Cred Forums General Drawthread

>Provide References and keep them to one image/post.
>Keep requests Cred Forums related and keep them concise.
>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.
>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam
>No begging.
>Have fun!

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>Drawing Books, tutorials, practice websites, and drawing programs:

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Requesting M.O.M from Martin Mystery in workout outfit and doing squats while lifting weights.

no longer Fusion Friday!
but still, requesting
Power Girl from DC
Empowered from Empowered
Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter

Requesting the waifu alphabet
Letters and actions (no longer needed to be followed except for the *):

You can do as many as you want, just please tell me which ones you would like to do so I can keep track of which ones are reserved.

Only one left !

Requesting Kate wearing a surgical mask and gloves.

Requesting this famous scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with BW and Rawhide from Long Gone Gulch

Requesting Joy with any of these hairstyles or one that's not on the chart.

Requesting Panda Delgado and Golden Girl wearing bunny outfits and bumping breasts.

Requesting lucy being lincolns maid, wearing a frily maids hat, a skirt, and a tubetop.

Well done, OP.
Well done...

The cast of the Nutshack, or at least Phil, Jack, Horatio, and Tito in the style of old-timey 1920s/1930s cartoons.

Requesting Marco, after being brainwashed to act like a proper princess, trying to seduce the viewer.

requesting Conan and Cassandra Cain fucking each other up
or just romantic. or just like, one of them mirin/touching the other

I declare this thread as Princess Marco thread


Requesting Susan Long struggling to button and zip up a pair of too tight jeans

trapthread ?

No, Princes Marco thread

So I tried to color
It's not as good as I wanted but eh.

requesting for an artist's depiction of a female member of these redguys doing something clumsy-cute. i assume the top part of their costumes end up pointed.

but op's a picture of capes. a little misleading, don't you think?


Requesting Volpina from Miraculous Ladybug taking an snapshot to show Ladybug how she got the best booty

Good job

That's every thread...

requesting Redneck Garnet being racist. but like, in a sexy way

Requesting Gamora dressed in a school girl uniform like the picture on the right.


Nice stuff fampai

Requesting Phantasma dressed as pic related, and realizing she is a VC.

/r/ Goblin Queen getting chloroformed by Scott Summer, just like the pic to the right.

why them?

the fuck is this

Requesting Rikki Mortis in one of the DMG poses on the bottom.

/r/ing Morte asking user if he want to have some fun with her in a seductive manner

Requesting Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY dressed and equipped as a traditional Greek hoplite.

Aquawoman and Black Manta

I think their cute together, sue me

Their cute together, sue me what?

requesting something similar to the references in the left with ikra from samurai jack and "him" from powerpuff girls

Is that Sylvie?

Pretty sure this would go better with Sadness.

why Sadness?

It possibly would but I would rather have Sadness get headpats.

/r/ Adult Toph showing off a Boomerang tramp stamp to Sokka

Requesting rule 63 Zapp Brannigan.

sorry, I meant theire'ye

Requesting Maddie dressed as pic related.

Good taste.

So... a slut?

That'd be perfectly okay.

Requesting the Vampire Girls from Chalkzone in your own style, please and thank you!

requesting (bara?) humanization

Wendy showing Dipper her skimpy new Halloween costume.
Maybe skeleton body paint or werewolf that's just strategically placed patches of fur.


user that's gross

Finally, it's almost done

Have you never been to the R63 threads? There's some Futurama pics that have been mainstays there for years.

That's horrible.

Requesting Buttercup giving Dexter a lap dance

who's that girl?

Requesting Luann wearing a dress like the one in the drawing she's holding in the right ref.

It's Jess
no but seriously left is gamora, right is midori from space patrol luluco

Requesting Mr.Gus like pic related


requesting these three doing something together

Requesting Mandy and one of her groupies reenacting the Zeta Punch scene with Sam's name.

Requesting Fauna Fox cosplaying as Lori Loud from the Loud House in a fancy mermaid dress.

Requesting April O'Neil with her motorcycle helmet, wearing a pair of gloves and a scarf, doing the Kamen Rider henshin pose.

requesting Anissa (Left 3) dressed as Atom Eve (redhead) aggressively flirting with/showing off to invincible.
and maybe Atom Eve Dressed as Anissa, encouraging the amazon?

