the Star Labs team.

May be my favourite scene in a cape movie. Gives me chills every time.


Not the same emotions as the first flight. But just as potent emotionally

>I had just read The Return of Bruce Wayne when I saw BvS in theaters

oh fuck you user

the only enjoyable 3 minutes in a 2 hour long steaming turd of an sears commercial

>see the trailers

Holy shit this looks amazing.

>see movie

It's hilarious how angry this beautiful film makes you.

>see movie
>holy shit this was amazing!

He trained on a farm, though.

Notice this monitor


First time I saw this was yesterday, in a shitpost on Cred Forums.

>in a shitpost
Why lie?
I created a bunch of these in Xmedia yesterday, and posted them once on Cred Forums.

Unless someone saved it and posted it again, you did not see a shitpost.
Because I was not shitposting.

Fuck you.
I wanted to make OC to generate conversation.

Thank you for this high-quality post.

Last 3 minutes were good as well. Apart from that I agree.


Pretty sure Barry's first run in the Silver Age he didn't even realize that he had super speed. Wally too. Barry had to tell Wally he was going fast.

>the truck says Lexcorp

I love all the little details

>he looks back like "whoops"

When are people gonna stop pretending he didn't care about destruction?
He clearly fucked up and he knows it.

It's time to

Man, I don't think I'll ever forget watching this in theaters. This was literally the last thing I wanted to spend money on. I had less than zero interest in it, especially since it had Nolan's name attached to it and I'm not a fan of the Dark Knight films Not to mention the extreme disappointment I still harbored from when I left the theater for Green Lantern. But one of my friends was a huge Superman fan and convinced me to reluctantly go with him.

Fucking hell, I'm so glad I did. The movie completely changed my mind about Superman and he's since become my second favorite superhero. I love everything about this movie, and I can't help but rewatch it every few months.

Fuck, I still remember the chills I got from when Zod learned how to fly and cast off his armor. The neck snap moment as well.

>the explosion just keeps fucking going and going
What fucking idiot thought that shit was appropriate for a Superman movie?

>What fucking idiot thought that shit was appropriate for a Superman movie?
What kind of autist cares?

>oil truck gets hit
>nope, it'll just sit there

>The movie completely changed my mind about Superman and he's since become my second favorite superhero.
I feel sorry for you.

fuck off

>I can only like one interpretation of a thing
We call that inability to diversify interests "autism".

for liking Superman?

Guaranteed that Superman's revival will be the best moment in history.
I thought "Martha" was a more emotional scene. Superman being revitalized was great too.

Do not engage him.

He's simply a not muher.

We call a lot of things autism.

>not liking literally the worst version of the character ever that betrays virtually everything he stands for
DC_Cinematic please go

The first time you started spamming that I had to look it up.
I've never been to reddit champ.
I'm a 7 year man.

For thinking this version remotely represents what Superman is supposed to be. Try reading the latest Superman issue #7. That's Superman.

People that say shit like MoS made them like Superman are objectively fucking stupid. That version is nothing like what Superman is supposed to be and them saying that it's what got them to like the character just proves they still don't actually understand him.

>second favorite
First is?

You do know there's a reason people say that right? If you visit that sub they say the exact same delusion shit that DCEU fags say here. They're also constantly posting "Cred Forums rumors".

I suppose they're both pure coincidences.

>not muh
Superman has been exactly like MoS in comics.
Superman E1 for instance.

And my favorite comic of all time, Secret Identity, gives me big MoS vibes, NOT plot related, but Immonen's pencils.

>>not muh
Fuck off back to your shitty sub

You're assuming the movie is the only Superman I've experienced. I read Superman comics, user. I love the Superman comics. He's usually the best part of all the big DC events. It just took a different interpretation for me to give the character a try.

Honestly in the theaters, I was like (gif related).

The flying sequence was cool, though.

This obsession with reddit is so stupid.
They leach off Cred Forums.
Who would go there if their home is here?

>insert that old picture of the internet human centipede

I love the DCEU btw. At least Snyder's films. SS was all over the place.

>This one particular issue that I enjoy is what Superman is supposed to be
You are entitled to make that claim, and we are just as entitled to call you a nigger and guess what, Snyder is also entitled to take some random issue of Superman and tell you that's what Superman is supposed to be

Given how the DCEU is looking, Snyder's favorite is probably Injustice

I'm never leaving. Never been to reddit for more than a happenstance google search.

>it has flashing lights and the camera is pointed at an angle you like
>so it's beautiful, art, kino

This is a shitty meme.

What I got should be the same as What I expected if you were not a pleb.

Saying that the DCEU contains 3 good movies isn't delusion. Assuming that one site's users are the same as another's just because they agree is paranoia.

I liked it

>not muh rant
So the Superman from a lost timeline that is married with kids is the correct interpretation of the character?

lol you clearly spend more time there than anyone here.

>audiences hate his version
>critics hate his version
>Johns and WB CEO admitting they got character shit wrong
>JL will be similarly poorly received
T-that's only cos they're all Disney shills.

>DCEU contains 3 good movies
That is literally the definition of delusion. By what possible measure are all 3 so far not abject failures?

>People that say shit like MoS made them like Superman are objectively fucking stupid.

You don't know what the word objectively means.

Donner's Superman was trash and not the REAL Superman!

>audiences hate his version
I like his version.
Unless i'm Zack Snyder, I count as the audience.

>By what possible measure are all 3 so far not abject failures?

>By what possible measure are all 3 so far not abject failures?
Quality of film. Sorry if critical reception doesn't equal quality.

TIL that All star Superman was not actually Superman. He didn't go to a carnival.

Grats on being a less successful Transformers then.


>still all claiming DCEU fags are from reddit

What do people get out of pretending this movie isn't good?

Are they just bored?

lol. You asked for a metric and I gave you one.

What? It was gonna be different?

>not picking up TIL from Joey threads on Cred Forums

You're the tourist here, bud.

>Quality of film
and how should that be measured if not by audience reaction (which have been shit) or critical reaction (which have been worse than shit)

By literally any definition the DCEU is a fucking failure in terms of good movies. To even fucking attempt to say that SS was a god movie shows how fucking delusional you people are.

>are from reddit
as are you.

What is this pretending that you refuse to visit some other website? Even though you apparently know just what the users of that website are like and can spot them, even though you have *NEVER* been there.

>proudly claiming to be from Cred Forums
That's literally worse than being from reddit.

Daily reminder that many great films were panned on release including The Thing.

Quality is ENTIRELY subjective, my man.

Same thing you get for telling people to stop liking what you don't like.

And hotdogs.

Remember to report Cred Forums threads.

go away

>He clearly fucked up and he knows it.

Guys! He looked back one time! He really does care!

>that scene where Lois Lane overpowered Faora on the ship and escaped

>Faora fights Superman, with her mask still on, and beats the shit out of him in the Earth Atmosphere

Jesus christ this movie...

You're just baiting for (You)'s.

I hate you. I really hate you.

>the few exceptions throughout film history prove the rule
Yeah, I'm sure in decades to come BvS and SS will be remembered as masterpieces.

What about the 99% of movies that got shit receptions and are actually shit? You people are fucking worse that the prequel defenders at this point.



