Male character mouth kisses another male by accident or for some other reason

>male character mouth kisses another male by accident or for some other reason
>This is supposed to be a joke
Have any of you thought this was funny? I never did. But why was this a recurring thing in some older animations?

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Its outdated humour baby boomer humor. Keep in mind these were written by old farts who probably thought a guy dressing up in women's clothes was hilarious back in the 50s.

Don't be such a prude, OP.

>not secretly arousing and that's why they kept doing it

I guess with Bugs it's more supposed to be funny in an "invasion of personal space" sense. Kissing a guy who's annoyed with or trying to kill him etc. to throw them off guard.

Other accidental instances of this in cartoons are probably just supposed to be "lol it's like they are gay... but they are not" for the joke. Maybe sometimes bait for fangirls if it's from an anime or whatever, I dunno.

there's literally nothing wrong with wanting kissing another man

I wonder if they're ever going to have Jimmy crossdress on the Supergirl show

>male on male kissing by accident. Is this supposed to be funny? I didn't think it was.

Confirmed gay. Sounds like you have issues if you're bringing this up. Seek therapy, kid. Cred Forums probably isn't ideal for that. Cred Forums maybe with all the dick picture threads.

No, but if you don't like it, it's pretty gross.

It's not a joke if you get a boner.

Unless you have a little dick, then your boner is the joke.

I don't know OP but there might be some informative videos at maybe you should look there


Absolutely terrifying. I'd rather see that Jimmy Olsen give it to classic cd Jimmy Olsen than that.

this is actually pretty funny

In the case of Naruto , it's a joke because one of them's publicly in love with the girl who has a crush on the guy he accidentally kisses.

I've always thought it was funny because back then no one gave three shits if it was funny to everyone else. It's just straight guy characters getting a surprise pucker with some spit left on the mouth.



I grew up with dudes doing gay shit to make another disgusted for a laugh. So hell yeah that shits comical.