Requesting Hex Maniac from Pokemon and Raven doing something cute together. Maybe having a cup of tea.

which drawing?

It was at least worth a shot, right?

Requesting Marinette in just a tshirt and ladybug panties


>the drawing she's holding in the right ref.
That one most likely.

>Not kitty panties

Anyway, requesting this, with Golden Girl

Requesting Wendy Corduroy as a barmaid


requesting any of this fusion chart
Meirem Cooper from cavewoman
Jasper from Steven Universe
Lady Death from Chaos! Comics

Jin in some sorta Earth Kingdom parody Hooters outfit...or just a Hooters outfit if ya want.

ran outta time and only managed to color half, but here you go user.

thats not a dress


Requesting your favorite Cred Forums character getting drafted in a Racial Draft
(My Pick would be Jessica Rabbit drafted to be Asian or Kryptonian.)

A quick one.

oh shit that's nice, thank you. Good addition with that knife OR here.

Requesting Veronica dressed up as Poison from SF.

Requesting Susan Storm as a mime. Sexiness is optional, but encouraged. Dont forget the 4

Power girl squishing she-hulk into a ball and playing basketball like the picture on the left

I like marco and all, but let's be reasonable.

requesting the loud family as overwatch characters

overwatch reference

Requesting Kate Bishop in a skimpier version of her outfit.

Requesting an Ohayou variant with the Bunnicula girl (I don't know her name.)

Requesting SpongeBob doing the SWEAR TO ME! scene from Batman Begins.

Requesting an Eldar from Warhammer 40K (right) flirting and hitting on Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender (left)

Eh, may as well try this one again.

Requesting any of the fusions for pic related. If end up doing the Sardonyx/Trickmaster fusion try to include characteristics of Garnet, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire's faces in the fusions along with Sardonyx's.

Bit late for reasons, but thanks to Terrible for
This one has a wrong artist tag. It's @$$ ("pennc" tag iirc), not lynx.

Don't worry user, it looks great.
Thank you very much.


Requesting something with the new joker

Requesting Minerxa experiencing the Quickening.


i do not even like GF and yet here i am thanking you for this delivery

Requesting this colored


Doh, wrong link. This is the one with the wrong artist tag.

Lincoln=soldier 76

i have to go to sleep if i want to get up today so only had time to make lana

>Luna not cheers luv runner gal


Requesting Gaston smoking weed.

Requesting some more Jessica Rabbit in Clone Trooper Armor

Requesting Jasper-Dog sniffing Peridot's butt.

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask for an army of Jessica Rabbit clones?

yeah. thought i dont wanna seem greedy. how many Jessica Clones is too much you think?

You don't know the name Mina? They use it in literally every media involving vampires thanks to Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Requesting Maz meeting Dib and Dipper.

Requesting Flanders worshipping Cthulhu

>Black manta will never rape aquawoman

Requesting May meeting Spider-Gwen.

Requesting Patricia in this outfit

Requesting these two making out in front of Dipper.

Requesting /fit/ Vicky lifting a barbell with only her little finger, or juggling multiple barbells with ease.

Requesting another character being this crippled.

Requesting someone else riding Porunga.

Requesting THICC Joy giving an user or another Cred Forums character a loving hug, suffocating them in her breasts.

Requesting Karai calling Talia a slut.

Requesting Gaz dressed like Pearl

Requesting Toph Dressed like the Kingpin.

Requesting people getting Hakai'ed.

Requesting Steven meeting Homeworld Rose.

Requesting Eva and Blackie in other clothes.

Requesting a Squad of Jessica Clones relaxing in the mess hall or in the barracks.

Another proof that Cred Forums is now Cred Forumsmblr.

WE. ARE. NOT. Cred ForumsMBLR!

Finn is an underrated trap.

So I will request Finn, dressed like Grass Princess like pic related and Princess Marco together.

They can be doing whatever you want.

But I sugest for them to try to impress and fell in love for each other, without knowing that they are both boys.