>By literally any definition the DCEU is a fucking failure in terms of good movies.

I like Man of Steel, I loved Batman v Superman, I was entertained by Suicide Squad.

By the definition of me being a viewer you're wrong in your statement. By the definition of me being a fan of the characters you're wrong in your statement. By the definition of the films making money you're wrong in your statement.

If you don't like the films that's fine. You don't have to, but being autistic about people liking thing you don't like is a wasted effort my man.

>yfw seeing these scenes for the first time

I'm not going to defend the prequels, they're pretty fucking dire.

But people who enjoy/defend The Force Awakens are proof of the end times.

I think you need to get your eyes checked






>Lois kicks Faora down to the ground

Yeah, it's right there buddy.

I unironically love the Martha scene. I don't get what people don't like about it, mostly because instead of answering, they shitpost with "They're friends cuz their moms have the same name?"


I checked

>I don't get what people don't like about it
It's autists who have trouble with emotion.

Jor-El said being on Earth made him strong, to see how strong he was and to keep testing his limits. He starts jumping then goes to flying. He probably only then realized the full extent of his powers and found he could fly.

yes that's exactly why

it's a stupidly handled scene

That's Car-Vex, nor Faora. Are you blind?

This scene make Batman is FUCKING unstable retard who've killed dozens of people for no reason and got healed from "I don't care about people safty and I hate everyone, fucking alien killed muh people, better kill him too" by trigger. But, desu, Martha scene is far away from being worst thing in this movie and I really liked Ben's expression. Still this scene is bad.

I ironically love STOP INVINCIBLE SON scene.

He was a dumb farmer doing his best to raise an alien. He was wrong, and that made him an actual character.

Jor El also said he would be a God on earth due to the young yellow sun. Jor El knew very well that Superman would manifest powers.

fuck the cringe

Using your definition of what makes a good film literally every film ever made is good.

Snyder based this entire emotional moment on a piece of glorified Snapple cap trivia.

>Batman is FUCKING unstable retard
You are answering your own question. If you admit he is an unstable retard, why would you be surprised for him to stop at Martha? I mean, he is unstable after all.

what's funnier to me is
1. the name doesn't matter? Supes saying my mom could do the same thing
2. civil war doing the inverse and better with Tony

B-but I enjoyed them, using the DCEU fags defense means that they're also objectively good films and if you don't like them it just means you didn't understand them.

Can you people really not fucking see how stupid your defense of the DCEU is when applied to other movies?

It's almost as if the film going experience is subjective.

What if you are Cavill and Zack is telling you what to write here?

I always thought that was the point of him in MoS. They even have that "Maybe?" scene earlier when asked if Clark was just supposed to let the kids drown. He was just an average guy who was raising a godlike being and had no idea what to do.

Stop using that word, you don't know what it means.

Because it was fucking stupid.

Batman entire character is completely changed by the mention of one name with no build up whatsoever. Character development isn't done by slamming them into a brick wall and having them instantly become someone completely different. That's fucking stupid.

>with no build up whatsoever
Come on now...

>of one name with no build up whatsoever.
Zack is not subtle at all. This literally happens near the 2 hours mark and half of the movie was about Batman being triggered by the death of his mother.

To say the delivery was bad? Sure.
To say it had no build up? Fucking retarded. All the movie builds up to that moment.

>shitpost with "They're friends cuz their moms have the same name?"

>Watched his business friends die in his building
>Going to kill that damn alien
>"Even if there's a 1 percent chance"
>Murders Lex's crew for the kryptonite
>Spends time training and developing kryptonite weapons
>Set up traps and weapons to slow down and stop Superman so he can get his giant spear
>Mere seconds away from killing him
>"Sorry man, I didn't know. Let me help you save your mom!"
>Attends his funeral and feels bad that he's dead now
>"How could I ever let a man whose mother has same name as mine die?!"

I'm not surprised, user. I just hate that they made on of the best comics character this way. He is nothing like Batman from comics and you know it. Even DKR version were accaptable, because he was even smarter and harder than ordinary Batman in some terms. Snyderbat is fucking dissapointment.

On a personal enjoyment level sure (it just means you have shit taste) But there are also ways to quantify whether a movie is good or not. The DCEU reactions haven't been mixed, they've had fucking terrible Cinemascores, abysmal critical reaction and performed below expectations at teh box office. By literally any measuring stick apart from
>w-well I liked them
they've been complete shit.

>Where is your mother? to the little girl
>Constant nightmares about her mother dying
>Her father saying Martha while dying
>Bruce visiting the tomb of Martha
>The story of the hunters
>Alfred mentions them
>Her father saying Martha while dying a SECOND FUCKING TIME just in case if you missed the first one

>the thread has already been invaded by Cred Forums and Cred Forums
I'd expect nothing else from DCEU defenders.

>holy shit this was amazing!
said no one ever

The movie is literally that stupid. It's amazing. His view on him changes entirely based on a single name.

I don't understand how people can think MoS and BvS are good movies. Is it because they are pretty? Is it because of graphics? Do you not actually pay attention to what's going on in the movies?

Where was Batman questioning what he'd become before that scene? Where was him wondering if maybe the alien wasn't actually bad?

Please tell me where the supposed buildup to a complete change of character was?

>He is nothing like Batman from comics
There is your issue champ, go read those comics and enjoy them.

I liked 89 and Returns and they were nothing like the comics either. Or TDK, the more commonly praised one.

Also, most of the comics are shit. See the last 47 issues of Batman on new 52 for the last 5 years.

>Bruce remembering his mother is somehow buildup to his complete character change
You're fucking shitting me right?

>performed below expectations at teh box office
Please stop repeating this, it's simply wrong. The DC universe is a wildly successful one from a financial standpoint.

>it just means you have shit taste
It means people like different things, which is perfectly okay.

> The DCEU reactions haven't been mixed, they've had fucking terrible Cinemascores
I think you need to hop out of your bubble user. There are plenty of people that enjoy DC's movies. You would have to be willfully ignorant not to be seeing a number of them in this thread. You simply ignore people that liked the movies and then tell yourself that none of them exist.

He realizes he was the monster all along and Superman the most humane one.

Not that hard user. Stop trying to be retarded.

He is after all an unstable crazy guy in this movie.

Every DCEU thread turns into a shitstorm of arguments.

The word just triggers the emotion he had left behind.

>Where was Batman questioning what he'd become before that scene? Where was him wondering if maybe the alien wasn't actually bad?
Every interaction with Alfred was Alfred pointing out that maybe he was in the wrong and shouldn't be going to war. Literally every interaction.

How the fuck does mentioning mothers or remembering his mothers death or someone mentioning his mother equal buildup to a complete and total change in his core character?

That's not fucking buildup or foreshadowing. Are you really this fucking stupid?


Exactly! That's all they ever say. They don't ever talk about what actually happened, just make it sound like "oh, what a coincidence! Besties!" It gets annoying since people actually used to discuss aspects of MoS when it first came out, like snapping Zod's neck, and whether or not it was the right move for the character. It's like people don't even want to talk about the Martha scene.