OR here, oh man.


A follow up to this page where it turns out his birthday wish is to put his face in his mom's chest.

Just for curiosity, what was the original follow up?

/r/ Heidi and Theresa in this outfit

Requesting Fionna's ass, tightly encased by the dress

I know it isnt really Cred Forums related but im willing to pay money for it as a commission. Can i get a loli Trump? reference is hair on the left and clothes on the right. Thanks!

Requesting a Halloween Princess Marco and Star Butterfly

Requesting Anita posing with dalmation puppies like the pin-up girl

Requesting Peridot crying like Walter White.

Cred Forums really gets off to black men and white woman huh

Yeah, some of them are into bestiality.

Don't worry, she wasn't going to fuck you anyways.

Yet she's of course fuck a nigger. It is 2016 after all.

No idea, that's the latest comic.
But if I had to guess, it involves the boy's girlfriend that's also a demon.

It was an unfortunate choice for the OP.

Probably on purpose

Requesting for a Bizarro version of Terra staring at Original Terra

>TT Terra

This is Original Terra


okay then. Requesting for a Bizarro version of Teen Titans(2003-2006)Terra staring at Teen Titans(2003-2006)Terra.

interesting, and thank you

Did em' both, also did a little wardrobe work to go with the hairstyles. Hope ya like em'!

Anyone interessed on coloring this pic of R63 Superman and Bats?

OR here. They look cute. CUTE! Thanks!

Batcute is adorable.

10/10, would give them headpats for days.

>on model
Very nice. Especially the fluffy boots.

Requesting the geek in a bikini.

Requesting Lisa transforming

would black manta really hate fuck aquawoman


OP here, thanks, I like it :)

Wait, let me try that again:

Requesting more art of loli Cyborg doing whatever you want.


did you mean you just put >> in front of the number and it should link to the post

Into what?

and rolling out

Requesting art of these two cuddling each other.

>tfw when already sketched it from a request on /trash/ hiloli thread
>deleted it when the thread got nuked and had nowhere to post it...

Requesting Korra meeting Freeza.

>le triggered by skin color
>not the shit quality drawing
>not the bland garbage that is capeshit
We prefer furshit mostly, tbqh

Eww, pls

Requesting Gwen kissing Raven in front of Beast Boy.

Woah, is that from the show like a gag or just fanart?


Who cares cunt?

Wut, like most of Cred Forums, I don't watch TTG, dingus.

Not him but...
How would this question even be considered bait?

virginia vision fucking herself with a dildo please

We prefer brown traps instead.

Requesting Bubgem snikting Lars.


Fug user you mind drawing it again?

>nowhere to post

user i beg you try it again with us. We're having a fun thread over. politilolis everywhere

this sounds more like an /aco/ drawtread request T B H

>i dont watch thing, therefore noone else does

Artstyle is not even remotely close to GO, the filename is from dA and a few autists here have a hateboner for the show because it's not season 7.
Putting all those facts together should raise a Bait flag.

Requesting Jazmine thinking about when she caught Robert smoking weed.

Why, there's no point, it'll just get deleted, here, everywhere.

I mean, I get it, it's pretty perverse fun, but still too much of a hot potato...
I was encouraged tho when Cred Forums turned on the concept, began to hate on it and nuked any threads, even pedos don't wanna be associated with Cred Forumslacks, kek.

8 chan's loli board is eating it up please come and thanks

He obviously means the concept of loli cyborg you touchy retard, and you know 99% of Cred Forums already said FUCK YOU to TTG because shit's literally lol randumb gags for toddlers you mung.

Requesting a not shitty version of this.

Requesting Foo lying in a hospital bed, in a coma with Fee by his side, sobbing.

ask bishop, "she" draw little boys too so is prolly a touchy tumblr faggot as well as a troll and will get off on pissing Cred Forums off not pleasing them.

>It's another cripple chan begging spam
Kek, kys pls

Wow, you seem booty bothered.

Are you perhaps part of the vocal minority that hates the show for a comedy gag show, instead of season 7 of the old show?

Pulling numbers out of your ass does not lend your arguments any credibility, but I'll happily agree that the episodes are either Hit or Miss.