>not knowing about based rebirth
Also, my personal problem that I know how superior material is.
But normies problem that movie is boring and don't explain shit to them.
So, fans of universe hate it,
Normies hate it.
Why make this movie at all? Snyder just have created movie for HIMSELF, using WB money and my beloved characters. That's a not so good thing to do, user.

>Please stop repeating this, it's simply wrong

We literally know that MoS and BvS underperformed in WB's eyes. This is something we literally, genuinely, actually know, to the point that they re-edited Suicide Squad into a entirely different kind of film out of panic over the performance of these movies.

Suicide Squad did do okay.

All these good movies wasn't suppose to make extened and connected universe. They have credit to do what they like. And they did it good.

Pretty much. From my experience the highest praise a rational person will give DCEU movies is a resounding "meh..." at best. And truth be told, I havent met a single person in real life who likes BvS. I had to explain to 4 different people what the Darkseid nightmare was, and that The Flash was the guy yelling at Bruce

>We literally know that MoS and BvS underperformed in WB's eyes. This is something we literally, genuinely, actually know
Please post the literal genuine sources.

2 billion in 3 movies and one of the most financially successful film franchises in history begs to differ.

If the DCEU is a financial problem. Then the following movies are disasters:

The incredible hulk
Cap 1
Thor 1
Ant Man
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Thor 2
Cap 2

>Suddenly brings up Marvel

Oh boy, here we go again!

lol your an idiot.

>Superman and Batman on the screen for the first time and both in the name of the movie
>Capeshit is hype af as it never was
>10/10 trailers made people pre-order tickets more than ever
>half of money were made at the first weekend
BvS could easily break 1,5 bil, if it were actually GOOD. Mos could break billion. Same with SS, which were hyped as memepool.
Also DCEU scored are lower than ANY MCU movie, even fucking Antmen or Thor-2 on any big film portal.

Don't hide.

You want to say that DC movies are financially poor, yet they rate among the best when compared to marvel which is considered wildly successful.

So, do you consider Marvel to be financially under-performing as well? Keep in mind DC has opened far stronger than Marvel did and DC's movies slot in along Marvels strongest performers when ranked.

He said underperformed, not that they were financial disasters. I love BvS a shit ton, but there's no denying that it didn't do as well in theaters as they wanted it to. They made a profit, yeah, but not as big as they wanted it to be.

>They all had to break a billion
Do you actually believe what you write? Do you know how rare it is for a movie to break a billion?

You need to be 18 to post here

The avengers did it. So did age of Ultron, and Civil War

One: I never said objectively.

Two: Whether Man of Steel or Batman v Superman are good or not, they aren't a derivative piece of shit like The Force Awakens it. It's literally just a bad version of A New Hope made over thirty years later.

Man of Steel is not trying to be Superman the Movie. It's trying to do something else. Whether you like or dislike that something else is entirely up to you.

But if you think The Force Awakens is trying to do anything other than be A New Hope you're deluding yourself.

As for the Prequels I'm not saying they're derivative, I just don't like them. If you do that's cool bro.


I want to see THIS movie, god dammit. Where the fuck is THIS movie?

Man, these threads suck. Back when MoS came out, I at least felt I could agree with one side or the other on issues. Now I can't agree with either side, everyone's way too hyperbolic.

That's 3/13. Or about 23%. So why is that set as the expectation?

You could also point to that the only movies to do that were the big team up movies, so Justice League is really the candidate for doing it for DC.

TDK did it in FUCKING 2008. TDKR did it. Also as user said - did it. If MoS were as good as TDK it would break a billion, because hype for capeshit were higher. I've said reasons about others already.

>2 billion in 3 movies
Did you forget that those movies cost an insane amount to make and had insane marketing budgets?

No one is saying WB haven't made money from the DCEU, what people are saying is that they've clearly massively under performed.

If nothing is wrong then why did WB promote Johns and Berg and put them in charge of the DCEU? Why did Johns publicly come out and say they've messed some things up? (which is fucking unheard of for a someone as high up as him) Why did literally the highest person ad WB also come out and publicly admit they've fucked up a bit? (that's even more unheard of)

They know they've been fucking up and only made money on the strength of the properties themselves and the marketing, and if they don't pull their fingers out people will stop turning up to the movies to see them despite the strength of the properties.

So 5 movies out of ~25 cape flicks over the last decade. Still puts you at 25% strike rate. Tell me why again that this is then the expectation?

Breaking a billion is not the norm.

>yfw seeing this scene for the first time

Bit late to post scenes you like friend.

Well, we got 3 movies that broke the billion dollar range on Marvel's side compared to DC's current 3 that couldn't break a billion.


Meh, Rocketeer did it better desu senpai.

>Did you forget that those movies cost an insane amount to make and had insane marketing budgets?
Because this is just shit people repeat without looking it up themselves. The budgets are no more than any other similar movie, go and look it up. The marketing costs aren't known and so trying to assert one way or another is foolish. You can note that MoS was the first movie to cover marketing with product placement however, you can look that up too.

>that they've clearly massively under performed.
Against what metric? Expecting a billion per movie? Don't believe Cred Forums's bullshit, there is no way WB thought they would do those numbers when roughly 1 in 4 movies in that space actually achieve that. People keep saying they under perform but can't actually state expectations anywhere short of their own repeated numbers.

>If nothing was wrong why restructure
Poor audience scores, poor critical response. There is plenty to improve within the movies themselves, however that doesn't mean these haven't made great $$.

It's never too late to enjoy kino my friend :^)

3/13. You are picking the best from 13 to compare against 3.

4 broke a billion actually.

Yeah looks like IM2 as well.

I still don't see how that makes 1 billion the expectation.

DC wouldn't be green lighting a slew of new movies if they weren't happy.

It's expected if it's a big event. It's not a big deal if it's Iron Man, or Captain America. But put these B-listers together on screen and have it be the first time something like this has really been done, then it's gonna be a big seller. Then they put them together again and it sold well again because people loved it the first time. And now that group's fighting each other, headed by characters that have since become A-listers? Oh man, here comes the money.

BvS had the two most iconic comic characters ever created in a movie together marketed as a brawler between the two while also featuring the most iconic female superhero ever created and DC's most prominent villain outside of Joker. People lined up for it, and were excited to see it. The hype was insane. But the critics and the general public at large didn't like it, and bad word of mouth killed momentum.

No one's going to bat an eye if a movie starring a character like Green Lantern or Ant-Man does good or bad, but this is different. Breaking a billion is not the norm, but this movie was far from the norm.

>I still don't see how that makes 1 billion the expectation.
Because if fucking Iron Man movies could do it (a literal Marvel B lister) the two biggest and most well known superheroes of all time should've been able to do it (Batman's last solo did it)

Two last Batman movies have break billion
MoS have made same money as IM1 being movie about iconic character with boost of Nolan movies and Avengers.
BvS had Batman AND Superman in name and also best time in history to capeshit hype.
SS has Joker, Harley, Batman and almost same amoint of hype as BvS.

If Justice League doesnt pan out, I think its a safe bet WB will reconsidering going on with this entire universe.

Don't forger BvS also had the first ever appearance on the big screen of the most well known female superhero of all time as well.

Just go full Injustice or Earth-3 and make these versions bad guys and then have the real, good guy JL show up to stop them. Or they could have a Crisis.

As much as it would be a shame to lose the actors, I would prefer if they just hard rebooted the whole thing entirely after a few years and distance themselves as much as possible. Never thought I would not being looking forward to a JL movie


They should've done MoS then the Solo Batman film to get everyone built up to it and give the BvS script some time to breath then do SS in between Batman and BvS

They need to do Flashpoint. Injustice and Earth-3 requiers tons of clons and that's MUCH harder than put three iconic characters on the screen. Flashpoint is good, because it will make easy way to reboot. Also awesome oportunity to Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play actually cool Thomas.

Actually, the only actor is sad to lose is Cavill, because he looks and act exactly like Supes irl. He could be fucking perfect. Gadot is still skinny, no boobs and can't act. Affleck is good, but only for OLD Batman, which is not cool start as we already know. Others don't even look like their characters.

They've should've not tried to use MoS to kick start a shared universe in the first place. Should've completely started again with someone else at the helm if that's what they wanted after the reception of MoS. Instead they fucking doubled down and let Snyder be even more Snydery.
>It's the first ever big screen meeting of the most iconic superheros of all time
>what could possibly go wrong

>there will never be an Earth 2 movie with Reeve and Keaton

>those pics of Cavill standing with the kids smiling doing the Superman pose
>charming and likeable in interviews
Only Snyder could manage to fuck up literally the guy born to play Superman by making him an unlikable, distant, moody killer.

>Or they could have a Crisis.

They're going to have a Crisis within the next ten years because of Affleck's age.

I imagine they'll keep Flash, Cyborg, and Lex.

>there will never be an Infinite Crisis type movie with Christopher Reeve, Adam West and Lynda Carter

>and Lex.
Fucking why? Why would they keep literally the most universally hated actor in the DCEU?

Definitely not.

>there will never be movie about any DC crisis because WB is incapable to create even begining of universe

>implying it's not Leto now.

I can see them eventually phasing out Batman as time goes on. They'll definitely keep him around as a supporting character/mentor to new heroes because he's Batman and wouldn't want to lose him.

I feel more like Leto was just underused and forgettable in SS compared to Lex who just needs to be recast as soon as possible.

At least edgy teens like Leto, literally no one likes spazz Lex.

Best scene in the movie by a mile. MOS had something like three good scenes, but the ones that were good, were GOOD. It's a pity about the rest of the film.

aren't we watching year one supes? like this is when hes a shiny?

>first flight
>welcome to the planet
>kid clark pretending to be a hero
Only 3 scene I can stand. What could've been.

>Where was Batman questioning what he'd become before that scene
"Criminals are like weeds, Alfred."

>here was him wondering if maybe the alien wasn't actually bad
"Not today. 20 years in Gotham, Alfred. We've seen what promises are worth..."

>supposed buildup
the fucking murder of the Waynes
the mausoleum nightmare

Batman's character didn't "completely change" after the Martha scene, his role as foil to Superman simply shifts. It's only after Clark sacrifices himself that he is restored.

I swear, you people just want to hate this movie.

>Literaly could recreate Superman:Secret Origin in superior visuals and without some "too comic" moments like Legion, blind Lois etc
>Who wants all these boring shit?! - Hack
>muh edge
>muh angst
Fucking shame.

>Batman's character didn't "completely change" after the Martha scene,

>"I'm going to murder you!"
>"Whoa, we both have the same mom names. Sorry that I was about to kill you. We should team up!"

I think he's referring to the fact that Batman was still psychopathic when it came to his violence. Murder Man and all that.

He killed like a dozen people at the warehouse, my man. Like I said, it's not until he's humbled by the alien's capacity for good that he reconsiders himself.

Creating Batman like easily manipulated angry unstable asshole were mistake.

As well how in Suicide Squad he gave Deadshot the opportunity to surrender and saved Harley from drowning. He's actively trying to make up for what he did.

They certainly are not perfect versions of the characters (then again, no cinematic adaptation is), but the people on Cred Forums that unironically suggest they are as bad as the justice lords or the crime syndicate just blow my damn mind. You can't possibly be that entitled or close minded, it's on whole new levels of "not muh".

Your grammar is awful, but I think I understand why you're trying to say. Most of BvS's hate comes from a place of NOT MUH. And while I sympathize with that, it's not fair to judge the film for what it's not.

In the context of the movie, Batman is an antagonist for most of the film. He's a bad guy. He's fallen. The movie even opens with that theme. He feels impotent after 20 years as a crime fighter and after the Black Zero event, becomes brutal and obsessive.

Yeah, he's not our Batman. And that's okay.

>Because if fucking Iron Man movies could do it (a literal Marvel B lister) the two biggest and most well known superheroes of all time should've been able to do it (Batman's last solo did it)
You are taking the 1 solo Marvel movie to have done it and using as the expectation. That's stupid.

>they are as bad as the justice lords or the crime syndicate just blow my damn mind

>Masked vigilante kills several dozen men at the Docks this evening. Many found shot to death or crushed in their vehicles
>Warehouse with a dozen men found dead, few survivors in critical condition, large explosion claimed the lives of at least 2 more.

Well, that's the point. He is NOT A MURDER now. After all the shit he is just, ok, Superman ( by that I mean silly coincidence that our moms share same name) showed me what monster I have become, so now I'll spare any murderous maniac and even Joker. And will not show to handle fucking shitstorm in the city, being too busy fucking WW. Flash is busy too, because he only visiting bank robberies.

Well, film is not for fans, becasue
>not muh
Film is not for normies, because boring and they can't understand shit, because there is NO explanation to plenty of important things.
So, this movie is for Snyder, where he made his own beloved by no one, except him and his fans, universe. If you want to make superhero movie - name it Edgelord vs Murderman and enjoy your angst and murders. Do not touch icnoic heroes. Leave them to someone who understand characters, damnit.

I'm not saying them because they're my favorite.

I'm saying them because of their age.

Batman prints money. They'll do Crisis after Crisis to keep Batman going.

>Most of BvS's hate comes from a place of NOT MUH
No. Most of the hate comes because it's a fucking shit movie, it's just compounded by the fact that it's also a shit representation of the characters.

>Nolan got TDK and TDKR to one billion with solo Batman
>Marvel is able to get solo Ironman to one billion and their team up films so we got 4 one billion films in Marvels corner
>DC has three films out. All didn't reach one billion despite having Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in them

2 billion dollar movies before and 4 billion dollar films from the rival company vs three movies in total that can only reach about 2 billion combined that had team ups and Batman

Hmm...4 billion dollars against just 2 billion..I wonder which one is more successful...

I don't see anything wrong with trying to do something new with 75+ year old characters. It's not like BvS is supposed to be the ultimate canonical reboot of Batman and Superman.

And every important thing is explained in the film. Literally all you have to do is pay attention.
At the risk of devolving this thread into a flame war, Marvel films have conditioned audiences to expect inoffensive and safe fluff; you go in with your popcorn and laugh and enjoy the action, then you leave and forget there even was an Ant-Man movie, etc. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, but now it's jarring when people see something different.

>it's a fucking shit movie
what does this mean to you?