Oh fuck, I really, really want this.

Though I'd also kind of want to see Empowered swapped for Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series.

TTG isn't so bad, its pretty good as long as you're expecting a silly comedy not capeshit soap opera.

I've never seen a TTG thread that wasn't a hate one.
I'm sure some fags like that shit, just not here.

Thanks m8.

Requesting Jessica Cruz wearing a hoodie or holding a prize stating she's the cutest lantern.

Oh, youre new to Cred Forums, you should just have said that.

Some of the troll/hate threads evolved into actual talking about the show and among the anons that aren't nursing a hateboner for the lack of season 7, the general concensus is that it's a decent show but the episodes are either Hit or Miss.

>implying you aren't that user who will be contrarian for hours simply for those sweet (You)s

Requesting Patricia in this outfit

I have the old request. The one with the tshirt.

>ugly buttaface
What did she mean by this?

That's great too! Thanks man, It looks amazing.

>gofags calling anyone new
Oh wow, at least you bait like a pro, good job sport.

>gets called out
>N-NO U!

Called it, here's the last (You). Don't spend it all in one place.

Requesting the comic on the left with a drunk Bakara as the mayor, Lilotte as Isabelle and Kerub as the pussy covered in peanut butter.

For the characters on the right, Lilotte is on the bottom right, Kerub is the cat on the top right and Bakara is the one on the top middle

thanks :)

OR here: thanks, I like it :)

Heh, I'm still waiting!

Requesting Pidge stuffing her face like Goku does.

Requesting your best Blizzard.

Requesting Sonic the Hedgehog standing behind a drawfag, looking over their shoulder and saying 'I'm waaaaiting!"

Requesting Barry and Jessica sharing a milkshake

I'm glad theyre teasing this ship, its like HalxBarry except not gay

requesting Juggernat looking to the side and only seeing the inside of his helmet

Anyone here able to change my tumblr in the pastebin to my updated one??

seconding, good taste
nothing wrong about Barry and Hal being gay tho

I think you'd have better luck on Cred Forums.

He really wouldn't

You know this already happened in Web Warriors, right?

requesting Jasper as a submissive, domestic muscle-bimbo

Do you think he cares?

Requesting this girl, Polly from Camp Weedonwantcha,covered in blood and smiling maniacally

Web Warriors?You mean Season 3 of USM? Why would I waste my time with that shit?

There's a comic called Web Warriors in which various Spiders fight crime across the multiverse. Among them are Mayday and Gwen. The final issue is out this week.

Sounds stupid and pointless.

Leave your new one, then paste user will probably see it eventually.

Ahh alright, thank you ;^)


>capeshit is stupid and pointless
You don't say.

Actually,it probably wouldn't be a hatefuck. Aquawoman presumably killed the mother of Earth-11 Manta, and thus they would hold no grudge against each other.

I kinda want to see Manta take up the mantle of Aquaman on Earth-11 while she's waylaid with pregnancy, as to prove himself as the Superior Aquaman to Arthur and fight hordes of Amazons.

You're only making it harder for paste user to notice it when you spoiler.

"hey paste user, please change [full old link] to [full new link]" It's not rocket surgery man.

Requesting Tiff and Brit Crust taunting user seductively.

Requesting big, plump, Black Widow butt.


Requesting Peridot doing this to Steven.

This work??

My bad!!

Whoever's in charge of the pastebin please add under my name - Thank you!!

Requesting MILF!Bonnie trying on her old cheerleaders-outfit.

The slapping part would probably wake Steven up

Requesting some fan art of Secret Pilot.


He's a Royal Air Force cadet with an atomic powered flying suit. If you're curious.

Requesting Gladstone requesting something in a drawthread and ending up with over 5 cakes.

>Requesting Gladstone requesting something in a drawthread and ending up with over 9 cakes.

request for last thread
the BW sketch was just me trying to get a feel for the characters. I do love a good random lesbian request

requesting (Humanized?) XJ8 and Crushinator ding something girly

And Donald tossing his computer out of his wondow as a result.

Maybe he's gotten a joke delivery.

Bob style art of Tina as liliana in this stance.