>it's also a shit representation of the characters
it's an original representation of the characters, for better and for worse

>for worse

>B CinemaScore
>27% RT
>only 872 mil ww
Sure seems like it was for the worse.

>I don't see anything wrong with trying to do something new with 75+ year old characters. It's not like BvS is supposed to be the ultimate canonical reboot of Batman and Superman.
It would be right if we EVER had canonical Batman and Superman on screen. Together. Make fucking extended and good connected movie universe about our beloved characters for once and do whatever you want in alternative realities then,
>then you leave and forget there even was an Ant-Man movie, etc
My normie friends forgot about both BvS and CW, but if I ask now, they'll say that CW were from ok to GOOD, and BvS from meh to bad. Also they don't remember MoS as don't remember Antman. MoS and BvS are remembered only because tons of people actually care about characters and want to complain about shitty adaptation. And other people want to mock them.

But how did you feel about the movie? Honestly, I mean.

Or do you look to others/consensus to form your opinions?

Because this isn't some Elseworlds story people can drop after issue #1. This is THE first every DC shared universe in cinema. It shouldn't be some shitty Elseworlds, it should at least be an attempt to be as true to the most known/beloved versions of these characters. Save having some experimental dark and gritty DCEU for 3 reboots down the road.

>Marvel films have conditioned audiences to expect inoffensive and safe fluff; you go in with your popcorn and laugh and enjoy the action, then you leave and forget there even was an Ant-Man movie,

Oh fuck off with this shit. Everyone I know was in love with the Nolan Batman films and critics loved them even though they went dark and realistic. Even the Burton films were the definitive Batman movies until Nolan came along.

The only real big thing I can see people universally liking about BvS was Batman fucking people up. Everything else was thrown in the mediocre bin.

It was utter shit.

Not only was a a complete bastardization of the characters but even on it's own merits it was a fucking shit show. A 3 hour long utterly joyless slog that culminates in a forced 5 minute long fight between the greatest heroes of all time because one was tricked and the other was blackmailed that ends when one is triggered by his mothers name and makes his character do a complete 180.

fuck off, mark waid

>dark and gritty
I am so tired of this being used as if it's some kind of criticism or flaw. The hell does that even mean?

I wish the rest of the movie was as good as this scene and the trailer.

I guess, it means, Superman shouldn't be angst edgelord, who cares only about his mon and lois cunt also literally hate saving people, because in snyderverse people HATE him for it.

It means Superman is a distant, brooding unlikable, near silent killer in a world devoid of colour that's hated by the people for being an alien and Batman is even more dark and brooding than virtually any other of his incarnations ever, he kills without mercy or remorse and was seconds away from literally killing Superman because reasons. It means a world where Batman brands people, where Jimmy Olsen was shot in the head for 'fun' where Pa Kent tells Clark maybe he shouldn't have saved a bus full of school children and that he's haunted by the dying screams of horses. Where literally tens of thousands of innocent civilians are killed as dozens of buildings come down due to Superman's fight, after he killed dozens of civilians by bringing Zod's men to a populated Smallville superb, he then snaps Zod's neck.

That's what it means.

>a complete bastardization of the characters
one could classify this as not muh
what would you use as an example of joy in the context of a Batman vs Superman movie? Saying you want a World's Finest movie doesn't count, because we're talking about this film in particular even if I would have preferred a WF movie
>triggered by his mothers name and makes his character do a complete 180
Batman became Batman because he saw his mother shot in the throat for no reason at all. Of course he's going to be triggered.

So much reaching to prove a false point.


BvS felt like more of an actual world.

>one could classify this as not muh
So? How fucking dare people want to see a proper adaptation of these characters and not one mans shitty vision of them.
>what would you use as an example of joy in the context of a Batman vs Superman movie
I'm saying that a BvS movie was a fucking stupid idea to begin with.

Literally everything I said is true.

>cares only about his mon and lois cunt also literally hate saving people
Well, if you want to ignore the World Engine, there's the part where Superman smiles as he saves the young girl from the burning building in BvS. Also, the part where he sacrifices himself twice for humanity.
>because in snyderverse people HATE him for it
They built a memorial to him and when that got destroyed, they built another one. BvS was to show that every action has a reaction, and that nothing is black and white. There are going to be people untrustworthy of a being from another world infinitely more powerful than them, and they're going to freak out if people die everywhere he goes, even if it isn't his fault and Lex is setting him up. The film was showing both sides of public reception to a Superman.

All I can think of is how fake, drab and ugly the movie looks. Who the hell thought Snyder's style of bleakness was appropriate for Superman?
That was some pure grade A retardation, in fact it's making me fucking angry as I type this that this is how Superman turned out.

Nopw. Firstly, Supes being unlikable is subjective, as is the devoid of "colour" line.

In Batman's mind, killing Superman was justified. This "because reasons" is just you waving away the details that don't suit your argument.

Jimmy wasn't killed for "fun". He showed up as a cameo, but has no purpose in the story.

You make the PA Kent horse story sound like war PTSD. The story was meant to teach Clark to accept certain sacrifices. It was meant to boost his morale and return to Metropolis. Which it did.

>he killed dozens of civilians by bringing Zod's men to a populated Smallville superb
And this is a straight up lie. No civilians were ever hurt in this scene.

Who the hell needs movie about superheroes in "actual" world? We have Watchman already. Let DC heroes be in DC UNIVERSE.
He smiled during saving girl? You mean fast little smirk while Snyder wasn't looking? 90% of time in this scene he is grim and angsty. Also he sacrifced himself for Snyder to ruin Death of Superman arc, becasue he wanted easy drama moment without any good establishment of character and knowing of original source. Also wanted to be Bats be founder of JL.
>BvS was to show that every action has a reaction, and that nothing is black and white
In DC universe Siperman haters are quiet and few. There is no point to project snydervision on DC universe and people inside it.

>Superman smiles as he saves the young girl from the burning building in BvS
>if you freeze at exactly the right frame and zoom in you can see what may or not be a smile for 0.3 seconds
How did I not see that before? This completely changes my perspective on the movie. I now see it for the masterpiece it is. Thank you friend.

you're a fucking idiot

The Flash literally comes back from the future to warn Bruce about an evil Superman that turned evil because Lois was killed, he fucking says in the movie that she is his world. The only people he cares about in this are his mother and Lois. He BARELY even talks to anyone else and he never acts happy or likeable.

Just because you can come up with some pathetic excuses as to WHY these things happened doesn't mean they didn't happen.....and some of these excuses are pretty damn pathetic and are the definition of reaching.

>Who the hell needs movie about superheroes in "actual" world? We have Watchman already. Let DC heroes be in DC UNIVERSE.

I wasn't even talking about that, I just meant it felt like there was a broader world that the movie took place in. Having dual protagonists gave it a broader sweep.

>We have Watchman already.
and the hack couldn't even get that right.

>The only people he cares about in this are his mother and Lois.
If Supes only cared about them, he never would have put on the Cape on the first place. He never would have bothered saving the men on that burning oil rig. Or helping the waitress when that truck driver harassed her. Or helping Pete Ross. Or saving a bus full of kids. Or turning himself in to keep Zod from attacking Earth. Or stopping Batman, who he perceived to be a menace to the people of Gotham.