Requesting smol Joy like the image on the right.

A transparent version to stick on random shit would be great

That was fulfilled and posted in the last thread.

Oh my bad, I totally missed it.

Steven isn't actually human

Requesting less loli and marco requests

What happened to husbando alphabet??

Taking loli and or Marco requests.

Marco as yer sweet mom lol

What's wrong with marco senpai?

Requesting Marco robbing a bank

Marco is friend of justice, he'd never do that!

Requesting BW performing the rain dance

r/ing Princess Marco robbing Cred Forumsnrad's house

Boys can be lolis, right? how about Loli Princess Marco with a cute dress

>boys can be lolis

trips confirm

I think the requester's post was deleted. Hope they find it!

wasn't that an abusefag request?

Reverse Satan has a point

Gunfag is different, he requests girls with diff. firearms, abusefag only reqs Nazi shit.

I don't think there's a difference

>fagmod always trying to shove ugly capeshit and obses cunts in the thread

Request loli Princess Marco and MILF princess marco together out on a crime spree

Requesting a gyaru or kogal version of Andrea Benton or her symbiote-self; Mania


Requesting Reverse Lapis Lazuli


Keep that shit in your containment thread.

Requesting Peridot with her hair down.

requesting Korra showing off her boobs and Asami grabbing her muscles

Requesting the Crust Cousins versus the Biskit Twins in a tag team boxing match.

pinko fuck




Superman having just killed Zod and looking to the sky as he proclaims "I did it, father! I did it for you!" as either Pa Kent or Jor'El appears in the heavens.

Or Snyder's smiling cunt face.


Requesting Katella eating a bowl of eggs

requesting the hacker of your choice wearing a Max Headroom mask

I'm already ahead of you there, it's gonna be YUGE


Made another pointless ranking list. Gonna do these once or twice a month.

Fuck off, Pasted.

That's really Pasted? This just became sadder, now.

Where's Addy, Princess Marco and BW?

>Can't draw
>Slapdash coloring
Dude needs to feel important to these threads, somehow, and that fact is the saddest of them all. More of a pity, really.
Is it true that he's got a wife and kids? I read that a long time ago, but it seemed super ridiculous. Now it would just add to the pile.

Next time. But not Marco

I wish you would stop doing these.

People are turning it into a competition.

They already have been doing that before the list was made, but I will comply with your wishes.

>But not Marco

Why? at this point he's more waifu than Star

what if we use it as a banned request list?
we get a mod to prune the thread and any time any character in top 10 gets requested, the post gets deleted?



Requesting Grieve-tan receiving a scarf from user-kun as a gift, followed by her using it to cover up her blushing

Requesting Britannia comforting a crying Columbia

>never have to see another SU shit
Kek, I agree to this

At this point we just need a portrait the Marco family.
>Original Marco
>Princess Marco.
>Queen Marco.
>Guard Marco.
>Unknown Variant Marco
Also requesting more Guard Marco.

Keep on trucking bro.

Oh geez. I wonder who made this post.

Loli marco
Kitty marco
Girl marco


Should be top 20, and I'm with you.

Welp, i'm back on a new OS...

Windows sucks...

Read the Pic and get creative.

Princess Marco as cat girl

Why are posting as user, Pasted? Putting on your name just for bullshit hasn't stopped you before.

Too lazy to put it on and do useless things that'll make people hate me more.

>Commando Marco.
>Robot Marco
>Star Marco.
>Marco Star.
>Ghost Ninja Knight Pirate Viking Samurai Cowboy Marco.
It's crisis on. Infinite Marcos!

Requesting a futuristic variant of the original armor used to fight Superman in the popular comic "The Dark Knight Returns" but inspired in the suit from Batman Beyond's_Batsuit

Who made it?

MARCO marco

>tfw all these ppl pretending to me, when I'm the only true user

>followed by

>11 korra
Man, when was the last time anyone made or delivered a korra?

Requesting Dan Phantom & the Ghost of Northwest Manor arm wrestling

oohh would love to hear you explain that one.

You should sound proper cucked.

Requesting a Carlos version of loss.jpg

What's to explain, they guy saw nig on white bitch and squawked C-CU-UCK!

Fuck off to 2008 Cred Forums

Hi, roastie

>nicole can't even be posted
>still over ~200

Missed the Trump pic. user you mind uploading it in the Hilloli thread at 8 loli? Unless you can post it real quick? Thanks

user who did the Trump pic are you here?

Fuck off.

requesting a shitty unlicensed Halloween costume of a Cred Forums character of your choice

Requesting Hello Nurse and the WB Secretary at the beach, applying suntan lotion on each other.


Requesting Magik trying on striped stockings.

could you do this please

nailed it
if I saw this I would probably wear it ironically

I hope you are actually a guy, a woman could never pull this off ironically.

Requesting the ghostforce meeting Danny Phantom.

trap marco posts should be deleted on sight at this point.

They're the same person.

Now add an I'm eggscellent hat.

I wan't to fug black namor

add the loud girls tho.

>my waifu isn't on the list

He's right. I mean, just look at it. barrel/

I will also request this

Requesting Connie as a teal gem.

Hope this is alright!!

>teal gem
I think aquamarine is what you're looking for.

>joyfag continues to get delivery after delivery

chill user, we can't do nothing, it's their choice.


>salty bitches remain whiny cunts

Teal is a color too dingus

Yer waifu a shit

But teal itself isn't a gemstone.

What the fuck?

Why do you guys even bother with this shit thread, come to Cred Forums where you can enjoy the bantz and not be oppresed by nazi mods.

Requesting this colored

>nicole can't even be posted
Why no?

Hope this is alright :^)

>not including Chita and Dwayne
Fuck, I'm starting to care about this show.
I even laughed at one point.

OR here, this is amazing! I can't to stick this on stuff Thank you.

Pimp Your Shit got me pretty good.

Where's the Crotch bulge?

fuck off

Why would there be a bulge?

Not OR, but Poison is confirmed to be a cannon Shemale.

Not OR. what i think this guy means is Since both characters are traps he is complaining there is no visible man meat

Oh, I had no idea!! I'd go back and fix it but I don't want to mess with the lineart. Next time I'll get it though

This done lends itself to many variation. Got a suggestion for outfits?

>Since both characters
pretty sure Ronnie is just rule 63

More done.

Damn those sure look hard.

Bloomer done. Yes there are other variation but those are more /aco/ related. I'll upload them later.

For outfits, maybe a cute babydoll for both of them?
Or just some lingerie in general.

Requesting Peridot eating a gyro for the first time.


Are you going to finish the other requests you got in the other thread before you removed Windows?

Requesting Harley Quinn dressed as Harlequinn (Molly Mayne)

Perhaps with Harley's trademark colourscheme

Requsting Leggy dressed as Chell and/or using the portal gun to play pranks on people


Not the OR, but I do love a good Ms. Baker drawing. Nice job!

/r/ loud family this face

Requesting Suzy Johnson to eat ice cream

Request stream is ONLINE!
be sure to tune in.

Hang in there clownfag
Fuck off Cred Forums
Triggers the mods as "furry"

What kind of requests?

/r/ the spamfus wearing muslim clothes.

Humble request to see the three best purple power pussies together, please.
Just a simple sketch, could be them in chibi form sitting next to each other.

From left to right it's killer queen from jojo, beerus from dragon ball and renamon from yu-gi-oh.

lmao to the Nth power!

Requesting Victoria wearing a School swimsuit

Sauce on the qt on the left please.



Requesting this colored.

Would like to see this here redrawn bigger, more realism and with the "menacing" signs from jojo, please.

That pic is fucked up on a lot of levels. Don't you ruin Aquaman for me

I just noticed how amazing Manta's ass is in the OP.
Requesting NOTHING AT ALL waterskiing Manta

Requesting moar getting rid of stoopid man clothes.

Requesting your waifu dressed like 18.

Requesting Juri kissing your non-consenting waifu.

Suggesting them eating all the eggs.


Holy fuck who gets to mail this to ronnie

Why does turning everything into that style make it awesome? Nice job btw

>jojo cunts

Requesting this with other characters.