You're a retard.

>dual protagonists
that only works when there's a distinct difference between them....like how Superman and Batman should be. It doesn't fucking work when they're both dark, distant, brooding, joyless killers.

>logical explanations are reaching
Okay, user.

I can understand that sentiment for certain parts of the movie, but if you honestly think that scene in the OP looks bad you're a tasteless cunt.

>he just happened to be there while something was going on and saved them
If he really cared he would've been out there proactively trying to save people instead of trying to hide on an oil rig.
>Or stopping Batman
Only because he was blackmailed. Right after Batman tore a trail of destruction and death he just let him go.

>Superman is a distant
you try being an outcast your entire life
>near silent
Yeah, they don't give him very many lines, though in the context of BvS, the film was mostly about humanity's response to his existence than about Superman himself. Still don't see how this is "dark and gritty."
Got me there.
>hated by the people for being an alien
nah, they built him to monuments and dropped everything for his funeral. This, I have a really hard time as seeing as dark and/or gritty.
>Batman is even more dark and brooding than virtually any other of his incarnations ever, he kills without mercy or remorse and was seconds away from literally killing Superman because reasons
Batman is dark by virtue. In the context of the story, his brutality is born of a feeling of impotence and rage. Batman gonna do what a Batman gonna do. He's always been obsessive and "Justice by any means." As for killing Superman, it might have been dark had he actually killed him. But he didn't.
>where Jimmy Olsen was shot in the head for 'fun'
I thought this was fucking hilarious, but yeah it was pretty gnarly.
>Pa Kent tells Clark maybe he shouldn't have saved a bus full of school children
Ooh boy, a father deathly afraid of losing his miracle baby is at a loss for words when his son asks him a hard question. It's not dark or gritty. It's thoughtful. He also didn't actually say, "yeah maybe you should have." He began a sentence then started over.
>he's haunted by the dying screams of horses
Every action has a reaction. There's no one way through life that's right and fair and does no harm. You just have to do the best you can, and accept your consequences no matter what they may be, and do better next time. It would have been dark and gritty if Pa was like "lol yeah fuck those horses amirite?"
>after he killed dozens of civilians by bringing Zod's men to a populated Smallville superb
This is so wrong I won't even bother

>logical explanations

You Snyderfags honestly crack me up.

>If he really cared he would've been out there proactively trying to save people instead of trying to hide on an oil rig.
Moving them goalposts, I see.

>DCEU fags actually seriously 100% unironically believe all this
You and the prequel defenders would get on great.

>Right after Batman tore a trail of destruction and death he just let him go.

He gave him a warning, would you prefer he killed him on the spot?

>you try being an outcast your entire life
I literally have stoped read after that. Stop projecting your sick life on Superman.

>>You mean fast little smirk while Snyder wasn't looking? 90% of time in this scene he is grim and angsty.
see below
>if you freeze at exactly the right frame and zoom in you can see what may or not be a smile for 0.3 seconds
Do whatever you need to make yourself feel better. He smiles as he carries the girl all the way to her mother. It's not until he's being treated as a deific figure that he becomes confused. Also, calm down. You seem really mad.

>Bat is dead
Yeah, threatens people is what Superman must do in the frist place.

Oh shit. Typing in all caps is my one weakness. You sure showed me, anonymous. Damn...

>I thought this was fucking hilarious, but yeah it was pretty gnarly.

Why is everyone taking Jimmy Olsen getting shot so seriously? I'll never understand, honestly it was kinda funny and goes against expectations.


>Stop projecting your sick life on Superman.

Dude Clark feeling like an outcast was in the movie. They didn't make it up.

You are either blind or went into denial

I could post the scene, but you'd probably just move goalposts. Have fun being mad.

Because he is not real Superman, mate. Real Clark always felt welcomed because of awesome good parents and friends. This angst shit is nothing like Superman.

I'd prefer he capture him and see him brought to justice. There's literally no excuse even you DCEU fags can make for him just letting a mass murderer walk free with a warning.

>This angst shit is nothing like Superman.

Characters get reinterpreted dude, it's life. You get older and things change.

>There's literally no excuse even you DCEU fags can make for him just letting a mass murderer walk free with a warning.

Because if he arrests Batman then there's no movie.

>mfw we'll never get a big screen happy childhood clark
>everyone in smallville knows something is up with him but since he's such a good kid and always helping people the town collectively protects him
That's all I fucking want. A happy Superman is the way it should be. Snyder can take all his EDGE shit and shove it up his ass.

And this interpretation is shit and now Superman is beloved by normies less than Antman. They could've just re-create some good origin with awesome visuals, so everyone could be happy. But snydervision doesn't work that way.

>They could've just re-create some good origin with awesome visuals, so everyone could be happy.

That would be pretty boring, why give us something we've already seen before?

>Bruce sitting in a police precinct with the raccoon face paint in just the gray suit with no gloves, cape, or belt being all pouty because he got supermanhandled

>You get older and things change.
and one day when you grow up and stop being an edgelord you'll understand why this Superman is so shitty. You'll understand that a good Supes is literally the most relatable superhero ever. He doesn't need to be all angsty or kill people or destroy cities. He'll stop a robbery and have time to ride the ferris wheel with his wife and kid. That's Superman, maybe when you grow out of your dark and edgy phase you'll understand why he's the coolest.


>yfw seeing this scene for the first time

>Stop taking superheroes so seriously edgelord!
>Superman is literally my dad and the greatest hero ever!

How is it that so many people hold both these opinions at the same time and don't realise they contradict each other?

We already seen MoS Superman too, in shitty elseworlds. We already have seen IM, Batman begins, and other awesome origins in comics, so what? Or, if you meant Reeve Superman, it has nothing to do with it
>implying you've read any good origin of Supes.

When you grow up you'll understand.

I just think it's ridiculous that the same people bemoaning that Snyder takes superheroes too seriously also insist on a near religious adherence to their own interpretation of the characters. Anything less is considered blasphemous. I remember when BvS came out and people said things like "This is such a shame because kids today NEED Superman" Come the fuck on, Superman is just a comic book character who has been reinterpreted more times that you can count. Get over it.

>We finally got oportunity to have adaptation of superior comic universe on the screen and Snyder just've ruined two iconic characters, because of his edgevision. It's okay, get other it ;)

just one interpretation in an ongoing 75+ history, my dude. eventually someone will come along and make the movie you want. They'll run out of original ideas before then

I'll be old or dead when proper extended DC universe came out. We could have it NOW. So I have all rights to blame Snyder for making shitty movie just because he and WB were too lazy to try some good script.

the script was probably great. they usually are. it's up to the directors and editors to realize it, and they often take liberties

and unless you're terminally ill which I sincerely hope you aren't, I think you'll hold out just fine until the next reboot. Amazing Spider-Man came and went in the span of like I don't even know. And now there's a new one. you don't have to like Snyder's portrayal, but come on, man.

>the script was probably great. they usually are.
Goyer's usually aren't.
Blade 3 was fucking awful, and you can tell how much influence he had over The Dark Knight Rises by how it's the weakest of the trilogy.

terrio wrote the script
I do think goyer and snyder developed the story, though

>People retroactively loving this movie after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad

Whoever said this movie would get it's dues in time was right, it was much sooner than I was expecting.