You already got multiple deliveries, you greedy beggar.

Don't be greedy user you already got a couple of deliveries

Angel and April.

You don't like that pose?

/r/ these heavy hitters going out together for some ice cream. have them also be doing something funny.

Requesting Jackie Lynn Thomas from Star Vs wearing Boa Sandersonia's outfit

>nipponese game
>censored 'murrica version canon in any way, shape or form


well, I mean, most of us are black and love white women.
the rest are cucked sissies who crave our masculine black cocks in their boipussies.
the only redpilled real white male is you. everyone else is against you.


>being a white hetshit boi on Cred Forums

Also request spamfu or other trio with this template

But Black Manta should also be a girl if you use Aquawoman. It's a fully gender swapped reality.

Requesting any one of these interactions:
>Nick-tan playing with Callie
>Joy and Disney-tan singing songs together
>Pearl and CN-tan in a catfight, ripping clothes off each other

have them waiting in line for ice cream with Saitama taking forever to pick a flavor at the front.

Holy shit. His ass is perfect.

I need more like this

Requesting Gumball as Donald Trump and Nicole as Hillary

Requesting Simone and Julie in these matching outfits

My mind's telling me yes...but my body's telling me aw hell no.

Sheesh, if you must

Requesting Joy wearing a Rose Quartz wig and trying to seduce Pearl, but comes off as a creep and freaks her out.

>that pepe

Like a photo

>post deleted

Gumball is " furry"

Requesting this comic, but with Moon Knight as the one banging on the side of the building.

It was a SFW pic.

mods have a special hatred for cats and don't if it actually breaks any rules or not

Why are Cred Forums mods so autistic?

/r/equesting Peridot dressed as Tetsuo. Any variation welcome.

Requesting Luan as Junkrat and vice versa.

>delivery deleted
>request still up
Ayy, it was a trap

Requesting propane as a hot woman, trying to woo Hank Hill.

i don't get it

Requesting Grieve-tan dressed as Big Barda

Requesting Big Barda telling Grieve-tan to go fuck herself. But make her be real smug about it.
Maybe also calling her a piece of shit.

I was happy until I saw this post. I'll do it user. I'll do it for Pyrrha. It's my destiny.

Show me your naughty wips, drawfag

Eat shit and die, Cred Forums.

fuckin' nice one

Pyrrha wearing traditional hoplite armor. I also took the opportunity to give her a body more fitting to a warrior.

This looks like it was done in one of those Hero Machines, but like a knock-off version.

The character design or my general style?

Your stuff, my dude. Bit stiff.


>Peridot dressed as Tetsuo. Any variation

Requesting Peridot undergoing treatment for her CPH addiction courtesy of the Please Please Pleese Get a Life Foundation.



I need more Eep in my life.

CUTE, thank you

Humble request to see Mars Queen Tyr'ahnee in emperor Kuzco's outfit, please.

request a Cred Forums trio version to this



Who are they? I think the one on the left is Minerva, but i've got no clue who the one on the right is.

It's Hello Nurse. She's pretty much human Minerva but with less personality, screen time, and lines.

Seconding this. Anything with Mania.

Here you go

and a slightly bigger one

Semi-seconding to see tyr'ahnee in chel's outfit.
Latina mars queen is way past lewd.



seconding this


Requesting Lapis going to Manhattan and being rather disappointed by the lack of noteworthy men in hats.

Requesting a costume swap between Gotham Girl and Golden Girl

Requesting Marco in a dress dancing with Janna in a tuxedo.



did this happen in a previous tread?

Whose the titty monster on the left?

Googling golden girl brings mixed resilts

Requesting some Soviet Cartoon crossover fanart of your choice.

This one it seems


And also requesting R63 Aang being cute.

Wew lad.
Furry requests have never been allowed here, but some hotpockets have a bee in their bonnet about certain Cred Forums-related cartoon animals.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking cartoon animals= capital-f Furry. Complain about the biased and unfair moderation instead of trying to spoil things for other people.

I am requesting right now Chel sitting on Kuzco lap and teasing him.

doo de doo doot dooo

dooot doo de dooo dee doo de dooo

Requesting the comic on the left with a drunk Bakara as the mayor, Lilotte as Isabelle and Kerub as the pussy covered in peanut butter.

For the characters on the right, Lilotte is on the bottom, Kerub is the cat on the top right and Bakara is the one on the top middle

Thanks user, it's perfect.

I love how you went for her original hair/design

Requesting a Cred Forums related Character of the Artist's choice doing Crash Bandicoot's victory Dance


Requesting MK: Defenders of the Realm Nightwolf playing fetch with Kiva, with a human skull.

Here ya go, user. Hope ya like it!

Nicely done.

I meant, more of a follow up of this.

Any user iinteressed in working on this?

The idea is basically an AU where Korra and Aang switched places.

Pic related have plenty of sugestions for characterization or situations to draw, but I will let it open for you guys to choose.

But I really would like an interaction between Korra and young Zuko.

I like the exchange of Korra and Koh, and Zuko and Korra from the Blue Spirit.

Seconding these.

OR here, many thanks!

requesting Rose and Willa shaking hands like that scene from predator

Sad to say that much clothes doesn't fit her.
But your lines and coloring are legit, even the shine and purple lines for small detail on her body.
Thanks for the delivery jam man, keep up the good work.

This joke has probably been done, but can someone draw Mojo Jojo as Austin Powers

Yeah, she doesn't seem like a great candidate for such modest clothing.

Thanks you for the kind words though, user. 'Preciate it.

Requesting Toot Braunstein in the same pose as the merchant with an evil and sneaky face, and also saying "Silly Goyim, soon your delicious food will be mine!'

Cred Forums creation.

Oh god that was my request on the last thread, thank you user.

Requesting any Cred Forums character holding the '808s & Heartbreak' artwork.

Save the thread with a bump

Requesting this fusion between Pearl and Callie redrawn or your version of this fusion

I would like that the fusion combines both personalities


Anytime! I thought this was a good one.

a quick one


Bump and requesting your waifu eating a pretzel

Thank you.

Requesting this character (don't ask where she's from) drawn in the artist's style

Requesting Cred Forumslette being qt as fuck.
It's been a while.

Where's she from.

a garbage show for toddlers and autists, apparently.

>googled the image
>got THC
guess that's good enough

Requesting a thicc/plump MILF Wonder Woman aggressively flirting with an unsuspecting user personal trainer

And that show would be...?

Requesting Jack Spicer in any of these.
Fighting a bunch of anons.
In a Chef's outfit.
Being an accidental hero.
Being an action hero
Being an accidental action hero.
Armed with guns and knives.
Also, who would you say are the male equivalent of the spamfus?
Who are the Spambandos?

Dick Grayson
Bucky Mcbadbat

They all got pegged by the spamfus with futa/strapons months ago

She's from the nuppg cartoon

..... your favorite show, user, your favorite show.

Oh god I remember that. Good times, man.

How can that be if I don't recognize one of the characters from it?

requesting carol Danvers in full drag flirting with a gay guy

I wish we could still get more lewds involving all of the spamfus, there's only two...

This request confounds me.

Huh, I could see it.
Obvious Choice.
>Mr. McBadbat.
I guess you could just Turn Addy into andy.


But she has no snout and fur, so she doesn't trigger mods' autism that much.

super quick lil note!
the visor came out flying!


I smell Speedy

its too cute!
thanks drawfriend

requestinga fusion of Conan from marvel and Snake Eyes from GI Joe

Teresa comforting user telling them that everything will be alright.



not OR but nice


Missed a spot between her eyes.

OR here. Sorry I am late but thank you very much, Fuckman!

Decided to draw this for fun for the end of the summer.

Also I could take SU requests

Is it good enough to post?



With a few tweaks this could be a comic.
>Peridot's visor is stuck to her face.
>Power wash it off.
>Try again.
>One more.
>Alright it's off,, missed a spot.

I dunno, I'm down with a visor Tanline

>two panels
It already is, shit-eyes.




Traced from a Bruce Willis image.

what, can't conceive of reverse trap appeal?

OR here, nice job. I think it's pretty good.
We need more Jack, I like his design alot.