>Goyer's script
Nah, man. Also, Waiting for next reboot is not my only problem of snyderverse. It's also tons of normies saying stupid shit around me about DC universe because of it.


>they aren't a derivative piece of shit
Even if we ignore the fact that these movies are adaptations of eighty year old characters, were an attempt to Nolanize, AND entirely steered towards WB trying to create Their Very Own MCU, we're close to a year of a lot of fans saying how great BvS was because it's Snyder's version of Excalibur.

It's nice if you like it but hell yes it's derivative. Not of Donner, and I wouldn't want it to be, but in general yes they are..

Terrio were fixing Goyer's and Snyder's mess. Just look at Goyer's work. Then he is solo - movies are horrible. Also Black Ops 2. He were in Nolan trillogy only to bring coffee and consult about DC universe and still you can feel influence as user said

To be fair Shymalan can make that fuck up too. The kid in The Last Airbender was way more like Aang once the cameras were off.

BvS was even better.

SS wasn't so hot though.

Assume I agree with your argument that these are not the character's we're familiar with and nor should we expect them to be. I will concede that point.

However, if this is the case, it is MORE imperative that we, as the audience, connect with, and be sold on these characters. If we're supposed to go in with clear minds and this is a tabula rasa scenario, then it's still not really a wise decision to make versions that have already fallen; the context to appreciate the fall is either missing (because again we're not allowed to take it in with us) or at best implied.

Additionally there's a concept of darkness induced viewer apathy that many people that defend the DCEU don't seem to acknowledge. For example, it's hard for many to feel moved by Superman's death when I don't even like the guy and by all accounts his existence does nothing but bring him and the world around him pain. When everyone is "human" as defined by being a flawed bundle of psychoses and neuroses and assholishness, then there's no one to root for. Let Darkseid win, there's no big loss if this earth implodes.

Nobody's retroactively liking it. This is that same defense force from three years ago.

Goyer wrote MoS. That was 100% him.
He also wrote the first few drafts of BvS. Terrio did a rewrite spackle job.
JL will be the first full Terrio but we already know Johns is on board as is WB and Snyder is still directing (and by Snyder's own admission he makes script rewrites and story decisions) so there's no real clue how much of Terrio's ability will shine through. That's a LOT of filters.

Shame the rest of the movie couldn't be as good.

oh yeah, it's like learning to walk

which even the most precocious and well-assisted children take months to figure out and years to perfect, because it's a skillset like no others they've previously possessed

>US army

it was National Guard

Except he's not a child. He has the mental capacity of a grown man.
And he doesn't even get it right the first time. He can only jump at first (like the comics I might add) and when he tries to fly he crashes into a mountain.

But you NEED to hate the movie for some reason. Your kind are all the same.

>A piece of shit is good in comparison to two steaming, heaping piles of donkey shit
Congrats.....I guess?

>I have shit taste
wouldn't broadcast that m8

>being this un-self aware
Classic Snyderfag

>the context to appreciate the fall is either missing (because again we're not allowed to take it in with us) or at best implied
I feel like the opening scenes of the film, both the dream as well as the Black Zero Event from a human perspective--that human cost, which Bruce personally felt, gave us the basics of what we needed to understand that this is a man born of tragedy who tried his best to create a new family within his inherited company. And as the film goes on and we learn that he is a crime fighter, and that he's devoted his life to this cause for over 20 years.

It serves to intensify the scene of orphan Bruce holding a newly orphaned girl as he glares up to the gods in the sky. We also see that the Wayne crest/logo has become inverted in the rubble. From this moment, he is fallen. I feel like in a vacuum, one could easily understand that Bruce Wayne was once a good man.

And as for viewer apathy, I wonder if that's up to the viewer more than a fault of the film. In the context of BvS specifically, we were given a scenario in which a Superman exists. Media is a pivotal character in the film, as the human perspective on such a figure is central to the movie. In this way, Superman is not necessarily the primary character. We understand that he is a young man raised in Kansas with extraordinary abilities who does his best to help where and when he can. I found his self-doubt in the face of the gravity of any one of his actions to be very relateable. It makes his return as Superman in spite of it all, as well as his twofold sacrifice for an imperfect world-one which he finally accepts absolutely as his own-- impactful.

Everything we need to understand the characters is there. I just think that much of the backlash really does come from a place of defied expectations. Which is fair, but only to a point.

I legit don't remember any besides the ihop one.

And next people will act like a parking garage blowing up means hundreds dead instead of everyone fucking off cit wide as soon as the world engine showed up.

Except Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were masterpieces, and Suicide Squad was a fun mess.

'Failures' is objectively false, for they all earned a lot of money and two are masterpieces of film. Kino, if you will.

Superman is a faggot and DC sucks balls

I legit didn't remember Sears in the background.
Guess I was too focused on my new waifu.

>I don't get what people don't like about it
why would superman say "they're going to kill martha" instead of "they're going to kill my mom" and batman sperging over her name

It's easy to learn to fly, just imagine that you're farting through the soles of your feet.

That part was awesome though. Even better was when Bruce said "I'll make you a promise, Martha won't die tonight" *Bats and Supes exchange nods* It was touching as hell.

>and how should that be measured
Actual quality. The films have had good music, characters, plot, development, sounds, visuals, themes, story, editing, etc.

Anything looks bad when you simplify it enough. Basically strawmanning.

I remember thinking "yeah, this is a nice trailer shot and all, but it doesn't make any fucking sense and doesn't progress the plot. Jor-El sent him to Earth to survive not to protect and lift up humans, and he was already using his powers to save people regularly."

God damn this movie sucked so hard.

>doesn't progress the plot
Scenes happen for both plot AND character development. This one developed his character.

I felt like there was a lack there. We get shown the old brutal jaded Batman but there's no real look at what he was like before that to see the implications of the loss. Even as Bruce Wayne in the beginning, that's missing. We're told he devoted his life to the cause of fighting evil for 20 years but beyond "He's more brutal now" there's no real framework for what those 20 years were like. Just vague symbolism and expository hearsay.

As for viewer apathy, it's the job of a writer to capture the heart of his readers. Nobody else's. If you're too preoccupied with a meta-commentary that you lose the ability to connect audience to character in such a way that they're invested, then it doesn't matter how brilliant that commentary is; multiple levels still require a surface to present.

Media is a piviotal "character" yes but honestly that just infuriated me more. Because Man of Steel already started this poor chain of Clark being apathetic and passive towards managing his reception, and now here he is trying to turn the media against Batman while never one thinking "Maybe I have a PR problem of my own". And what's more, his award winning girlfriend never mentions it to him either. The fact that his core trait seems to be self doubt and soldiering on in spite of that might be admirable if not for the act that he could very easily at least TRY to improve his lot and neither he nor the narrative ever make the attempt. Consequently his acceptance of his role comes off less as heroic and more as he's being forced by the narrative. As if he's going >well I guess I need to be Superman now. The movie's almost over.
He had two whole movies to accept earth as his own and what's more they never really establish why that's not the case beyond a shitty home life making sure he always felt like an outsider.

You're welcome to disagree and have no reason to believe me but it's really fucked up that people were so bored they were texting during the death of Superman.

Into being who he was back when he was 11. Rendering the ages of 12-32 moot. I mean I get it, that's Snyder's version of the apocrypha, but still.

How do you even learn to fly? Who taught him? It clearly isn't a physical act if he can maintain flight without movement.

Timm and Singer both had him start with the super jumps and then eventually he just doesn't come down.

The thing I don't get about the costume is that Zod is shown to have the same thing in black under his armor.
Doesn't it means Superman is just going around in underwear?

I don't see product placement period
Who the fuck cares if they're in a ihop or whatever, who is paying attention to this shit instead of the action on the screen?

I didn't know this Superman could fly at 11.

Just how many documentary zooms can you insert in one scene.


He probably could have, actually. He already had heat vision, super strength, and enhanced senses at that age.
He just never tried to understand his powers beyond "don't use" because was taught to be scared of who he was. He could fly the day before meeting space dad, he just never made the attempt space dad said it was okay.

Because that's what our hero and ubermensch needs in order to embrace himself; permission and validation.

>who is paying attention to this shit instead of the action on the screen?
The people bored by the action and characters on screen.

In fact I still remember which three video games are seen in the background at certain points in Green Lantern because the movie was so god awful and boring and the characters lacked so much chemistry that when they were dancing in a bar I tuned out and went "Oh hey that's a pocket fighter machine."

When it takes up literally half the screen it is a bit jarring. And then there's that shot where Superman takes to the sky after the fight and the camera just lingers on the Sears logo. The iHop and 7/11 weren't nearly as bad.

It's funny because the plot sounds cool, but I know that the execution was poor. I've seen a few scenes, but not the movies themselves, and I already know that the dialogue and acting are bad, and I assume that there's a bunch of boring filler scenes. Am I correct on this?

>Captcha is Central and Midway
Flash and Hawkman team-up? Or Flash vs. Suicide Squad?


With that said.
>mfw everything that comes almost right after the first flight scene

It was going to be a proper sequel with a proper Lex before Snyder went off-the-rails autistic and decided to shove Batman and Marc Autismberg in it.

could have been better


MoS made superman my favorite superhero. I've been reading his comics ever since

I liked Superman before, I strongly liked Tas, but yeah Mos made me love him.

>That image size
could have been bigger

>permission and validation.

That's a funny way of saying restraint and moderation, which Superman has always had.

There are people in this world that unironically love things that you hate, and or hate things that you love, is called oppinions.

>Those digits
Could not have been better

Real Superman coming through


Happening. I might even watch it on television just to show my appreciation for Superman.

based see dubya

hows this

How could you not remember the battle of Sears? Its on screen for a good portion of the movie.

Man of Steel is the best modern superhero movie. It manages to nail a modern interpretation of a character without it directly referencing the comics with no effort (Captain America) and it being a unique take while still being interesting (Nolan Batman)

Its perfect




It just hit me that Superman lost in both MoS and BvS
What a time to be alive when Supes is being billed as the fucking underdog

when he soared so did my boner

>Martha scene was "amazing"
>Joker was "fine"


Speaking of good scenes, am I being Berensteined or weren't there articles promising that there would be a handshake between Superman and Batman in BvS?

>Cavill remains quiet on details of Superman’s battle with Batman, but did tease one particular moment.

>“Unfortunately, I really can’t say anything about that,” Cavill deflected. “I wish that I could. Believe me, I wish that I could…There is a firm handshake at some stage, yes.”


Post yfw Superman is a goddamn liar. It wasn't even in the Ultimate Cut.

>There is a firm handshake at some stage
>He's referring to Lex's party



The way he said "Mr. White" almost killed me because it sounded like "Mr. Wayne." Seems I wasn't the only one who heard that either.

This was incredible.
You don't even need to watch the rest of the movie and the scene still has the weight of a freight train.
Pure hope and optimism distilled.
I've got a lot of issues with MoS, but this scene is spectacular.

Supes is about to fly for the first time.

I saw it as, Clark didn't know he could fly either but having just been told that the sun powered him in ways Jor-El didn't anticipate, Clark just wanted to see what he could do and once he took that first leap of faith he could feel that he was capable of more.

This was such a great scene.


Man of Steel is an epic G.O.A.T.

I cried

>tonal shift when
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>it's the job of a writer to capture the heart of his readers
And for me, he absolutely did. Once the meaning of the Martha scene hit me, I was literally in tears. I can understand why most people wouldn't understand the importance of it, but anyone who's intimately versed in the characters understands that Batman's entire reason for being is because of his mother. The pearls are a recurring image in his history, this film included. It makes the warehouse rescure more meaningful, as it's an opportunity for Bruce to redeem himself after the lifelong guilt of being powerless to save his own mother. But even outside just the context of Batman and Superman, it had a broader message, one that applies to you and me. And now everyone is going to jump down my throat or laugh because I was touched by something they don't understand or don't want to. But that's okay.

And once I understood Lex, I began to really hurt for him. His father fucked him up so thoroughly, he immortalized himself in this poor boy to the point where Lex cannot stop thinking or talking about him; most of his lines have something to do with his father and I find that to be really intense. On the rooftop scene with Lois, he starts talking of circles and then abrasively corrects himself saying, "no no boy." Boy. He's being chastised by his dead father.

Ultimately, what I'm saying is that the film did in fact work on the multiple layers you mention. I get why most people don't like it. And it's true that the theatrical version is a mess, which is heartbreaking; in contrast to the extended cut, the theatrical cut is just dashing as fast as it can to the end, as the film is so much broader than 2 and 1/2 hours can convey. Some might consider it a flaw in a director if he/she isn't able to tell a complete story in the standard time-frame, and they might be right. But the extended cut is what the film was meant to be, and it's sad that so many were soured by the theatrical that they won't bother.

>Clark being apathetic and passive towards managing his reception
He's anything but apathetic throughout BvS; he doubts his role as a Superman. He even makes a public appearance at the Senate House to explain himself and answer the world's questions, only he isn't given a chance and is widely vilified by Lex yet again.
>his acceptance of his role comes off less as heroic and more as he's being forced by the narrative
Accepting the actuality of action and reaction, rising above it all in spite of whatever hate may be thrown his way, steeling himself to do better and better as the being his father(s) and mother saw he could be, isn't something most people would be able to do, and requires a great amount of courage and will: both essential ingredients of "heroism."

I'm really sad to hear people behaved that way during the death of Superman.

>because of his mother
Hey that's not very nice. Thomas was good too.

>And once I understood Lex, I began to really hurt for him.
Agreed. Watching the scenes again to see why he acts so weirdly whenever anyone mentions power or shows power over him makes the film a lot better.

Speaking of power, one of the main reasons I loved this movie because it's a three hour response to the meme "power corrupts." Ever since Plato's ring story (and most likely even before that), this meme has been perpetuated throughout history that power corrupts you. I've always hated it and enjoyed how Superman destroys this idiom.

Of course people will say that it's true in real life, but I disagree.

>Thomas was good too
you know what I meant

Just a joke.

at least post the whole scene